226 East Main Street, Bound Brook, NJ 8805


40.561385, -74.5311569




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Torpedos

  1. lapper
  2. john schmo
  3. oghma
  4. don't bother

    the worst gogo bar in the state. bad dances, too many russians.

  5. Rob


  6. Diggs

    Lapdance room is dead.

  7. no name
  8. lame

    boring club, below average girls, stay away.

  9. Tony

    Lap dances here suck there is a big baboon who watches your every move. Daytime barmaids are nasty(LEIA)and has gone down hill overall for quite some time now!

  10. tom

    this place is great for an air dance in the LD room

  11. Steve

    Place was PACKED Friday night and there were some really HOT dancers and the rest were pretty nice looking.

  12. ray

    l d r good if you got the dough

  13. Pete

    Liked the club, went in with a few of my buddies, Thought it was the best one in the area.

  14. luke


  15. Tommy
  16. Roger

    GAY club.

  17. boe
  18. varies

    this place is really hit or miss. i have good, lame and ok times here. i keep coming back (10 years) because the bar is a good place to drink and people that work there have always been cool.

  19. dick rod johnson

    ok club, nothing to write home about.

  20. Greg

    love the place, some hot dancers

  21. Ken

    awsome club…

  22. johnny b

    the girls are ok but the night time djs are bad just the same music as all the other clubs nothing different

  23. Billy Bob

    Good Club to hang out at. Dancers are above average. Dances could be better.

  24. George

    This club is Great!!!!

  25. Mark

    Place blows, go to Pure

  26. Brian
  27. fritter17

    This place offers steak dinners and there’s nothing more that I like than some naked bitches with a side of steak. It is up to the girls whether they want to go all nude here. They have an eclectic collection of girls. They got thick chicks, Spanish chicks, curvy chicks, and they got this one Asian chick which is who I kept coming back for. Unfortunately, some of these hoes don’t know how to work it. They just walk around sticking their tits out and expect to get paid. I always make them make their ass clap for me before I pay them. Anyways what made this place the worst was this one thick Spanish chick with a pretty face who couldn’t speak a single word in English. My friend ended up dating her and we went out together for New Years to this club Pacha in Ny. We got a limo and went with a group of classy white girls. Now this stripper ruined the entire night. She 1. Couldn’t hold her alcohol. We kinda knew that cuz every time she got drunk, she always acted up. 2. She tried to hijack our limo and leave my friends so I told her she needed to shut up and all of a sudden, that’s the only English she could understand! She decided violence was the best way and kicked me, I blocked it with my fist and had to hand out an ass beating to her, but my fist was then bruised and it left a scar that’s still there! So since that incident with this crazy bitch, I haven’t been able to return to torpedos for my perfectly cooked medium rare steak at a very reasonable price. 🙁

  28. soon to be EX-CUSTOMER

    What happened to this place (directed towards owner and that NEW GM)??? This place AT ONE TIME was the area’s BEST gogo club in Somerset County, I’ve been faithful coming here for the past 7yrs, (great staff, great DJ’s, and the best food in the business). I don’t know what the industrial smell that lingered in the club after they had that flood, it has disappeard gradually, and finally gone…

    THEY NEED TO GET NEW DANCERS, I see the same girls on Mon, as I do on Wed, then they work once again on Fri or Sat., . PLEASE MANAGEMENT get some new entertainers, or I’m going to Manville or South Plainfield to spend my $$$,

    Hopefully when the summer girls come, whenever THAT may be, will keep me here, instead of spending my cash elsewhere

  29. john

    This Cub is AWSOME!

  30. Gary

    Worst strip club ever!! Dont waste your time here.

  31. Mr. GoGo

    this place sucks!!!

  32. joe

    L A M E. No touching. That’s right. In NJ. This place was a great place to hang out and see some hot Brazilian dancers, but no more.

  33. ted


  34. kev
  35. Peter

    This place ROCKS !

  36. pfred

    the dancers are really hot and friendly. I will definitely be back

  37. May 21st

    They are opening on May 21st.

  38. Jeff

    Great selection of girls!!

  39. Ben
  40. Mr. Ivy
  41. Davy

    Not a bad club. Finally a mix of woman. Russian Brazilian and american with a splash of latin. The music selection is good. Been there several times and the DJ’s are always different with different styles. Which creates a great atmosphere

  42. ZW
  43. lupo

    the best brazilian dancers in the area! and the food is almost as delicious as the girls

  44. john s

    Been going here for couple of years. Quality of dancers

    varies a lot. Some go through the motions, others actually

    dance. Watch out for women who are not dancing but parade

    around for $ or who go around 3 times (2 is the norm). The

    Russians work the room for lap dances. Can be aggressive.

    If you get to know the dancers (which means talking and

    buying drinks) then the experience is nicer. Lap dances can

    be great if you know dancer.

  45. Mike

    Impressed with the selection of attractive dancers and atmosphere. Lots of HOT ladies and pumping music!!!

    Thanks for a good time.

  46. marlonmoney12

    There is a full variety of girls at this club, different flavors for all your exotic dancer dreams….They also have a full kitchen and some really great chefs and good tasty food. The management is all personable…and the girls are very friendly and easy to talk to…and definitely sexy no matter what your thing!

  47. The Don

    There back, I have been going there for years. I seen it when it was up… I seen it when it was down. I was there last night they started Latin night new manager customer friendly, not like the fat guy that sat a the and drink and text all night. The girls were pretty nice different. I can’t wait to go back. food was excellent……

  48. slo-bartender
  49. dee

    this place is gay

  50. lennie
  51. MidniteMojo

    I’ve had some great fun there. The dancers tend to be Russian or Brazilian, but many are hot and friendly. Many will sit and talk to you and not make it so obvious they’re looking for the money. The bouncers do hover, but generally they have been pretty cool. If the dancer is ok with you, they leave you alone. Tipping the bouncers can also help. Dancers run the gambit from those who just walk back and forth and expect the dollars for showing up to some really amazing pole acrobatics. The lap dance areas are a little more private than a lot of clubs, with walls between the couches, as opposed to just a room of couches with no partitians. The atmosphere is typical dice go go bar, but the music is usually good. I keep coming back. Your mileage may vary.

  52. scooby
  53. guest

    great environment

  54. jack

    best lap dance i ever had. hot dancers!

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