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3800 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Klassy Cat

  1. Rich
  2. Cal
  3. I love Kelly

    Club is great my favorite in Rochester, girls are beautiful, Kelly’s absolutely gorgeous and a sweetheart! Atmosphere leaves a little to be desired but the girls make up for it.

  4. JP

    Love this club!!!

  5. Danny

    I was impressed by the quality of girls at this club. I also have to say, I didn’t expect to talk to any of them, but one of the waitresses and a few dancers know sign language! Definitely nice, and my night was sure made. I’ll be back again and again.

  6. Seth
  7. gabrielle
  8. jimmydean

    nice place. girls will like you and talk to you if you repect the club boundries. pretty girls for the most part.

  9. Lap dance

    Best in the city

  10. Stu
  11. maxxy1

    The website really makes this place out to be more than what it is.. First of all, its a whole in the wall. The site makes this place out to be classy mid up scale.. Umm, no think of your uncle’s storage unit and you come close. The cover charge is only 5 bucks so you cant be too mad but.. Then it comes to the dancers. At most a 7, and that is being nice but some did know how to move but they were eithe very unfriendly to newbies or ppl of a dark skin – I’ll let you be the judge of that. Anyway only reason why I give them 3 stars is due to one dancer. She’s a perky, fiery redhead who showed us a great time. She’s the only one there who seemed to enjoy doing her job. We tried to get her each time we went but beng like that she is the most popular dancer so she was hard to lock down. Visit this place only if you really cant so anywhere else. $20 for a dance is a little too much for the quality of most dances but then again it wasnt breaking the wallet like some Cabriets for more for less.

  12. Juggalo

    very sexy girls on sat night

  13. ML

    If you haven’t already, check out their Facebook page. They’re continuously adding new specials.. Type “The Klassy Cat” in your Facebook search bar. πŸ™‚

  14. johnny
  15. MEAT
  16. Gabriel Orto

    i went to this club tonight.the atomsphere was horrible. the girls were run down and seemed lyke they didnt wanna strip. the lighting was horrible. the dj was walking around most of the time and was barely at his station. basically this place is just a run down old club that isnt interested in showing new people to the club a good time and only talk to there regulars.

  17. c

    checked out this place and the tally ho for the first time today ,, it was like 4 in the afternoon so there wasnt that many girls,, maybe 4 ,, 3 below or at par,, and 1 was pretty nice looking,, tried to get a few dances with her when she got off stage,, made me wait while she played some video game,, after about 5 minutes i said screw it and bounced,, overall though seems like an average joint

  18. The Hammer

    Good club. Most of the women are very nice looking and treat you nice as well. Waitress service sucks, but that isn’t that big of a deal. Good beer prices and pretty good chicken wings. Just prepare to wait for a waitress to take your order. Better off going to the bar to order.

    Private area is not private at all, just a large area behind a curtain to separate it from the rest of the bar. Private dances too expensive considering no touching. I guess enough guys will pay it for them to make the price what it is. I’d only do a private if I was pretty drunk.

    Over all I think it’s the top club in Rochester.

  19. Bobby
  20. Back and Forth

    I’ve been unwarned about another song starting. Then ripped off like I didn’t know.

  21. Clyde

    It is extremely average and run of the mill. A couple decent-looking girls. They need to recruit some of the youngin’s from RIT.

  22. Jman

    Dancer named Diamond is the best I’ve ever

    seen. Friendly, great dancer, made my

    night. Diamond is the best. Great food


  23. Lapdance maniac

    Girls were good looking but not outstanding. The lapdances are pimped by the worst DJ in the world as topless, but unless the girl stands up in front of you (no contact) she keeps the top on. A total rip off (and false advertising) for $20. The waitress Shelly was the best looking girl there by far. Extremely hot. But no dances from her and she was a pretty bad waitress. One girl was old enough to be my grandma with fake boobs, I think her name was Victoria or something like that. Gave me bad dreams. The rest of the girls were attractive enough and kept busy trying to hustle drinks or dances. And the bar itself is pretty much a pit. Nothing special here. If this is the ‘best club in Rochester’ I pity the guys living there.

  24. car guy

    Every time i come here a girl tries to sell me drugs..every time

  25. Jeremy
  26. Josh
  27. John D
  28. Scott

    The waitresses suck. You need to hire more. Can never get a drink. None of the girls ever come around to talk to you. Very stuck up. Only go to regulars. Private dances are not private. You need bigger glasses for mixed drinks, exspecially for the price we pay. It’s like having a shot

  29. Doug
  30. Toni

    Compared to other clubs this place is a hole. It is built like a bunker – cinder blocks and black paint. The stage is really long and narrow not much room for the dancers to do much. The couple of dancers that came over had an attitude and were looking for something for nothing. Drinks were expensive and had to goto the bar when there was a waitress. Most of the dancers hung out at the bar together when there were customers in the house. Next time I’m in town I won’t waste my time.

