Smiles 2



1135 U.S. 46, Ledgewood, NJ 7852


40.8796688, -74.6518774




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Smiles 2

  1. Alan Houston
  2. chaz

    no matter where you go it’s the same they are getting some new hot talent is good.the barmaids are hot as always.and as for prices they are not too far off of every other shithole around here.i’ll take it

  3. Kumquat
  4. Joseph

    The ‘tenders here are friendly and usually hot; the dancers are dollar train specialists.

  5. rick
  6. T-BAG

    Teresa is gorgeous and has the best ass ever- hell of a lapdance as well !!! Anyone know if she still works there?

  7. roland

    This club is awsome

  8. Anthony

    Great place

  9. MrTruth

    if you google this place you can see the news story
    This dump is CLOSED.
    Same dancers that closes other clubs.

  10. Thom

    Agree on the bartenders being hot; but the dancers? No, sorry.

  11. Sam
  12. billy
  13. Myles

    Fantastic Wet ‘n Wild party last Thursday. Thanks for a good time. You know who you are. 🙂

  14. lL a y lL a

    Love you bitches…

    lL A Y lL A

  15. Vinny D

    I have been going to Smiles for the last 15 yrs. I have never seen prettier dancers. The girls are the best I’ve seen here. Every girl is a 8, 9 or 10! I love Susan, Meghan and Carmella. Champagne for all!

  16. barbie

    Most if not all the girls are coke

    heads. I worked here for about 3 mnths

    and watched 90% of the girls snort and

    smoke pot in the dressing rooms. The

    girls have no dancing talent what so

    ever. Theres one black girl who wears

    bright colors but terrible wigs who

    dance like she’s off of at least 10

    mollies some coke and a shroomy. But

    if your looking to get something extra

    in the vip, offer $50 extra and some

    cigarettes and its yours.

  17. Fatty McButerpants
  18. R.J. Parsippany

    Carmella is the hottest bar tender there. Sweeeet! Brittany is the hottest dancer.

    Great ass. The best lap dances. Sizzzillin’

  19. Chinga
  20. Tony

    The dancers are hot! Love Priscilla and Gwenyth!

  21. marco
  22. frank t.

    No matter what mood I am in when I enter, I always leave happy.

  23. Cory

    This is a decent club and the girls are HOTT! Desire,

    Carmella…gorgeous! Friendly atmosphere with the best

    bartenders. This is a place where I would definitely return

    to again!

  24. bozo
  25. phil

    great girls.had a great time.

  26. pao

    always good time

  27. the pole
  28. bob
  29. Marshall W.

    Drinks are expensive but the girls are cute and friendly.

  30. Roger

    Fun place,management always treats me nice. Bar tenders are great. Lauren the dancer is so hot, and the barmaids are really nice and friendly. This is just the place to go and relax and have a great time.

  31. BigNutz

    Club is just plain nasty.. dirty smelly and the girls were borderline toothless hillbillys. What a waste of an hour ride.

  32. leroy

    hot dsm these is fine ass bitches!

  33. lovin it

    major improvments!

  34. ted

    yes she is hot.

  35. big joe

    loved it

  36. Simon Sez




  37. boom boom
  38. cliff

    this club is much better than they were last month.

    there are actually american girls there now.

  39. jose
  40. troy
  41. local

    Lately some hot dancers – some not so hot. Most of the bartenders are pleasant and beautiful – some of them are way to pushy and rude on the champagne sales…overall not a bad place to hang out when the rude bartenders arent there.

  43. Johnnyboy123

    I went here once quickly to buy some beer. Men kept asking if I worked there and that I was better looking than the girls on stage. How interesting.

  44. lenny
  45. jdogg
  46. Rich

    Dancers Brianna & Hollywood….so hot!

  47. jimmy
  48. Harry

    Was there two weeks ago after reading decent reviews club is busted and beatdown. Girls were ok at best and the place actually smelled like a pep show.. Not impressed at all.. Save your money and go to shooters or lookers.


  49. joe
  50. dave

    girls are hot, bartenders are hot, thats all you need

  51. Frank S.

    Always friendly. Good times. Reasonable prices compared to other clubs.

  52. Ratt
  53. danny
  54. helpy
  55. john

    so happy to see dawn and lq back!

  56. Rob

    hot girls, hot bartenders

  57. Kevin

    Great local club, worth a look.

  58. sammy

    lots of girls.some good some bad.thats just the way it least i can smoke and drink.

  59. Big Randy

    Great value. The new Dancers look amaizing. They have a free car service that took me home when I was drinking too much

  60. its layla

    love you peter. lucious delicous desire

  61. Phil V.

    I’m in love with Jennifer! Megan is sweet. Carmella is sooo hot!

  62. andy
  63. edgood

    Desire is amazing! Nuff said…the other girls were

    alright…one or two not so great, but the others were really

    cute…but Desire is just PERFECT!

  64. gary

    not bad at all…bartenders are hot and friendly…dancers are getting better

  65. dancer
  66. Mac999

    The curtains are a nice touch in the VIP room. Drinks are still WAY to expensive


  67. patron

    love the bartenders!

  68. james
  69. GeGe
  70. joseph1k

    Ok, lets be honest. When you go to a place like this, you’re there primarily for one reason…the girls. Well the girls here disappoint. I’m sure they’re all lovely ladies on the inside and bursting at the seems with other excellent attributes. Unfortunately, they’re also bursting the seems of just about every pair of pants they own. The girls are definite butter-faces, however thats not what packs them in. Most of the girls are obese (and I dont mean an extra pound or too, as I do like full-to-thick girls…I mean these girls a big). Big can be beautiful, but not in a g-string. They are a little pushy for a tip, but otherwise friendly.I dont drink, but I was with people who ordered drinks. Bottle of Yeungling = $7.25. Shots of Jack = $7.75. I dont know if this is considered overly expensive, but I am providing the info for you.All-in-all, this is a Must Miss, especially with Club Fifteen not too far away (slightly better) or Lace in Wayne within 20 minutes drive. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I went on a tuesday night (july 3), but I’m not so sure.

  71. sarah
  72. skippy
  73. paul
  74. Dillan
  75. Regular Old Joe

    Went there recently and that new bartender that felicia is trainin is adorable..Hope they keep her…She has a nice big ass and some big tits for bein such a small girl…Definetly nice to look at…

  76. taylor
  77. former

    most of the girls are nice. however, as a dancer money making potential in this place could have been soo much better. i think most of the girls only stay in this place because a lot of the customers are really nice. now that a couple of new girls started working there plenty of thefts have taken place. well i guess u are who you work for…

  78. ..Fellow Customer..

    ..Honestly….All of the rude and ignorant comments that are being made about Smiles is a whole bunch of hatin’ ass bitches and/or haters that just say shit because they have nothing better to do with their lives then HATE…if you don’t like what you see..than don’t come …girls do walk on the bar with no shoes, FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY…!!!! This establishment has upgraded…i’m a damn happy customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. stan

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