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0 reviews for “Madame Oar’s

  1. enough

    for this smart ass below me….what is it with the jenna thing?? she doesnt even work there anymore!! get over yourself and her!!! maybe your just obsessed with her or something…and as far as the twins what are you talking about?? they are lovely girls….if your going to write negative comments like this ..stay off this site… LOSER.

  2. RE:

    I agree with whoever it is sorry. They are nasty smelly skanks & the person replying calling him a loser is prob. one of them. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jason
  4. Notimpressed

    I complete agree with the review about the changes in the VIP it is horrible. Total rip off. You can get the dances you get in them on the floor in the main club area. I don’t know what the person was smoking in the review before me sounds like a club noob or someone with low standards. Closing Tzer’s was the worst business decision that could have been made for this place besides keep some of the trash that is allowed to work here. It was probably annoying for most girls to go back and forth but the club had full nudity and nudity in the VIP. Place is done not sad to see it go at this point. If we are lucky Joe will sell it to someone that can make it a goldmine again.

  5. l

  6. dj
  7. Jill

    This club rocked…the DJ wasn’t very nice, but the girls were and I loved them!

  8. Joe is a scumbag

    Joe the manager is a racist piece of shit and a coward he treats the girls like they are nothing yet the girls are what make his paycheck it’s a run down club full of drama and over priced drinks

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  10. Carol

    If you want awesome dancers and sweet VIP dances this is the place to go

  11. Adrian

    Only reason why this place gets business is because it’s the only club in the area that serves alcohol. Avoid at all costs!!!!

  12. Idiots

    Joe doesn’t own the club. Get your facts straight.

  13. SirNegro

    An incredible club. Check it out.

  14. Matty

    Just madness might be a girl or two that’ll catch your eye then you get them on over to you and they start talking and they aren’t even good at being fake. Can’t even put the effort into game face. Tired of seeing the come and go sideshow blasts from the past. Think Joe is delusional pays attention to all the wrong problems but no need to get into it so many people have already beat this dead horse. Drink food and vip prices are outrageous for the standards of this place acting like it’s some upper class big city club smdh

  15. HASIM


  16. jay

    the place sux!

  17. Joe
  18. amazed

    I wasn’t expecting much when i went out to madame oars but i was told it’s the best place in the area so i gave it a shot. I am sooo glad i did. A lot of the girls are beyond gorgeous! I would have to say my favorites are Rose (she is the cutest little thing and girls got moves!)and Dani. This girl was not only gorgeous but totally down to earth. I was afraid to approach her at first, she had a beautiful face and that is rare for these kinda place. I’m more then happy i did. Figured she would be stuck up. the most amazing women I’ve ever met. true story. And vip. woooow. blew me away! Talented for sure! Been to a lot of clubs and this was top notch. The only disappointment is she wouldn’t go home with me. dam. As for the girls being crack heads, its a strip club. It was apparent the ones who were on drugs. But majority such as Lavender (this girl was so funny and entertaining, she even danced her heart out when the place was pretty much empty, very rare), Rose, Vanessa,(very cute and a true sweetheart)and my angel Dani definitely were not. Give this club a shot you won’t be disappointed. I would be a regular if i didn’t live so far away!

  19. Re steve

    Why don’t you like joe?

  20. Nasty Girls!

    Nasty Girls!

  21. Done

    With the new horrible VIP setup and the ongoing complaints of being mistreated by the owner I am throwing in the towel. Drug use is more rampant here than almost any other club I have been to and nothing is done about it. The nerve that must be had to keep the name of this place and just smash it into the ground is unreal. There is not coming back. The drink prices are outrageous for the area and there is no longer full nudity or light contact allowed in the VIP, which are overpriced. The girls are just miserable. You can see the souls sucked out of new faces shortly after they get hired. Too much attention paid to making the place sparkly but zero fucks are given about the quality of the girls that are employed or their well being. I can see this place shutting its doors in the next couple of years.

