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1820 New York 376 #13, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603


41.6413324, -73.8743727




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Smiles Nightclub

  1. Girl magnet

    I hung out here Saturday night! 15 strippers this place is great! But it looks like a 70’S hillbilly cabin.

  2. john

    very hot women i left with a huge hard on.

  3. Lou M.

    I was so surprised at how much I smiled at smiles. The place was kept as clean as can be and the girls were… well… as cute as they could possibly be. You had big girls and small girls; chubby girls and skinny girls; some big titties and some baby boobies. All your desires could be fulfilled at the low, low price of…a buck… In a g-string strap…ripped fishnets….whatever your poison. I recommend the $100 private room nuddie dance- worth every penny!And to top it all off they have amazing merchandise. Stop in frat boys- you’re sure to leave with a big, wet smile. Bring a shout wipe!

  4. kitty

    I’m dancer at smiles and have worked 12 years in indrustry. I think club is good size they keep clean is being upgraded always fellow dancers are nice and good clients good money i’ll stay.

  5. Jason F.

    They have a few new girls there. One of them named Katt she’s a hot little 19 year old blonde. I like coming to see Katt, Faline and Gemini between the three of them you don’t need another club or any other dancers. Faline is the best in the booth! Gemini is sexy as hell!

  6. Better then you

    Had a great time!

  7. Jason M.

    DJ and manager had no idea what they were doing. “Couches” in booths were uncomfortable as hell!

  8. Gotti

    It was Fu$*ing Great

  9. jacob

    what goes on in the vip?

  10. WTF

    What a shitie place and nasty girls

  11. mud
  12. Jon

    I got rubbed off and fucked a bitch.

  13. nycpl

    we were only going to stay for an hour, but we stayed for 3, had lots of fun, saw a cpl hotties from the crowd go up and have some fun with the girls, very hot… great time great atmosphere.

  14. First Timer

    First time going to this place but Ive heard so many things about the girl named Trish. I have to say what a disappointment; Trish was hyped up like she was some sort of porn star or something. She is obviously the oldest dancer in the club(mid to late 30s) with no tits, no ass, obviously bleached hair, and a busted face. After seeing her it doesnt take much to realize the real reason she is hyped up on strip club forums.

  15. Tom F.

    Finally, a club that doesn’t just play that rap crap! Riley dances to rock -n- roll. The younger guys were pissed off but noticed younger guy Weren’t spending nothing. So she did the smart thing, pleased customers that are spending. Little boys need to go home and save more milk money. The place looks great! Doesn’t look like a rednecks basement anymore. Nice lighting much better sound, and prices have stayed the same except now charging tax. Takes a little getting used to. Lily Allegro is back. I did a dance with her, never disappointed with Lily. You can tell Giggles has a hand in the club, their products are on display. New dancer Zofia is very cute, pretty black girl. I asked where some of the dancers were who used to work here and someone made a comment that they got rid of all the troublemakers and girls who didn’t want to work. This is just a soft opening. More to come I’m told by the former manager and new owner.(guy with glasses) Sports channels, virgin Daiquiris and margaritas, food service from the 2 restaurants, 7 TVs and I’m told a feature is coming, he wouldn’t say who. I’m looking forward to it. I love this place!

  16. Mike

    Been coming here for a couple years now but took a break for a while when I got married. Seen lots of girls come and go sometimes for good sometimes they come back. Few of the girls that were there when I started coming are still working and still lookin great! Lots of new faces too which is always nice to check the new ones out. I used to come see this little tiny thing names Sierra but she hasn’t been there in a while so I started going with a different girl (who I won’t name but she has brown hair and use to be really nice and bubbly and happy) but her attitude changed completely and all she would do is complain and she got chunky in not a good way so I started coming to see and doing dancers with Camren and let me just say this: should’ve started seeing her sooner and not spent so much time with the other ones!!!! Always was a little shy of her cause shes not shy and doesnt beat round the bush but I finally gave her a shot a few weeks back and am glad I did she has a slammin body not too skinny like a few of the girls and doesn’t have as many muscles as me like one other one. Perfect size titties percent ass soft skin longggg hair pretty face. Keep askin her for her # LOL she seems more real then most strippes I’ve met too she doesn’t come across as your typical stripper I wish she work on Thursdays so I could see her then too and not just on the weekend!!!!

  17. Theodore

    Time went so fast I didn’t realize I spent three hours here! Best sleep I’ve had in years. I haven’t been here since before the renovations. Now it’s a pretty Club but all the beauty is wasted on the club itself and not the dancers.