  31. Jackson Vayhugh

    I’ve only been here twice and spent at least $100 each time and ladies still never have talked to me for more than 1 min.

  32. Mike
  33. boob

    hot, hot, hot!!!!!



  35. I Love Lucy

    Great club.

  36. Tom

    I had a blast saturday night!!

  37. Ted
  38. RJ

    Wing specials on Mondays and Wednesdays!

  39. Kelly

    Um, there are a few of us that attend RIT, thanks



  41. CML

    Half off admission with a valid college id every Tuesday night!!

  42. Matt

    Had a fun time the other night, but man were there a bunch of middle aged and old dudes. Felt kinda funny being in my 20’s and there were all these grey haired guys. Girls were hot and I stayed for a few hours to spend time with that hot brunette.

  43. customer

    love all the girls

  44. Dan
  45. Will
  46. Rick
  47. Pete
  48. Dru

    Love it here!

  49. henry
  50. Free Stuff

    Won a free lap dance here last saturday night…. Will definitely go back this week!

  51. lapper

    50% air dances. Depends entirely on the girl. Staff has never come to the table to take a drink order, I’ve always had to go to the bar. Only one dancer has approached me for a dance, the rest I’ve had to intercept on their way elsewhere. Well lit. Decent private dance area. One girl is outstanding.

  52. Katy S.

    I’ve been here a few times, but finally decided it was time to actually write a review. I was a little nervous at first, being a girl in a strip club, but it was a blast. I went with a group that was a mix of both guys and girls. I’m not sure what the other review is talking about it being 20 dollars to get in, our group paid $5 a person, and from what I remember it was cheaper during the week.It wasn’t too crowded when I went, but I’m attributing that to the fact that it was during the week. There were about 5-6 girls there, all of which were pretty attractive. I was in awe of the one girl, not sure of her name, but she was quite the acrobat on the pole. The girls that came over and talked to us were great, they weren’t snobby or treated me any different because I was a girl. There were actually a few times that I went to the stage to tip with my male friends, and I was given more attention than them. It was great! When I went in on a weekend night, it did get crowded but not until later in the evening. There were also more girls on the Friday night that I went, and they went up on stage in pairs, I’d never seen that before so it was pretty cool. The mixed drinks are a little expensive, but on par with what we would normally pay in a club. They did have this thing called a “power hour” where all of their bottled beer was $3 from 11-12. They also serve food here, I highly recommend the mac and cheese bites. The menu is mostly your typical bar food later at night, but they also have healthier options during the day. Only reason I gave this four stars is due to the fact that the expanded menu doesn’t go all night. I would have loved a grilled chicken or salad option.

  53. Mickey

    Hot ladies!!!

  54. LF

    lately they’ve had new girls every weekend.

  55. Steven

    I love the happy hour specials!

  56. Zach
  57. Max

    Had a great time last night.

  58. j
  59. B. Pakinwood

    Many hot girls. Justice is a must see.

  60. DB
  61. tittys
  62. Yessum

    Yessum i sure do love big boobies πŸ™‚

  63. Bored

    Just got back to my hotel room and man did it suck ass there. OK looking girls at best. Place is a major pit. Was going to get a few lapdances but the first one was so bad I stopped after one. How can people say this is a great club …. do you work there and are looking to keep your job? Stay AWAY. I hope like hell one of the others is better.

  64. Boobies!!

    I love them!!

  65. harleybob69

    hi does anybody know what days and times that kaylynn works

  66. k
  67. BRAD
  68. jimmy buffet
  69. Underwhelmed

    Stopped after work to check the place out. Yes, it is a hole but that generally is not a problem. There were about 4 girls there and maybe a dozen guys. Most of the guys were not paying much attention to the girls and the girls seemed more interested in talking to each other at the end of the bar. Very strange atmosphere for a strip club. Most of the girls were also non-descript. All this and $5 for a beer. If this is the areas best, wow.

  70. builderbob

    fabulous place, well run, nice management, sexy dancers. they have it all.

  71. STaff

    Worst place i ever worked..the owner is the biggest asshole and the girls are all drugged out !

  72. Nicole C.

    I went here and it was $20 just to get in, cash only. They do have an ATM machine, with a nice $5 charge per transaction that I got stuck with. The usual club rules applied, caught without a drink in your hand, you are kindly asked to leave. The girls are mediocre and the place was just dirty. I won’t go back. Not worth it.

  73. Marchello


  74. Fillippo


  75. PJ
  76. lovesboobs

    The girls at the kat are the best

  77. jay
  78. Johnson Bigwood

    Best club anywhere. Justice, Lucy, Peaches, Eva, Lola, Dallas, Houston, Zoe, Selena, Chloe, and many others I can’t remember at the moment, are all top of the line entertainers.

