Looker’s Bar



789 Dowd Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 7201


40.6744502, -74.190594




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Looker’s Bar

  2. JADE
  3. D. LLOYD


  4. Steve

    Wandered into this place on a Thursday night with a friend of mine, all I have to say is wow the girls in here were smokin…never would of thought they were all hiding in this little spot.

    Will be back very soon

  5. dominic

    great time. would go again.

  6. Joe

    This place needs help. I went there last night before doing the club rounds and it sucked!

  7. DAN L.
  8. eddyL

    You can LOOK! But you can’t touch! I give it 5 stars because women are working hard in here and all women are beautiful. My ex fiancé took me here and I’m glad I came. He wasn’t the type to go to bars or even strip joints but he just wanted to try something new and I can go along with that when someone breaks out of their shell. Oh I get to touch the women’s bobbies!!! But the guys can not! Lucky me! As a woman it is kind of entertaining to watch women doing different moves and dancing live. To me it’s like slow motion dancing and ballet except the girls are not wearing any clothes. Im coming from an artists point of view. Im a professional full body painter so I have painted someone who was a dancer before for her show and she loved it! I painted her Avatar. Anyways props to the girls who are working hard to earn their money. God bless them for their abilities to do what they do and be bold about it. Because I sure heck am shy! I’m admiring them from the other side. Overall had a good night with the ex fiancé watching him enjoy his first nude bar.

  9. RYAN
  10. MATT K.
  11. GARRY
  12. Slugger

    Great Time , Hot Dancers , Great music, great vib.

    will def. be back

  13. iam ready

    that club is so boring the they do ia quick shake then they there hands out. NO! if you wanna have a great time have it somewhere else the only thing i like is that it was free to get in, but it should be or i would have been very upset.

  14. punk
  15. gotthat

    everything a go-go needs to be , its here

  16. Young
  17. eL Kabong

    Was great years ago when Mercedes ruled the place, now it is just a shell of it’s former self. The dancers here are like panhandlers; they just walk by, shake their tits once and expect money for it. If you get stuck going here, just sit at a table behind the railing and take in the show for free, or better yet, go next door and get a burger.

  18. GENO
  19. BOB
  20. Sideways8

    Three steps ahead of Hooters….Three small steps

  21. JADE Z.
  22. sal

    The girls and the club are great

  23. MIKE D.
  24. Bill

    THIS PLACE SUCKS. Bring lots of money because you’ll need it to drink

  25. Richie

    Sucks! Just another have a beer and this is it.

  26. Juan Moreno
  28. JOSEPH
  29. Dave

    I’m in from out of town & my hotel recommended this place, & I gotta tell ya… this is a great place to go!!! The bartenders were AWESOME!!! And the dancers were beautiful & not annoying (unlike most places!). If you’re looking for a good time, so are they!!!!!!!!! If you want to go out & have a feel good kind of night, Lookers is most definitely the place to go! I’ll be back… sooner than I expected!!!

  30. RYAN D.
  31. MATT
  32. GARRY L.
  33. s

    hott ladies

  34. MIKE
  35. Homer

    It would be a great sports bar with hot bartenders except for the couch dance area. VERY little touchy. If you like a place with hot girls to look at while you have a drink, this is a cool spot. Girls this hot rarely go the extra mile.

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