  18. Dante

    They need some more nice looking chickies at this club, some need to loose weight, some need to eat a meal, or just stay away from the drugs.

  19. ted
  20. sandy
  21. Big Fan

    Long time customer, some of the hottest and friendly-est lady’s anywhere..Great Fun without breaking the bank..

  22. everyones favorite flower

    after working at smiles for several years i have to say that place is a circus w no ring master… i lost a part of myself to “frowns” yet had some of the best days of my life.. fun sex drugs blood sweat & endless tears were put into that place… i wish it no harm but would never step foot back in the door…what i thought were friends but obviously not. i just want u who know who this is to know im good clean & stayin that way…. greg call me get my # from stacy. make money & go home girls…

  23. Sarah and Tim

    We have been back several times since our last review. We really like this place. They have a very good variety of women, Black, white, Spanish, blonde, athletic (yay Taylor!)and one that’s not just boobs and bones. My wife enjoys young women and they have a few new ones. We both like the fact that the music isn’t ear piercing loud, but has a strange hum at lower volume. Next time we’re there we are getting a picture with a few dancers, ONLY $10! They had a special going for the N.A. beers $4 and had a b.o.g.o. lap dance special for Father’s day. Any military people out there? Cover charge is cut in half for you, and the manager loves giving out cards with a free drink stamp on it. SMILES IS AWESOME!!!

  24. Lana

    Smiles is the place to be, looking for a hidden gem come in to smiles in Poughkeepsie for a great time !! Looking for some fun and looking to see some amazing dancers with hot asses and sexy tits come to smiles you won’t be disappointed. Been around for ages and now under new management we’ve been renovated and innovating. Want to come and enjoy yourself while it’s cold out smiles is hotter than hot!!! Come get a sexy lapdance from myself or a variety of our sexy women !! We got the hottest youngest badass females in the Hudson valley ! Best strippers around come and watch us perform just for you. We’ll be open 7:30-4 am tonight roads are clear and so are the skies come in and enjoy yourself with lapdances as low as 25$$ – 100 for our VIP ROOMS ! Can’t beat the prices come and enjoy yourself you won’t be disappointed !

  25. Sam

    Love this place. I moved away for a while , but now I’m back!
    Mia is my favorite along with Gabby.Place is good and clean and the manager is always willing to give away free drinks.

  26. it sucked
  27. Erick

    Avoid this place!!! Customer dropped a bag of cocaine right in front of the new manager, he didn’t even care! Music was horrible and now doing extras. They also have sex toys there now. That should class up the place lol. It has turned into Sunset Strip.

  28. P-Town goer

    This club is great. The dancers are hot, and there’s one for every taste. The lap dances are the best around…. lotsa friction for the buck!!

  29. blubalz

    Love it

  30. Jordan

    It’s the only come I’ve ever been to where getting a blow job or a hand job was easy as 1. 2, 3.


  31. Andy

    last time i was there an nasty ass hag that looked like a midget transvestite felt up my junk. she even had a dude’s name, tyler. some of the other girls were hot but the blacklights brought out the coke on their noses. and 1 girl was even dancing while pregnant!

  32. nickstrip

    Making much progress. The place is under new management and they’re starting to fix up the place. They are starting to make the girls pay attention to customers. Putting a little money into it makes a huge difference. New management is running specials and getting new talent. You can tell he’s trying to put the fun back into going to a strip club.Certain groups such as police,EMTS, Military, Firemen , Government Employees, Rail Road workers get free drinks on special days.Most fun on Fridays and Saturdays!

  33. Karl

    the girls are hot!!!!!! i love em all

  34. adam
  35. Cal7282

    THis is a nice little club that wont break the bank. Some women are ok some are hot on a slow night you can almost hav ethe place to yourself, and the girls dont take all your money.

  36. larry379

    wow super sexy girls, great time well worth the trip from ct.

  37. sexy

    gyd not bad..

  38. papadoc5

    the girls were hot but this was the only night i’ve been there. private dances definitley worth the $20. overall i had an awesome night.

  39. Totally pissed off

    What a shit show! I don’t know what happened but last week it was one of my favorite clubs! This week the girls are on drugs and alcohol. One of the new dancers shorted me 7 Minutes in my booth. Never got naked. And offered to sell me cocaine. Thid Place won’t be around very much longer. Some dude walked in with three cases of beer. But I recognize the DJ as a person who’s been selling drugs all his life! This place is going to get raided very quickly.