  79. Chris

    As always a great visits. Management needs to have a talk and get the girls to stop playing games and tearing each other apart. I was really disappointed with Kitty and her attitude.

  80. John

    After 5 years the club is still the same. I met my wife when she was a

    dancer there and it’s still sad to see the same girls that my wife once

    woked with. The girls are not very friendly and act like they are the

    hottest things put on this earth. But I still will come back.

  81. booblover

    The Kat is alright. The dancers do not spend much time with customers when they are done from stage.

    Go to Rick’s for a real lapdance!!

  82. Tim

    I love the new chairs!! keep up the good work.

  83. Joe
  84. Chuck

    Went at lunch and it was pretty Laid Back, And not very busy

  85. Just Bob

    Awesome place. Wish I could visit more often

  86. Adam
  87. tj
  88. Happy

    Thx for putting the curtain up, Got a Bj last weekend for 50$

  89. Dissapointed
  90. NormalGuy

    I went a few weeks ago and the place itself is a hole. The girls were young and attractive except for one grandma (which grossed me out as I am in my mid 20’s, this stripper looked older than my Mom with a horrible boob job).

    Most of the girls seemed to think every guy there should give them money for no reason and that every guy was obligated to get a lapdance. I did get one and it was the worst place I have ever seen for lapdances. Advertised as “private topless” by the DJ, they were neither. It is like a community lap dance group setting. A bit uncomfortable if you are used to privacy. I went back with Zoe who is cute and old enough to know what she is doing there. Unfortunately she spent more time bullshitting with the other strippers than dancing for me. Disappointing on every level. The only good part was I didn’t see “grandma” (I think her name was Ginger) back there.

    If you want to go have a few beers and see attractive girls topless on the stage then this is a good place to go. That is, if you don’t mid girls begging for money because they haven’t made enough that night yet.

    I may go back but I’m going to try other places first.

  91. James


  93. Kat

    you guys there for the food or the girls WTF!!!!!

  94. Anverto


  95. jeff

    kellys hot!!!!

  96. Ches
  97. Joey
  98. Phil
  99. KB
  100. Mark
  101. CasualCourtier

    The girls are cute, friendly and predominantly clean.

  102. l
  103. Me

    What a dump..full of pigs !!!!!

  104. AJ
  105. special
  106. billy
  107. Dream

    Love it.

  108. NP

    This place is awesome

  109. Bob
  110. azzman

    this is a very nice club. girls are hottt

  111. DC

    the wings are awesome!!

  112. holla
  113. Food!

    Awesome wings!

  114. Gidravzo


  115. Tatianna

    This club isnt exactly a beautiful gigantic club, but it is very welcoming. I’m new there and the girls I work with are a lot nicer than other places I’ve worked with the exception of one or two b*tches. Private rooms aren’t private enough, but if you get the right girl she’ll make sure you get a good dance no matter what πŸ™‚ I’m from The Mirage, and my regulars have followed me to the cat. I usually try to work 4pm-9pm Mondays and Tuesdays, Fridays 9pm to close, and Saturdays noon to 4pm. Ive been told I am a great performer. You like pole tricks? I got ’em πŸ™‚ Come see me!

  116. Don
  117. LOVE IT
  118. Dale
  119. Joel
  120. Todd
  121. Siuzan


  122. Markello


  123. Evan
  124. anno
  125. jim

    had lunch there again. for the first time the service was poor. not the regular wait staff. if that had been my first time there i would never go back.

  126. customer2

    been there three separate times first time was excellent. Great lighting can see the stage from anywhere in the building,young attractive dancers with excellent private dances. The other two were very bad. I am a fit clean-cut guy that tips very well and the dancers would not come near me even with a $20 on the stage. they were more interested in the mexicans that were not tipping at all. all I can figure is they were b/fs of some of the girls. another girls b/f was a security guard and could not handle the one occasion she came near me to talk about a private dance that I had to approach her for. This guy decided to pull a knife to make sure it was visible to me. waitstaff couldn’t get a drink order correct all night. not only did the girls on stage ignore me the ones noy performing would only cater to the b/fs or the obvious regulars. I eventually dropped a $100 on the table I was at with no response. very disappointed, not sure if I’ll go back unless I desperatly need to be ignored.

  127. Steve

    Love the kitty litter plate

  128. Brian
  129. B
  130. Val
  131. MM

    Variety is the key word. You get some of the hottest and then some of the downright consider-another-career scariest. The place needs an overhaul.

  132. Jason

    first time going to the cat and i was very impressed…all the girls were great and aren’t afraid to pull you in and push you around a bit…haven’t been manhandled quite like that a club before, def. made it a blast…whatever type girl you like, i think they had

  133. roach
  134. Stan

    The power hour with the cheap beers is awesome!

