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79 reviews for “The Daily Planet

  1. Jim Blah Jim Blah

    Where are the real reviews?

  2. Tad Steel Tad Steel


  3. Joe H.

    A step above your average diner. Have had a variety of different items, from burgers to salads to breakfast items. Have been very happy with all chosen. Crispy southern fried chicken salad is the best salad I have had anywhere hands down.

  4. kenston12

    Okay service but food takes forever to be at your table, even on a normal Wednesday evening, so if you are planning to waste good 2 hours of your time visit this place.

  5. C D.

    The Daily Planet is a vaguely Superman-themed diner. There’s a Golden Age Superman-ish character painted on the side of a phone booth, and a large Superman cut-out on the wall in the 1950s section of the restaurant (or is it the 40s? I don’t recall.) Either way, Daily Planet, you’re asking for the feeble punches of nerds everywhere. Oh, the ire you seek to invoke by plastering an 1980s Superman in a display 30 years too early. This anachronism cannot stand. And the 1990s McFarlane Spider-Man in the 1960s section? My God, it’s like you’re not even trying. It’s like you’re trying to hurt me.Aside from that, we go to The Daily Planet whenever we can. The Veronica Club (roast beef) is always pink and delicious. The patty melt is perfect. The service is generally very friendly, once you make it past the icy hostesses. If your coffee is too hot, they’ll stick their finger in it to bring it down to a reasonable temperature. I’ve never seen it happen, but I’m pretty sure it would work.There are a few off items which don’t have a whole lot of flavor, but the fries are the best around, except for maybe Five Guys. Don’t order the brisket – it’s a chemcal-tasting glob of fat. But I’ve had the best meatloaf and mashed potato combo I’ve had in my life here, and I’m always waiting for it to come back on the dinner specials menu.

  6. StripClub431

    GET THE CHEESECAKE!!!!Whenever I visit my family Upstate I take the Taconic Parkway.While the natural beauty along this roadway is breathtaking, it lacks a significant amenity, namely, restrooms. Enter…..Daily Planet. I have not eaten from their diner menu in years but usually stop there for coffee and, more importantly, the best Cheesecake I have ever tasted, which is baked fresh on the premises. The small Cheesecake(about $18.00) is better than Junior’s or The Cheesecake Factory or any homemade or bakery version. It is A MUST when I travel to the Albany Region. The white haired owner is a very nice guy to boot.GET THE CHEESECAKE!!!!

  7. Mistercap12

    Absolutely fabulous, great prices. Hey Jimmy Dean hamburger and it was huge had to eat it with a fork and knife

  8. james1412

    I have eaten here many times on the way upstate on weekend stays. The food is always good and the service fast and friendly. I tried the four-cheese mac and cheese for the first time last week and it was like a home-cooked meal. They should change the videos on the TV monitors more often, though. The same promos for a 1950s model train club and a toy microscope have been playing for what seems like years.

  9. Brian E.

    After seeing the outside of this restaurant I swore I’d never eat there. It looked very hokey. Eventually I ended up eating there out of simple convenience. While it was just as hokey on the inside the food was good. Service is excellent, but there isn’t much that I would call stand out about this place.

  10. artie lange

    this place rocks

  11. justinlk

    Great food and friendly service. I really enjoyed a blueberry, banana and strawberry pancake. My friends salads looked great and imaginative

  12. Weedman420

    I had the French toast supreme which was huge & delicious. They were out of strawberries so I subbed with bananas. It was soooo good but 4 slices of thick bread was way too much but I’m not complaining! Good & fast service. Definitely worth the visit.

  13. Franklyn

    Classic upstate NY diner food. Diner is themed like its in 60’s. I have been here many times with my in laws and haven’t ever had a bad meal. I also haven’t had anything so memorable that I crave to come back. Service is good and plenty of parking in a private lot. Definitely a nice looking diner but the food is average.

  14. Hara S.

    A great little rest stop on the way back home…great soup, especially the cream of turkey! Wonderful staff as well 🙂

  15. fisherdex1

    Didn’t have the food, just the milkshakes – they were great!Ambience is fantastic, we’ll be back if we’re ever in the area again.

