Tally Ho Gentlemens Club



1555 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623


43.0897343, -77.610836




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tally Ho Gentlemens Club

  1. Timmay

    This was my first time at this club and I had a blast. I usually like clubs that aren’t on the ‘high end’ (expensive drinks, chicks that don’t talk to ya), but this is one of the few REALLY NICE CLUBS where the girls were hot, danced great, sat and chatted, and GREAT Private dance. -Tim

  2. mack

    how do they stay in business? the worst club everything is for shit

  3. Jim

    Beautiful and friendly ladies. Bartender was a real nice guy. The only downfall was the owner. He was rude and needs to conduct club biz in private.He was irratating and made it hard for me to unwind. Thanks to Candace who occupied me so I didn’t have to pay attention to that blowhard. What a wierdo!

  4. Sam
  5. henry
  6. layna
  7. moe

    bob your right when shit smells good this club will be great i cant belive there are clubs like this this place should have been closed down my the board of health long ago and where did they get all the dope useing girls with no teeth and do they stink they may never wipe there ass after taking a shit

  8. Tim

    Hot chicks with good dances…some of them are a bit annoying though. Best club in the area for sure.

  9. Dan

    More upscale then most, girls are worth the cover though-

    atmosphere is very relaxing with never a feeling of being

    hustled-nice change from what I’v seen in some other clubs-I

    give it a 9.5!

  10. RTEG

    The Staff (Doorman, Bartender and DJ) do a great job of making you feel welcome. A serious improvement from last year. The younger dancers could learn a thing or two about hospitality, unless they really don’t mind making money. RTH has the most attractive dancers that I’ve seen in this area. Website is pretty sad and outdated. It appears to have not been updated since it was initially launched… AND give you no details about the dancers or their schedules.

  11. Outoftowner

    I’m in town once a year around midoctober. What happened? The drinks are way over priced and the dancers have gone downhill. What happened to the classy girls? Very disappointing.

  12. jack

    if you went around the world to find the worst club,you found it here.the girls are old and fat the place smell like dirty pussy 50% of the people are gay the help farts all over,the best is the private dances a real rip off

  13. once a yr guy

    A co worker and I have gone 2 years in a row on the last working day before Christmas. Last year the place was horrible only 1 girl working. This year was much improved. There were a lot of dancers. They varied in looks one or 2 beuatiful , 3 or 4 decent, and 2 or 3 that looked like Lyell Ave whores. Dance prices were $55 for 15 mins or 80 for 30 mins.

  14. hey

    why did tommy leave? he was great

  15. Jamaal

    I love this club. Every time I go I have a great time. Its the best joing in Rochester, trust me I’ve been to quite of few and none of them compare to Ricks.

  16. mary

    when shit starts to smell like roses this club will be great dont go its the worst

  17. boob
  18. gross

    This place is a dump

  19. Best
  20. Samantha

    Hot ! Bigger isn’t always better and Ricks proves it

  21. peter

    how can this shit whole stay in business it is the pits

  22. LookingForFun

    First Strip club i have been to and it was a great time. Girls are gorgeous and nice and the drinks were reasonably priced. Definitley going back

  23. Traveler

    Way over priced for what you get

  24. george

    the rateing of this club says it can a club get any worse a dump and the girls the worst this should be called ricks rip off club

  25. MM

    The place has gone downhill. Read the forum. Look at the recently hired girls.

  26. Dave

    A huge improvement has taken place recently here in both quality of dancers, staff and the overall atmosphere! Once again, it is a fun place to visit.

  27. Rick
  28. Helena

    This place is a friggen goldmine! Hard to believe its Rochester and not NYC .Super experience.

  29. VIP
  30. Old Guy

    Great Club – Best in Rochester!

  31. Jeff G

    Fun place with loads of hot , friendly girls. Will stop in again soon . Make sure you check out Rista and London because they were smoken hot!!

  32. Tres Heater

    Pretty good for the ROC

  33. Golfer
  34. fuck this place

    place is a whore house. fucking gross infested club.

  35. frank

    this club is gay worst dirty club ever will never go back

  36. DA MAN


  37. BILL


  38. Hands

    A great place to hang out and enjoy the company of some remarkable women. Well worth a visit.

  39. Larry
  40. eric blair

    Athea is back. What a woman !! Outstanding. All the afternoon girls at Rick’s are the greatest. Later gang…

  41. the man with the hands

    Trinity is the absolute best. I always get fox den dances with her and I am never dissapointed

  42. yo
  43. visitor

    Nice job in the VIP

  44. jeb

    not bad

  45. Ray

    Had a great time with the lovely Chloe and London. First class place.

  46. jr
  47. Rob

    Awesome club! Great dancers, proffesional staff, very enjoyable experience

  48. Noneya

    This place is a dump! The girls are ratchet and ghetto and all ugly … the private dances sucks or they beg you to go in the back so they can do more then just dance like “sucking dick” it’s disgusting what is this an uncover prostitution?

