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22 Washington Avenue, Manville, NJ 8835


40.5426233, -74.5880899




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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140 reviews for “Delilah’s Den

  1. The Closer The Closer

    Sandy will be back starting Halloween Tuesday!!!! Days: Tuesday & Thursdays!!!!

  2. Joey

    Can someone describe what Gia looks like? Is she black or white?

    Can someone describe what Lilly looks like? Is she the pretty black girl?

  3. ManvilleMack

    I don’t go to the club often now but I think I know who you mean. I like the slim ones for one-on-one but there was something about her that made me think twice when she was onstage. If you want to try someone with the type of build you like and has great long dark hair, I had fun with Zuli but I didn’t go for extras.

  4. CarlSpakkler

    I have been coming to this club for years due to the dependable high mileage in the VIP closets. The girls are generally not great–I think the managers have a fetish for fatties–but there is the occasional gem.

    This past Saturday I met Leigh for the first time. Blond, adorable, thin but very sexy body, energetic as hell. She gave great service in the VIP closet including BBBJ and BBFS. If our journey had ended there, she would get a stellar review.

    But on our OTC date the next evening, during a break in the activities, she let her Eurotrash pimp into my hotel room to try to rip me off. He made a bunch of threats, but fortunately I was able to hustle them both out of the room with no more than the money I had already paid her.

    What a couple of dumbfucks. She could have sucked thousands out of me in the coming months just by playing it straight. Plus, she had already let me tie her up and fuck her bare. What exactly was the point?

    It just makes me sad. One-star rating to the club for employing this scam artist.

  5. Joe D

    I was looking for Trinity but I think she was busted.. A 27-year-old woman working as dancer known as Infinity, was working at an adult entertainment club called Delilah’s Den in Manville was arrested at the club on Tuesday and charged with engaging in prostitution, a disorderly persons offense. She was transported to the Manville Police Department, where she was processed and released on her own recognizance. Her arrest comes after a one-month long investigation conducted by the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force and the Manville Police, according to the county prosecutor.

  6. Tarbash

    I have to say with this club not enough variety very few Latina women no Asian women also what really is a deal breaker a girl will dance then disappear into the back and not come out till the next set and if you are waiting to see all the girls before you choose one they sometimes don’t come back

  7. Bizzle

    The girls are generally great but the shorter busty woman who works the front door is not welcoming at all. The club itself is dingy and unkept. I think management is giving up on the place.

  8. Richard

    Very good quality of girls very nice and polite with me i spent my money well i will def. be back on payday

  9. AL

    loved the club!! gone there many times, loved the girls, eautiful girls… recommended to anyone. best club so far. good job guys

  10. Tommy

    Good club girls are decent. Club is very comfortable nice and cool. I will be


  11. Javier
  12. Troy

    Alot of nice girls

  13. dave suarez
  14. G
  15. will

    Not a bad place, girls are generally hot and nice, they recently dropped the cover charge for the hours of 6-9pm on weeknights, so this is a great value.

  16. dwane

    nice club and the girls are hot

  17. customer

    i had a realli good time whenever i go there..theres a dancer named holli there who is a real sweet heart i see her pretty often shes well worth the money she gives awesome lap dances and incredible vips there some what pricey but well worth it if you go to her your guaranteed to leave in a good mood

  18. Vince

    It is Trinity and yea, you’re lucky to catch her cause she dont come around that often anymore. Just realized though that some girls will give you shorter lap dances sometimes, suppose to be five minutes for a twenty but sometimes they do three or four minutes.

  19. Solomon

    If you go, look for the Infinity/Trinity girl in previous reviews, she is HOT AS HELL, gives INSANE lap dances, incredibly hot

  20. TheFly

    In a word “Wow”

  21. X Den customer

    Like this place better more talent

  22. b-man

    The club was pretty good, i didn’t really have any complaints except for the expensive drinks lol. but hey everyone has to make money. but the people were nice. it was my first strip club so i do not really have anything to compare it to but i thought it was a good first experience. i would recomend this to anyone.

