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1731 U.S. 22, Union, NJ 7083


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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86 reviews for “Hott 22

  1. Pretty P

    Yo is this place still in business and rocking some fine ass? Giving Hott 22 a four-star review does not mean that Hott 22 is a four-star strip joint. Hey, it’s a BYOB club in the middle of nowhere Jersey! You don’t come to Hott 22 expecting glitz and glamour.

  2. Bad

    This place is WHACK! Not worth the price of admission go to Stilletto where the hot girls are. Fuck this place.

  3. ED

    the best

  4. Pete from Somerset

    Went here last night, 8/20/10, had an amazing time for my first time at a strip club. This place is very welcoming. All the girls are very good looking, only one seemed a bit old to be there. Even though I live about an hour away, I definitely will come back here. The lap dances were amazing! Its BYOB with Beer, Champagne, and wine welcomed. No hard Liquor. There is a liquor store only a few steps away, which is real nice. The thing I enjoyed most was the fact that all the girls are really friendly, so any nervousness goes away quickly. They do come around asking if you want a lap dance, but are cool if you say “No Thank you”. Not pushy at all. Looking forward to going back!

  5. stewie

    Went to this club last night and had a great time. I’ll definitely be back.

  6. Been around

    Hott 22 is the busiest Nude BYO club in NJ. Always jumpin on the weekends!

  7. joey

    I went there for the first time this weekend. The place is cool, 60% of girls look like they r in a wrong place. but the rest r just awesome.i liked the 2 girls with glasses..they just turned me on.its good that this place is BYOB…the idea of ppl watching u when u r having a lap dance is weird..time is also too short for a lap dance..over all..I’ll go back again..

  8. Place Sucks
  9. RG

    I went here last night and was pleasantly surprised. Brought our own beer–saved big time. Girls were friendly and were very willing to give a good show on the stage-many looks deep inside! Robin was well worth the $20 lap dance cost—damn! Nice variety of women but some of the white chicks only seemed to hover around the white dudes. Since I went on a weekday and I can imagine the weekends are packed. Only been there 1 time but had a ball.

  10. redhead
  11. wow

    cindy is HOTT..:)

  12. ginger

    Is that the classy Ginger with the perfect boobs who left a few years back from the Netherlands? God I miss her. What a MILF.

  13. Johnnyboy123

    It is now bikini bar no all nude. But the lap dances a great and the ladies r sexy as hell

  14. T.J.

    This is my favorite club. There are pros & cons between clubs. The pros definitely outweigh the cons with respect to Hott 22 in my opinion. I will definitely return again.

  15. Sam
  16. Charlie

    Over priced for whats offered too dark too

    loud girls are all latina no variety and

    they have no enthusiasm what so ever and

    for one reason or another the best girls

    dropblike flies Gina violet veronica vixen

    sky raquel nadrea all gone without a trace

  17. greg

    just got home…cock is still hard…….a++++++

  18. billy

    highly recommended!

  19. Robert

    All the ladies are very HOTT. The vibe is perfect. It is a must see of all strip clubs.

  20. Buddy

    I went there for the first time last week. Overall, it was a pretty good place. Lots of tattooed punk rock looking girls which I am into. Plus, you can BYOB. And the DJ was playing much better music than than I’ve heard at nearly any other strip club. On the downside, the cover was $20 and during a lapdance you’re not allowed to touch the girl at all. The general lapdance area is very crowded and uncomfortable. If you pay the $200 for a vip room it’s a bit better, with more comfortable seats and some touching (but not full contact). However, the VIP gets you half an hour but only 4 dances so you only have to pay extra if you actually want the girl to dance for you the whole time, which is very odd to say the least. I would say the value for the money is not great. It’s definitely a great place to bring some beer and hang with your buddies but it’s your mainly looking to get your rocks off I would go elsewhere.


    greatest place on earth! go see rachel!

  22. collegespawn

    Went here for the first time with my friends and we had a great time. My favorite girl there is Sandra. She’s friendly, sexy, and she definitely knows how to please a guy in the LD room. I think I’m in love, lol.

  23. Gil

    lilly <3 <3 <3

  24. big gary

    went to the last vip party…free food …thats all i needed to hear

  25. J O JOE


  26. Some other guy
  27. Shame

    The hottest girls are Shayna, Gina, Susan, and Sandra. Oh snap! They’re all not there! W/O them this club is a bore.

  28. John

    Nice little club. Cute girls

  29. Vinny

    looking forward to the next vip party on the 18th been to all of em so far no regrets!

