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50 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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115 reviews for “Rick’s Cabaret New York

  1. Mike

    Victoria is the worst dancer & has a horrible attitude, Does not smile or talk to you! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

  2. Ron

    Victoria is the worst dancer & has a very bad attitude! ๐Ÿ‘Ž she doesnโ€™t smile or talk to you! ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

  3. Mike

    A stripper named Victoria is the worst! Bad attitude & did not smile once!

  4. Mike

    Went there recently & Got a lap dance from Victoria, It was the worst, She was always looking in the mirror & did not smile once! She did not even look at me,, She had a very bad attitude! She said she was the best! I think not!! ๐Ÿ‘

  5. Mike

    I went to Ricks cabaret recently & 1
    Of the girls named Victoria had such a bad attitude, Didnโ€™t smile or talk much but just wanted Money from me! A big ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  6. spending customer

    where’s that blonde hair young lady. I really like her I would love to know where she is and why she hasn’t been to work. I love you tinaxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Kayme M.

    So this is actually my first time going to a cabaret and I loved it. Of course I was taking pictures like a complete idiot and so the guy or I believe the manager came up to me and he just tapped me sweetly and asked hey are you taking photos then I was like yes I’am he’s like well you can’t do that because all of these little Invasion of privacy you know privacy that the dancers have. So he told me to show him my phone which I did Then he said whoa you took a whole lot of photos can you please delete them. Of course I was like okay fine I’ll delete them I deleted them and it was like so funny because he says no more okay as if I was a child lol. Great atmosphere. Dancers are hot plus they have exceptional great physique. I got a Cesar’s salad with anchovies in them which I greatly appreciated because people most people don’t know that Cesar salads are made of them. For dessert I had this really cold and refreshing chocolate mousse ice cream. Overall it was fun. There were very good dancers a very professional place. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to relax and watch beautiful women do what they do. I think I’m going to become a regular!

  8. eh
  9. George from Elmhurst

    LOved it. Drinks are pricey, but hey its NY. Its one of the only places in NYC tho, that the table dances are worth it.

  10. danielson

    My friend and I went to the ranger game about 2 weeks ago and got passes when we got out. I said f it let’s go. We’re going that way anyway. We got there and checked our things and were escorted to a table. We ordered a bucket of beer for $72 and I gave the waitress $80 cash. Being that it is a strip club she didn’t even try to give me change. I asked where the ladies room was and was pointed in the right direction. I came back and sat down and then my friend went to the men’s room. I took a picture of my bucket of beer and tagged Rick’s in the photo on Instagram. (Free advertising) As I was locking the phone to put it away the bouncer comes over and tells me I can’t take pictures of the dancers. I told him I wasn’t and he apologized for the misunderstanding and then demanded to see my phone. Oh hellllllllllllllllllll no. The POLICE aren’t even allowed to go through somebody’s phone so I don’t know why this guy thought he could go through people’s phones. He told me I either had to show him the phone or leave. After I paid $80 for BEER. What does he think, I secretly take pictures of half naked girls 20 feet away from me in very dark clubs and go home and flick my bean to them? Porn is free on the Internet. Ridiculous. I will never go back there.

  11. Kent W.

    “I’m In Love With the Stripper!” Seriously, I can’t really eat a steak and watch at the same time. Cmon! Hahahha. Really? Hahahah. Cut. Cut. Eat. Eat. Look. Look.

  12. Haley M.

    I came here shit faced at a 2PM on a Monday with a male friend who happens to have forbes-status amounts of money so that may deem my review a bit unfair for everyone else but may I say…I had an amazing time!!At 2 PM on a Monday it was comical to see how DEAD the place was, so many girls sitting around waiting for someone!! There was a sprinkling of dudes sitting in the shadows getting their bump bump on with the girls, on their lunch break no doubt, but they didn’t bother at all.I guess what I learned most is that you better have money for these bitches or they’re not going to pay attention to you but if you do prepare to be in lap dance/conversation heaven lol….They have one main stage to the left and one mini stage to the right and tons of chairs and tables in between along with a big bar. I kept going back to the bar to change $100’s in to singles so I could make it rain on my favorite girls and it was a mo-effin blast! Those drinks are strong and they keep em’ comin’ There is a tall skinny girl here with short hair that is epic!! I kept referring to her as crazy girl, be on the look out for her lol. In the end I hardly remembering walking out, but what I do know is that I had a huge cheese smile on my face and managed to drop my purse and 2 sweaters in the gutter while getting into a taxi, yuck!! But nevertheless great memories….

