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0 reviews for “Vixens

  1. Jay Fogile

    pretty cool place. fucking really down to earth

  2. Junior
  3. e26

    this club has really hot girls but needs to find more talent.

  4. Joe
  5. Jon
  6. Your Daddy

    Love the place !

  7. mr.krispy





  8. MikeB

    Fat ugly cokehead girls. The place is a dump. We drove all the way out there last

    week to find 5 dancers that could never get hired at any other strip club in town.

    We bought drugs from the bartender and left. At least the place is good for that.

  9. eek

    gross dancers

  10. never again

    This club is dirty, run down girls are fat ghetto and ugly, i will never come back and tell all my friends never to bother. there is so much drug use i am suprised they dont do them while sitting at the table with the customers. ive never been to such a shit hole in my life place should be demolished

  11. Boobies !

    Boobies !

  12. Daren

    Had fun, was a good time.

  14. julie
  15. JoJo
  16. Syracuse Steve

    Was there Sunday . The unpaved parking lot should of told me to turn around. The dancers there needed a bigtime overhaul . Unkept and dirty . My buddy and I who dont usually notice stuff like this spent about an hour waiting to see hot chicks with clean feet.

  17. one in the know

    if u only knew the truth

  18. Steve

    There was a dog in the bar. What kind of place allows a friggen Rotweiller to come in and sit with its owner.

  19. Mo Money
  20. blu
  21. debbie

    this place sux. micheal cant even run the bar any better. the girls are ugly except for a few. prices are tooo high. i here the kat is better in all sorts of ways. i use to work and foxys and im glad i quit.

  22. Mr.LongStroke

    Had a Blast !

  23. Dude

    This place is great since Michael got rid of all the girls that do drugs

  24. tony

    been to every club in the Roch and this is the best by far!!!!!

  25. isis
  26. alex

    Most relax chill spot to relax an have a cold one !!!!!

  27. hottie
  28. tom

    Love this place !

  29. MeAgain

    I could have gone out to Foxys tonight but I didn’t. I went to the Barrel instead and saved a lot of money on drinks! And had a pizza to boot!

  30. Uncle Rob

    Me and the boys like this place. Drinks are not way overpriced like in most strip clubs, but are priced like most bars. We can go there and hang out for a couple hours and not spend tons of money on drinks. Leaves us with more money for the girls. Foxy’s has a solid line up. The girls are cool and not realy pushy on the private dances. Only knock is the VIP room is not very private, but I still came out with a smile on my face.

  31. Z

    a great time!

  32. Robby

    Friggen hick hole dump. Like a big ole fun house filled with nasty hoes and trash

  33. Mad Max

    Great Place!!!

  34. Mr Poopface

    Poopidy Doo

  35. Dan
  36. new commer

    great service from staff and you can’t beat the drink prices

  37. :-)

    boo titties? what are you, gay?


    I like to poop after I eat chicken

  39. bigo70

    great girls, good drink prices

  40. henry
  41. Rochester Guy

    Got hit on in the mens room. Theres drugs all over the floor in there. Girls were down right chubsicles! All greasy, smutty and filthy. Went to the Tally Ho and dropped $400 just to get over the bad vibe I got at this shitter.

  42. jenna rei
  44. mondo

    something for everbody at this club. Do however agree to much drugs and drama

  45. ken

    got thrown out this club because I didnt want to get a dance from this fat stripper who kept buggin me sorry dont like rolls on my lap

  46. D

    Who was the Italian girl in red shaking on the stage !

    lord have mercy

  47. mr. big

    Ass n Titties Ass n Titties !!!!!!

  48. day dreamer

    Club has great looking girls but lately they are hiring alot of pretty scary girls. Nice atmosphere, but remodeling needs to be done. But worth the trip, but they need to pave the parking area.

  49. jeff
  50. Mad

    trashy club the dancers fucking ripped me off will never fucking come back

  51. Ray M

    Dont waste your gas coming out to this hole. Not even one decent lady (A 5 or better ) was on that stage . Drinks were terrible- water in gun is bad , moldy … something. Ramshackle place with no fire escape plan (I might add) . Notifying authorities today

  52. somebody246

    although everyone is still doing coke, selling, or pretending they don’t but actually do-they are “trying” to stop the uhh “coke production” and “usage.”


    some cute new girls. none with actual dancing talent. some older girls [ones who’ve been there longer] of course with talent but newer girls cute with no dance skills at all. husling is slow with new girls. underage drinking is everywhere [just behind their backs]. other customers complain of “rude” or “stuck-up” girls. newer girls show obviousness of not knowing how to hustle. walking away from customers or by clients.

