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624 upper court st, binghamton, NY 13904


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lure VIP Lounge

  1. HaHA

    This place isn’t a strip club it’s a brothel and I believe all the rumors that it’s a front. Lucky if you see a girl on stage. Even if you don’t get dances you leave feeling dirty what a dump! No excuse for any of this. Will not be back.

  2. SHADY

    If you wanna feel like you are gonna get stabbed or catch an STD just by walking through a doorway this is your place. The cameras are fake. No bouncers. No girls on stage. No DJ. Read comments about this place being a front and I’m convinced. Most of the customers look like registered sex offenders and probably are. Avoid at all costs. Can’t believe the nerve to charge cover.

  3. Nice

    Comfortable little place and the girls are on fire. Very upbeat and gracious. Place has shaped up a lot very nice to see so happy there is an alternative to Oar’s. vip experience was amazing and the prices are the best I’ve seen in any club I’ve been to in recent times.

  4. WhyDoYouAsk

    Visited last night early, at a quiet time. I was the only customer there at first, but a dancer came out and put on a great show. Kayla, who came out later, was beautiful, helpful, and made the evening as delightful as an evening can legally be there.

  5. Poor

    If you can actually get a girl to do dances with you can’t beat the VIP rates but be prepared to sit around doing nothing for about half an hour. With no alcohol. Rarely can see girls on stage. Then after you get your dances you end up seeing a girl you would have rather given business to. Poorly managed club from what is looks like would hardly say it’s even a club. Sorry to say will not be back.

  6. FuckThisPlace

    Kept hearing word this place is hopping now and it was much better. Could not be further from the truth. Haven for trash that was fired from down the road. There should be no cover charge you cannot even see more than a couple girls on stage during the night. Nothing to do while you sit around and wait for one of the few decent girls that works here asked why there is not more girls and owner says he doesn’t want to overbook. What a pathetic excuse. You need enough girls for vip and to have on stage at all times this is a strip club not an escort service. MOs is not perfect but it’s a nice place with plenty of entertainment. Cannot stress to avoid this place enough it may have picked up at some point but looks like it’s back to how it used to be and it’s full of shady characters both dancers and other customers.

  7. Martin

    People need to stop being so sheltered and need a reality check when it comes to strip clubs big and small. There is going to be illicit stuff at any club. It’s up to the customer whether to partake or not. Don’t damn a place because these things happen. This place is very relaxed and people need to give it a chance I agree with the comments saying a place will not get better if you won’t go because of a couple bad eggs. The girls that need and deserve business suffer because of it and you will miss out. The lack of dancers is frustrating but the dances I did end up getting were fantastic and a fantastic deal. There does need to be a girl on stage as regularly as possible it is the only thing that killed the atmosphere.

  8. Greattimes

    Had a blast place was hopping. You can’t put n/a for some of the rating so I just gave them a 5 because this place is great it’s nice to see business picking up here because my friends and I are tired of Oar’s and the negative vibe. The girls last night were drop dead hotties not a nasty one in sight. vip deal can’t be beat and you don’t get screwed on time with the dancers you don’t feel rushed place just has a mad chill relaxed thing going for it that you don’t get at bigger clubs.

  9. Surprised

    Lack of girls is the only issue but the ones there are wonderful. Clean and very comfortable and best VIP deals I’ve come across in ages. Charming “Hole in the Wall” club. Will be back

  10. scott

    The ratings went from almost 5 down to around 2 for a reason. Owner needs a reality check. Not enough girls and not enough class. Couple girls are okay the rest are hood rats of all colors. Not surprised the owner screwed up a good thing yet again. Hole in the wall clubs can be great but this one you see what you get. Spend a little more and go down the road. Save your dignity..

  11. Ehhhhhhh

    Not enough girls same girls every time I’ve come in for months now and owner does not get rid of ones that are problems. The music is terrible and the place needs to get someone in to let the girls dance to their music not Nickelback and other god awful KGBfm-ish music or classic rock that isn’t made for the club or dancing. Bartender seems nice but she looks like a troll you don’t hire people like that to work the bar at clubs even if it’s a juice bar. Place has a lot of potential but because of the owner don’t see it changing it took him this long to make it look okay his attitude about dancers he employs has not changed and that is where it’s gonna hurt the place. Hire trashy girls you get trashy customers. And on that note place still doesn’t have security which is totally not cool man!

  12. New customer

    Was good had 5 dancers. All the girls were friendly and polite.not very busy but that gave me a good choice of girls to choose from. Played pool and even the girls joined in. Private dance was sexy. Nothing Xtra. It’s just a dance. I will return.

  13. Pete

    Room for improvement need DJ and security but not shabby and in agreement with the colorful commentary on one of the dancers but it beats the hell out of that stale coffin Madame Oar’s. Keep up the good work stop hiring druggies from down the road and you’ll be good.

