1165 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205


42.6928914, -73.8040654




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “DiCarlo’s

  1. Pete

    Pretty girls.

  2. Brian Kulp

    Not impressed.

  3. Bouncer

    So what if he’s small or gay, he could still kick the living shit out of you, brave anonomous wimp hiding behind a keyboard

  4. mrdc
  5. Anastasia

    I visited this gem of a club a few years ago, and I’m delighted to see it’s still going! As a woman, this club felt more welcoming and comfortable than any I’ve ever visited. I loved the intimate setting, and the table dances were fabulous. Is it possible that Isis is the same blonde dreadlocked Goddess who took my breath away back then? My other favorite was a ripe, juicy peach of a brunette called Brooke — my mouth is still watering! BRAVA, DiCarlos!!

  6. Bazooka Joe

    Good place to kick back and relax…

  7. John

    I will never get sick of this place!

  8. Joe
  9. JDC

    This club was THE best at one time. It has lost a little bit of lustre over the past couple of years. It is starting to come back now. Certain people need attitude adjustments and still need to hire quality girls. It’s a classy place and you get treated with a good attitude.

  10. Big Boooy
  11. joe c

    this club is coming back!! alot of the origional dancers are back’ it is getting busier and busier; and the waitresses and bartenders know how to do thier job ( a nice change from other clubs) it has a way to go; but it is going for sure

  12. Clubman
  13. John Doe
  14. phil

    Best looking bartender & cocktail waitress. Club is very friendly & cozy.Good times all around.

  15. Henry
  16. chris b
  17. Club Sucks

    This club really sucks door man/bouncer is a homo and a really small “man”.

  18. jr

    I like this club.Close to all the action.

  19. Claude

    Can it get any better than this?

  20. Johnnyboy123

    This place is the cleanest and best gentlemen’s club in the area. Though there is a coverage charge for both guys and gals, you go there often enough, they don’t charge you. You have to keep in mind that food and drink are going to be more expensive at any ‘strip club’, you pay for the ambiance. Do you know how many people go to these places and not tip?? The girls need to get paid somehow…we all do! Besides, the food is AMAZING!The bartenders, cocktail waitresses and owner are all really friendly. The bouncers can be a little stiff, but they’re just doing their job.Being a woman, I don’t mind strip clubs, and I go often. I don’t tip the girls myself, but usually in a group of guys that I go with, they tip for me. And though I’m currently single, I have and prefer to go to these places with my signifigant other…it makes for a fun night during and after ;)Just be careful driving out of there if you’ve been drinking, the police drive by there OFTEN!

  21. Tony Love

    This club sucks ass! Bad Aaron likes dudes!

  22. ???

    Why is this place always dead? Seems like there is potential here. Never see it busy unless it is a weekend night.

  23. Duffer McNine Iron

    New manager stinks, need more good looking girls!

  24. Pud


  25. joeeee
  26. Silly bird
  27. BOBBY V


  28. Hueyfan
  29. GIGI

    Jay and I had a blast Sat. night. Gwen’s hair looks GREAT! I missed Unique great to see you!

  30. Jack Mayhoffer

    Why wont the girls come around. Im there with money to spend and not one NOT ONE girl asked me if I wanted a dance.

  31. tara
  32. NY Funk

    Is that fat dancer with the bad atitude and ugly tatoo on her back working at the club again? I thought she got fired.

  33. Sal
  34. Ray

    Found this gem on a night out drinking.Cozy & close to hotel.

  35. Ken K.

    So this club is in Albany, and because it is in Albany- this club is destined to be a disappointment for seasoned strip club fans looking a generic strip club experience. This unfortunate reality (i.e. the location/the local laws) should not reflect negatively on this somewhat unique establishment.What you WILL NOT get here: loads of fake tits/butts, tanned bodies or fake tanned bodies, cheap lap dances, exposed breasts in your face, crotch grabbing at your seat, offers of “extras”, girls to go home with, pressure to spend money, seasoned hustling, “hood” customers.What you WILL get here: a really chill atmosphere, good/great stage shows, a range of ladies on a scale of 5-10 (yes there is a quite remarkable solid 10 here), really nice and fun dancers who love their job and who don’t pressure you, great table dances, great drinks, a mix of blue collar/white collar locals, out of towners, and some lady patrons…and with the right dancer- a great bikini high contact (but not dirty) lap dance.I live in NJ, have been to strip clubs all over the country, but I always really enjoy my experience here when in Albany on business. Was recently here (Oct.22) with colleagues and had a great time.