  16. tonycluber

    Sitting here in the booth as we speak, compelled to write. The food was TERRIBLE! Two panini a kids pizza and chicken fingers. Paninis taste like the were made in a factory and shipped here last week. Pizza tastes like was made with a pound of expired butter. Chicken fingers may have been pigeon or frog. The silver lining was the waitress. She was all smiles and got us anything we needed in a timely matter. I hope she moves on to bigger and better things. Go to mcDonalds or subway instead. You’ll be better off. As terrible as that sounds

  17. Maureen C.

    Ahhh, the DP… I’ve been coming here regularly ever since it opened more than a decade ago. I’ve always been seated quickly, and never once has the staff gotten an order wrong. The food is fresher and more imaginative than other local diners.For breakfast, try either the Green Hornet or Flash Gordon omelettes. Both are packed with fresh veggies and melty cheese- so good! I always ask for mine to be made with egg whites, so I don’t feel as guilty about the cheese content! If you have a sweet tooth, any of the sundaes on the menu will satisfy it! I detest Friendly’s and refuse to set foot in one, so when I’m craving ice cream during the summer I’ll head over to the Daily Planet. Occasionally I’ll opt for a coffee milkshake which is always delicious.My only criticism is the noise level… it can be pretty loud at times, especially Sunday mornings. If you can stop in for lunch or on a random week night, you’ll definitely have a bit more peace and quiet.

  18. Johnnyboy123

    Food was pretty good. Staff was very friendly and attentive. Portions were plentiful. Establishment was clean

  19. Harrison69

    I have only been here once so I can’t speak to how even the service is. It’s the basic diner. The food was good.

  20. passerby

    Dancers r old enough 2 be grandmothers

  21. Micaela A.

    We stopped in our way home back from the Dutchess County Fair, just looking for a nearby diner on Google. This doesn’t appear there, but we took that exit to go somewhere else, saw that one and stopped there.Nice clean diner, most amazing Chicken Marsala, I’ve ever try. My husband loved the “Fonz” burger, and our daughter enjoy the real home made mac and cheese, and ask for a children’s burger, with no bun and no cheese, for her too and it was very good. French fries are not the frozen ones, and the milkshakes were very good too. We were so full that we took home, carrot cake, not too bad, but not great either.Next time, we will try the Sundaes, looks great!I truly recommend this diner!! They do catering

  22. Jake B.

    Probably one of the best diners I’ve been too. Food is always great. Never have had a bad experience. Food is pricey but portions are large. Personally I love their wraps.

  23. Freddy

    All around great place to hang out… lots of fun all the time!

  24. maxxy1

    Salads, burgers, paninis, wraps, full dinners and breakfast, speciality coffee drinks, full kids menu and specialty fountain drinks – the menu goes on and on! We were seated quickly at noon on a Sunday, even though the place was busy. A step up from a classic diner, similar to Eveready. Our food was very good, fresh, served quickly. My Tennessee Williams salad – greens, mandarin oranges, pears, honey-roasted pecans, and goat cheese was tremendous. Very yum. We were quite happy with our food and will be back!

  25. mathewater12

    Holy cow, the portions here are huge! Don’t order an appetizer with your entree expecting that you’ll have room for dessert. I ordered an appetizer and barely touched my entree. Seriously, whatever you’re thinking when you read the term big portions, you’re not thinking big enough. But the food is tasty, so you’ll have good leftovers.

  26. Matt H.

    It may be a place to bring little jimmy for his b-day bash, but big Matthew is a fan of superman too. The food is dineresqu with superhero names. I went to college in Po-town so this place of homage was not to far off the beaten path. The deserts are the choice of this restaurant, i really think they add unspecified drugs to keep me coming back. Great place, stop by, pretend to be super.

  27. Buck L.

    I frequent The Daily Planet as sort of an office away from home. I almost always sit in a booth in the back corner where I can watch the goings on during my meal. They have never given me a hard time for requesting a large table while dining alone. I never feel rushed in anyway. The staff is polite and friendly and always make me feel at home. The food isn’t the greatest but always consistent and quick. A family friendly environment as well as family owned.

  28. David S.

    Awful burnt burger with unmelted cheese and lousy tomato served in just an hour. This restaurant is the definition of FAIL.

  29. conrad615

    I have to amend my review. The lap dance rooms are no longer private so the bar gets a NO GO vote from me.

