The Barrel



173 Anderson Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607


43.1572588, -77.5809289




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Barrel

  1. ronnie

    the girls are terrible, grossly out of shape with busted faces… however, it can be a really good time with the right sense of humor. i suggest going when you are totaly trashed and want to treat some nasty girls like pigs. they’ll do anything for a buck or two.

  2. Frequent Visitor
  3. boob
  4. Jeff
  5. Pete

    I’m a regular and all the girls are very nice and sexy!

  6. ex customer

    Lot’s of fatties covered in ink. One or two decent girls if you’re lucky enough to be there when they are on.

  7. Meat

    Stay home and jack off!

  8. pat

    more like barrel of pigs!!

  9. hammer

    Some days are great and some suck. Just depends on who is working. Nice to see that Mela ia back, so things could be getting better

  10. Alan B

    Fun Neighborhood bar with strippers and stiff drinks! Gotta love it….

  11. BILL
  13. fuckbuddy
  14. Bob

    Pretty sad when the girls and staff have to sleep with the managers to get more hours. Most of the girls never even said hello to me or even come near me. Only girl worth seeing is the bartender Renee, and she’s hardly there…

  15. Horney ol man

    Girls are friendly and will sit and talk to you. Athena is one of my favorites.

  16. henry
  17. sq

    this is not your best girls in town place but they are all very friendly and will hang with you on the floor and the overall cliental is very warm and freindly never had a bad time yet

  18. j
  19. Roc City Madman

    Too ghetto. Bad when customers are afraid to go in or be anywhere outside thevestabkidhment

  20. Travler

    Blue collar bar with blue collar girls and blue collar prices nothing wrong

    with this bar.

  21. John

    I went to the barrel during lunch shift and the bartender Lori was a complete bitch to me!!!!!But the dancers were nice, night shift is way better nicer bartenders and hotter girls!! My favorite is this beautiful black haired beauty with big beautiful eyes, big boobs Italian girl very classy I like that. She was very very nice to talk with and I pretty much gave her my wallet!!! I will be back to see ONLY HER her again her name is Taylor………

  22. The Man

    One of the best I have ever been to!

  23. Frank

    the girls are friendly and most are good. Beth is my favorite.

  24. smoky

    fatty sausage girls, totally nasty! wont be back

  25. neighbor

    No DJ, girls play from jukebox. Lots of dead air time. Seems to be between only 2 and 4 girls there on any night. No VIP area, just a chair by the pinball machine – I’ve had dancers here say it’s not worth it to buy a private dance. Nice place though, bright, clean. Restroom is awful.

  26. Jennifer D.

    The Barrel has made a lot of changes in recent times- first and foremost- it is clean, classy and staffed by women who didn’t recently appear on TV’s botched. Some may find these changes appealing while others may miss the old atmosphere which reeked of STI’s and shame. Don’t worry, the shame is still well entrenched. The beer selection is decent, and the dancers follow a strict routine of cleaning the pole with the same used towel before each dance. Maybe you’re asking yourself- should I bring my mother here after her birthday party at good luck? The answer is yes. 100 times, yes.

  27. BarrelGirl

    This place may not have always maintained the best reputation; however we have new owners now. Also the place has been renovated, new girls and new bartenders. This is the only strip club to visit in Rochester!!! Come check us out.

  28. Anderson

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