  13. Franklyn

    This is my first strip club experience in NYC. I was somewhat impressed. We got in for free, since it was early. Great looking place. The ladies were okay, nothing to call home about. A little loud and a little too much hip-hop. We ordered dinner and drinks. Our waitress was a lady name Valerie and she was amazing! A real gem.I ordered the crab cakes and couldn’t believe how good they were. (sorry Woody’s)I got a few dances at the table, they ran for $20 plus tip. The hottest girl was a 7 and they are a little aggressive.My friend took a busty latina up to VIP. He came back about 30 minutes later, a little pissed. He said he blew about $600 just so he could grab some breasts! On the way out the door we saw the night shift arriving. A few of those women were very attractive. We had tickets to a show so we couldn’t stay. Overall it was a mildly good time. The food was amazing as was the wait staff. I think if we came in a little later and on a weekend night we might have had a better time.

  14. Martine S.

    It was such an awesome girls night out! We came here on a whim and we were treated like such ladies by all the bouncers. Our waitress Yolani was gorgeous and so sweet! The music was on point! We just had such a great time at this place that made us feel very welcomed!

  15. felixnada

    Love this place. Girls are gorgeous! And the bartender is cute and handsome. everything is clean and fresh. Will be back definitely.

  16. hkuf
  17. Igor Z.

    nice place not too pushyhad a nice eve with my spouse

  18. navid

    #The $10 lunch special is really good deal. Even with the 1 drink minimum. Most drinks are $8 and that includes some decent #liquor brands. We were able to get Tito’s martinis, which actually is not a bad deal at $8.The #French Onion Soup was better than Outback’s. The steak is similar to like a diner steak, like #Denny’s, but probably better than #Denny’s. The Cranberry Bread Pudding was really good. The best thing there.I would recommend sitting a little farther #back from the stage, because of the disco lights. It made it difficult to read the menu and eat. #But kinda cool, because I felt like I was in Virtual Reality.#Didn’t get pressured too badly for dances. The ladies don’t approach you while you are eating. But one of them did ask me for a #dance, but not my friend. That was #hilarious.

  19. Ginger G.

    This place is great!! The food is awesome – the girls are smart AND Hot! There’s something for everyone here — very diverse. The food is damn near 5 Star, as is the service – VERY CLASSY!! Music is great and the energy stays pretty good the entire night… probably the DJ is reading the crowd well. 100% RECOMMENDED!!

  20. T.J. S.

    Reviewing something like this is a first for me but this place is worth raving about. The general manager Shaun was absolutely amazing. Him and his staff couldn’t have been more gracious to our group. We had Angela as our table side waitress. Not only was she extremely attractive, she was also constantly on her “A” game and always attentive. I wish she worked at every place I go. I would also like to recognize “Scarlett”. She made our experience one we will never forget. I highly recommend this place and I can promise you the next time I am in New York City I will be returning! THANK YOU AGAIN TO THE Rick’s cabaret Staff especially Shaun, Angela and Scarlett!

  21. XXXbeast

    This place will cheat you out of your money. Any girl you remotely chat with at the bar will be on your tab regardless or whether you walk away after paying or not.Do not go here

  22. nickstrip

    Exactly what I have come to expect from the Ricks brand. I’m a regular at the Indianapolis location and was in town for business so we decided to come check this location out. Management was awesome, so was the wait staff who took care of our table. She was very attentive. And the girls are all good looking. I will definitely be back.

  23. Robert M.

    If you are gonna drop $ on laps, this is where to go. Private rooms, capeche?

  24. doney
  25. Jack F.