  30. stripforme123

    The food wasn’t bad and the service was OK but 85 bucks for 3 for diner food? Without dessert? Come on! Not even super man would pay these prices.

  31. fritter17

    Perfectly acceptable bright, happy, 50s themed diner. Exactly what you expect. If you’re hungry, it’ll do the trick.They do gluten free if you need it.

  32. joe

    ewwwwwww, where dancers go to die

  33. Michael S.

    Great diner. When I come back home I always make a point of coming here for a meal. Their french toast is the best I have had – bar none. They use challah bread, making it extra tasty. French onion soup is also really good, which is kind of odd from a diner. Of course they nail the standard burgers in addition to the stick-to-your-ribs diner meals like meatloaf, turkey, etc. Bakery is also pretty good – I like their cannoli.Even though this place is always packed (always a good sign) I have never waited more than a few minutes for a table – they are very efficient and the wait staff is extremely quick. The 50s section used to be an enclosed smoking area, somewhat holding up seating, until they banned smoking in NYS restaurants some time ago. I think they’re a little on the expensive side for diner food but the quality is there, so give it a try.

  34. richard95

    Daily Planet is a large diner….super convenient location…..plenty of parking…..decent to good food…..excellent service. 12 of us came here recently for a late lunch after a funeral. we had called ahead and they had a nice table arranged for the group..i was impressed. became a bit worried when we only had one server for a big group..but she did an excellent job and the kitchen performed fine. i had the beef barley soup and a bar b q sandwich….both were above average diner fare i thought. i’d say 10 out of the 12 folks enjoyed their lunch…2 at most didn’t seem overly pleased but thats a pretty decent number of positive comments. guy next to me didn’t like his fried chicken….but some ladies around me enjoyed their soup and half sandwiches. this diner has a very extensive multi page menu…which usually gets me worried…but somehow this place pulls it off. management seemed friendly…overall….a totally A-OK experience. well run place.

  35. Susan S.

    We’ve been going to The Daily Planet for over 10 years.we have 4 young children that they have always been tolerant of. We have always had great food and service. The only thing I can’t stand is that people smoke right outside the entrance door. I tell my kids to hold their noses when passing by the smokers.

  36. dopeboy19

    Went with my family a group of 14 on Saturday,1/2/16, Food was ordered and arrived promptly, was amazed how the waitress remembered correctly what was ordered. The Employees are friendly and knowledgeable, and we were treated as if we go constantly. The Diner was cleaned and the prices were reasonable, oh and did I mentioned how everyone were content on the excellent taste, eggs were ordered exactly the way it was placed. I highly recommend everyone to try Daily Planet on route 55, LaGrange. This def. wld be a great tasting experience…..

  37. sashia R.

    If you go for nothing else, you must try the focaccia with gorgonzola “fondue”. My only complaint is that its a bit small so you may have to fight your friends off but it is insane!

  38. Andera B.

    Found this spot on a trip to upstate NY. Was attracted by the name since my husband is a huge Superman fan. This seems to be a popular diner. There is a soda fountain and bakery section. Everything in the bakery case looked so yummy! I had a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and my husband had a corned beef Rueben sandwich with onion rings. Onion rings are huge! Everything was cooked exactly like we ordered it. The portions are enormous and the service is great! Would definitely come back here when I’m in the area.

  39. Raff

    Food was good. Service was terrible. We came as a party of six and were seated outside. We actually had to go inside to ask if we were forgotten. We ordered appetizers and they came out pretty quickly, however there was no napkins or plates (6 people shared 2 appetizers). All of our food came out and we still had our appetizers on the table so there wasnt much room. I ordered the waffle with icecream and strawberries which was pretty good. I couldn’t start to eat until I asked for silverware (it was 80 degrees out so my ice cream was melting). Then the server didn’t bring silverware for everyone so we had to go back inside again. The food I had was great and fairly priced but the service we relieved that day was extremely lacking. I would have given a 4 star review if the service was as good as the food.