  22. Alan

    This is the best strip joint I’ve come across in upstate NY. The drinks were well made at a great price, and the bartender was incredibly friendly and amazing at her job. The women were beautiful, but they could definitely benefit from some diversity! They seem to hsve more skinny white women. I do wish they served food, though, so I’m going to have to take some points off for that, as well as the fact that we have to walk down the Plaza for private dances.

  23. curious customer

    who r the “TWINS”?? Who strokes so good to make pants messy?? I want

    my pants messy too!!

  24. John caruso

    A lot of prostitutes at this club they come as cheap as 10 bucks to 100 bucks they will suck and fuck you for almost nothing the manager joe is undercover he took me his office a few times and sucked my dick for free but as of right now I’m sleeping with Ashley gonna take her on vacation and it’s only Honda cost me 300 bucks for q whole weekend with her imtelling you if you want cheap sloppy prostitutes madame oars is where you can get then also girls feel free to come down I’ll pay you too

  25. Ms Banger

    This club really does rock!

  26. Barry

    This club rocks!

  27. get a life

    I think the club is great for the most part…for these comments below me you obviously need to get a life. its pathetic. you probably dont have a job yourself . these girls know how to work it and show everyone a good time with just TALKING . if u think the club is so bad and the girls are so bad then why do u keep going there? LOSER

  28. former customer

    Came back for 1st time in a yr. Fri & Sat. Same fat bouncer, same loser mgr. Same skank. Owners must know the place sucks because on Fri no girl was on stage from 12 til 1245. On Sat the DJ calls a customer on stage who has a fat ass. Back to NYC!

  29. Not again

    Crappy VIP. Not fully nude. Tip upfront.

  30. Audie

    Was not impressed. This is not the club I remember from a few years back. Needs much work to return to previous standards.

  31. dave

    Jenna gives the best VIP dances in NYS hands down!

  32. alan

    girls are awesome

  33. Nice

    With the new horrible VIP setup and the ongoing complaints of being mistreated by the owner I am throwing in the towel. Drug use is more rampant here than almost any other club I have been to and nothing is done about it. The nerve that must be had to keep the name of this place and just smash it into the ground is unreal. There is not coming back. The drink prices are outrageous for the area and there is no longer full nudity or light contact allowed in the VIP, which are overpriced. The girls are just miserable. You can see the souls sucked out of new faces shortly after they get hired. Too much attention paid to making the place sparkly but zero fucks are given about the quality of the girls that are employed or their well being. I can see this place shutting its doors in the next couple of years. The New V.I.P is great. Cozy, and very comfortable. 100% better then the old one. Of course it’s not fully nude anymore. Can’t when there is alcohol. It was nude before because you went to tezers for the private dance which had no alcohol. Out priced Ever club’s rule is no contact. Some girls just let you touch them where ever. Some of the girls here let them touch them just not the private area. Others let you touch their ass and boobs. Over priced yeah ok! I say it’s cheap. The girls deserve more then 20 buck for 1 dance. This place is awesome! Nice setup, clean, very relaxing. Good looking women. Had tons of fun!

  34. Jake

    This club sucks and the manager is fat.

  35. s/b

    Jenna will go home with any man here…I’ve seen it even an old man. Oh and shes a thief to

  36. john s

    great club had a super time

  37. XXXbeast

    I was there last night and a little skinny blond demanded dance from me 3 to bee exact while I was smoking in the smoking lounge this girl jumped on me was putting her hand in my pants and acting like a little hooker she kept asking me for drug money as well I fended her off only to realize she pick pocketed me for 180 dollars..when she went to leave I tried to confront her and she ran from me her plate numbers has been reported to the Binghamton Police I went back to the club only to be harassed by the management telling me her story was different… I called today to find out if this girl is working and yes in fact she is the Binghamton police were notified waiting on them to meet me there all tho I’m pretty sure there’s nothing I can do even with a witness of you want to get robbed or u want a prostitute this is the place to go management doesn’t care…

  38. Brian

    Done with giving this place a chance, goodbye until new owners

    that know what they are doing take over.