  40. to obviously

    old” T&A’s girls he wants a whole new bunch from around here!! There are 2 girls from rockland county that are hot aleaha and the blonde that comes in with her. It’s sad that they only come on Fridays. The owner should wake up and keep the Poughkeepsie girls and those two girls and by theway I don’t think any of those girls are from poughkeepsie one girl said Lagrange,wappingers and another Millbrook, I guess you haven’t heard there is no ghetto in those towns!! The only thing I have a problem with is that 3 girls that work there have messed up teeth just plain nasty rotten teeth.. and I don’t think any of those girls are from poughkeepsie!!! without Poughkeepsie girls I’m sticking to SMILES!!

  41. Tom F.

    I came back the next week! Even more new faces! They had a beautiful black girl named Kelly. Holy crap she had a perfect body, reminds me of Tyra Banks’s as body. Cute new bartendar, she should dance. Pretty smile funny little laugh, adorable! I’m hooked on SMILES. No Gemini 8*{

  42. Sharon from Fishkill

    I came into the club expecting to see my friend John or his wife Lisa. John has been taking nude pictures of me since 1989 when I turned 18. I’m gay so I only do pictures with other women. One time I was taking pictures with this other girl and she was bisexual she looked over at John and said “what we need now is a good hard penis.”He laughed and very politely said “I’m sorry but I’m involved with somebody already and I can’t do that”. Then I come into this club and I spoke to one of the people and they told me John was removed from the club for sexual assault against two girls. What a load of bullshit! John has been taking pictures of beautiful girls for over 30 years and yet in the two weeks got involved with Tim and he sexually assaulted two women? If that’s not a setup I don’t know what it is. All of the dancers and overall people in Smiles has gone down significantly in the last week. I will no longer be wasting my time taking the 15 minute drive to this club.

  43. longtimer

    this place has changed

  44. Gypsyboy
  45. bad guy
  46. mr. good times

    I loved the majority of the girls, On the weekends u have the pick of the litter before 10, The best lap dance ever.. Wish I could live there, There r enough hot girls to go around, u can try them each out w/ dollar dancing on the floor/ full contact baby!!!! Best bang for my buck ever…

  47. charles

    sexy ladys all over the place, adult fun at its finest.

  48. Harley lover

    Best Club Ever!

  49. joetheplumber

    hottest girls, i left wth a smile

    it looks like they are finally fixing the place up

  50. rene

    too many older dancers

  51. eddy

    Girls in this club are hot and friendly.. atmosphere is great. i had lots of fun there.i’ll be back for sure.

  52. steve
  53. disapointed

    went from smoking chicks to nasty gettto darks, and pissy whites

  54. Brent

    Shelby is awesome.

  55. Javair
  56. m

    great value

  57. Jack Haus

    I drove up to this little plaza and at first didn’t think much,

    but once I walk-in and seen what the place had to offer I was

    speechless. The girls are sexy, the cover was cheap and the cheap

    one song lap dances not to mention the dollar dances at the stage.

    This place is a gold mine..

  58. Dave L.

    The club looks fantastic ever since they remodeled! The sound quality is excellent but I felt they were too many repeat songs I was there for 4 or 5 hours and heard a few of the songs 3 or 4 times. They need more variety. The dancers were a lot of fun and it looks like everybody was having a good time. I did a booth with Millie and Katrina. Katrina was a little firecracker. And Millie made me feel very comfortable. It was a little weird pain tax in a strip club I had to laugh when I got pennies back from being charged with a booth. I don’t understand why they can’t just round everything up or down to the nearest dollar? Can tell that there are some things that are unfinished in the club, I can’t wait to see what’s coming. I’ll be going back again and again to Smiles because I had a lot of fun and the girls were a lot of fun.

  59. Carl

    Not a good club to go to.

  60. larry
  61. Marc

    I’ve been to many clubs. This one is small but really nice and the girls are always cute and smile. It is not a fancy big strip club, the dance area is kind of small, but the girls come very often to you, sometimes sind on your lap and talk with you, naked or dressed.

  62. Dean

    My Brother took me there for the first time. I usually go to the one by Stewart International Airport. The people are much friendlier at Smiles. If you like Russian girls, they have a beautiful one with long hair, I forget her name. I did a dance with “Faline”. Tight little body, super sweet. I will be going back!