  135. Paul

    Their late night happy hour on Fri and Sat is awesome.. 3 bucks for any bottle beer from 11-12

  136. Colin
  137. boo
  138. JL
  139. Sam

    I’ve gotten some great dances at this club. The girls are personable and I have my favorites like anyone else. This is by far the best club in Rochester!

  140. Frequent Visitor

    Most of the girls were attractive but not outstanding. There were a few old ones that really need to retire. Went in on a Wednesday then again on Friday night. The DJ sucked MAJOR ass and you could die of thirst trying to get a drink. If you are bored you should stop but don’t expect anything great. And I’d avoid the lapdances. Advertised as private and topless when in reality neither is true. There are a bunch of old disgusting chairs and couches behind the curtains and the girls go though a rehearsed anything-but-sexy routine and actually touch you a little right at the end of the song to try and trick you into spending more money. Don’t fall for it. Maybe if there was some privacy the girls could do a better job. You get more action at the stage giving them a dollar. I’m going to be spending more time in Rochester over the next few months, I hope the cat isn’t the best Rochester has to offer … please.

  141. Peaches!!

    Best dance I’ve ever had!!

  142. CP
  143. The other Dave

    Been there 4 weekends in a row,had a great time each week with agreat bunch of girls Keep up the good work. “I’LL BE BACK”

  144. Dave

    I enjoy this club. The girls are fun. There is a wide variety of personalities, looks and styles. The pole needs to be better positioned and some of the light effects reflect off of things on the wall. The private room time is good and the girls work hard.

  145. Randy
  146. CD
  147. Bill
  148. Visitor from out of town

    Nothing special. Decent food. Overall girls were adequate looking, nothing more. Pretty waitress and bartender, only one dancer better looking than they were. Won’t avoid it but won’t be arranging my schedule to go back either.

  149. 007
  150. wes
  151. No Thanks
  152. Carlos
  153. nunya

    ugly!gross!and dirty!

  154. strip club vet
  155. MK
  156. DJ
  157. tocrazy86

    Whats so good about diamond is the dance worth it does she let you at least touch on something some girls dont and seems that she only talks to old men anyone else have that problem

  158. David
  159. man
  160. xtina

    i luv the klassy cat and everyone who wrks there and the guest that cum in

  161. GEORGE
  162. Andy
  163. Justin
  164. Tony
  165. Jim J

    Visited on a Tuesday night about 9 PM. The building is a not very clean cinder block bunker (as stated in other reviews), but I don’t know of anyone who goes to a club to admire the architecture. There is one pool table and an electronic darts game – both were continually busy. One long stage. The place is decently lit, beer is reasonably priced, bartender was attentive and cute, music was good and not deafeningly loud. About 20 guys were there when I arrived (mix of mid 20 yr olds, some 35s and some 50+) and 5 dancers. 4 of the 5 can only be described as young (21) and very pretty with hot, natural (mostly) bodies. Primarily spinners if you like that type (and I do!). About 10 dancers were there by the time I left and 8 of the 10 were quite hot. Far higher pretty-vs-plain ratio than other clubs I have visited in past 10+ years. Seriously. The lap dances (topless, with touching but not the naughty bits) are held behind a curtain near the pool table (no kidding) and are not very private with close seating for about 10 guys in a semi-horseshoe shape. I had multiple dances with Jessica and Roxy. Both of them are gorgeous and very friendly. Also recommended – Kat and Tatiana. The ladies make the place. Despite the decor it was one of the best times I have had a club in 10 years. Hope my second visit equals my first. Can’t wait to go back!

  166. BillyBee

    Some friends and I hit Foxys, Mirage and Klassy Kat in the same weekend. I use to work for one of the clubs in the area and know what is permissible. One of the bouncers, Chris, wouldnt even let you be close to them besides doing what is allowable at the dancers invitation. When he isn’t giving the customers a hard time, as someone else mentioned, I saw him playing with a knife like an adolescent, cant miss him he is the only bald, black guy with tattoos. I also discovered that not all the dancers on the website still work there and are now working at the Mirage. The music was very loud and it was difficult to have a conversation with my friends and the girls. Also, the beer selection was limited, not all the advertised beers were available. I think our time would have been better spent at the Barrel then there. We had a much better time at Foxys and the Mirage.

  167. BM
  168. ed

    cute girls are loads of fun to talk to, and give great private dances

  169. Patrick
  170. Jon

    I’ve been to the Cat a lot cause its close and easy to get to. I have heard bad stories about the Cat but have never had a bad experiance. Its a nice place and not a bad place to grab a quick lunch and beer and chat with some girls, and watch them dance as well. Fairly resonable prices and very friendly staff.

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