  23. eddie
  24. Ides30
  25. Cool Guy

    Not a fan of paying a cover charge…It’s okay here needs more hotter girls…Much hotter then Pure down the street…

  26. Chico

    Why do the employees here treat the customers disrespectful ,the door girl has a very poor attitude.

  27. Rico

    I was told they were selling,?

  28. Joseph

    This place is horrible. Just so yourself a favor and stay away or you will be ripped off and disappointed, I drove over an hour to this dump.

  29. john
  30. Rebel

    Very nice place

  31. clubgoer43

    Anyone have any info on Kayla?

  32. harry
  33. bob
  34. Ben

    I like the atmosphere of this club. Not too loud & decor is updated when compared to other clubs. Staff & dancers are friendly & good looking. Dance prices are reasonable too.

  35. Couldn't agree more

    Below, Fred hit the nail on this place. Plus, that midnight exhibition where all the dancers have to lineup and individually do a catwalk down the stage is a waste of time. That being said, this place has some real quality considering it’s located in such a random and small town. Whitney and Michelle(R) are stunning.

  36. Ex Customer

    Mamagement is rude. For the amount of customers they have there (which is like 4 at a time) they should learn to have a little more respect for their customers. Atmosphere is terrible, it’s like walking into a funeral home, the dj ( really smal one) was the most rude person I’ve ever encountered, it’s like he walks around hating life. Get new management and improve your atmosphere

  37. dan
  38. ryan
  39. Kevin

    Had a great time

  40. Sam
  41. Roco

    Going back to gogorama it’s a better place a lot better. Delilah’s of Manville is the worst place I visit on occasions.

  42. Chris

    Always a great time. good place overall!

  43. Rob

    Nice club and nice girls

  44. nuinx

    Atmosphere is friendly. Girls are good, overall a good experience

  45. the player

    Wnet there for the first time. Hd the best experience ever from a stripper. Saving up to spend more money there again. Had a great time with this one brunette. She was my favorite. Def going back and hitting up the V.I.P room

  46. dmo

    Couple of russians are good.

  47. Iceberg
  48. Tommy

    The girls are great. A lot of them are really good looking, and they are not shy about showing their assets up close. Usually very nice and not pushy at all. The club itself and the furniture are old and worn though.

  49. Ralph

    The girl at the doors seems to have an attitude every time I go (short girl). Not a nice welcoming to start. 1 or 2 out of the 6 or 7 girls of the night are decent. VIPs are pretty good if you pick the right girl.

  50. Single Man

    There aren’t many juice bars around new jersey. This place is great for someone who doesn’t want to drink.

  51. tiff

    good club

  52. Mike

    Terrible dancers! Ugly as hell. No air conditioning on a hot summer day? Place is a joke of a stripclub

  53. Robert

    Wasn’t pleased at all,Club is not kept just dirt and some sort of black grease on the furniture, sat around the end of the stage tried to tip girls but all they wanted to do was talk to one another just ignoring me ss a customer ,I don’t think I’ll be coming back no thank you.

  54. JOSH
  55. Rob901

    I like this place . I enjoy watching the girls and listening to the music. Have had some excellent lap dances , some of these girls really get me in the zone ! Was in Vip room twice and had a good time. had great one-on-one time with one of the girls(pretty blonde) . She was really sweet , fun hanging out with her— talking, laughing and lap dancing

  56. Big Shot

    One of the only fully nude bars left in NJ!

  57. Roger

    Quite some really beautiful girls. Always a few great ones on the schedule. My last few lap dances (Desiree, Rachael) were really worth it. Sometimes the club will do a special package deal that makes it extra worthwhile to come in – even though that’s been a while. All in all a very nice club, I will definitely be back.

  58. casNJ

    My favorite Club!

  59. mobo
  60. Tall Guy

    I liked it when it was Frank’s and I think it is even better now.

  61. joel

    very nice place and pleasant girls

  62. Max G.

    Great Lineup!

  63. JJ

    Love this place.

  64. Night Time Guest

    I have been coming here for a while and after checking out other clubs, I have to say that this one is the best.

