Stage Dolls



318 Route 46, Great Meadows, NJ 7838


40.8523546, -74.9362095




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Stage Dolls

  1. REG

    Place is good, needs more variety seems to have same girls over and over. Salena needs to wash her hair though.

  2. big daddy

    Prancers not Dancers, $5.00 beer and overpriced menu.

    This is Warren not Bergen county. You don’t need entrees.

    Tilapia fillet with rice is not going to sell in Great Meadows, especially at $12.95

  3. Mr Toad

    1st time in there since it was cannon balls..They really did a nice job with the bar..Really cute barmaids and some of the dancers are lookers..They should do something with the lap dance area though its pretty shitty

  4. chipmunk

    i give them 6 months

  5. jeff
  6. clubber

    been here a couple of times and it gets bad to worst!

    Katrina is an amazing dancer, the brunnete bartender won’t

    stop asking to buy her/or yourself shots. Lap dances are ok,

    depends from who. Went to Rumors and saw one of the girls

    that worked at SD and left because the owner was

    disrespecting the dancers. Drinks are fair priced, the

    bartender plays the music so no dj .. over all it’s an

    allright place. i’ll give it a 5/10

  7. JOE BUD

    Been to lots of the clubs in North Jersey over the years and they guys did a great job turning this place around. I think there is always going to be “drama” when you have a lot of women that are more or less “competing” with each other, so thats a given….otherwise…a fun place to hang out, the girls arent overly pushy, the bartenders are always attentive, the food that I have sampled so far has been excellent…try the bar pie..

  8. devil

    dancers were very pretty but sometimes hard to understand. I felt sorry for the sexy bartender although she gave it an awesome try, 1 bartender for 100 people is no easy task

  9. Stage Dols

    No Longer Canon Balls.. The all New Stage Dolls located at the same place 318 Route 46, Great Meadows, NJ for more info, call 908-637-0138 Always Looking for new Talent!! Newly renovated!! Serving Lunch and Dinner. Opens Thursday, 11/15/2006 all welcome!! come check it out!!!

  10. daryll

    hi this club is cool

  11. Ron

    Love this place – had a bachelor party there in the spring for one of my friends – and they really took good care of us with great food, pretty girls, and lots of drinks. The owners did a great job taking this place from a shitbox to a great place to hang out and have fun…we needed a place like this out here because Smiles is going down the tubes, and sometimes PA is just a little too far to drive…great value for the money spent here – GREAT FOOD – the italian hot dogs are kick ass.


    very nice job fixing the place up – wondering fi the owners know that there are some sexual favors being offered in the lapdance area….

  13. giantsfan22
  14. josaphine
  15. Rick

    Salena is madd hot, she doesnt work to many nights a week though and might not be coming back but she is the most attractive girl that works there, great body. The place is pretty small though overall and since the bar is like 90% of the seating u basically have to sit around the bar and get harassed for bills ever 2 mins

  16. jc

    a must every friday im there

  17. bootleger
  18. Swannee
  19. never again

    5 bucks for a bottle of beer?

    Never again!

  20. yo man

    place looks awsome but too much for the area. bartender was overwhelmed. dancers can’t speak english. prices are too high.

  21. Renaldo

    More US chicks and this place will be a weiner!

  22. Kenneth C.

    This place is awesome if you’re having a bad dark day. Never too crowded & the girls in there are nice. The rules are mellow, so it give more time to play with the jello. The owners are cool & been going here for years. No complaints, just come and party.

  23. GEORGE


  24. Insider
  25. jameson

    what>>>>i had a ridiculous time there havent had that much fun in a long time thank you stage dolls for takin over cannon balls first time back great vibe everyone very cool from dancers bartenders even bouncer was bullshittin w me mad cool

  26. zelda

    frankly, drive to rumors. all the good dancers from dolls work up there now.

  27. Me

    This place Sucks ASS

  28. mutt

    Too expensive period.

  29. big man

    went in tonight, uuuuggggghhhhhllllyyyy barnaids!city music, no speak english dancers, and raw chicken!

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