  39. Nice club

    Women are beautiful! Private dances have a pretty good prize. Just wish girls would grind more. Most of the girls don’t work the pole good at all. There is only a few that can! Rudy and Sierra can work it real good baby! Sierra does some crazy ass pole tricks! My favorite ladies!!!!They are the top 2 dancers hands down! Rain, and Skye are really good! Some of them really just need to get loose and act like they are having a good time. Drinks are ok prized. Joe needs to stop rising the prices of the drinks. He done it 3 times the last two years. He should bring back the specials, happy hour. Even amature night needs to come back! Those nights was crazy fun! It’s just a small town average club. Have fun and enjoy coming to it.

  40. MovingOn

    Place has run out of gas. Making it look nice can’t erase the damage done from years of shrugging off the bad rep the place started to earn and keeping trashy girls around that make dirty money and ostracizing classy talent. Seeing this place go from the Rocky era to this just makes every outing for the past few year depressing. Will take my business down the road. Just keep a flask on you and you’ll be good if you want a buzz. Girls are friendly the vip deals are out of this world the more business it gets the better it will get, nice to see it digging out from under the shadow of this bad juju graveyard.

  41. roy

    Drunk guy indeed! What an ugly broad nikita is. The twins spent all night arguing with each other over who is the bigger whore…I’d call it a tie

  42. RJ

    The girls were horrible and rude. VIP sucks, who wants to walk down the street.

  43. N/A

    This club kicks ass!!!

  44. AJ the BMF

    awesome time! great dancers, clean club, best place i have been to in a really long time. i love marissa and ava. i will deffinately be back.

  45. John

    I thought the dancers wanted to ask me “Got Crack” Skid row with a stage. Also the two clubs one cover is not really true, they have a drink minimum in the other club.

  46. lee

    this club sucks

  47. Naji Q.

    Horrible horrible horrible horrible,wtf is gong on here . I walked in and wanted to kill myself literally

  48. Christa
  49. Satisfied

    I don’t understand why there are so many negative reviews, as this is one of the nicer clubs I have been to. Maybe there had been some changes recently, but I was happy with the over all experience. I will be returning when I am back in the area.

  50. someone

    The decorations/interior design is beautiful, however, the stage is far too large for this small club. The girls are pretty, yet management kurt and other rather rude.

  51. sal

    I disagree with the last guy. I was in here last week. Some nice girls. One had breast tattoos and was simply hott!! Very friendly also. A little cold in there however.

  52. Fan

    This club is absolutely insane they charge a cover charge for an absolutely garbage night the dancers are all high on drugs joe the manager thinks hes better than everyone and treats the girls with such disrespect this club has gone so far down over the years and continues to sink like the titanic I dknt think there is any saving this club without new management

  53. Nicholas

    Great atmosphere…beautiful women…

  54. OTCFTW

    Kayleah offers the best OTC experience!! There was another one I know of there, but it wasn’t the same. Would do again!!

  55. Non to business sucka

    Been coming here for years. Girls come and go. Seen some funky As’s shit. The website makes this place look like a loose cannon. Very dramatic, scum ofor a club. But itt”s not. Actually a decent place for Binghamton, the poorest and most depressing city. People need to open their eyes aND stop believing most of the .horeshit post. Why follow or believe this shit. On sense people. Don’t yall remember the drama with some one pretending to b a dancer. You believed it fed right into the bullshit. If it was the girl she claimed she was then y they couldn’t anserw the ? Only the bar tender, and a dancer knew it. This site is a high school media journal . Bunch of adults atuck on high school days. This place is great girls are hot very sexy nice and talk to you like a human. Ueet a girl who is a bitch, not with it but hey everyone has bad days. BUT this site is for people who got nothing better to do l, don’t have a life. The ones who give poilsitive feedback are people who got it together and don’t care about the inside drama. 5 stars . Just wished their were events. Like girls boxing. Jello, Mudd wrestling. Will Give this place more business

  56. Once loyal, never coming back

    Absolutely classless, feel sorry for the few attractive

    dancers that work there. Despicable establishment.

