Club 1100



1100 Jay Street, Rochester, NY 14611


43.1595281, -77.6507384




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Club 1100

  1. inthedark

    Sometimes closed when you don’t expect it. No parking. Few girls. No talent for stage dancing. No alcohol.

  2. Joe V

    nice place, relaxed.

  3. Jim

    I stopped by this past Saturday night and enjoyed my visit thoroughly. The ladies were extremely beautiful and were very nice to me. Thanks for your wonderful attention!

  4. the one and only

    everything girls is great…the complaining bartender guy is a complete narcicist…they need to retire his old bones and find someone else that wont steal admissions from the owner…he must be the only bartender in roch..that only talks about himself…he always talking how he runs the club..if you mean into the ground then yes..he dont care anything about the club except his pockets

  5. tipsy1

    this club is low rate

  6. Joe
  7. one and only
  8. RJ
  9. Traveler

    Stay away the worst club ever!


    The dancers are great – friendly, talkative and there is some type of girl for everyone.

  11. Jim From North Rose

    Awesome experience! Absolutely loved Ashley & Kennedy! I know I’ll be making many more visits to this great club!

  12. breanna

    just for the record…jules…i am not ur girl..nor will i ever be…get over yourself and stop with those sayings

  13. Dick

    Heading back soon. Plan on having a great time.

  14. eddie

    2 girls there, they do not dance on stage, just offer private

    dances, 45 for 3. no food or alcohol, just soda

  15. demonic rage

    many new additions..loved my time there

  16. Rich

    This is honestly the worst strip club that I have ever been to. It’s a little hole in the wall. We went in and paid our cover and left. I am having nightmarish flashbacks of the ugly ass cunts. They are old enough to be my mother. The bartender is an uneducated sham and the club isn’t any fun. They have to charge the $8 cover because no one in their right mind would actually go in and stay there. Though the majority of the strip clubs in the Rochester area are pretty bad, Klassy Cat is so much better. I will never anywhere near this place again. Please use the money to trash the club and make a good establishment, or pay for the junk yard fees.

  17. Roch Biz

    The girls are always friendly and are not hustling for a private dance, though you will not be disappointed. A good variety of girls. All have their own personality and are fun.

  18. Larry Love Lips

    The DJ Blows! Please get rid of that jerk!

  19. Traveling Man

    The girls give the best lap dances!! Try one, you will like it!

  20. mr sleaz

    nothing good here

  21. Bob

    Now serving alcohol, always a plus. Wide variety of girls to choose from instead of the same old 2 girls like before. A work in progress, at least they’re starting to get more customers showing up and sticking around for a while. Customers close to ghetto, but as long as they’re spending money, who cares.

  22. ground zero

    nothing has changed at this club for the longest

  23. Russell Biz

    Bartenders are not welcoming, girls are nice but not many of

    them. Nice place but the complaining bartender needs a


  24. just one
  25. amystet

    it would be an alright place to work if i didn’t feel like i was being whored out by the bartender jules

  26. Yuri
  27. harleybob69

    i heard this this club got busted

  28. oden

    man can anyone make that bartender at night stop complaining…

  29. Horney Ol Man

    It is a small club but the girls are friendly and aim to please. Ashley Kennedy and the other girls are great.

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