    though club is dark it so you can’t see much-still looks like a dirty barn that never gets cleaned. fat girls work there.

    the waitresses are ugly, young, and naive. they take forever to bring your drinks back but once there’s money in their hands-practically run back to you. i don’t think the tip will be good by then anyways.

    i watched one waitress stand at a table of kids all night and talk not doing rounds. she must have lost a lot of money. i know she lost respect. customers were complaining all night about this young girl. the newer one with the tattoo on her back. my friend and i bet she won’t last there long.

    if the newer dancers even HALFWAY acted like they knew what they were doing there might be more customers during the week and less that don’t feel the need to tip as often.

    and what the hell happened to all of the girls that were there in the past months? i see kiki is still there. she’s somewhat new but sweet. armani and cameron good. i see adena is still working her ass off. what happened to roxy and leggacy? they wre adorable…maybe they went back to their old club. i am not undetstand this new management thing. why are some of these girls gone? they at least put on a show. i heard adena might dance again???? this sounds great!

  53. Racheal
  54. Justin

    Best club in the Roc !

  55. Engineer
  56. BILL
  57. peantuts


  58. Scott
  59. partyboy

    Sick Party..Dope Girls and Cold Drinks !

  60. bob

    Nice place

  61. Tiny

    Hidden Gem !

  62. Shane

    Best club in town. Hottest girls are here

  63. Mike

    Closed again . What are the real hours here? Its not exactly around the corner but I did like this club. Its never ever open!

  64. BJ

    Nice place

  65. Bret

    Hot Chics man !

  66. bingo
  67. PENIS


  68. Devil
  69. Mr. Poopface

    I like to make dookie.

  70. new at foxys

    foxys it is ok and that girl savannah is hot i will go back 4 her but that is all that i will go back 4.u have 2 get her in the v.i.p room. she is the best one in there. not a bad girl nonting bad in the v.i.p room but it wus good .u will see if u go back with her. she is back there all night u may not get her 4 a v.i.p. it is bad at the bar 4 geting a drink.

  71. WTf

    Stop Spaming this page !!!!!!!!!

  72. boob
  73. Shawny

    Had a bachelor party here last week, what a party ! The girls were all down for a good time not all money hungry like the other clubs, but they still banked. Loved Isabella an Vanessa spankin me and whipping me with my belt.

  74. Stan
  75. Chuck

    Backroom private dance was the worst I ever had. Girl didnt even take her top off . Everywhere else they do. Guy who was doing security in the room was jerking off to the monitors.

  76. Poor!!!

    One word can described this place “DUMP”…

  77. Addicted to Foxys
  78. Bruce

    Wow…This place is like a hidden secret..They had lik e10 of the hottest girls ! ! And the Bartenders were smoking !

  79. Jessie

    Bringing all my girlfriends there this weekend !

  80. dtoz

    many hot broads

  81. Jackson

    I was there recently with a couple of guys and we had an awesome time! Everyone was extremely nice and helpful! We’ll be back soon! Thanks everyone!!!!1

  82. Pauly Walnuts

    Great Buffet of Women !

  83. Brett

    Hot girls!!!

  84. OleManFred

    The place might open at 3 but they don’t start dancing until after 6. If you are lucky the DJ got there early and put music on. Sometimes their is confusion and the dancers explain that it is because the manager isn’t there yet (where is he at 9 o’clock?) And, whose bright idea is it to bring these inner city women in to dance for red necks – they don’t even listen to the same music. In a time that we are headed for a depression they decided to raise the price of drinks ($5 – $7 a bottle of beer and $7 – $11 for a mixed drink and they are served in a plastic cup). With all the staffing changes it’s not worth the drive any more. Maybe I’ll give it another try in a year or two.

  85. Jill
  86. BooBoo


  87. Re:One who knows

    Everybody knows those girls dont do that. You must be jealous of them or they turned you down. Either way get a life punk

  88. moe
  89. tommy

    The best club in the Roc ! Hands Down

  90. Howard

    Two guys getting it on in the restroom last night. My second and last visit. Place is getting worse everytime I’m there,

  91. baby d
  92. Irean
  93. Sam
  94. Ontario

    Dead as a doornail

  95. Tone

    CoolPlace !!!!

  96. ass


  97. Steveo

    Lots of New Girls !!!!!!!