  36. Eddy

    I had a nice lunch at the club last week. It was a good time, the girls that were on were very friendly.

  37. Anthony
  38. BJ

    Still nice but needs to be all nude.

  39. Weekend Noman

    This is a classy, “Cheers” Strip Club. The early shift of ladies are more conversationalists. The night shift is more gold diggers. The bartenders are very nice. The food is good. Its more of a look than a touch club. They sell beer so the ladies only go topless. Love ladies work at this club.

  40. Bob

    Classy club, good food, beautiful girls.


    Some pretty girls, but at times seems to be not enough of them. The music is so low it’s almost like being at your at your Moms house. whats with that? And get a few of these waitresses on stage, some of them are hotter than the dancers.

  42. Steve
  43. out of towner

    This strip club is probably the nicest topless cabaret in the Capital District, which isn’t really saying much unfortunately. The cover charge is $10, and the drinks start out at around $4. The stage dancing is topless, and there were pipes, a trapeze bar, a pole off to the side, a daybed on the stage for the dancers to use up there. Unfortunately, there is a fence around the stage so you really can’t get any closer than about 6 feet from the dancers while they are topless. There are no LDs per se at this place, but rather there are some mini-laps available at your table for about $5 or less (you decide the amount to tip). There didn’t appear to be much beyond one-way (dancer to you) contact though. The club has an interesting rule where they only allow dancers to spend a maximum of 2-3 songs at a table, then they are required to “rotate” around. You may have a dancer that you click with come around over & over again because of this quirky rule. The building is white & green on the outside, and there are 3 shifts of dancers here. The “late shift” starts at around 10 PM, and they bring up all the shift’s dancers onto the stage to announce them one by one, which was kind of nice as well. Amateur night is apparently the first Sunday of the month & every Wednesday night. Pretty much all ethnicities were covered in the dancers here, and the club is open quite late daily. Be sure to say “Hi” to Angela, the big-breasted bartender, and the blond, busty MILF waitress. They are both hot as hell!

  44. shnia
  45. karen
  46. Daren

    Just a titti bar. I would rather drink water or red bull and see snatch.

  47. Max Power

    Yeah stop it, so what if the people that work there threaten to kick the shit out of you. Good times!

  48. fuckery12

    Dear DiCarlo’s ,I used to like you,girls that could dance, good location and a decent bar .sadly you have disappointed me for the last time . I am totally agreeable to paying a cover and for overpriced drinks and I think 25 dollars for a lap dance is fair price . But … when my girlfriends and I come to celebrate a birthday … paid 50 dollars for a lap dance (one song in length, and double price tag because it was a couple) only get half a song with no real dance , that is just disappointing .I didnt actually get frustrated until i was told by my friends that the stripper said not once but TWICE, that she “felt like a prostitute ” during her dance ! I was shocked ! I brought my friend here cause it was her birthday and because she had never had a lap dance , and i thought good ole’ dicarlos could deliver .my friend felt so uncomfortable that she left . When myself and others (all of us looking un-pleased) in my group asked about at least getting half our money back …. or even an honest apology and explanation as to why the girl acted soo sloppy and un-professional, we were told “we could bring it up with the dancer” WTF ! why would WE the patrons, go up to a stripper and basically do the managers job for him… ?!so we could get into a fight with said stripper and have some jerry springer incident ?! no thanks . we just left , a bit bitter , vowing NEVER to go back again . now we arent regulars … but we used to come in every few months and drop a couple hundred bucks, and we would always be telling people to check you out , I cant do that anymore . it was fun while it lasted dicarlos … but to all reading this … try any other strip club first .. this place is going downhill.

  49. ko
  50. Luke

    New customer, pretty girls, good conversation, nice bartenders.