  63. Sarah and Tim

    First time to a strip club as a couple,

    met a dancer named Victoria cute face with

    a bad boob job seemed money hungry. Then

    we met a dancer named Violet a little bit

    overweight with an odd personality but

    very nice. Then we met a fantastic dancer

    named faline nice young tight body dark

    hair gave us an awesome lap. Lap dances

    $25,no big deal.We both had a great time

    and we will be back!

  64. Dave E.

    WOW, Great club!!!

  65. crazy cpl

    we had a blast there, fun times, going back for sure.

  66. John H

    Very sexy girls, had a great time

  67. No good

    Tim ruined this place. Shit hole.

  68. jason

    Love that club All lady Really hottie Good bussiness

  69. Casper

    it was my first time and the dancers were very nice

  70. anon
  71. new girls

    r molly , champagne, innocence new to the club ?

  72. Rob

    They really need a new sound system. Nice new chairs, The girls are great.

  73. Jimmy

    Third week in a row I’ve been very disappointed with the “feature” that was supposed to be there I left at 12:30. The feature never got on stage this is the second week in a row the feature was a no-show,I don’t think they were really scheduled to begin with.

  74. daddy pants

    there was a great big fat guy named sean there and he was very ignorant. he said he was there to see his mother.

  75. STINKY

    to many requests for private dances. relentless.

  76. Tm

    i lvoe this place

  77. Jimmy
  78. Javier

    The ladies in this club are very good and friendly. Everytime I’ve been there I have enjoyed myself.

  79. bombshell
  80. Haralson C.

    The girls in the club are not whores they’re cool and hanging out there is fun. But the new manager hasn’t done what he said he would do. The place STILL looks like shit. I hang out there but would never bring or recommending this club to a friend for that reason.

  81. smiley

    There are some realy good looking girls, and then there is the rest. It is a totally clean club but they push to full extent of the law.

  82. lex

    great place

  83. Beware

    Place has changed a lot of the worse. No familiar faces. New girls look high and drunk and are not friendly. New management seem real sketchy. Drinking, bringing in drug dealers ect. Bad atmosphere, bad music. Wouldn’t be surprised if they get shut down soon. Beware.

  84. Mikey

    Did 3 dances with GIA they were fantastic! She is so hot!

  85. Sarah and Tim

    The manager always makes us feel comfortable. As a couple there aren’t a lot of places we like going. They have many new girls that are under 25 thin and beautiful. We did a booth with a beautiful black girl named Valerie she was very sweet. We miss Faline I wonder where she’s been lately but a lot of girls travel between other clubs. We hope she comes back to this one it has been a favorite of ours for about a year now. Many of the much-older dancers aren’t there anymore I can see they’ve been cleaning house or maybe the older Dancers just realized it was time to retire. Our favorite girl to watch is Julia she dances to rock and roll and always puts on a good show.

  86. Marcello

    Skeeviest place ever. EVER.

  87. crazy lover

    club was good , girls are old but they know what a man

    wants , LD was worthy , few got good talent in pole dance ,

    but they need to hire some young girls , the LD was not

    private all in same room they need to de some changes to

    the club , over all it was fun and its worthy.

  88. Stripper

    Ahh, this place has not changed since 1997, needs a new look – kinda of looks like an old Man Cave. The girls were thin spinner types with a great attitude for fun but there’s rules of touch. 10/5/11 dancer Krista & Ellie was awesome, we had an great LP with lots of contact.

  89. Tim

    Had a great time. Great dance with Taylor. But the place needs fixing up.

  90. Kwacey

    Hot women wearing nothing, perfect!

  91. harryharry

    I cannot believe this place is still open and makes money. I hope all you guys that leave at night from this place hold your head down in shame while glancing at the Christian bookstore across the street….FOR SHAME!!! They should have a huge glowing red cross haunting you while looking in your rear view…

  92. violated

    You are REALLY FUCKING LUCKY THAT I AM NOT PRESSING CHARGES… But I just might be contacting my lawyer… DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS FUCKING PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Ask

    Not good

  94. heman


  95. trucker69

    craphole no body on the stage for an hour girls were ok but snotty they must think their sh!t dont stink

  96. Tim

    not a good experience

  97. JimB

    Hot Girls, Very fun club!!!!

  98. Lucky lady

    Haven’t been here in a while. New private booths are available. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait a half hour like I did last time. I see small improvements here and there that are really adding up. Someone is putting the time and effort needed to help improve this club. Pretty good girls, but one or two just seem off. Theres a tall blonde with a bad boob job that seemed pretty snotty. She was really pushy, so ill just stay away from her next time, but im bringing my husband the next time i come. Hopefully we’ll have a fun time together. I’m impressed, and I’ll definitely be back again! Oh, are there any plans to do an amateur night sometime? Love to see some new faces.