    In the immortal words of Doug Stanhope: “Just because you’re the best at something doesn’t mean you’re actually good.”Rick’s for all I know may in fact be the best strip club in NYC, but it’s certainly just a decent club in the grand scale of things.Full disclosure (I mean for this review, not the club…the club serves alcohol so lame state laws strike again): as a lifelong gentleman I’ve only been kicked out of one club and it was world famous Rick’s Cabaret. Now, to be fair, I truly believe this bit of trivia does not impact my review. I can almost understand from their point of view why it looked like I maliciously knocked over three bottles and not a stripper. One of us was 70% gin-and-tonic and one of us worked for the club. Even though I was innocent, I recognized that mounting a defense would be difficult. At the same time, had they *not* thrown me out I can still all but guarantee this would be a 3-star joint in my book.I do also want to pause here and note I was thrown out with white glove service. Say what you will about Rick’s as a club – their bouncing staff deserves the reputation they have as reasonable and friendly.As a native New Yorker who has been quick to put other states on blast for their pizza and bagels so I feel just as confident when it comes to admitting when New York sucks. And as much as at pains me to admit, New York generally SUCKS when it comes to strip clubs.NY clubs are overpriced, understaffed, inconveniently located, and have the same non-nude when alcohol is present problems you often run into outside the big city.So while Rick’s Cabaret aquits itself on some counts, it really does embody all of those problems. Worse, and like many NYC institutions, it’s trading on this vague connection to celebrity that is entirely intangible once you’re actually there. Yes, Ronnie and some other Howard Stern staff members partied here a lot and talked about it on-air for years. If I didn’t know that I wouldn’t have guessed it and knowing it didn’t do anything for my experience.The interior is nice and there are some very attractive super-modelesque ladies working here, but on balance it comes down to that painful you’re-just-paying-extra-because-this-is-New-York-City feeling that leaves both your heart and wallet empty.In my case, I actually spent more on the massage girls (who deserve a special mention for really elevating my rating of this place) because they were giving legit PhD in sports medicine massages pretty much all night. I felt like I had my own personal Mickey Goldmill during my binge drinking and stripping analysis. I really need that in my life. Everything else being what it is, I still do have Rick’s Cabaret to thank for that revelation.Another gin and tonic, coach.

  26. fuckery12

    My 1st time at a strip club. Came on a Monday afternoon for the 3-course $10 lunch. Food was meh but for $10 what do you expect! Not awful!The selection of girls on a Monday afternoon wasn’t bad at all. I expected so much worse. The place is nice inside and the girls are not pushy at all. Will DEF. come back again.

  27. NYer
  28. Joyce S.

    The service is fine for a “strip club” setting. Easy boucer pass. Food ia average, but very low prices, so can probably be called great.Anyway, I came there with my boyfriend and hoped for a prelude for a long and fine night ๐Ÿ™‚ Eventually, the night happened, but the evening was not so hot. All these tired and indifferent strippers’ faces did not make me any hotter. We are strip club lovers, so maybe we demanded too much.A-OK for now.

  29. Joe Smith

    Very expensive

  30. jimbo

    This club rules check out serita and india and mackenzie they are hot

  31. Kyle S.

    Strip club at 1pm on a Saturday, nothing wrong with that. I met a friend here because I heard they actually have pretty decent food. When I got there around 1pm no dancers were dancing, but that was fine as there were only like five patrons in there total. When my friend arrived we ordered food, apparently they do a $15 brunch on Saturdays. Something off the brunch menu and a drink. Pasta wasn’t bad, definitely better than some non-strip clubs I’ve eaten at. Around 2pm or 3pm the girls started dancing. I felt kinda bad because there really wasn’t anybody around to throw singles on stage for the girls. Also, there wasn’t any pressure at all to get dances from the girls, we could have just sat around eating if we weren’t bored. What was supposed to be a quiet lunch with a friend ended up being a $1,000 money suck in this place. What can I say, I kept waiting for him to pull the rip cord on the spending and he never did. There are some very pretty girls there and some not so pretty girls, like all strip clubs. Absolutely ended up falling in love with one so what do I know. Luckily after spending my money there, I didn’t feel as bad about spending money on shopping afterwards or the night of binge drinking afterwards.

  32. Ray S.

    $10 lunch. For a 3 course lunch!! Great value for that. This place was an excellent find after hitting a few bars near centrally located Penn Station in NYC. My road dog Chow and I were greeted on the sidewalk one evening by a gentleman in a suit who told us it was free cover that night. A bunch of us had been barhopping for a friend’s birthday and thought why not, lets check it out. We gladly walked in and were taken to our table. We heard from another upstanding fellow patron that they serve excellent steak here and the best crab cakes (no thats not a euphemism for boobs or anything ). We passed on that but instead ordered 2 Heinekens. The boobs were topless here but everything else stayed on. The dancers were higher quality than the ones in sleazier clubs, Chow commented this was a classy strip joint indeed. The only downside was the bill for the 2 beers was pretty expensive at about $24. Oh well Chow had free admission anyways. My road dog is how do you say “bout that life” and got lap dances with 8 different girls that night…. Or it could just be because he was drunk as $?%#&.