  40. billtheguy12

    I vomitted my breakfast into the bathroom sink. Even the waitress said I shouldn’t have eaten the eggs

  41. Jonathan M.

    The panetheon of great Hudson Valley diners was enhance with the addition of the Daily Planet. The menu is diner extensive and consistently good. The desserts, both for sale in the restaurant and to the public, are to die for and the five small themed dining rooms bring back memories for the older set. All in all a well executed diner and a good diner experience

  42. Michael S.

    There is so much to say about this place. For starters it’s a superman based restaurant! The menu has a wide variety of entree’s so there is something for everyone in the family to eat. I’ve been here quite a few times for lunch and have to say I’ve never had a bad meal. I got a burger medium rare and it melted in my mouth. There was Cajun spices and a slice of jalapeño spices cheese. The contrast of flavor was amazing. My favorite meal there: the Cajun burger. The waiters and waitresses are always friendly. I have asked to change orders and added things and taken things off and always was treated greatly.

  43. nickstrip

    One of the better diners in the area. I’ve been here for everything from high school dinners and brunches as a kid to family meet ups as an adult, and the food generally doesn’t disappoint. The breakfast and brunch are considerably better than most of the other food, but burgers, paninis, and milkshakes are good mainstays as well. Plus you can’t go wrong with a superman-themed restaurant!

  44. danielson

    Terrible food. Great service. I should have ordered breakfast, at least the eggs would have been fresh.

  45. fuckery12

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Had the buffalo wings, lucy’s fajita and mozzarella sticks. Excellent atmosphere, service and food 🙂

  46. Johnson12

    I’ve been here twice this month and unfortunately both times had glitches with our food. The first time I ordered a vegetable panini which was missing most of the vegetables described on the menu. My mother ordered rice pudding for dessert. No rice pudding. No pudding period. Jello? The waitress had to check. Yes, they had jello. ( Thank goodness. I mean, it IS a diner. ) Went tonight with my husband. Two appetizers ordered: Mediterranean Sampler and stacked “fresh” mozz. with tomato. The sampler was OK, but the hummus and baba ganoush were not fresh, nor tasty. The “fresh” mozzarella was not the stringy, creamy fresh cheese I was thinking I’d get. Instead, it was more like the store bought stuff. For dinner we both ordered salads: I ordered the Endive Pecan with Gorgonzola. The description also said it would have cranberries .What I got was a plate of mixed greens , endive and the pecans. No cranberries. No Gorgonzola. We spoke to the waitress, she spoke to the manager. He said they ran out of cranberries. Okey dokey then. Might get the Mac n’ cheese to take out in the future but won’t be back for anything more. Darn, ’cause the place is 50’s kitsch and could be a lot more fun if they could either shorten their menu or serve what the menu says!

  47. brandonresh

    We had breakfast here it was my first time it was great our sever was very charming our food was at our table in reasonable time

  48. F C.

    Desserts are better then the meal. Price is reasonable, but the staff who answered the phone, took the order and was behind the counter was rude and miserable on all accounts. Burger was okay and average. Fries were okay. Tomatoes were fresh.

  49. Leli M.

    terrible diner, food is done without any care or love. go elsewhere. beekman diner 10 times better.

  50. Pat K.

    Food was good but the service was horrible. Our waitress never came back to our table. We had to hunt her down when we needed something. Then when we left my husband and I were looking at the dessert case and decided to get a slice of cheesecake to go home so I asked the girl who took our bill if we could have a slice to go and she said oh I can’t slice one that’s whole. You will have to buy the whole cheesecake. Whaaaat really???? You don’t feel like doing it, is what you should of said!! If our waitress would have offered us dessert we would have gotten it at the table. It was our first time there and we will never go back!!!

  51. lucy n.

    A fun retro style diner. Kids love it. Cocktails are descent! Food is pretty good.

  52. Won S.

    We just happened upon this place when we were coming back from New England. We were starving, we saw a food sign on the road, took the exit and this was the first place that we saw. The place looked hokey so we took a chance but we didn’t care. we were starved. You know what, it was not bad. Infact, the food was pretty good. Inside the place was huge, there were different sections to the restaurant, and it was a pretty neat diner. It was reminiscent of the diners in Brooklyn and Queens that we would go to on a late night out. the food was well done, tasty, and good quality, not to mention good portions. It got us ready to face the traffic going around NYC and the Tappan Zee, that makes us hate going to visit NE. next time we go up that way, we are going to make sure we stop in and go in there, this time on purpose.

  53. conrad615

    Log cabin Go Go bar way out in the sticks. Quality of girls is low to very low. 2-5 working. The lap dance rooms are private though so your experience here is going to be ymmv as some ladies can be very friendly. Bartenders can get wasted here watch your change.