  99. Eddie

    Beautiful friendly girls. very sexy and erotic, love this place. my fantasy girl is there,i believe there is omething. for everyone there

  100. Author

    Went there to check out the girl Diamond. Hot young girl. GF was disgusted that the women’s toilet was backing up.

  101. Stripper lover
  102. mn
  103. bob
  104. John

    The dancers are hit-or-miss. Some are gross, some are hot. Anyone know what happened to Lola? I’ve been waiting to go back and see her again.

  105. sonny345

    NYC quality girls A+++++

  106. Duke

    New DJs and sound system would be good.

  107. Kenny

    Shadow is back!!!
    This girl is HOTTT!!! Fashion models body, long blonde hair, great ass. The only one I like that is close to her is Faline. Shes a sweet young thing, always nice , always polite.
    Whats up with Nikki? Time for her to retire! They have more black girls now for some reason. A cute little Spanish chick, Gabby I think her name is. I’m told its been $10 to get in for a long time, Lap dances are $25. A little more than the Mansion but well worth it! The stage is right there where you can get up close and personal with the hotties! Not much contact when theyre on stage but let one take you into the booths! A wild ride! They have this girl Jasmine, a little older, but so nice and gives killer booth dances. They have a Russian girl, hot, she dances to Rock-n-Roll. something that I and my friends like, too much rap and hip hop played in these places.
    My friends and I had a great time! We are going back.
    On a Friday the doorman said they had 14 girls scheduled. So many breasts so little time.
    ONLY downside, no alcohol. BUT there is a bar right next door.

  108. Giafan

    Smiles Forever! Awesome club! Thank you!

  109. Dave L.

    Went into the “club” haha, sad excuse for a club. There was a nice looking dancer there “Millie” I think. I gave her a tip just in time for them to tell me they are closed. I went there with money in my pocket and these morons make me leave. The place stunk of pot. Bring back the old owners please, at least they knew what they were doing! Pretty club ,ugly attitude! Don’t waste your time and energy.

  110. J.B.

    Been there many times over the years. Cool place, lots of fun. Friendly girls, some are experts at lap dancing. Good fun worth the trip.

  111. Dave

    i left with a huge erection

  112. sick pigg

    no pretense. if u wanna rub up against naked women….this is the place

  113. William

    I went in and had the time of my life. My friends and I had the best time ever. I got a private dance with Selena and it was the best dance. All the girls are friendly and very nice to be around

  114. Bill
  115. Jon M.

    This is one of the best clubs in the local area. The women at the club are very inviting. They’re very talented at what they do and everyone just enjoys themself when they go there. It was a friend of mine first time going to this club. This is the second club I’ve been to that I wasn’t disappointed. Molly, Champagne, and Innocence are the best that you’ll find there. Depending on your taste. Those are my personal favorite.

  116. Pilot

    This club is not living up to it’s potential. Inside politics?

  117. mr tim

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++ FUN CLUB

  118. Brs

    Wow this club has some of the hottest girls anywhere,with a warm friendly atmosphere, great combination AAA++++

  119. al
  120. sikk pigg

    all the dancers i’ve seen there are hot! chair, and lap dances great. at $20 for the kind of lap dance they give is a bargain. i’ve been there a few times, dancers always clean, smell good, and friendly. guy at the front and barmaid very pleasant. has the feel of your old neighborhood bar, always feel welcomed.

  121. Jason F.

    Bathrooms need to be fixed. They have a new hot girl, Faline I think is her name.? Give me a dance, got to play with boobs.

  122. mark

    the club is a hole in the wall but the dancers are sometimes hot and the dances are on the money because u can suck on some tittie

  123. Would not reccomend

    I’ve been by about 4 or 5 times since they reopened, the place has gone down hill since Giggles bought it. Every time I go it gets worse, won’t be back for a while.

  124. moutain man

    At its best the Cheers of stripclubs.

  125. TYLER


  126. Joey
  127. Mario
  128. J
  129. Funnyguy

    Best club ever

  130. JB

    The girls aren’t great and all look the same. The girls are pushy and beg for lap dances. When you do get a dance with the girls the dances are boring. Very uncomfortable atmosphere.