  33. Gianna

    nothing short of AMAZING! This stunning club features 4 floors, including a

    steakhouse and a smoke deck overlooking the empire state building. dances

    are $20 which is excellent especially considering its prime location (33rd and

    6th). There are also private rooms available for 15 min, 1/2 hour and hour.

    Prices are exceptional especially when comparing to other city clubs. (Private

    eyes charges up to $2000 for the hour.) Let me also say that the food is

    OUTSTANDING! Our lunch special includes a soup or salad an entree and a

    dessert for $10. Where else in manhattan can you find this? ONLY AT RICKS

    CABARET! I’ll see you there!

  34. timmykilla

    The best place to go for lunch in Midtown! 3 course meal just for $10, $8 drinks, and the best looking entertainers… what can be better to spend some time of work? Truly recommended ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Cole O.

    So to be completely honest – I enjoy going to Rick’s for lunch. $10 for more food than you could ever eat for a lunch portion.Highly attractive women, everywhere.Music.5 minute walk from the office.Again, I enjoy Rick’s.

  36. dannyboy

    great place

  37. AssnTits5

    Lingerie Tuesdays was awesome, though some girl were wearing Santa outfits, which aren’t a turn on at all. A few stunners, and waitress was very attentive to our needs as well. The main stage downstairs didn’t seems to have a pole, and so the place seemed classier like more of a club or lounge, by there were still plenty of girls working the floor. This place is ALOT of fun.

  38. Razzy

    Love the place!

  39. Dave P.

    I went to Rick’s Cabaret today for lunch around 2:40 (lunch special is over after 3) and had a lovely time. The food came out fast and was quite good, and exceptional considering that a Ceasar Salad, 10 oz steak with fries and a chocolate cake was $10! (Although there is a 1 drink minimum and even a ginger ale is $8 so you’re not really leaving there without throwing down $22)It was very dark, but there were a few TVs and some delightful girls dancing on stage. Fairly quiet when I went, while eating no one bothered me, but once I finished and kinda relaxed in my chair a bit, I was propositioned by a sexy foreign girl. Didn’t go for the dance, but it was a nice lunchtime ego boost.All in all, I’d definitely go again with a co-worker, it was a cool place to chill and the food was really good!NB – If you’re nice to the coat check girl, who was super cute, she’ll probably give you some No Cover passes good anytime with no expiration

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  41. Phil H.

    Looking to have some adult entertainment in a relaxing “no-pressure” environment? Head on over to Rick’s Caberet. Do it! Now!One of the few strip clubs I have been to over the years where you are greeted with a handshake by the bouncers and treated like a regular even if you are not. A really cool place to kick back in with a drink and enjoy all the “talent” around you. The girls here are actually very pretty, sexy, and nice too. Never once did I feel the “hard sell” approach here, as many dancers I have met in the past attack you with as if they are on a mission as money Terminators to suck every dollar out of your wallet.Rick’s also actually is pretty affordable as far as strip clubs go. Free admission 11-7, happy hour until 8PM, low prices on a large bottle of Chimay, easy on the wallet rates for lap dances, and a $10 lunch special Mon-Fri. You can also go on their website to print out free admission passes to use anytime. Rick’s makes it easy for even the average working Joe to come in for a few hours and enjoy life. I also saw some couples and ladies getting lap dances too. Fun for everyone!Multiple floors, nice waitresses, outdoor deck to enjoy a cigar, three stages, affordable drinks, cheap admission, friendly bouncers, sexy and nice dancers, food and drink specials, and all wrapped up in a chill atmosphere. What’s not to like? Sometimes you just need to exhale and enjoy the sights and sounds around you. Rick’s makes it oh-so-easy.

  42. rogerrab2

    I’m not for bashing places or praising places as a matter of fact. Especially gentle men’s clubs.Long story short – I hang out the bar drink a couple cocktails.. walk away for a bit to hit the head next think I know my tab is astronomical– I question it and minutes later I have Johnny goomba and mr GED dimploma wearing cheap cologne and dep gel angry (I’m far from confrontational) breathing down my neck wearing an awfully non- tailored suit.. Probably a valet Parker at best .. Anyway avoid! Way classier places than this. I literally was charges 1100 for 5 drinks.

  43. adamrod

    Okay, I am no strip club expert but I will say that I freaking love this place! The women are extremely hot and cool and the waitresses and managers are very accommodating. I go during lunch with all my male coworkers and even though I am the only girl the dancers make me feel very comfortable. I’ve even had a dance or two from time to time. Oh, and at lunch for 10 bucks you get a salad, awesome entree and a dessert! Hello!? Even for a steak or a grilled salmon I’m getting gourmet cooking for Mcdonalds prices! My coworkers love it here! It’s definitely at once weekly thing for us.I’ve also been there on Saturday night and it is packed! Totally different scene. Love it either way!