  54. Pleased Clubber

    I love this place. Its Jerseys best kept secret. I will be returning. Private dances are $20 for about 2 or 3 songs. The dancers are very friendly and very erotic in the private rooms.

  55. Frank
  56. Tina H.

    Foods Great..clean place…nice atmosphere

  57. winston12

    If you want an over priced diner with mistakes with your order then this is your place to go to… Everytime we call and place an order over the phone it always ends up WRONG, and then they expect you to drive back to fix their mistake! I WILL NOT BE BACK!

  58. Steven K.

    Thank goodness for the Daily Planet. We’ve been patrons for 15 years and the place is a beacon of high quality diner consistency, which is not an easy thing to accomplish over that length of time. We are weekenders upstate and drive the Taconic State Pwy almost every week. There are few food places of quality along the route; this is one of them. Especially terrific for young kids, with sandwiches and burgers served in sweet little cardboard toy cars. Huge, extensive menu that could cover every conceivable want & whim.There is an on-site bakery so there is a huge selection of pies & cookies, all available to go. Surprisingly, Eli’s Bread from NYC is also available, at cheaper prices than in Manhattan. Go figure.A huge supermarket just opened next door so we accomplish weekend grocery shopping and satisfy our hunger at the same time.Definitely worth your while. Try it!

  59. Jack A.

    Brevity being the soul of wit, I can sum up Daily Planet thusly: Quick service, good grub, friendly waitstaff, clean albeit kitschy and somewhat outdated decor. Beyond this, what’s more to say? It’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a burger and other standard American fare.

  60. dannyboy7

    Love this place, the food is great, esp the salads, specials and appetizers. The baked goods are as delicious as the best Italian bakeries in Little Italy. Always friendly and well run. A keeper!

  61. Najolean C.

    I’m a huge fan of the Daily Planet and have been going there for over 15 years! It’s definitely a special place as far as diners are concerned, and is a favorite haunt for those in the LaGrangeville area (it’s expertly situated near a high school and a middle school). Those passing through the area have also been known to get a kick out of “The DP”, as every corner boasts a nostalgic theme. There are distinct sections for each decade, from the 40’s through I believe the 80’s. Beatles posters and vinyl albums adorn the walls of one corner, while old-fashioned advertisements and movie posters decorate other areas. Some of the booths have tiny jukeboxes at the tables, and many of the menu items borrow names from pop culture. For example, you might enjoy “The Wrap of Khan”, a “Mayberry FFW (fresh fruit waffle), or an “Elvis” – a thick shake worthy of The King’s adoration.I have lots of fond memories of the DP. When I passed my driving test, I went there to celebrate. My wrap was brought out in a paper convertible! This place is family-friendly and has lots of items to choose from. The downside? The quality of service/food is somewhat inconsistent. I have had delectable meals there, only to return and order the same thing and have it come out quite different. Most of the staff is prompt and friendly (Jeremy, a veteran of this unique diner, is an absolute angel – try to get him as your waiter!). However, there are times where I have felt rushed out, haven’t been asked if I wanted coffee/dessert, or haven’t been offered to have my leftovers wrapped. This might seem like nitpicking, but it’s really just common sense and good service. Also, as of late, the restaurant looks like it could use a face lift. The crevices are dusty and the ceiling shows signs of incredibly slight water damage/age.In summation, if you like diners or are a sucker for nostalgia, Americana, and classic pop culture, you might love the Daily Planet. Just realize that it IS a diner, and would probably be wise to stick with options that won’t disappoint (in other words, this may not be the best place to order a fancy steak or intricate pasta dish). My personal favorites include the French Toast Supreme (luscious!), omelettes and hash browns, sweet potato fries, Frozen Mango drink, and Peanut Butter Meltdown. They also have decent wraps, sandwiches, pancakes, and coffee drinks.If you ever happen to find yourself in LaGrangeville, a stop at The DP is worth your time. The nostalgic whimsy alone is worth a visit!

  62. Cliff R.

    Very nice diner food. Great for kids.

  63. Ryna D.

    We were on our way to Rhinebeck and needed a breakfast stop and since this diner was right off the highway we decided to come here. The diner had a retro/Superman theme going and everything on the menu had creative names. I had a plate of corned beef hash and eggs and a cappuccino. Food was average and service was friendly albeit a little slow.