  98. Patrick

    Management is hiring some pretty fat girls.. I was in there the other night and this fat broad w/long black hair fell off the pole 3 times-her fat ass tried to hold herself up and it just didnt work. Lay of the cheeseburgers hunny!! There was another real fat chick w/a hat on who had no business taking her clothes off. There was a skinny hot chick w/great real tits but she didnt even make eye contact-Me and my boy were by far the best lookin dudes in there.. Not too hard to accomplish w/all the old guys w/no teeth0but im just sayin!! Cameron was cool, she came and chatted for a bit. Bottom line-U gotta start bein like the Kat and just say no to fat broads. Peace!!

  99. Getto Fab

    What is Michael thinking about when he hired the new mananger? All the girls this guy is bringing over is giving Foxy’s a bad name. Mike you dont need anymore girls. You have a the best girls alredy working for you

  100. StripperLover
  101. Dough


  102. JJ

    The girls mingle with the guests quite freely whether there’s tipping go on or not. The lineup of dancers isn’t as attractive as it was maybe 2-3 years ago because of various girls leaving town, but it’s still worth a monthly visit. Other clubs have 2-3 girls who would rate in the top 5 overall at Foxy’s, but none have as many “above average” girls overall.

  103. BIG PIMP
  104. David
  105. Savannah

    Hey it is Savannah, and I just wanted to clarify myself. I do not degrade myself for a dollar, I have more respect for myself than some of the other girls there. I think this website is crazy and I have to agree it does sound like a girl from the club is posting all of this non-sense on here. It is really childish. All I do is go to work, and go home to my kids. I do not do anything extra inside or outside the club. I also would appreciate you not making the vicious rumors about me please. Have a little more class for yourselves. Yes I have had a few issues with 2 girls I resolved the issue with April, but its because of all the other girls in the club getting into everyone else’s business. So please before you run your mouth, know the whole story and have the guts to say who you are. All I can say is none of you know me, so I would appreciate if you kept your comments to yourself, and let me be please. Thank you for your time.

  106. Pat

    Best club in the roc !

  107. Larry

    run down

  108. Larry Hoover

    Club was Rocking tonight…..Hottie bartenders !!!!

  109. One who knows

    Get rid of all the girls that do drugs? Thats a joke! The place would be so much better if that was true. Even the once good girls like Heather and Adena are doing coke. Anyone who doesn’t think so is just out of touch with reality.

  110. Bo

    Dancer looked like a skeleton on stage. I thought I was having a nightmare. Hair and dirt in drinking glass.

  111. Horny

    Best Topless bar in the area, most girls and friendly !

  112. Trish

    Love this place…So many hotties !!!!!

  113. Brian

    Come Play with Us !

  114. Ron

    Happy Year Bitches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fuck da haters !!!

  115. Frank

    Transvestite looking dancers and no booze

  116. Penisoso


  117. Keller

    Bat was out of most beers . They had no Corona , Bud Light , Blue . The basic stuff! Also were out of Rumplemintz, Tequila and Captain. Is this place locking the doors soon or what ? They aren’t palcing any orders with the liquor distributors.

  118. Its pimpin pimpin

    I luv this place ! Keep it real ! And i love rudy !

  119. Jim

    Adena: Special thanks to you for an enjoyable Friday night 02/23 – you’re an absolute sweetheart. I love this place.

  120. Me

    This place is very relaxed and has some nice looking girls Codi is def the girl to see she is very nice and not trashy like some of the other girls in there they have a good selection but codi is the best!!

  121. gone

    Variety of dancers – you won’t like all of them, but everyone should fine some to like. Always many dancers there. Friendly. A bit dark. VIP area is a set of narrow stalls with bar stools. Some of the girls provide excellent private dances. Sound system sucks and is always way too loud. Service varies from excellent to damn frustrating.

  122. Kenny

    Closed at midnight . Thought that 2 AM was the closing time here… whats up?

  123. Seth

    Drove 8 miles and there was a bar full of guys and one dancer. Whats up with that ?

  124. danny

    Booooooooobies !

  125. eddie

    club was nasty and the girls were rude, not one came up to me had money to spend on the girls, just couldnt find one worth blowing any on. maybe if one approached me…

  126. Dork
  127. Fred
  128. Jamie

    Fun place to play

  129. smoky
  130. Larry Love Lips

    The drug/drama is pretty much gone! Girls were hot on my latest visit. I dont care about this Mike guy! But the women give grinding lap dances and for a few extra bucks they slip you a little more!!

  131. John

    Ever since Michael got a new manager the customer service has improved greatly.

  132. None of yo beezwax

    Tis good.

  133. Dump


  134. Mr585

    Dump…the floor was so disgusting i felt gross just walking on it…the stage was as thin as a hallway with wooden boards on basically concrete blocks…the bartenders and waitresses were stuck up and the girls were rude…not the greatest girls to look at either. save your gas and money!