    This place has the best atmosphere and there is a certain level of professionalism with the girls that I appreciate.

  65. Ron

    nice place …with some good girls.. fully nude.. overall u will be satisfied

  66. Gary

    Great place to see the ladies.

  67. The Dude
  68. Bill

    Anyone know what days Nikki A is dancing?

  69. MICK


  70. nightranger

    This club is nice and quaint in an decent blue collar type area. Good atmosphere to chill out with a non-alcoholic drink. Dancers are alright (I rate them around 6-7) from the ones I’ve seen. They’re friendly but business-like immediately asking if you want a dance. They need to learn some small talk with the patrons increases the chances of the customer wanting a dance.

  71. Teddy

    I went in and this girl was on stage showing me her chocolate starfish. She farted and a little shit sprayed on me. She said, “Sorry baby there was too much baby laxative in my coke.” I went into the bathroom

  72. Rico

    How could this person rate his club all fives when it does not have a kitchen the place is a dump the furniture is all broken the light system is outdated, and oldfashion. Tell Himto be honest or the club just trying to make themselves look good it’s a dump with no parking outside.

  73. Dee Jay

    A great place to remove yourself from all the drama of life and have a quality time at a great value. A long standing pioneer of the entertainment industry in Central Jersey.

  74. Whatever

    They have a gorgeous girl

  75. Charles

    Was there Friday night in was worth every thing I spent there, and I will be


  76. Deliah's Den Fan

    Only a couple of good dancers, but those who were good, were good! Not a bad place to visit…

  77. Moe

    I was there on Friday night had a great time and met a friendly Spanish looking girl with long dark hair and tattoo on her back

  78. Aaron
  79. nick

    i will be back good place

  80. Charley

    Hot club nice girls

  81. Billy Bob

    Girls are attractive. Dances stink. Too many rules.

  82. Jim

    Fun time

  83. Jack
  84. richie

    first time back here since it was franks and what a difference. the club looks a hundred times better and the girls are a million times better now.

  85. Mitch

    Simple very nice club and the girls are good

  86. Timmy
  87. Ryan

    When I’ve had a long day I come here to relax and have a good time.

  88. Jim

    Had a great time will definitely be back soon

  89. redhead

    The girls are hot and most of the girls are all natural. The lapdances are good and the VIP is fun but pricey.

  90. chip

    very nice place nice girls

  91. eddyL

    Met my boyfriend of 3 years here lmaooo how romantic, love coming here after a night of partying but sometimes they have lazy strippers which is a bummer but if you’re with friends it doesn’t matter

  92. cammy white

    this club is pretty awesome in my books…

  93. Fair assessment

    I think the rating of this club has been downgraded since managements decision to stop posting lineups – although that was convenient, this is still a solid club w/ quality girls on the busy nights like friday/saturday.

  94. J.
  95. Dickjohnson

    Decided to visit the club this friday night and will not be coming back ,very filthy unkept dirty and filthy, maybe management should be paying attention to the club a little more and noyt be ignoring these problems anymore ,im so over it .

  96. LDGuy

    I had a good time here. Girls are awsome.

  97. A.C>

    Went tonight(tues), the place was dead by 12 but the girls were awesome. Highly recommended! before 10pm mon-wens is NO COVER.

  98. smiles

    the girls are very nice and pleasing and not pushy like other

    local clubs.Oh by the way the kitchen is open and the food is


  99. jm
  100. Slimey

    I was hesitant to enter the building but once I was in there I had a good time. It was just me and the dancers no customers. I picked one of the hottest brunette dancers I have ever seen. She lapped me really well went home happy. I would recomend this club for anyone who needs to keep things on the dl.

  101. ...

    Overall had a positive expierence. I mainly go back for Stacy however. One of the best. and I love me a girl with tattoos & piercings. Girls & dances & vips are all up to par though. I’d recommend this place to anyone.

  102. mike from the bar

    very impressed with the calibur of female talent and beauty,also this is one of the cleanest clubs ive ever been too!