  44. Observer

    Been there a few times.

    Great personalities include: Juliette, Sam, Sinaed.

  45. Eric

    The managers and dancers are the best in the world. This club ROCKS!

  46. james
  47. dannyboy7

    John X.!!!! Is top notch and best host. Caters to your needs. Professional and super friendly. One of the best in this place. Definitely keep him around! One of the reasons I like coming here. Awesome environment because of him!

  48. renje g.

    ***** Lunch time review****+++- Can’t beat a three course ten dollar lunch in NYC; midtown at that++- Good conversational environment, TVs on mute, music not too loud- Portions are big, You will not leave hungry- The biggest hit was French onion soup+- The models were not too accosting- Food was decent, Nothing was too bad or terrible+/– Only one model– Service is kind of slow (I guess that’s more time to be consulted by the models) Our lunch took nearly 1.5 hours, with half our group having to leave early yo go back to work- It’s wierd that lunch was $10, but drink prices are normal. You buy a lunch and a bear, and you’ve spent $18 already- Whoa! those appetizers are expensive- No touching, boys

  49. Bill
  50. Rhadford C.

    I came in here on Saturday night and I was not impressed by this place at all. I expected this place to be way better, being it is a stripclub in New York. Out of 15 strippers, I only saw one, that looked decent. If you like black strippers, this is the perfect stripclub to go in New York city. They do lapdances at the tables for $20, and to get a private lapdance it’s $300. That is fucking ridiculous. That pretty much killed the deal for me, right there. Hell, I can go to Blush in Pittsburgh, and get a private nude lapdance, for $20. This place is a ripoff, do not come here.

  51. Bing

    Girls are great looking but pushy. VIP room not worth the extra dollars with expensive Champane pushed at night.

  52. China

    Great CLub

  53. Raash F.

    Been there on a long weekend!though i am not a pro when it comes to clubs like these but i have been to places across…This place did no offer me good ambiance, girls quality or value for money!to make my bad experience to worst, bunch of goons misbehaved with me pretending to be cool guys…did not expect the c grade guests in upclass place in front of bouncers!if u r in to spoil your mood@cost of ur money….go for this shitty place…

  54. Stan

    Nice place…less hustle then at Penthouse. The girls here are a little more easy going.

  55. NYMIKE

    Loved the girls. Drinks are high, but i guess that’s just NYC. The place is beautiful

  56. Billy L.

    Arrived with a bachelor party, was offered a deal at the door by their own staff, then the bill comes when we are leaving at $200 more than promised, suddenly no staff members recall making us that deal… Place is a total scam. Don’t waste your time or money bc they will scam you out of more then you agreed to.

  57. Mistercap12

    Had the time of my life here with a group of true troopers! I recommend Amaris. FLEXIBLILITY. Girls were more hit than misses at this one. WILL be back…

  58. Jimbo Jones

    This club is the best. the best dancers there are india syreeta and karina.

  59. Stone Cold

    Ricks is the best of the best. and everyone check out india she is so hot and very lovely.

  60. curtis17

    Never thought I’d see myself reviewing a place like Rick’s, lol. Rick’s Cabaret was my first strip club experience in NYC. Checked this place out because it was my last couple of days in NY and I just thought, why not? Anyway, there’s an entry fee (forgot how much) and a 2 drink minimum or you can get the bottle service for like $500 something dollars (sounded convincing at the time, haha). As far as dances, they’re affordable. I thought they’d be super pricey considering it was NYC, but it’s just like other places I’ve been to. We were pre gaming at a bar before we came here and I didn’t have much to eat, so when I was handed a menu, I ordered the sliders and fries and that was super good. The ladies here were pretty cool and laid-back, some were pushy, and some where just ehhhh…I have to say one thing though…nobody can top Houston when it comes down to strip clubs! Ha!I forgot the guy’s name who helped us out with everything, but he was real cool. S/O to the hispanic guy with the fade!

  61. Flash

    Excellent Club. Friendly grils, Friendly Staff.

    Highly recommend.

  62. Bob Scarazo
  63. Bo Boxer From BK

    Ricks is very high class and the girls are hott especially Serena and India. if you are at ricks go look for them they are the best looking girls there.