  135. JimmyD

    Absolutely the most drug usage I’ve ever seen. The bartender Adena is the one

    that actually supplies the drugs to the girls. I guess the management doesn’t

    care as long as they get their cut. Place is a shithole.

  136. rick

    When I coined the phrase “Rochester’s best kept secret” I was sincere. Foxy’s entire staff provides a warm, relaxed, friendly type atmosphere. The bouncers, bartenders, dj’s, and dancers take pride in their jobs and it shows. However, ownership needs to expand the seating capacity and completely overhaul the VIP room. Bar stools and particians are lame.

    Don Johnson

  137. CaptainAwesome


  138. Redman

    WOW ! Where did these girls come from ! ! ! The Brazilian was amazing !

  139. Rachel

    Best club in the area. Really beautiful girls.

  140. mikes a fat hog

    places sucks

  141. awsome
  142. happy

    i had fun at foxys good time and savannah is so hot good in the v.i.p dance i had a good time on sunday the best day is sunday selena and carrie are cool.

  144. j

    boo titties

  145. Billy Da Butcher

    25 Girls there Friday Night….Goodtimes !

  146. Scotty

    Good Times!

  147. Ches

    This place goes in cycles… Sometimes there are a bunch of smokin’ hot girls, and sometimes all you see is the older, bigger women. The girls are all friendly, though. Huge drug/drama problem at this place but if you don’t care then go ahead and go to Foxy’s.

  148. seriously????

    what a shit hole, went home and took a shower, still felt dirty

  149. peanuts

    yay titties

  150. To Larry

    The girls do not do extras. Some do give better dances than others.

  151. bigred

    Foxy’s made me feel right at home. The girls were super friendly and welcoming. There’s also a girl there for almost every guy’s preference: I saw big boobs, small boobs, brunettes, blondes, a redhead, girls in their 20’s, girls in their 30’s, the Playboy princess type, the down-to-Earth girl types, and the list goes on. Oh, and Cat rocks!

  152. discusted

    There are alot of girls there that have no buisness taking there clothes off at all. In all honesty alot of the women there should retire or find another job. I would be surprized if i could’ve found one girl that wasn’t messed up on something. this place was a drive and next time I’ll save my gas.

  153. Lee

    Hot Chicks !!!!!!

  154. Jason

    I had the misfortune of going there. Absolutely the biggest shithole strip club

    I’ve ever been in. It was amazing to see the fat, disgusting girls that were there

    and the drugs openly being sold by the front door when I was outside smoking.

    I will never go back.

  155. Joe Joe
  156. chet

    closed at 12 midnite. only 22 patrons all evening

  157. Tyson m.34

    best adult club around ! klassy cat is not to great girls are pretty ugly.

  158. axyoyomama

    This place rocks!! Most girls could be in Playboy and the rest in Penthouse. A MUST SEE in RaChaCha!!!

  159. Kevin

    Always closed up . Dont waste the gas .

  160. suckass

    std infested crackhouse

  161. Robert

    It was ok.

  162. tomkat

    Holly shit it’s far but worth it ! Best Club in Rochester

  163. FUCK

    FUCK…with penuts and fuck

  164. BRAD
  165. Capo

    WOW ! Hottest line up of girls in the whole city. It was a shitty tuesday nite, they had like 10 hotties ! Keep it up !

  166. Sean

    Lots of new hotties..and a pig roast Saturday !

  167. GREAT!
  168. Mr.Poopface

    poopidy doopidy dooooooooo

  169. new customer

    I was in there on thursday and i have to admit it was a slow quiet start. there were 4 girls till 8:30 yet the one that im comming back and doing dances is savannah. see you sunday

  170. Ray

    Whadda dump! The sloppiest strippers I have ever laid eyes on. There was fruit flies in my drink and the bartender saw they were in the actual liqour bottle! More then 1 girl smelled when I tipped her on stage. (rotten). The floor was sloped. Building reminds me of an old fashioned funhouse. Old painted wood , a real firetrap. The dances were not private at all , not even topless. Went over to Ricks Tally Ho which made up for this crap hole. Even their ugliest girl was 10x better then any of the ones at Foxys. Waste of time

  171. Mr. Pooface

    I’m back, but I never really left..always pooping..


    with pooper scoopers!!

  173. Sue
  174. Regular
  175. Chris Maltasanti

    Only A Fag goes on the internet

    to complain about a strip club..hmmm

    colds drinks an tits…win win

  176. Mad Man

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