Black Bettys Saloon



6290 New Jersey 35, South Amboy, NJ 8879


40.4706866, -74.2839313




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Black Betty’s is open 7 days a week from 12 noon until 2am.


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38 reviews for “Black Bettys Saloon

  1. Victoria Escort

    Hello Boys I am available this weekend OTC. I am an upscale model and escort in NJ so hit me up.

  2. Brandy

    Always a great fun time here. Great down to earth vibe that I don’t get anywhere else. The girls have great personalities and everyone looks like they enjoy working there. Newer diner is a great add on. Best fries around!

  3. tigg
  4. jay
  5. FRANK


  6. Pete

    I can’t believe this place is Open. This is the worst Bar i have ever been to. Its disgusting inside. Girls are Gross. Do yourself a favor and keep heading down the street.

  7. Fred

    Place is a fun local type of bar. Barteneders are smokin hot, and the girls talk to you, don’t just ask for dollars

  8. Donnie

    Alot nicer than this place used to be. New bar is nice, and the place looks fixed up in genereal. I watched the baseball game there, caught some good tunes and the girls were pleasant and mostly attractive, they don’t harass you. Definitely worth stopping back in.

  9. Spanks&Tickles

    You know, its hard to say because the rating I gave might make it seem like the club isn’t entertaining and that’s not true, but it kind of depends when you go. There’s never more than like 6 girls or so, but sometimes you’ve got hot girls like Amy up there who make it a great night and it’s totally worth coming in to see her. The club is definately a value regardless, but there are other times when its just two or three russian girls who just walk around and hustle you for tips ALL NIGHT LONG. That just sucks.

  10. Brian

    this club can be great at times but there was one dancer that was such a good performer her name was angel and american blond great ass but i havent seen her in a long time she was sweet inteligent in her 30s but really sexy and pretty has any one any info on whether shes working there any more iv seen here on and off over the years but now i never do and when will this place open again

  11. Big John

    not worth it…keep going.

  12. good


  13. Beamer

    Good rock music, excellent dancers and barmades and a very everyone knows your name atmosphere.

  14. brandonresh

    I went on a Wednesday night. You won’t find more strippers here. Only three or four. Two were young and others were old. FYI the strippers don’t go topless during lap dance. Was not worth for $20. Drinks price were economic.I had JD for 6. Other than that everything was boring. Music was loud but stage was empty. I won’t repeat again.

  15. iwontlose

    Its my last night in jersey so my friend and i wanted to have fun we both took out $200 and wanted some entertainment….black bettys was the wrong place to go. when it was slow girls didnt want to work bc it was slow. when it picked up the girls passed us by. we sat with upwards of $80 in singles on the bar top and had girls walking past us. long story short…dancers didnt care….bartenders didnt care….manager didnt care. anyone in business knows money on the counter is easy money…in order to get ride of $200 in 4 1/2 hours i had to tip the bartender $17 and 2 dancers who did give a shit $20 just for actually stopping. On a tuesdaqy night i wouldnt make a fuss but it was a friday night during a slow and busy time. we heard we looked to young, we were at the corner and by the bathroom as excuses…but again a big stack of dollars was on the counter and even if i looked like the elephant man…any other club i would of been broke in 2 hours flat. as i said the dance, bartenders and manager dont care….you want to drop hard earned money to have someone fulfill your bettys isnt your place unless your willing to be there everynight for a month dropping large amounts until they all get to know you…..bad business plan

  16. Cobra2004

    Great Place was there on Wenesday and stayed from 2pm-till 8pm didnt want to leave.They are now onpen at 2pm till 2am !!

  17. JonnyT

    Girls are of high quality, and all born in the USA. Not one russian there to annoy me. Very welcoming atmosphere. Lots of personality to the place, great place to just chill. Place looks pretty nice these days as well. I ran a tab with a couple of other guys the other night, manager came over to introduce himself, gave me a free t-shirt, and also says they are getting the NFL package and a bunch of other tvs. If this is true, then I will be seeing them on Sundays. Not sure where, but he said there will be a live band here this week? When and where?