  64. james1412

    Strip clubs are a great place to have a different level of fun. I’ve been to my share, always leaving with accomplishing an evening of fun, except when I went to this location. I came in with 2 friends on a Wednesday night after a Rangers game, and left highly disappointed. The staff was very inattentive and almost rude. I understand if it’s a dead night, but that does not mean that you have to give crappy service. The girls were barely a 5 and them too did not want to be bothered. We had no problem spending money on drinks and dances, but got very turned off with the attitude. Def not going back here. There are much better strip clubs in NYC with better service and girls.

  65. any name

    now this is how a strip club is sapposed to be run! the best place i have worked at by far!

  66. Ross B.

    Stopped by on a tuesday – bought a bottle as we were told we didn’t have to finish the bottle that night – they would hold the remainder for up to 1 month.We come back 10 days later and of course they “can’t find” the half of the $500 bottle we paid for.Girls were pretty bad this night too – on a friday! I’ve been to Rick’s before and the quality has definitely dipped. There was probably 2 hot girls there. A lot of old and fat dancers.Turf war going on in the bathrooms…watch out

  67. Mykel B.

    The only thing that keeps it from 5 stars is the lack of a pole on stage. What a great place… we went for the “Bacon and Legs” brunch. Less than $20, excluding the proliferation of dollar bills. The place is classy. And not only are the girls beautiful, they’re smart too! We just sat and talked for awhile. No lapdance pressure (sometimes they got up to “take care of business” and then returned to us). What did we discuss? English literature and Chinese linguistics? Holy intellectual, Batman!I’m a fan of strip clubs (though not of lap dancing… or high pressure tactics). This club, though, is in a class by itself. Yeah, drinks are strip club prices, but you’ve got to expect that. Oh yeah, I second the comments about the bouncers. Great guys. Completely not intimidating, and even friendly. Women are welcome in the audience… as well as on stage. I’m going back, that’s for sure.

  68. Gene Upshaw
  69. george j.

    I thought the food quailty and portion was very good. Girls were pretty and also respectful. Good place, I will go there again.

  70. Marcelo

    To many skinny ladies

  71. Josh

    great atmosphere and the girls are friendly unlike most stips clubs, the food, hospitality, and of course the floor dances are beyond amazing

  72. JKD
  73. nj man

    definately the best in nyc

  74. tonycluber

    After a lovely dinner, the birthday girl wanted to venture out to Rick’s Cabaret to celebrate the remaining of her pre-birthday party! It was our first time at a gentleman’s club and we did asked way too much rookie questions. I am sad that we weren’t allowed to take pictures at all. The birthday girl and me love the rock music that they were playing at the club. Why not some Korn…LOL!!The Signature Cocktails were like $25 super pricy and other cocktails were like $18. The birthday girl’s first lap dance was on me and she picked Avery. Armani was a terrific dancer on stage and would’ve buy the birthday girl another dance but I was tight on cash. Definitely will be back to celebrate another birthday or event celebration here soon!Don’t forget to print those FREE ADMISSION coupons + minimum two drinks

  75. richard95

    I can say with the utmost assurance that Rick’s Cabaret is the least pushy, most enjoyable strip club experience you can ask for. Now, my opinion is heavily biased because I went there for a bachelor party and had a stripper on my lap for entire two hour stretch. It felt like Christmas because the only man that gets that much lap time is Santa Claus. Now, I’ve been to primo strip clubs in LA, Las Vegas, Montreal and New York city but this one stuck out because the strippers weren’t vacant, transparent, money grubbing, skanky looking, suck you till your dry, horrors. I know that strippers have to make a living and their job is to hustle the most dollars as possible. I get that, but that doesn’t mean I have to be in love with the pump my wallet till it’s empty mentality. At Rick’s, my friends who got plenty of lap dances on their own, didn’t feel like perpetual suckers that felt obligated to buy lap dances that come shooting at you like smoking comets in g-strings. Rick’s is great because you didn’t get that cold, transactional feel you get at the Hustler Club or in porn shops on Broadway off Times Square where all of the Indians working there stare at you with that expressionless, business as usual, poker face. What’s also great about Rick’s Cabaret is that it has different levels and an outdoor patio so it gives you that free wheeling, interactive, clubby type of atmosphere via Webster Hall except I was too drunk to notice if everyone was rolling their face off. My friends and I occupied the upper level which was posh, dark and low key, full of comfortable leather swivel chairs that you can easily pass out in if you just housed a bottle of Avion and got intoxicated from the tsunami of stripper scents immersed in their perfectly sculpted chests as they playfully burry your face inside those pillowly, lobes of perfection. Our Bartender, Joey, a smoking, wholesome, busty beauty on her own, only added to the cool, non-chalet, sexy vibe of the place. She was more than accommodating when it came to serving me endless servings of a plush, silky smooth bourbon called Woodford Reserve which wasn’t included into our pre-arranged two hour drink special. Joey was fantastic, she generated as much as heat as the strippers and was a visual feast on par with the rest of curvy vixens that slutted up the place in a non skanky, more dressed up stripper sort of way. So if you guys are looking for a strip club that isn’t just one room packed tight with strippers caged in one giant space where everyone can see your taken, hustled ass, than Rick’s is for you. I didn’t have to hit up the ATM but I’m sure Rick’s doesn’t charge you the 25 dollar smuck tax that the Hustler Club charges you whenever you withdraw another three hundred Benjamin’s. If you decide to go to Rick’s, make sure Joey is working, she’ll make the experience a more pleasurable one and you won’t leave the place feeling like Joey Lawrence from Blossom looking at your account balance the next morning going: Whoa! Blossom would make a good stripper name don’t you think?