  49. Tocrazy86

    Miss Diamond one of the hottest girls

    there anyone agree share your experiences

    you’ve had with her suck she doesn’t work

    there anymore

  50. MikeInUSA
  51. Happy Regular

    Had some great times…

  52. (.)(.)

    all my favorite dancers work here

  53. noname
  54. Strip club fanatic

    BeSt CLuB EvEr!!!

  55. Keith

    Ladies were great ! Big selelction of dancers and friendly barstaff.

  56. Shake
  57. John

    I just got back from the Talley Ho and I must say I was pleasently surprised. I’ve frequented Foxey’s and The Cordial Lounge for the past 10 years and i’ve never heared good things about this club but I honestly liked it. The girls were all very attractive, unfortunatly the DJ wasn;t very good so I didn’t really catch any names thought I do know that Chapagn reminds me of Pamela Anderson (minus the crazy fake boobs). One girl reminded me of the porn star Chloe, liked my lips and turned me right the fuck on and another with light lip gloss, nice highlights, hoop earings and a pink outfight did the same. It’s kinda small and cramped, the stage is small but that definatly has it’s benifits and the girls get right on top of you. I’m still drunk so this might not make any sense but I will go back.

  58. JOE


  59. jackie

    rip off the place is the worst a real shit house and the girls are ready for a old age home

  60. smoky
  61. Jett

    This club was packed with beautiful ladies. What a nice way to warm a guy up on a crappy night. Very impressed with this club. Warm , sexy , intimate and friendly.

  62. TallyGuy

    At least they are honest about how many dances for money you’re getting up front.

  63. Cameron

    the atmosphere is decent but the place is small and kinda crowded, plus a beer is 5 dollars. does have hotter chicks than a lot of other places

  64. judy

    went to the club with my boyfriend i am 48 years old the only thing hat was fun was that i looked better than the dancers this is a dirty place and their are lot of gays

  65. RX
  66. Mickey Taylor

    The girls are much nicer than the condition of the club. Drinks poorly made , glasses were dirty. Overcrowded , no clear walkways due to chairs being crammed together(will notify fire inspector) , sewage odor in restroom. Stage was beat up and overall club looked as if it needed an overhaul. Has it seen better days ?

  67. BRAD
  68. Guest

    Nice, clean. Great looking girls, good personalities. Fun DJ.

  69. jake

    drinks are way overpriced 4.75 for a soda give me a fucking brake!

  70. elephant man

    Great place incredible girls. Trinity, Suzie, Candice, and Innocence are the best private dances you will ever have. Not in that order but Trinity is tops in my book

  71. fuckbuddy
  72. YourMomsAHoe

    I worked for this company as a dancer and they told me after 30 days “probationary period” I would start receiving hourly pay, as all dancers who are employees do. After the 30 days, they informed me when I asked about hourly pay, that they would only pay me hourly for one shift per week regardless of how many days I worked. This was obviously infuriating and insulting so I immediately started asking the other dancers what they made per hour and if they were on the books or off, and I got some very different answers from each of them. The next day I was called into the office and fired. When I asked why, they said bc I was “being negative” and the “girls were complaining” about me. Seemed pretty funny considering they caught wind that I was asking girls questions and uncovered some dirt. Long story short, I reported them to the Department of Labor and was told I had a solid case. A year or so later I recieved money owed to me in back wages, etc from them and they had to pay out the other dancers who were also unfairly being paid (or not paid). The owners are greedy and do not care how their dancers are paid as long as they are there working. Know your rights ladies! This club is a joke! Stay away from it! Unless you like working in an overcrowded shoe box and being exploited by the management!

  73. max

    the rating at this club be0.1 it is the dirty and the help smells so do the few ugly fat girls and there are a lot of fags

  74. jon

    The bartenders one guy one girl both add to a great overall expierence of one who travels frequently. Much more then i expected coming to rochester on a sunday!!!

  75. Jay

    Love it, will be back again!

  76. ok

    all i got to say is thank god savannah is gone.that girl was the biggest whore you will ever meet.the other girls are alot better looking plus they dont beg for money if they let you sleep with them like she did.

  77. yo mo
  78. billie

    the club is 50% gay, when will it be 100% gay? hope soon, the so called stright boys never turn a good blow job from us girls, so why do they think there stright. they are just as gay as we are, but there in the land of make belive do like rick snowden tell the world you are gay and god will still love rember god does not like ugly

  79. sue

    dirty, dancers are fat old ugly the helps is the worst

  80. tom

    for a gay club this place stinks it is the worst dirty fat girls the help smells like they shit there pants a real rip off dont go or waste your money

  81. nt
  82. Dancer

    Love working here. Dancers are very entertaining and beautifull..

  83. carl
  84. Sean

    The finest girls in Rochester .

  85. bob

    when shit smells good this is the place to go see fat old ugly girls then get a blow job from a fag in the bathroom its fun to get riped off

  86. page

    dirty the health dept dhould close the place.they must have found the drugie stink bitches in the shit house they realy do smell,the help rip you off at every turn

  87. Pittsburgh

    Nice place to visit when you are in town on business. Girls are decent but only a few are attractive enough to be dancing.Good selelction of drinks.

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