Ooh-La-La’s Gentlemens Club



15 West Main Street, Bound Brook, NJ 8805


40.5616003, -74.5347775




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Ooh-La-La’s Gentlemens Club

  1. chuck
  2. suzi
  3. saw
  4. Stan
  5. Sal
  6. fg
  7. hj
  8. gjkgk
  9. chris
  10. bob
  11. richie

    the place was nice i meet sal the owner he treated me ok the guys that talk shit about this place must be from other go go bars in town just to make this place seem bad but they take it up the ass because there not man enough to reveel them self punkass

  12. matt
  13. b gf
  14. ed
  15. ljk
  16. jy
  17. iu
  18. Timmy
  19. Sak
  20. hjh
  21. Four Reasons

    There are four reasons to cum here.

    1 Pussy

    2 Ass

    3 Tits

    4 Beer

  22. nicholas
  23. db

    no they didnt close, but the girls do come around WAY too much… its sad… the

    3 guys i work with will not go here anymore… we go to the tittie bar every teus

    after work,1 day a week on our lunchbreak (dont tell the boss 🙂 and alot of times

    on the wknd but they all refuse to go there cause the girls are too greedy.. half

    the time they havent even been up yet and they want a dollar…. then an

  24. Raf

    Great Atomsphere

  25. eric
  26. jfty
  27. dhtr
  28. dsf
  29. kjb
  30. uy
  31. kevin
  32. ggd
  33. Jane
  34. greendoor

    Went last Monday 10/24/16 and it’s not a regular bar no longer a go go bar.

  35. fdjg
  36. sdg
  37. craig
  38. frank
  39. art
  40. vb
  41. troy
  42. jimmy

    stop in see for self

  43. lji
  44. dennis
  45. Wrothgor

    Nice small bar with the local bar feel.

  46. nicolas
  47. n
  48. bv
  49. hk
  50. don
  51. SG

    Corner pub atmosphere with hot girls that are nice to be around.

  52. john
  53. joe

    This place is closed. From a dancer friend, new owner took over, completely alienated the dancers, bartenders and customers.

  54. Mike
  55. nb
  56. dave
  57. paul
  58. cb
  59. nm,
  60. cindy

    i liked it

  61. crown
  62. vvc
  63. lo
  64. steve
  65. jg
  66. jay
  67. joe
  68. vhg
  69. yft
  70. kjgb
  71. fritz8
  72. Bo

    Great Service

  73. Change

    I stopped in for the 1st time in months, It was like nothing changed. Mix up some of the dancers please!

  74. m nh
  75. fh
  76. hh
  77. n,m
  78. angelo
  79. dick
  80. jn
  81. Harry
  82. vc
  83. kmk
  84. uhyg
  85. henry
  86. ghost

    This place is great. Food is good and cheap. Drinks are very generous (very strong, not watered down). Lap dance area is private and the bouncer won’t stare you down. No VIP area, so hustle free.

    Girls are hot, they’re friendly and talk to you, they’ll remember you if you return. Very cool neighborhood atmosphere, plus awesome lapdances.

  87. greg
  88. jk
  89. shawn
  90. jh
  91. customer
  92. gvkh
  93. l
  94. tom
  95. nick
  96. hal
  97. jnj
  98. yt
  99. william
  100. fritz88
  101. gg
  102. Bill

    Daytime here is much better than night. Brazilian girls mostly and they are pretty friendly

  103. brian

    this club can be great at times but there was one dancer that was such a good performer

    her name was angel and american blond great ass but i havent seen her in a long time

    she was sweet inteligent in her 30s but really sexy and pretty

    has any one any info on whether shes working there any more iv seen here on and off over the years but now i never do

  104. dan
  105. jr
  106. Sam

    I agree Frank

  107. lyy
  108. jim
  109. td
  110. kki
  111. huh

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