  76. Samuel

    The food is good the dancers are a waste of money

  77. NuYorker

    As far as I can tell, the place is well run, and the staff is wonderful. Sam & Milan are my favorite girls, altho on nights when there are 40 girls, there are at least 70% that are perfect 10’s…

  78. yanard12

    they thought it would be a good idea to allow the girls to drink on my tab as a free for all without asking us, then follow up with the girls have been working here for years and would never do that…. stirppers take advantage of customers, no way, unheard of. My fault, customers beware and good luck. Terrance the manager will call you back INSULTED that his girls would do that. find another place in the city to go is my advice.

  79. joey
  80. Renee G.

    Wow…i’m shocked this place only had 3.5 stars….my sisters friends are from NY so we went up to visit and wanted to check out a cool NY strip club..since the bay area ones suck!I love this place! Everyone was cool…all the chics are HOT! You get a good variety and the decor is very modern and dark like it should be, but not in a bad way.Tried the food there and the service was friendly and food was yummy.I will definately be going back there when I visit NY again! It was fun times ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Yoon C.

    Pretty good quality for the price–def reasonable. The staff greets and treats you with such amazing courtesy (especially fucking cool door guy Arizona) and takes care of you with upmost loyalty. I honestly think this place is worth every dollar spent and I love the friendly staff, thanks for an amazing experience!

  82. someguy

    Had an excellent time, drinks were great and the ladies were very comforting on the eyes and at the tables

  83. GarryWas

    Update:As you can see, this place not only rips off their customers but they also do not practice discretion! So they’ll take your money AND not respect your privacy if you try and fight the charges. Classy! Read other reviews. This is not an isolated incident.____________BEWARE!!!!! This place engages in highly illegal activity. Their girls drug their customers and rack up their credit card bills. Then their gorilla security guards threaten you to sign your check and will not let you leave if you try and dispute the charges. They’ll then call the cops and threaten to arrest you if you don’t sign (see picture). They did with me. Total scammers. I got taken for thousands of dollars.You’ve heard it about it on the news and this place is one of the culprits. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

  84. mike

    have been here a few times recently and each time the girls were great, the atmosphere comfortable, and whether it was a monday, thur or saturday, the place was hopping. vip on third floor is worth it with the right wild girl.