  51. Lou

    I had a good time there last night.

  52. kamakazzi

    Excellent club best in the area period.

  53. Hey Power

    Why would anyone threaten you? And for what? Aside from taking your cover when you arrive, the bouncers will have no further contact with you unless you were disrespectful to the women, or drunk and causing problems or fighting with customers. Your statement is nonsense.

  54. vince

    Awesome place. i dont know diamond dolls in syracuse got a higher rating than here

  55. Brud

    Hot chicks, good brews!

  56. stud boy

    totally rocks

  57. Jack Meoff
  58. whathapenned
  59. MiamiJoe
  60. Gary
  61. jay
  62. wow

    theyre all old and stuck up!

  64. tipper

    Need more girls. I can’t get a dance. need more girls.

  65. Big Love

    This club still sucks!

  66. 65790
  67. Torry

    I have stopped by here a few times. First time I said give it a chance, second time still just as bad, Third time, lastnight I said nope. You go in and it is a joke. $10 for what. The layout stinks, lighting cheap, chairs are garbage, staff cold and rude. The place is a dive. A bad one. It is cheap and cheesy and no thought or effort put into it. Granted I have gone to my share of clubs around the world. I know this wasn’t going to rank, but still. The you have the customers. What a joke. Sleazy dirt bags and drug dealers. Oh yes I have saw drugs being bought there. Like a good place to get stabbed. Dumb kids and thugs. No class. Then you have the Dancers if you can call them that. They can’t dance or move great. They are nasty out of shape trash. I overheard a few talk about going out to do drugs. One called Paige stank of weed and something else, maybe PCP or Crack. Think another called Bree or Raven needed to really lose weight. It was disgusting. There is no security in the place except two old guys, one the DJ who is slow and a crippled guy that can’t move. Guys you are better not going and just go to a regular bar in the area. It is much better entertainment.

  68. Josh BIG

    Good looking girls, but dances were LAME. (When girls come around)they dance in front of you. not sure why. Drinks were a bit costly but its a srtipclub.

  69. joseph1k

    I must be the world’s greatest girlfriend. I hate strip clubs, but somehow almost every single one of my lousy boyfriends has talked me into going to DiCarlos with them (usually after a night of me being the designated driver and him and his buddies having too many and a sad-sack buddy who thinks fake boobies will make him feel better.). Then when my (now ex) boyfriends make the rookie mistake of engaging the strippers in conversation I get the strippers’ life stories of how they use to work at Wendy’s so DiCarlo’s is a major step up in the world for them, that their brother/father/uncle isn’t happy that they are stripping, blah blah blah. Then I get laughed at when said “exotic dancer” tells me her name is “Brittany” or “Star” or “Diamond” so I tell them my name is “Tiffany” or “Crystal” or “Zsazsa” or anything other than my real name. Its all fantasy anyhoo and I’m fantasizing that I’m not there. (Its like high school all over again: I just don’t fit in with these girls). DiCarlo’s charges everyone, ladies too, a cover at the door. What happened to the good ol’ days when ladies got in for free? I guess the “perk” of this place is that the parking is behind the building so your wife/girlfriend wont’ see your car there at lunch time. They have an ATM so you can replenish. As far as skill, there is nothing exceptional about the “exotic dancers”. Pretty run of the mill. They serve alcohol, so by state law it is not all nude. Why do guys (err, the man-child type that I attract, sorry to generalize) think its great to buy their girlfriends lap dances? I don’t want one (its probably 2am, I’m probably sober, tired, hungry and having to babysit grown men). The exotic dancer’s fake ta-tas just annoy me and then fill me with unrealistic expectations about what my breasts should look like (cause lord knows mine aren’t perfectly round or located under my chin). And despite the general sparse clothing, the synthetic material gives me hives, so please….stop insisting that you buy me a lap dance. The beer is expensive (I haven’t eaten there…something about it just makes me lose my appetite). It seems like most of the patrons are sad. It seems like most of the “exotic dancers” are sad too. Fake ta-tas, g-strings, expensive Bud-Light, and sad people on a weekend. Just isn’t my idea of fun. Although I do have to say for a group of girls who tend to not be the brightest crayons in the box, they are exceptionally effective at getting men to part with their money….dummies. That being said, I do enjoy a real burlesque strip tease. That is hot and takes some skill. This is not.