  64. felixnada

    Great diner – Stopped there last Monday night on drive home. Place has great standard diner food but also offers higher end items. I ordered a customized salad and the super friendly waiter was more than happy to oblige. The service was amazing….very attentive and couldn’t be more accommodating. Will definitely be back.

  65. traveling on business

    I went by the club three times over the past month. Twice there were no dancers at all on a Saturday afternoon, and the other time there was one dancer, perhaps in her 50’s looking like a grandmother. I decided not to take her up on her offer for a lapdance. I have been to much better places in norther New Jersey.

  66. Mary H.

    We stop here on out trips to/from Vermont. A great location near the Taconic. Food everytime has been delicious. Great quality and selection. It’s now a favorite in our car GPS system.

  67. igor34

    This one is okay – although very clean and cool interior design, the food here just isn’t that great – the staff is okay too, but was really disappointed with the food. The bill was a bit expensive as well.

  68. rickywho2

    food is mediocre . prices high. service terrible (waiters and waitress pretty positive attitude / managers a jerk.

  69. John Z.

    My wife ordered two sides to go the other day. One was a chef salad for me, which was good. And she ordered some kind of crispy chicken salad with pecans. Well when she got them home there was no chicken on her salad. She called the restaurant to inform them of the mistake. The manager she spoke to suggested that she drive all the way back to the restaurant to get the chicken put on the salad. Ridiculous! Supposed to drive over a half hour round trip and spend all of that gas to correct their problem! They didn’t want to take anything off the bill or offer any compensation in the form of food or a dessert or anything. A manager was supposed to call us back the next day to straighten out the problem and we never received a call. Whereas we like the Daily Planet as the food is pretty good and close by they’re handling of this issue gets them two stars. If you screw up an order in the restaurant they take the food back and fix it, that is standard practice in any restaurant. But if the order is to go and the person gets all the way home and it is not the correct order you must do something to rectify the situation on the spot. Telling someone to drive all the way back to the restaurant when they are sitting down for dinner is unacceptable. I didn’t think it was necessary when getting an order to go, that you have to go through the hole bag and take all of your orders apart to see if they are correct. I expected more from the Daily Planet. We will not be doing any orders to go from them going forward.UPDATE: Okay since no one called us back regarding this issue my wife went down to the Daily Planet yesterday to complain. They tried to make up for their mistake by offering a free salad, so my wife gave them another chance to get it right. She ordered the same two salads and some bread to go along with it. When they were packing the bag the waitress noticed that they forgot the chicken again!!! I mean this is not rocket science, how many times have you made this salad before? So she had to hang out and wait while they made some chicken for the salad. When she got home there was no bread in the bag as requested. Daily Planet you really need to get on the ball and hire some people with half a brain at least! Is this the type of service you want to be known for?

  70. Fritz

    I love this place

  71. ryan123

    Quite standard fare (a little on the gimmicky side), but a brighter, cleaner atmosphere than the Palace (their sister diner). As others have said, the quality seems to vary from visit to visit– or maybe by time of year? On the whole, we prefer the Eveready, but we do go to the Daily Planet from time to time to mix it up, or if we’re already going in that direction anyway.I stick with breakfast dishes, especially the salmon benedict, which is a smallish portion, but usually tasty. They seem to be rather stingy with fillings and fancy ingredients in sandwiches, salads, and omelettes (tiny barely visible slice of brie in a sandwich, just a couple candied walnuts on a salad, tiny portion of inedibly hard avocado, etc.), but the taste is generally alright. On a recent visit we were randomly given bread and olive oil (mediocre focaccia, too-sweet cornbread) while we were waiting; this might be related to the general emphasis on non-dinerish entrees. We play it safe and stick with eggs, burgers, tuna melts, and sandwiches, so we haven’t tried the pasta, seafood, etc. Overall, I’d say that I’ve generally been reasonably satisfied by these “safe” options, so it stays in the rotation.The selection of ice cream/shake flavors is also disppointingly generic and sweet, but the bakery case is full of fresh baked goods.