  18. adamrod

    Cheap drinks, Bad ass tattooed chicks, and rock music. what more can you ask for? bam ba lam!

  19. Henry

    Had a good time Friday. 7 or 8 dancers, most were very attractive. The girls are friendly, and the place is definitely a fun spot to have a few drinks and have fun and listen to good music. I will definitely be back.

  20. patricia

    great place for couples. Very much a friendly atmosphere playing great rock music and having cover bands.

  21. RDiller

    Great place to hangout and enjoy the ATMOSPHERE!! I always have a great time there and I drive all the way from Howell to visit.The owner and his wife are always very nice. Thanks Roger

  22. RJ

    No food, and atmosphere is your local biker dive which is

    my kind of place. Only heavy metal/rock music. Dancers are

    beautiful and super friendly with an actual personality.

  23. ralf w.

    i love this place

  24. Hotrod

    Management Is HORRIBLE !! Barmaid is HORRIBLE !! They dont care about anyone not even there regulars that come in and spend ALOT of Money ! Please CLOSE and put this place out of its pain !!

  25. harryd

    This place is reopening in June. I was at a private party there, and the dancers are hot. No russians or hustlers. Young hot chicks. I hope these are the same girls who will be working there. The new bar looks way better than the piece of crap bar that used to be there. I never knew there were two floors to this place either.

  26. Big Tone

    there are plenty of better step ups Bar is kinds rundown Not that many Girls and they are plenty of better looking Girls in other places but everyone makes you feel very welcome here sometimes bein nice is better then Looks I will go back no doubt about it

  27. ba humbug

    Hit and miss. Sometimes the girls are good looking and sometimes they need a paperbag over the head. If they ever get LD’s back, it will be worth the trip. If not, bar is only good if you happen to be driving past – just don’t go out of your way to go there.

  28. jwalker

    real fun place. great looking girls, nice variety. pleasant atmosphere, accommodating people. easy to get stuck relaxing there for hours, as you don’t want to leave.

  29. mister

    – music is great

    – hot mix of young dancers, no russian trains, 90% speak english and actually hang out and talk to you.. once in a while a gross one, but thats once in a while. they dont harass you for money all the time and they acctually dance

    – bartenders are hot and friendly. i love ilana, gail, and tifani

    – the lap dance room is PRIVATE and very well worth it

    – this place is always alot of fun, and you get alot of attention

    – sometimes there is a bathroom problem?

    – drinks are CHEAP, that is important right now haha. sometimes there is also free food

  30. sal
  31. maxxy1

    Pretty cool place…need more old school town strip coup spots like this minis the Russian slave trade lol

  32. Farve = Crybaby

    Club is good. Worth stopping in for a beer. Girls are attractive. They really did not do much in the way of fixing it up. Little bit here and there and it would look a lot better. Finally a place that plays rock and they have the sports games on TV. Would like to see what they do for Sunday football. If they have the football package and show a few games. Good looking girls, beer, rock music and football – this place could be awesome.

  33. Mitty

    I visited this club last Wed. about 6:30 for the first time since they changed names. I was pleasantly surprised. They had a lot of dancers and all nice looking. There was a pretty good crowd and they all seemed to be having a good time. I was offered lap dances by a couple of the dancers but didn’t. I had other plans for later that evening. Next time I will. The girls are real cuties and look like fun. If they give good lap dances this place would really be good.

  34. ILoveBoobies

    This is a cool place. What was it before? The girls are hot and very friendly. I will definitely be back.

  35. Roc

    Definitely a fun place. Love the blonde chick hanging upside down tonight, as well as the gorgeous brunette. She was ridiculously hot.

  36. nnnnn


  37. BOB

    This place is the worst bar in town…The girls are ugly and the bar is disgusting. Bartender doesn’t care about anyone. I will never step foot in this place again. They should just close down.

  38. Stan

    Once you’re in, you don’t want to leave

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