Lace Wayne



24 Galesi Drive, Wayne, NJ 7470


40.896721, -74.243925




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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The ultimate in gentlemen’s club entertainment that New Jersey has to offer. Come and be greeted and served by our friendly and courteous staff and be entertained by the most beautiful and sexy women in the world.

Come and enjoy our pressure free entertainment that offers you a unique


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0 reviews for “Lace Wayne

  1. Psycho Santa

    Brig back the HJ’s & BJ’s in the CR- It’s the only reason this club was EVER popular and the only reason it EVER will be!!!

  2. local
  3. ClubGuy

    This place has really changed for the better!

  4. regular
  5. joe
  6. jack


  7. nj jerry

    Amazing the bullshit that russian girls write about the americans…

    We all know anyone with $ can bring a russian home. Not so

    american chicks

  8. hitching post

    this place sucks

  9. coolmonster

    new york style with new jersey price

  10. jj
  11. Richie

    Miles ahead of where it once was!! keep up the good work

  12. Stevie

    Looking better every day, new carpet and seating last week! This could become my favorite place.

  13. M
  14. BIG G


  15. mike
  16. Big$pender

    If you got the cash for the CR, you can get some quality gash… an A++ night

  17. Timmy

    Lace is great

  18. lee
  19. Charlie

    What a difference from a few months ago… great atmosphere

  20. Dick

    I am not being satisfied anymore in this club. It was servicing Dick that made this place great, but now I just have blue balls.

  21. Old guy

    I heard this club is owned by pakistanies now, Fucked UP.


    I guess we support PAKISTAN now

  22. New Guy

    Don’t waste your time or money

    was there last night and it sucked,juse like last week….

  23. Hunter

    Was there on saturday with my friend . Thought it was monday! Just two of us and a bouncer . During an hour there were only two girls on stage . Ugly!one of them even bared her breast . Had 5 drinks , were weak as usual thats not the worst . We were itching there , at home realised we brought bed bugs home ! What a shame , such a beautiful bar

  24. ME


  25. lebowski

    Its still hit or miss the weekends bring in a few heavy hitters but they are usually busy but there are some yoga princess types that can give you some quality work

  26. Lew

    AVOID for now. You can’t go backwards. The LDs have become lame. They clamped down, the better performing girls fled, the customers thinned out, and now they can’t get good girls. It’s a vicious cycle. They need full satsifaction LD’s. Got to pull out those peeping tom cameras if they want a chance. AVOID for now.

  27. joseph1k

    This place is really high line. There is no cover charge. Drinks are expensive but you can just sit and watch the show at the bar. Regular lap dances are $20 but the girls are top notch. This is a classy strip joint. It is New York style in New Jersey.A.

  28. tom
  29. h
  30. MountainGod

    There is hope that this place will return to its glory days that I have heard so much about.

  31. Harrison69

    The girls are good looking but the lap dances the are in bra and panties. Which might be NJ way I don’t know. Ice in the men’s urinal was weird.

  32. The man

    Good job!

  33. Johnny M.

    Seems like the best sclub in nj until you spend enough money and realize its not topless or full nude. Don’t waste your time

  34. dm
  35. Partytime!

    This place is back to my regular hangout!

  36. old


  37. j


  38. AL


  39. Franklyn

    Last night I brought my husband and some friends to Lace for a very special birthday. They could not have been nicer. Also the prices for bottle service was not bad at all. We had the best time we got there around 930ish we closed the place out. One of the dancers in particular was so sweet. I am looking forward to going again on Dec 16 for the Santa night .thank you so much to all of the staff, all very nice and attentive .

  40. jay

    comfy layout, maybe need more seating areas but girls are hot and the drinks are cold, had a blast will come back

  41. RON

    Lots of beautiful girls!!

  42. BIG JOE
  43. Ed

    Nice place.

  44. Frank

    Not lace it used to be . drinks are week .just a few nice girls . Dances are open . Everyone can see . Location is bad . Drunk customers pee on the cars on parking lot . Got to wash my car . Never go tnere again . Instead of nice time only problems

  45. mr paki

    a few girls are ok, but this place is once again a dump.

  46. ChingChow

    my first time here- wow! what a set of honeys work here!!!

  47. Guest

    Thursday night terrible waitress waitress to be found, walked out

  48. DNJ
  49. Big Daddy

    This place needs new talent. CR is overpriced and overrated.

  50. k
  51. Dickless
  52. NY Guy

    Plans fell through so with nothing to do I went to Lace. Never been there before. I was very surprised. Place was well layed out. It was very comfortable. Owner was around and seemed pleasant. Bouncers were in the background, so no hassles. The only negative was had a beer on tap and it was awful. Stick with the bottled beer. The girls as a group were exceptional. So many clubs fill in with low level talent. I did not see one girl here that was not attractive. And there were several that were quite gorgeous. The girls were not all from the same mold but they tended to be slender. My waitress was pretty and the masseuse was hot with incredible hands. So it was all good. Then there was Chloe. She is the hostess and is a world class beauty and a great lady.

    In summary, Lace was just awesome. No reason to go anywhere else in NJ and not sure I would bother doing the drive into the city for Hustler Club anymore.

  53. JERRY
  54. re

    Excellent service,beautiful girls!

  55. Pamela rocks!!!

    Pamela is the only reason I go.

  56. Shitlicker

    the girls won’t blow me anymore!!! fuck!!!!

  57. Lace regular
  58. docbiz

    This place has been hit or miss with the girls. The last couple of times i’ve been here they’ve had really great looking russian girls, before than not so much. VIP area was fun.

  59. Past Weekend

    This club has made alot of changes for the better. Keep up good work.

  60. rosa

    best place in the world!!!

  61. BigBoi
  62. JM

    Very nice upscale club, drink prices are high, should consider some recession proof night promos on drinks. Girls are normally very sexy and professional. Good time club located in a cool area.

  63. ChEyA!

    i went there a long time ago not that good but now its just amazing…i still like the bing but i think that this one might be gettin up there

  64. Steve

    In the club on Saturday night with 3 friends. No dancers at any point in time came over to ask us if we wanted dances. Went to the bar and asked a few ladies if they would like to spend time with us they said they would come over. No one ever came. We were throwing 5’s to the ladies on stage and we had money to burn. Overall very dissapointing night.

  65. dedicated dancer

    chris is sooooooooooooo hot..the bouncer not the dancer

  66. FYI


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