Cheeques Strip Club



1230 East Linden Avenue, Linden, NJ 7036


40.641039, -74.23754




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cheeques Strip Club

  1. Lou
  2. money
  3. Big Tone

    Been here once and liked it the Barmaids were good and dancers Hot dont care for table dances but nice place to drink and hang out will go again

  4. on a mission

    Went to go check out other go go bars and this one is good. Nice girls, clean bar, great DJ. Stage and bar are pretty large. Wouldn’t mind going there again.

  5. Pat

    nice place to hang out…hot girls and cold beer…

  6. cody

    I like this place. The girls are friendly and the service is good. DJ gets a little loud but that about my only problem.

  7. Run

    Nasty ass club! Girls smell bad!

  8. Bobby
  9. love

    the dj on sunday is the only reason i go

  10. maloney

    this place sucks.

    3 bucks for drinks bullshit

  11. Jeff
  12. Mr. Loser

    Dancers generally suck. Owner is an asshole. Barmaids are horrible. Don’t bother with this place.


    The chicks are usually pretty decent here but they are catching the epedemic of the 90’s and 00’s which is too lazy to dance for doe$$$ What is wrong with these chicks today? Seems they all want to be gogo dancers but just dont want to dance or shake their money maker much. All they want to do is start the money train, you know when the chicks all line up behind each other walking around collecting the bills$$$ If you’re lucky maybe one will turn around and bend over for a second before asking for another dollar!!! These strip joint ain’t what they used to be when I was getting in under aged years back. They modern gogo dancer is lazy thinking they deserve the money for wearing a bikini, hell I can go to the beach for FREE!!! On an up side the music sounds good and they will play some good rock and roll from time to time.

  14. Yuck!

    Nasty girls! They all smell!

  15. Barry
  16. FATBOY
  17. tom
  18. Carlos
  19. Beer

    This place is great for one thing. If you want to go out drinking with some friends, go here. Its like a regular bar, (you end up spending about the same) and theres girls in bikinis. They always have games on the TV and the food is decent. If you look at is as a bar, instead of a go-go bar, its a great place to go.

  20. hedonism ii

    This turf still have lights turned up? Seemed like tough club to get respekt, atleast keepin exclusive. Catching a buzz on a weekday was good start. Cheeque’s would’ve gotten a better rating, if could get as drunk as next day. Can judge how rough a crowd, by how many different people throw disses.

  21. James

    Ladies are HOT…Friendly and Sexy. Relaxing place to have a drink and chill after work. Music was pumping too..

  22. Jay

    Most of the dancers are very friendly. Victoria is the best

    bartender and always has a smile. I wont mention other

    bartenders names but one had me wait for almost 5 minutes

    for a drink with only one other customer and another

    knowingly up-charged a beer then gave me the next at normal

    price. I do enjoy this place overall and stop by at least

    once a week.

  23. Unsatisfied

    Probably THE worst club in the area. Girls are all skanky whores and the management doesn’t give a damn.

  24. Kenton F.

    A cool spot with lots of pretty women and decent decor. I like the fact that they don’t have a cover charge unlike most of the grimy spots in Newark and the drinks are not too pricey. I will probably pass through here once a month on the reg.

  25. timmykilla

    Great club in Liden NJ . Girls are gorgeous, drinks are inexpensive and on point. Club has a great space, vip section and private rooms. Dj is always playing top hits and keeps the party going . Bartenders are all really nice! This place is great any night of the week. Highly recommend to anyone coming thru.

  26. i moo at der cows

    Not a good place. Much better go go places elsewhere. check out rjs and black bettys. I always have fun at those places. This place is pretty beat. I hate the fat pigs

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