  14. Nope

    This place doesn’t even have an atmosphere. Every complaint everyone before me has had and I made the mistake of getting a dance from Melody. I was trashed and made a bad choice but there wasn’t much to choose from and I don’t go down the road anymore. She’s trashy and if I didn’t tell her to calm down and cut the dance short no doubt she would have went further. Not worth complaining owner doesn’t care never has.

  15. PleasantlySurprised

    The face lift this place has gotten is fantastic. Clean, comfortable. Wish there were more dancers but too many girls around here flock to Oar’s for work because of its long standing presence, even though the place is clearly failing and the dancers regularly complain about being abused by management and have for years. Best value on VIPs I have had at a club in ages. Great variety, girls are genuine and fun. Place deserves more exposure it’s definitely on the right path, finally. Will be returning as a regular.

  16. Matthias

    Owner caters to low lives and drug addicts and encourages illegal activity. Some of the areas most notorious addicts and addiction driven prostitutes are regularly hired here and owner does not bat an eye when customers complain. Don’t even entertain the thought of checking this place out if you know what is good for you.

  17. h

    When this place reopened in 2012 it was awesome. The girls were hot. They always was out on the floor and one was on stage. Then it slowly went down hill. There was a dancer running the club a few times I went there. Smelled like an ashtray! No girls around. This place needs improvement.

  18. Charlie925

    Visited this club years was horrible.I did notice alot of improvements have been done. It has a relaxing laid back no pressure vib. The girls were nice and friendly. This club only sells soda and water which is a nice change from the other club where they are all drinking. Had a nice time and will stop again.

  19. HA

    I posted my feelings on the comment board but to make it short and sweet this place is nothing but a drug den whorehouse that makes a quick buck for the boss and his gambling habits. It’s not a strip club and if you think you’re gonna have entertainment, entertain the place down the road or even a regular bar before you come here. A warning some of the girls are thieves come in with whatever you wanna spend don’t bring in your wallet if you end up with anything stolen there is no security and all you’ll get is a sorry. And don’t give in to them saying to give a tip up front with their dances. Say it again this place is best avoided. If you want girls that do OTC that is your business and I have nothin against sex workers do your thing girl but here the girls are straight gutter rat junkies. Seems what most of the money coming in anymore is from cause it sure as hell ain’t normal strip club way of doin things most of the girls if they walked in to another place would get kicked out if they asked for a job.

  20. Fun

    Might not be a flashy place but makes up for it. Girls are hot and friendly. Music leaves something to be desired but if that is the only thing to complain about I think that’s pretty amazing. Like everyone else is saying vip prices cannot be beat.

  21. Giveup

    Place just can’t seem to get its act together. A couple girls are amazing but the rest are worn out and this place seems like last resort. Been coming on and off for a couple years place really looked like it was gonna turn around last summer. Someone said all the bad news from down the road blows in here and it’s true. You’ve lost another loyal customer just can’t stop catering to the scum of the area.

  22. anonymous

    this club absolutely sucks. the girls are pigs and it looks like a rat infested dump. there
    was talk about it being shut down and that’s definitely what this place needs.

  23. Meh

    Opportunity thrown down the shitter, it’s a shame.

  24. Sucks

    Knew it was too good to be true place is going back to how it was before just looks a little cleaner. Thought the owner was just too nice for his own good don’t let him fool you he hires these bad news bitches because he knows what they do will bring money in more than regular girls. He seems to like quick money instead of a good reputation probably because of his gambling problem. There is no DJ and no security and the dark side of town comes in regularly if you catch my drift. VIP prices are amazing never gonna shoot that down and there are a couple great girls here once in a while. But the bad girls and not in a good way if you have standards stand out too much and kill the atmosphere.

  25. Matt

    Owner seems to listen to any issues customers have with the place or girls that work here. None of the comments I read from a little while back apply in my opinion. If there is a girl that seems off you won’t see them after a while boss doesn’t screw around. Inviting place might not be a ton of girls working all the time but the ones that are there are great. A couple years ago I would not think of recommending the place but now I am telling everyone I know to hit this place up instead of the circus down the road. Keep up the great work!

  26. Violation

    As of September and as per the order of the governor, there is supposed to be no dancers and strip clubs can only stay open as a bar if they have a proper license to serve alcohol. Owner says he is hiring new girls and is ignoring the orders. Not surprising at all since Damien is low life right-wing extremist and racist trash. If only the ladies of color that work here knew what he really thinks of them. Will be reporting this violation to the NYS Department of Labor that has a number to call and a complaint form. Only girls this hurts are junkie trash that are as disregarding of this pandemic as this delusional fucking moron. All this place does is give him money to gamble with he doesn’t give a damn about any of you girls and never has.

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