  57. Changedforthegoodorbad

    Noticed how business isnt the greatest. Bad in the day this place was packed ever weekend!!!! Since the new v.i.p room got built and opened. It lost a shit ton for business. Well now guys cant get what they want because there is cameras unlike the vips at teezers. Plus Dennis got fired and he would let ya get away with shit if u payed him. Joe really should bring back the clam bake, special features dancers, porn stars. Specials on drinks! Happy Hour man! Even start some cool ass events! This place isnt like it use to be. Slowly dyeing out! Ed and Joe get your head out of your asses and make his place pop again. Or just sell it~~~~

  58. Chino

    It sucks!!! Not like it use to b years customers are ever

    their and the girls are always complaing about the management. We

    wont be back..

  59. LMR
  60. steve28

    girls are beautiful and friendly. not a fan of the owner joe. food options would improve.

  61. Shut up BITCH

    Jenna is a classy woman and Your just probably some jealous fuckig bitch who doesn’t look half as hot as her and wished you did. Done MANY MANY VIPS with Jenna and she’s not a whore like you make her out to be she knows how to dance so grow up and stop being so fucking jealous SHUT UP BITCH!!!

  62. brandon

    well the 15 second walk is worth the vip!!! Especially with Jenna….avoid Marisa she smells…..the dj is rude though

  63. CwYHzupbryJnmvJxgd


  64. Customer last week
  65. JR

    I went here with my girl. Great place to take your girl…I bought her a VIP dance, I will be back for more I can tell you that!

  66. c men

    I was here from far away and Jenna simply made me melt. I highly recommend her.

  67. rock guy

    been few times and brought wife Nikita gave us the best VIP i ever had and ive been to clubs all over US!!!

  68. Frequent visitor

    Beautiful, funny ladies. Worth the visit!

  69. happy customer

    Sexxxyyy woman!!!!!! great variety

  70. You lost this customer

    I was there visiting this club for the first time in a couple of years. As I was talking to one of the girls, listening to the music which I was informed was strictly rock, and looking around at the atmosphere, no one looked excited or even thrilled to be there. The girls looked misreable and had no enthusiasm when they were dancing on stage. The rock music was putting the people in a negative and depressed mood. I was expecting a good time with some up beat music and fun, and sexy women but, what I got was the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong some of the women are beautiful but a lot of them need work. If the management thinks that business is going great think again. I’ll find something else to spend my money on.

  71. Whatever

    People really need to lay off Jenna. I don’t know if it’s jealousy or stupidity but she does not go home with any customer. Grow up and stay off this site. And a theif um no, she works hard for her money but I know people who’ve theifed her just leave her alone it even says not to post comments on a specific person learn how to read you ass….

  72. Karen
  73. Happy customer

    Katy and Sierra we’re both amazing dancers they worked the pole theyre good with customers their Hospitality was out of this world I would definitely go again what nice girls and they’re both beautiful

  74. Robert

    Strippers do not take of there clothes what a gyp. I was there for there Halloween party what a pathetic place,

  75. UnSatisfied Customer

    I was in Madame Oars for a second last Monday. Sooo different from the last time I was in there. The girls aren’t afraid to spread their drama around (which definitely turned me OFF)

    It’s changed a lot in there. A lot of the better girls are gone – Alexis, Bella, Layla, Scarlett – I may be missing a few. But anyway, the only one I really enjoyed was Marissa and the bartender.

    If I was the management I would “clean house”.

  76. drunk guy

    went to this club last wk end and had lots of fun She grinded me and

    stroked me nice!!! My pants were messy and empty! Will be back and ready

    to get messy!!!

