Taste of Honey



251 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550


40.7082302, -73.6262299




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Taste of Honey

  1. fuckery12

    Cool spot kinda hood

  2. john

    tiffani is the hottest new chick

  3. Horny Mofo
  4. Soda pop

    I have been going there for years and I have watch at least 6 to seven of the dancers put on 50 pounds with horrible attitudes to boot! Management sucks and security as well!

  5. Big L

    Some QTs in this joint. True, club needs to step up its game. Sexy, Rochell is cool by me, that’s my babe. Sexy as hell too.

  6. L.i Bad boy

    Yo come down the street to strip club suduccions and check out the dancer by the name of Apple! She got a bangin ass body. small waist, cute face and a FAT ASS! She what a dancer suppose to look like!

  7. Any-O

    You like black chicks….then come through!

  8. Joe Bud

    this club is a great place to go as I like to eat ass in the VIP room…

  9. richard95

    My type of place!!! The girls aren’t new to this here! They entertain! It’s always time to tip-drill in here!! Make sure you have a stack of singles or you won’t be apart of the FUN!!

  10. Q Mac

    Hated it couldn’t even pay for no ass dirty fat strippers.

  11. wtf

    what a waste of time.. this place is horrible. there were like 3 girls on a friday night and all 3 were holy shit ugly

  12. Sean

    Egypt was the best. No other chick will ever match her.

  13. ???????

    not good prostitutes work there

  14. Sexy

    It needs more improvement and Rochelle needs t get it together and stop hating on new females!!!!!

  15. nickstrip

    I really love this place. I was really sad to see it go. they close the doors back in January

  16. A taste of nothing

    I had been to Taste of Honey in the past and this club just seems to keep going down hill. The girls are not good, some of them have nice bodies but I guess if your doing lap dancing for $10 what can you expect to look like in the face??I take my husband here once and awhile, last night we went and left knowing we won’t be back it’s no longer worth $10

  17. Earl

    Dynasty is one of the worst dancers on the planet. Her private dances are horrible and she has a disgusting attitude to be around. Once the dancers become comfortable in this club they get extremely lazy. The security and the bar staff are alright, but the dancers fell off hard in the past six years. If your looking for a good time aviod Dynasty at all cost,the big talk and stage dances are the only thing that bird is decent at.

  18. Nick

    Avoid this place! Waste of money and time. NOT recommended. The girls really smell. Ugh I wanted to vomit.

  19. Charmer

    This club is generally a good place to enjoy yourself. There are alot of new dancers and the club is actually looking for new dancers who must be IN SHAPE , PRETTY , and at least 21 yrs old. Experience is a plus but not necessary as we will train the right people.

    Prostitution is an ABSOLUTE NO NO at this club !!! I don’t know who this person was with but chances are they’re not at the club anymore because of this.

  20. experience

    the best in ny so far..

  21. B.G.C president

    They show us a lot of luv in this club.drink prices are cool and so are the girls.muahzz 2 the Taste of Honey.. B.G.C President

  22. 11550

    It has its days

  23. G-Spot

    Went there last night for the first time to celebrate my homies birthday. We came in after midnight and nothing was really poppin’. There were a few sexy dancers there, but no one approached us. There was one dancer sitting at the bar that had the nerve to ask us to buy her a drink – she didn’t even dance, flash, nothing. Plus she was fat. Long story short, after 1 drink we left and head to anotrher club. Won’t be going back here anytime soon.

  24. TRE BROWN...R.P.M.


  25. AssnTits5

    I LOVED the layout of this place…the dancers are friendly…some are LAME dancers, but they’re still nice…my bf had the time of his life…the dancer MIA was VERY aggressive…WITH ME…sorry…NOT into girls…The only thing I DIDN’T like was that there was a cover charge for NO REASON…Lots of funny characters(guys) were here…This guy licked one of the dancers ASS CRACK…EWWWWWW…

  26. Franco C.

    AdultSo my moron friend drags me into this place – I was dead-set against it but what the hell, we were out and he apparently knew the owners so in we went. Let’s just say it is in a part of town I would not normally be in. Anyway, to make along story short, we had an absolute hoot in the place. The owner and dancers were all hanging at the bar when we walked in and since that kind of action isn’t my thing, we just had a few beers and watched these extremely funny ladies hamming it up. I laughed my ass off in there- probably not what you go to a topless place for but it worked for me.Really can’t tell you more about prices etc as we didn’t do much more than drink a few beers but it was worth the trip if you ask me.Parking on street.

  27. Mr flyguy
  28. S Money

    Yo I went on a Saturday night and that shit was popping the girls was nice and thick n sexy but a couple of them had attitudes

  29. Justin

    Three show stoppers at this club 2 short hair ladies 1 with goldish blonde hair and a short light-skin goddess with tatoos i don’t remember their names but they all fine as heck.

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