  72. Dave B.

    As diners go, the DP (the local kids clued me in that this is common parlance for the joint…) is pretty uninspiring. So much so that even though it is a very convenient option for me — I avoid it assiduously. Just too uneven.My diner barometer is pretty straightforward. Can you deliver a good turkey club or not? Well, the DP’s is fair to middling at best. Dry turkey, crappy mayo. A turkey club is not a difficult sandwich to deliver and achieve high marks, and theirs is squarely in the C-/D+ range. Passable, but dang disappointing.It even annoys me that their menu has “pre-built” omelettes, and ordering something as simple as a sausage, cheese and onion omelette means going ‘off-menu’. Not that they won’t make it for you, but really? And maybe this is a bridge too far, but it really irks me when restaurant owners wear their politics on their TV screens. I know where I live and where we are, but do I really need to be subjected to Fox News talking heads while trying to eat a meal? I say thee nay. I say thee never!!!

  73. XXXbeast

    My family and I have loved this place for years. The menu is so extensive and everything from the sandwiches to seafood to breakfast food to pasta is incredible. We always start with their sampler of ribs, shrimp, and onion rings- you can’t go wrong! Their beer selection is decent as well. I love the ambience and decor. Come hungry and for a great diner experience.

  74. DexterRexter

    I would like this place a lot more if it scratched off the word “Diner” from it’s sign. Diner, by definition, is an informal and inexpensive restaurant. We did get a couple of specialty drinks, but all four of us ordered cheeseburgers and the check came to just under $80. I’ve gotten away with $40-50 for a group of four at other diners.Regardless of the pricing, I really enjoyed the burger. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was the one that’s topped with an egg. Taking into account that other reviewers have mentioned problems with the eggs, I’m going to say they’re fine. I’m still amongst the living and I did not find myself vomiting in any bathrooms after consuming them. The burger itself was very juicy and filled with flavor. Fries were okay.My beverage of choice was an iced Kahlua cappuccino. Which actually turned out to be more than I expected. I was just expecting cappuccino over ice with a hint a Kahlua, but it actually came as a frozen beverage. Whip cream and all. Very good as well I may add.The place was very busy at the time, but speedy service was not something that was lacking as a result. We were served in a timely manor and the waitress was able to adequately attend to our needs. They do offer a large number of good looking desserts on display at the front counter. However, we chose to opt out of dessert as the purpose of this visit was a quick lunch stop. I wouldn’t mind stopping in just for dessert alone sometime. Just to try them out.

  75. Colbys

    Waiter spilled our drinks all over me. He didn’t say sorry or anything just walked away after. Another Waiter brought over napkins left them on the table for us to clean up the mess ourselves and walked away without saying anything also. Nobody came over to say sorry or anything and we weren’t given any reimbursement towards our meal what so ever. Service was horrible!! Never going back!

  76. John B.

    Daily Planet always has great breakfast and shakes, the dinner experience is a bit lackluster. Not as amazing as it once was. The place needs a bit of an update in general.

  77. Beverly W.

    I’ve come here several time and always hope that it will get better but it hasn’t. I received very undercooked and runny eggs when asked for them over medium, the bacon was already cooked and warmed up again making it very dry and obvious that it wasn’t fresh…they forget to check up on my table and ask for simple necessities.

  78. Mel M.

    This was an unexpected 9PM Sunday stop on our road trip down from Lake George but we were thinking the food was so good that we may plan to eat here next time when we are in the area. The meal size was generous and the service was fast. Though advertised as a diner the pasta was better than I’ve had at most restaurants. Highly recommend the onion rings as well. Come hungry.

  79. Steve W.

    There is not much around in this area but this place looked interesting so we checked it out. It was crazy busy!! The staff seemed pretty efficient and organized so the wait wasn’t long. Our waitress was fast and polite as was the hostess. The atmosphere was cool, vintage posters & pics on the wall and a personal jukebox at each table.The prices are very reasonable! I got a cup of soup that was HUGE it was bowl size at most other places. The burgers are cooked char-broil so they resemble Burger King burgers in taste but are much bigger (1/2 pound maybe)? They came with a tiny cup of cole slaw but we ordered 1 side order of fries to share since its + $2.50 for fries with the burger. Overall it was a very good place, tons of food for reasonable prices and good service. The drinks are huge too, my water and Coke came in massive glasses which is good for me since I drink a lot while eating.

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