  77. you

    I think joe is the worst manager there is in a strip club. he treats the girls like garbage and runs that place like its his own personal piggy bank. hmmm i wonder what the owner thinks about all this or if he even knows??? we all see how the girls are. after they come out of joes office they look miserable and their night is ruind and we all see that. I rather see only a few girls working there than a bunch of crack head looking girls he hires AKA. danni, cadance. lucious. tina. ect… the only ones i come to see are rose. lexy. lavender. tatiana. GREAT PERSONALITIES. as far as the music its ok…i want to hear some hip hop more though i get a headache listening to rock all the time. and i see less and less blacks coming in bc i think joe is a predjudice mother F*****. you need to look around at the white men u have come in and how dirty they are and how they treat your girls. and the dj looks miserable all the damn time . Get rid of the garbage.

  78. HELL NO!

    We need a new club in this area! Trash, with employees to


  79. GC

    Everyone should come here…these girls are the best!

  80. Greg
  81. big b

    this club is the best around always having fun in there and always helping there customers. happy hour here is great went to other clubs at that time and they don’t even have girls dressed much less on stage.

    great place try it out and fine out yourself.

  82. Nunya

    Place needs to be burned to the ground

  83. name


  84. Cassie

    These girls are SEXY

  85. Loveit

    Great place! Had a lot of fun! Sexy Women! Different variety. Its nice, for being in Bing.

  86. Great!
  87. Silentone

    Great place to go the walk down for vips isnt too bad

  88. Mrs S

    We enjoy this club alot! Veronica is awesome and the girls are all sweet and sexy…perfect mix! Very couple friendly too! We will be back again and again!

  89. dreamer
  90. bill
  91. Jessica

    This club is awesome!

  92. JYnomkGtsZO


  93. S/B ShutDown

    If you want your dick sucked go to Jenna but watch out for the gator grip, If you want a fuck go to the manager he will take money for the services!!!!!

  94. Praying....

    Only customers getting “special treatment” or have no

    form of taste are posting anything positive about this

    place, trust me, it isn’t ex dancers or exes posting

    shit! You can see comments raving from a few years back

    and see the steady decline! Someone please bring this

    place back from the ashes!

  95. re: curious

    Hello maybe its because jenna was so disgustingly strung out and smelled so bad down there. As for the twins Tina & Lexi are boy like creatures who constantly are on the phone with their “boyfriends” who obviously are aware of how skanky they are and have the minds of teenagers. As for the DJ what a fat smelly loser…..

  96. robert

    Yuck! Smelly vip rooms ugly rude girls especially those twins! I went once before about a yr ago and Jenna was grossly drunk & strung out now all the girls are

  97. Tom Byron

    Blowjobs are way too expensive!

  98. SeeYa

    First time I have been here is 3 years up visiting family. Unbelievable. Don’t get me wrong the place itself looks great now but it’s like it was fixed up just to distract you. Nothing I can say that has not already been said and I ended up going down to the club down the road for the first time in my life needless to say recommend it seems like everyone else is doing the same after they catch a buzz here. Another landmark lost.

  99. curious


  100. YES

    my favorite club, all the other comments r haters. probably x bfs or bitter x dancers.

  101. jeff

    Agreed. Years ago a good place now skank city USA Especially THE TWINS!

  102. Joe is a pussy

    This place is a major joke joe is all talk no bark and was caught sucking a male guest dick in the back room yet in front of everyone else he acts very homophobic must be hard for him to swallow prices in the club are very over priced qnd there’s no real action at the club

  103. jim
  104. Sam
  105. T

    Not too bad could use some changez

  106. steve28

    i understand joe has to keep some of the girls on track but i dont like the way he talks to some of them and berates them for talking to people that are paying while they are on stage. he waits until after but it can still be seen by customers and the last thing any guy wants to see in a place like this is an owner yelling at the girls for being friendly. not to mention i overheard him call one of them trailor park trash. that was it for me.

