Breathless – The Mens Club



876 Hart Street, Rahway, NJ 7065


40.6020887, -74.261209




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Breathless – The Mens Club

  1. RachelXXX

    This is the best club around. All the girls are hot – some more than others and some dance better, but there is always something nice to look at – even on Sundays.

  2. Long time customer
  3. Frank

    Good music,food,atmosphere….love the day-time dancer Stacy..nice butt,legs and love those the bartender Gina.

  4. fafa

    The music is a little loud. With the right girl this place is fun. It has a pool table but no room to move the stick. I thin k it gets more girls at night.

  5. HpP

    On busy nights, it is a dollar parade..10 woman at least walking around for tips. A few really get into dancing. Matrix is the best dancer. Get frisked going in which is good since someone was shot in the parking lot recently. There are a handful of really attractive women who do not hustle for dances. Worth a trip, but Friday and Saturday are packed…it is all about $ then.

  6. Baka Tuki

    its aight

  7. maxxy1

    The girls smell good and look good Best on weekends. But they show you more love on weekdays.

  8. Bob

    I usually come at night and stay for an hour or two. Yes the dollar parade is in full effect but at least you get to see all the dancers. Elizabeth at night is my fav.

  9. hj
  10. joey d

    exotic dancers,breathless is coming back

  11. NJer

    TOO FEW GIRLS… most girls are good looking & friendly, but the place is too crowded so makes it difficult to get a lap dance. the best girls don’t even provide that service.

  12. paul



    I’ve been going to strip clubs in the area since I was a pup and I gotta tell you this place has changed several times over the years, usually they had decent looking chicks but now it’s hit or miss, one day hotties, another day old ladies with c section scars and chubby puerto rican chicks but they all have one thing in common… NONE OF THEM ARE DANCERS!!! NONE!!! All these broads do now is race around the bar grabbing all the guys doe $$$ I would call em a bunch of whores but you get more satisfaction from the whores! Anyway, I wouldn’t go here unless you were a local and did want to travel. It’s still a waste of money then. By the way the lap dances blow and they have a guy that constantly is peeking in to make sure you aren’t touching the girls. NOT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AT ALL

  14. Old Timer

    Lots of below-average girls, but enough top-flight girls to make up for it. Shot girls used to be awesome; now they’re just so-so.

  15. Tyler

    Ugly girls that cant dance in this place. It’s a litte on the raunchy sidel

  16. HaYankeeFans

    Used to be much better. Talent and clientel has really gone down hill. If you have not been there in a while, don’t bother goingback nowhere close to what it once was.

  17. Jersey

    Unfriendly atmoshpere. The dancers constantly hound you for $$ and then don’t really dance for you – take the money and run. Eeveryone there thinks they are hot stuff, from the staff to the dancers – and they have an attitude towards the customers. Not a great place to go – especially with all the other bars to choose from.

  18. kevin


  19. butterfly

    low class scum

  20. Footguy

    music is too loud,SMOKE machines, suck, so ANNOYING, and that stupid fire truck sound,,kills my night,

    these girls are too money hungry, nice asses now and then though..

  21. mike

    awesome place

  22. jm
  23. GoGo Hound

    Alot of hot girls

    got wasted had a great time

    going back soon

  24. jon

    the best

  25. st

    one of top clubs

  26. Bandit

    Yo this is the best place to go if you just want to give your money away to a beautiful woman! Sometimes without even a thank you…these dancers have no game…they dont work for the cash & the lapdances are very poor…Should turn it into a nude club without liquor then at least you get to see something worth the money u spend anyway on drinks…I found half the time the bartenders were cooler then the dancers!…Place needs work when it comes to the dancers attitudes…But hey its the fellas fault for lettin the females have the attitude in the first place!

  27. Harry

    Club sucks.. the owner Chris is a douchebag seriously

  28. ADOLPH


  29. Michael

    Club is great. Girls are hot. Dancers are awesome

  30. checkpoint

    Bring back Laura, the Bayonne Beauty queen.

  31. chuck

    ok, guys. got into the club. Oh, no… old women dancing near the pole. The bartenders were kewl compared to the dancers. Oh bad, each dancer comes around us two times shaking their a$$ (what else to show, blah) asking for a dollar . I did nt even look at some females, just threw the dollar on them, so they go outta my way. I was still waiting for a female , and there comes a female. stunning boobs and a sexy face, the pretty girl on the floor. Booked a LD while on stage, and great she went to her extreme. Had some 5 dances with her , completely satisfying and terrific and she was great. Good, no cameras!!! He He… i was just lucky I met her, otherwise would have ended up facing bloody old females over there. Good luck. Hit or miss!!! no cover charge though.

  32. anthony m

    very well organized


    Girls are good and friendly. Club is also good as well as the music. Not too many Jerk offs in the club that I have ran into, most of the crowd there is pretty cool and friendly! I enjoy going there in the afternoons! Night time is a bit more wilder but still no issues and everything is cool.

  34. Uncle

    Food is very good dancers are nice and barmaids are nice

  35. old school
  36. Jerryb


  37. VIsiter

    Stopped in Sunday afternoon after work. Good variety of girls, most of them were rather attractive, only 1 that wasn’t at least an 8 or 9. Got a dance with a well endowed beautiful blond. It was worth the money, very erotic and sensual. If I’m back in the area again I will definatley return.

  38. rich

    its very clean

  39. tg

    Went in tonight and this place was not worth the money. Two of the 15 girls were hot, the rest were average to below. They were constantly rounding the bar hounding for $$$ and the view was not worth the $$$ you give them. Definately not going to return….

  40. Denero
  41. don

    Warning: Rahway cops will pull over anyone they see leaving the

    bar, and give them a sobriety test. It happened to me and others.

  42. Know it all

    By far, the worst dollar train parade in NJ and it isn’t even close.

  43. Alan


  44. john

    not bad, need to get rid of fat older batenders

  45. Dougs

    Usually a good time with a decent variety of friendly women!

  46. ed

    lots of girls,every nationality

  47. Joe

    with so many other bars, go somewhere else. the dancers do as little a possible for your money – usually they just come up to you and expect your dollars. service is bad too. go someplace else

  48. dave

    great club & very friendly staff, very pretty girls… don’t

    fear leaving the club, the cops are cool & won’t mess with

    you… been coming here for years…

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