  30. Last Thursday

    I couldnt believe how many beautiful girls were there and they were all very nice…each girl was more beautiful than the next…very much worth my money and i will be back…best club in NJ

  31. HOTT 22




  32. Steve

    I love this place!

  33. ME

    Well, sure know how to bring in the customers… the place was going downhill already and now you can’t even make comments good or bad… My money will go elsewhere…

  34. Sam Question

    Who is Sam referenced below?

  35. Client Revue
  36. DAVNJ
  37. Bob H

    Overall the quality of the girls is good, but like all clubs the quality varies. Lately Kimora, Tia, Veronica are excellent, but the rest are just OK. The black girls are attractive but not worth talking to or having a dance with.

    The atmosphere at the club is great though. The people who work there (staff not the girls) are good. There is control but the atmosphere is good.

  38. Phoenix
  39. A Hott Employee

    This is my favorite club to work at EVER! The girls are hot and they’re NICE, there’s a good variety from super skinny to more to love and everything in between. The customers are actually really nice most of the time, which makes working here all the better. They aren’t racist either, go see Cierra, Dakota or Fenix. Smokin’ hotties, lemme tell you!

  40. Jerry

    Wow….this plasce is the best!

  41. XhXeXy

    After reading two reviews I was curious to check this place out. My GPS did not recognize the address instead it suggested and address two blocks away. I called the club and they said there’s a billboard of a huge bowling pin in front of it as it is next to a bowling place. That was a big help.I went on a Saturday night, it was 20 bucks a person, and they were very strict with checking Id’s and the security staff were pretty cool and respectful. I went inside around 10 pm t wasn’t that packed. The stage was in the middle with three poles, and the stage was T shaped.The dancers were full nude. And they were beautiful and had no attitude, like the one at Wiggles on Queens Blvd, Queens, NY. Since I don’t drink water , the water was 4 bucks and it was the one from Costco called Kirkland. At first it was one dancer on the stage, than at 10:30 there were two dancers, and close to 11 PM there were Four dancers on the stage. They also had a massage lady there giving massage for 20 bucks, boy did she have an iron grip, she pressed my shoulders and I screamed, all my friends were laughing at me. Its not a bad place. The service was nice, the staff was nice and so were the dancers. Four stars for the service. The stage was a little dark so you could see the dancers that well unless you were close lol.


    Come party at happy hour 4 to 7 $11 entry fee lots of great ladies Brianna Scarlet Vicky Kate Lady Cindy Maricella Amber Keysha

  43. brianna

    just called and heard brianna is back…say no more im on my way

  44. Checkmehere
  45. Jonathan

    Nice and Hottttt

    Great new lap dance atmosphere too… not so “on stage” feeling like it used to be

    Love the music except for Sunday night but I don’t care about the music because the girls are hot as hell

  46. A Regular Guy

    I went there with my girlfriend this past weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves. the ladies were attractive and the atmosphere was nice. Overall, a good experience and value for the money.

  47. Endo

    Very good club. Friendly girls that provide good contact and value. Only complaint is that the lap dance room could be more private.

  48. chris

    went here last Friday with my boyz. The girls were off the hook. One in particular. chick names karma. best lap dance i ever had. this girl was all over the place. had me laughing my ass off. definitely going back again.

  49. jason
  50. money holder

    love goin here rhe dancers are worth it trust me plus da people are mad chill i say ruby an maricella are my fav but der are a few others

  51. heavy D

    tits and ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  52. dino

    This place ROCKS!

  53. Mike D

    Like stated before dark dingy loud no variety in girls they just like to hire border jumpers i cut way back from being a regular to once a year now in probably not coming back at All when i know for a fact there’s 2 other clubs like this in driving distance who offer variety and all the girls seem bored like their soul has been raped and the better girls always leave like a theif in the night leaving you with nasty scrubs save your money

  54. Lee and Dee

    I had an amazing time 9/30 for my birthday!!! Girls were very welcoming to females comin to see them! Ladies were hott!! cant wait to go again!

  55. Bring it !

    All NUDE,NUDE,All NUDE!!!!!!!

    In your face atmosphere. Still the best every year.

    XXX-pect a party.

  56. traveler

    Good women, eager to please

  57. James Bond
  58. Timothy O.

    I really enjoy this place and usually leave with a nice chubber but upon my last visit to this establishment I was slightly disenchanted. I was watching Jade do her amazing routine on the pole when out of the corner of my eye I saw what appeared to be a weightlifting cockroach on steroids! The cockroach paraded across the stage and even gave me the stink eye when it walked past me. Can you believe that! The nerve of that cockroach thinking I was on his turf.Otherwise the beaver on display was great and not as pungent smelling as some of the other places that I frequent. But unfortunately I must give only 2 stars due to the muscle bound cockroach.Great beav in this place though

  59. Sebastian

    Great party VIP Tuesday night.