  70. Birthday Boy
  71. kkk
  72. Zac B.

    I was one of 3 people there on Monday. Dancers were rude and were in the back the whole time. Barely anyone danced and it was a sour atmosphere. Bartender was cheary though.

  73. kkkk
  74. Tony

    I loved that little blond chick, I will be back to see her again.

  75. brad

    Time to change to a juice bar.

  76. Emijah

    Great club, I could never stay away. It was always my home away from home. DiCarlos was the club I always felt the most comfortable at.

  77. Still fun

    This really is a good place, and I still have fun there, but i will say….

    they should start doing private dances like DV…just topless, something a little more intimate. make it feel like an actual strip club, not a restaurant with girls walking around…business is never gonna be like it used to without stepping up to the competition

  78. To: ???

    All the clubs in the U.S has slowed down. Hint…Maybe because people are

    loosing there jobs and the economy SUCKS!

  79. eddyL

    Went here this past Saturday night with my girl to celebrate her birthday, don’t believe it would’ve been possible for her to have a better time.She was initially very nervous as it was her first visit to any strip club, but within minutes was clearly loosening up.We got there around 9pm and the place was fairly empty with a handful of patrons and dancers. That wound up being perfect because we had our pick of seating without being crammed in somewhere.The girl onstage at the time and my lovely lady made eye contact and the night only got better from there as she joined us after finishing her stage show. What was supposed to be a short stay for maybe an hour tops turned into a 3+ hour great time.Yeah money was spent as the drinks are very expensive and a private two song dance will run you $50, but you only live once and even a fiscal conservative like myself has to open the wallet for a good time sometimes lol.If you’re planning on spending $10 on the cover charge, buying a beer and sitting there while you stare and don’t tip anyone,, just stay home. You’d be doing yourself and the working girls a bigger favor than taking up a seat that someone who came out to enjoy themselves could’ve been occupying.Place was clean and the ladies were friendly without hounding us for dances,, couldn’t have asked for a better scenario to play out.

  80. Joey

    I visited this club for the first time last night. The girls that were there hung out with the same guys the hour I was there. When they did walk around, they would smile and walk right by. I’m not the dirty, disgusting type so how does one get a dance in this place?

  81. guff
  82. geo

    This place rocks

  83. jimmie

    the staff and dancers are some of the best in the area.sal runs a friendly and clean club.i always have a good time when ever i go in.

  84. Biker

    I visited this club while up in Lake George for Americade. Girls were very friendly. Rules were a little screwed up for my tastes but I guess that is the will of the voters in NY. Anyway, the drinks were priced about the same as any other club, the DJ & Bartender were friendly, the Dancers were real friendly, but I am used to Full Contact lap dances. All in All, I will visit them again when I go to Americade next year.

  85. Lana

    I had a fabulous lunch here last week. Beautiful girls and good food.

  86. Sara
  87. pat
  88. tonya
  89. Michael H.

    Food, alcohol, and boobs. enough said.

  90. Carlos

    Not a bad place…. Of course it’s not NYC or Vegas, but for Upstate NY….not bad. Most of the girls are very friendly (like usual-the more money the friendlier) but overall, not a bad place to see some half way decent “tang”. The girls are definately NOT pigs !

  91. Jim

    Sexy friendly girls, quick service even when its packed. Love the music selection.

  92. Fred
  93. Chris
  94. visitor

    WOW! GREAT! Excellent variety! Something for everyone! See you again soon.

  95. tom
  96. Carlo

    It’s ok nothing more

  97. GIANNA

    I had a blast Sat. night. Jay Girl and I had a blast with Bill and the Ladies. Gwen’s hair looked great and I’ve missed Unique. XOXOXO

  98. Don Juan

    If you are a true gentlemen,this is the club for you.

    This club has class, style and great service! They keep the club clean; no drugs, prostitution or nasty dancing. The women are very friendly, sexy, intelligent, and fun. For a great night out, you have to check this club out!

  99. ralph

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