  107. Gone

    Are the golden years of this place. Made all the wrong changes and still not enough focus on the attitudes and quality of the girls hired. In a college town you’d expect a lot more from a place like this that is fairly upscale for a small town club. VIPs are a ripoff, only a couple girls are inviting the others make me feel like I’m in an episode of The Walking Dead. Some of the girls are attractive physically but are like animated shells. Others look like they were plucked off the street. No attempt to put on sexy makeup or outfits. They don’t have the “sexy girl next door” look either they look like they just hopped off the couch and came in. Only recommend this place if you are bored out of your mind and I think that’s the only reason why this place gets customers anymore. It’s a bar and you can see an occasional tit.

  108. ironwill ($2 guy)

    very friendly girls and staff, about the only real need for improvement would be the vinyl benches for private dances. other clubs have more accomidating (and comfortable) areas for these

  109. Morons

    She would never do that shit!! Stop posting lies

  110. Robert

    The smoker’s lounge they have smells like skunk weed and place was pretty empty for a Saturday. Girl’s are just eh! That is all I got to say.

  111. Nope!!!

    Trash, trash TRASH!

  112. stripmaster

    1 item……what is a star like Jenna doin here?????? She is unreal & should be in NYC, Vegas or somewhere…….I want her

  113. Traveler

    Been a long time since I stopped in Binghamton. I’m glad I did – had a good time. I’m from this area but have lived in NC for many years. We don’t have anything this nice at home in a small city like B-hamton. Maybe that says more about NC than M-Oars but reading the unhappy reviews, I just had to say it. Its all relative, guys. What I saw was a lot of happy customers and a lot of variety in dancers. There were a few “spinners” that really stood out to me – a blonde with a perfect face (sorry I didn’t get her name but she was too booked for a private), an athletic black college age woman who goes by Sapphire, and a dark haired young woman named Ruby. All three were really working the stage and the pole, making light conversation and eye contact and seemed happy to be there. Ruby, especially, had everyone on “pervert row” enchanted – including several women who came in with their guy friends. You just don’t see couples coming to a club like this in NC – it was fun to see them having a good time. The girls here are nowhere as pushy as they can be in the Myrtle Beach, NYC, Atlanta or Florida clubs. I started to feel like if I wanted a private dance I had to hustle them for a dance because they weren’t in my face about it at all. The dancer/customer ratio was very good early on this Saturday evening (10pm) with 11 dancers to about as many customers. By 2am it had shifted… many more customers and fewer dancers. I noticed that some of the dancers started pulling 7 dances in a row rather than the previous 2 or 3. I’m not sure where the other dancers went (they weren’t in the private room – I was the only one in there both times I visited) but one in particularly was getting served too much booze. The last set I saw her dance she almost fell. I also noticed a couple customers were over-served as well and the cops were picking them off on Court Street as they left (blue lights up and down the road a few times when I went out for a smoke). Are you sure the bar is a big enough of a club asset its worth the troubles its causing (along with your liquor license forcing your dancers to have electrical tape on their nips? (seriously – electrical tape for pasties – WTF). Can’t y’all sell memberships at the door and let customers BYOB? Or put the bar next door or something? A few other things I would suggest (assuming management reads these reviews) is I saw the girls avoiding the pole furthest from the door (there are two) and asked two dancers why. They said the neglected pole was thicker in diameter and the steel was more slick (hard to hold onto) so they were afraid to use it. Replace that pole, Mr Manager. Also, as a former DJ I found the sound system annoying – you have a bad bass speaker somewhere in the back that rattles like crazy and distracts from an otherwise decent atmosphere. Another criticism is your DJ doesn’t seem to work too hard to get the crowd into it – you can barely hear him (and neither can the girls who don’t seem to realize their set is up). As result there are gaps between sets and the customers can seem listless compared to many clubs I’ve enjoyed. If your DJ isn’t excited to be there that will trickle down to the guests. Anyway – it was a solid visit. Good time and better than I would expect for Binghamton. Its an asset for sure – but with a few tweaks would be better. I hope to stop by again next year and see whats improved. 🙂

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