  60. Jon

    Hot girls and music

    I didn’t know there was a club in Jersey where you can bring your own beer and wine like this place

    Staff is friendly food is ehh but who goes there to eat?

  61. max

    coming by saturday for my lil bros bachelor party…you guys never let us down!!!!!!!!!

  62. Nike boy
  63. James

    Fun Place!

  64. Tony

    Cindy was the best… she is hott 22

  65. wilson


  66. Dave
  67. Jose P.

    Best strip club I’ve been to so far…the girls are great, the place is pretty popping, not sure if they serve food but when I went there were none, you can bring your own beer, they provide ice and everything, I would definitely go back and taking my homies with me next time

  68. Don

    It’s getting better alot more girls then before

  69. al bundy


  70. Kevin retard

    Kevin such a retard he even took out the comment function so you cannot

    find the board to write comments or ask questions I am quiting this shithole

  71. C

    Went here on Thursday night and it wasn’t bad. Girls varied from really hot to okay. I had a good time.

  72. Joe

    Zilla is so hot! When is she comming back?

  73. mike

    lap dances are only $20. The girls are ok if you

    prefer biker chicks (girls w/ tattoo’s).

  74. JO JOE

    Great new addition MJ you have to check her out. Brand new to dancing very cute. Gina is also still here i saw some of you were asking.

  75. joseph

    hey I used to go to HoTT22 but since I Gina is gone I lost interest in going anymore.I want to know what happened to her and no one can give me an answer.Sasha is a very annoying lady and very scarry as if she would put a curse on you if you don’t get a lap dance from her.

  76. Tom

    This is the best….

  77. fuckery12

    Giving Hott 22 a four-star review does not mean that Hott 22 is a four-star strip joint. Hey, it’s a BYOB club in the middle of nowhere Jersey! You don’t come to Hott 22 expecting glitz and glamour. But for what it is, Hott 22 is definitely a good time.I visited with 10 other guys for a Saturday night bachelor party. We stopped by the liquor store a few doors down to buy beer, but you should note that the store closes at 10 p.m. Also, there’s no hard liquor allowed in the club.The bachelor and I (event coordinator) got in for free, while the rest of our group each had to cough up the standard $20 cover charge. The “bartender” will give you buckets of ice for your beer and plenty of singles for the ladies.But let me get to what you really what to hear about — the entertainment. There was a definite mix on the night I was in attendance, though nobody was shockingly horrible enough to make me wish she’d fall off the stage and suffer a spinal cord injury. There are quite a few South Americans and Eastern Europeans and most of them are nice but not overly pushy on trying to sell you lap dances. Of course some ladies were hotter than others, but all in all I’d say I was pleasantly surprised.Lap dances run $20 each, and a few dollars tip on top of that is a nice gesture though not required. And for $100 my buddies and I all chipped in to get the bachelor up on stage where he was victimized by three girls for two songs. He enjoyed it and we enjoyed watching it. There’s also a VIP room, which runs $200 and gets you half an hour with the girl of your choice. What happens in there? You’ll have to find out for yourself…

  78. Johnny
  79. tricycleinwaiting

    Went there sat night (3/19). Had a good time. They are couple friendly. Wide variety of women. Lap dance was good. Brianna was excellent (not the best looking or best body but was real enthusiastic). She let me watch her give my girl a lap dance and didnt charge me to watch. Overall will definitely be going back.

  80. Pete

    dancers are always prowling for money, lap dances are a waste of time and too short. always being watched in the Vip room, some girls seemed high on drugs. some were 9-10’s but some had a body odor problem. drinks are watered down, but the bartender is hot

  81. SilentSleeper

    Doesn’t appear too posh, however is worth it in terms of mileage. A lot of the girls are quite friendly. Quality and performance of the dancers vary a lot. No mandatory drink.

  82. Bobby

    Went there last week. Alright girls. average strip club. Very sexual though, got me and my girl in the mood. Nice lap dance, but everyone was watching. When my girl got done, guys were gawking… I would recommend this place. Better vibe than Titalations

  83. Roberto

    I like Latinas but what this place has , I do not know
    I travel the extra 3 minutes to XO and the
    Acts good for me

  84. Brandon

    Their pizza looks shitty but they have great HDTVs. My dick is wet just thinking about those TVs man. Goddamn.

  85. GB
  86. Tiger Lilly

    Enjoy watching and being watched 🙂

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