  131. Adam loves smiles

    Friendly and beautiful, been coming here for a while now, and there are always new girls to keep me intreiged. There are also the veteran girls who have been here longer than the the legal age to get in. Looking better than ever ladies.. Love ya… Friendliest club of this nature by far. The cheers of strip clubs seriously!!!!

    keep up the good work, and smiles will be around for at least another 30 years…..

  132. good
  133. Dave L.

    I love this place! The girls are super friendly and give an awesome lap dance! Another club in the area maybe pay $5 for a water and $4 for a 12 ounce soda fountain drink. I got a photo with 2 topless girls for $15. Unlike other clubs where they force you to buy one drink every hour Smiles only requires you to buy one drink and if that’s all you want to drink all night long you don’t have to buy anything else. They have an 18 year old girl named Diamond and she is gorgeous and she’s so sweet she’s not yet jaded like some of the other dancers at other clubs. If a person doesn’t like Smiles they just don’t like to have fun.

  134. HappyJack

    Was very disappointed. Not happy at all. Not like it was 15 years ago. Girls have run this place into the ground. Better start letting the men make the decisions there fellows. Girls had alot to say and frankly, not much made buisiness sense. I wish you luck, but i won’t be back.

  135. it was bad
  136. K.L.

    the dancers don’t ask for tips during private dances. 20 bucks and that’s it. No rip-offs. plus the girls here get all up in your shit. High Five

  137. nobody
  138. Haralson C.

    I was there last weekend. They have new private dance booths. 10 hot girls and 1 fat one. Taylor was fun to talk to. They had this one old guy in the corner giving girls foot rubs. He was a little creepy. The place is coming a long, BUT THE BATHROOMS need to be remodeled. The doorman says with a new lease, they get new restrooms. Beautiful women, the barmaid flashed her amazing boobs and the girl that used to be called Diamond is now Shadow. But still hot! Some of the older strippers don’t get naked, I don’t know why. Smiles is very fun, going back often.

  139. rook

    went there for the first time and thought it was good … kinda weird that it’s in a strip mall. The women there are all good at what they do. I wonder what they do in VIP.

  140. joe
  141. George

    Grace is the best looking dancer in the place

  142. Dave

    Don’t think I’ll be back. Boring, no soap in bathroom,girl manager really couldn’t care less. Met one fat dancer, not very friendly. Disappointed…

  143. Alan

    I only gave them a one because there’s not an option to give them a zero! The dancers are obviously on drugs and the DJ plays that Tekno robotic crap. What a shit hole! Bring back the cement floors, the Black Walls and the guy with glasses who used to actually play decent music every once in awhile. At least then they had decent looking girls and the place was fun to come to. Don’t waste your time and the money on the cover charge.

  144. Jack

    this place is a dump. girls are hot, but its full of snobbs. i thought i saw trak-marks on one.

  145. Klyde

    Had my birthday party here. Lots of fun!

  146. Giafan

    Too good to be true! God bless America! 😉

  147. Fat larry
  148. George

    Holly Crap, I love this place! Lots of fun. They played Rock tonight, most other clubs only play that rap crap. The girls were totally into it. I did a booth with 2 girls, we had a great time. Everyone there was friendly and eager to laugh and have a good time. Gia just sat with me and talked for about 30 minutes. I’M IN LOVE! What a body. So of course I had to do a dance with her. Karma is a little fire cracker! Faline makes a good dog wanna break his leash. They had 13 girls on. The dancer quality is definitely improving, now they need to work on the building. Bartendar was nice. Most clubs make you buy a drink every hour. Smiles was also giving away free chips and snacks. Everyone was in a partying mood.

  149. Mario

    Went there one week after my 18th birthday. I’m in love! There is a girl named Mia that works there! I plan on spending a lot of time with that girl. I really liked the place because it’s not too fancy and you’re not afraid to touch anything. I went to another club. It was nice but not the kind of place you could really have fun in. It’s more like a date place. The manager heard that it was my birthday and let me in for free and gave me my first drink for free. They also had the sexy Spanish chick named Gabby. They had all different kinds of girls, Spanish, Russian, white girls, black girls, athletic girls, girls with big tits they had a total blonde there lots of different kinds of girls to look at.

  150. phil


  151. Hobbyer

    Nice place, good quality girls and dances

  152. Paul
  153. Eric

    One of the best in America!

  154. gary

    A friend wanted to go there so we went. Nice place, girls were great looking. Only had one that was a little over wieght by my standards anyway. Will go back for sure.

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