  103. Big Dave

    Have not been in about two months, but it is a great place. Beautiful women (mostly), no attitude, and very friendly atmosphere. LD’s can be a tad short for the price, and I have not had any VIP, but a fun place to visit. It should be a lot more crowded than it is.

  104. Raja
  105. Joe
  106. Matt

    Is it trinity? Or infinity? anyways she made the night for me

  107. Pete

    I like this club you feel welcomed

  108. Don

    Very nice club

  109. joseph1k

    YEA JENNY, YOU LOVE IT! This is a great strip club to just hangout and ride out the rest of your high from partying down on the shore. Perfect to catch your breath and come down off your trip (or out of your K hole) after a rough sunday at Surf Club. No booze is kinda annoying, but actually is a giant excuse to save a ton of money. This place is good for one thing and one thing only, staring at some real ANN-NEE-MALSSS cracking it open for ya on stage! Well lies, its good for two things, laughing at your fellow patrons is almost as entertaining… Lets highlight a perfect day on the shore.Surf Club for Boris then a Bagel (at dumpy place around corner with decent shore chick in daisy dukes working there) followed by Delilahs Den for some post party rehab and maybe a few digits from some stragglers all capped off by a creme de mint visit to Princess Maria Diner on 35 as you head back to civilization (and maybe the wife and/or kids)!!!!!EDIT- I actually was typing this review regarding the Toms River location, I ve been to this one too (im a degenerate, this i know) and it wasnt quite as good, but if i remember correctly its BYOB.

  110. Mike
  111. Joe

    I don’t come here for the lighting and furniture 🙂

  112. Tony

    Stoped in tonight had a great time did a few dances with a few of the girls

  113. Fred

    nice place but they should shorten dance sets on stage takes too long to

    see all the talent if you are on a tight schedule

  114. Load Blower

    I blow a load every time I go to this club. The girls know how to work a dick without doing anything illegal.

  115. Mac

    This club is good because you have got nude girls.

    Bad is that they dont have enough girls.

    One time, a girl insisted me on going to the private room. I

    wanted only lapdance. Hence she did it in a rude way.

  116. Tom Brown

    This dump had no ac all summer. Try getting a lap dance or doing a VIP room when it is 109 degrees. Manager doesn’t give a shit about the business the customers or the girls. Place jad gone way down hill. Could be great with some reinvesting.

  117. centralnjfun

    Olivia is it? She’s hot as hell and knows how to work a lap like none other. Well worth the money, place is clean and lots of good looking girls. Dee the bartender/waitress is the best looking girl in the place, too bad she doesn’t get on stage. Thumbs up for this club.

  118. Rico

    Had a lot of fun here plan to come back. And the food was good.

  119. Mike brady

    Came down to see some entertainment, but the girls just sat in the dressing room completely want a refund!

  120. Brandon

    I was told to try this club out i did,and it was the most unpleasant experience i have had in a very long time,very unkept,filthy,was afraid to touch the furniture it was disgusting, and it looks like they really dont put any money into this club,very uncomfortable in the vip with heavy milage couches,doesnt management care about customers anymore ?

  121. vinny

    Alot of hot girls,i will be back

  122. Rico

    Love this place the girls are hot me and my friends had a great time. We will return

  123. Awesome

    Nice place. I’ll definitely be going back again soon. Cassy is especially awesome.

  124. Daddy Lapdance

    Not what i expected!

  125. Person
  126. carmen

    i will come again. See u soon

  127. P
  128. Joey
  129. RAYMOND

    Its hot and the girls are hot

  130. Scott
  131. jeff
  132. Phil

    This is the worst club in NJ! AVOID

  133. rich

    old place but well kept,and the girls are very nice and social

  134. steve

    very nice club

  135. Rico

    Music sounds like he comes out Of a computer terrible.

  136. nj

    Any insight as to Christina & Lindsey in the VIP?

  137. kenny

    amazing nd the girls were sexy

  138. Rico
  139. DenRegular
  140. Brewbaker

    Girls are very sexy and the LD are very good; but too damn short. Stage dances were a little tired and unenthusiastic. I haven’t been in the VIP yet, but I plan on it.

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