  85. rickywho2

    Where should I begin… there are (legal) establishments out there that appeal to the more base, hedonistic, and libertine aspects of a man’s natural instinct. Rick’s Cabaret is one such establishment. As an expert on such places of business (merely by the numerical quantity attended, in many a different locale, in all the years I’ve been allowed to legally attend), due to a combination of loyalty to the place in tandem with a fair amount of good will/nostalgia I feel towards it… Rick’s might be my personal favorite gentlemen’s club out there.You will burn money here in very hasty fashion. And you will have no one to blame but yourself and your own lack of self control. At least, you’ll be in good company… so there is solace to find in that. NYC is full of beautiful women, and Rick’s benefits from such a pool. The girls working the floor and the poles here are definitely easy on the eyes… and the variety is astounding; there will be more than one that will catch your eye on a given night.What’s probably more of a shock is how royally treated you will be when you come here. Whether you play the part of a mere peasant or you come in with your boys as a high roller, you can expect great treatment from the bouncers and the girls. I had to step out to hit up a cash machine, and I asked the front door bouncer if I needed a stamp to get back in… he said I didn’t, and despite a large gathering of male homo sapiens crowding the door, when I got back I was instantly recognized and let back in no hassle. More recently, this past weekend I rolled up squad deep for one of my best friend’s slash college roommate’s brother-in-law’s bachelor party… we were 10 members strong for the night’s goings-on, and were probably that many drinks in by the time we arrived. The bouncer was more than willing to break down pricing to us, as a table for the group would have ensured seating for us, and come out cheaper than if we were to pay cover and each fulfill the two drink minimum. Like I said, we were all well imbibed at that point, and a spoon feeding of information was more a necessity than unwarranted pandering at that point; the price breakdown was very much appreciated, and we ultimately opted for a table.Back to the girls though, for the most part they’re all pretty much sweethearts (embodiment of the fantasy “stripper with a heart of gold”… here’s looking at you Nancy Callahan). I won’t tell you who my favorite(s) is/are… I am a jealous guy after all… Either way, remember that these girls are working, experts in the art of making you feel special. If you have no problem spending $240 on one hour to feel like the man… then by all means go ahead. When the cash flow runs out, it is highly probable that she will lose her interest in you; unless of course you find some compatibility with the girl you choose (it can/does happen, even more likely with the disclosure of a few personal details about one’s life, coupled with an inquisitive nature as to her’s). The thing again is that she’s working, and if you’re lucky enough, she may rather not have to “work” and spend more time giving you attention… being liberal with her interpretation of time (if you get what I’m saying). At any rate, your senses will be in a state of euphoric flux. The sights (visually stunning women), the smells (won’t lie, something about stripper perfume gets me in a money spending mood), and the touch (for real, these girls must bathe in baby oil 24/7, and most are willing to let you get grabby, within reason) will have you burn through a sizable chunk of bank account faster than you can say “$10 ATM FEE!?!?” And you will use that ATM, and you’ll hate yourself for it the following morning.

  86. Andrew

    Awesome time cause there were no ugly girlss! All of them were

    super hot and classy. The doorman was huge and very nice! Gave us

    a Vip table with bottle. Askfor Arizona!

  87. Tom

    Great environment, great girls, great food!

  88. dbone

    This place rocks, all (most) of the girls are friendly and extra lovely!

  89. Bret S.

    I planned a Bachelor Party for Ricks after “scouting” around at several other places. In this economy there are some smokin’ good group packages to find at strip clubs…which you’d think is impossible for this type of thing. It’s not. For $150/per guy we got admission/ 2 hours open bar/ a four course meal/a private table upstairs. They kept on telling me the food was good but, it was hardly a reason to go to this kinda club. The food was great(mostly steaks). The wait service was acceptable(we were a big group and were ordering drink after drink so, waiting on us was no easy task). The manager Shaun treated us really well. The girls are friendly(but that’s no surprise). We went on a Saturday and let’s be honest…the only thing anyone really wants to know is how hot are the dancers. On the Saturday we went most of the dancers were gorgeous. Add in a great deal on drinks and food and we had one hell of a bachelor party. Strongly recommended.

  90. Brad
  91. Edmund C.

    I’m a regular here because of kamilla. We met 10 years ago at a club at the lower east side. Two of my friends I opened a bottle here for $500. On a Tuesday night. My brother had a problem going in that night because he was a cancer patient. He had a beanie over his head. They told us it would be okay but we would be seated in the back away from everyone. That was fine was us, until we finished our bottle. Once that was done, the “bouncer” that switched shifts was not okay with it anymore. He said “it’s his call and I don’t know who you talked to,but beanies are absolutely not ok anymore.” so with half the bottle remaining, we told him we would never come back again. This guy sorry to say is an idiot. My friend for ten years has worked there, and every birthday with all my friends we’d open bottles that would cost $400+. You fucked up ricks. Goodluck to your demise.You guys are really stupid. I don’t know why you would do that to us since I bring so much of your bachelor parties over here..you guys are really stupid lol. Plenty of money to make. Fuck you ricks. Cause we didn’t open enough bottles for once. You’re done. Guys don’t come to this place. They’ll put u on a pestiol when you open a bottle but will kick you out when you don’t open the next one. This is after you brought them years of business from bachelor parties or birthdays. Fuck themP.s I didn’t know they had multiple establishments. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE FOR 50 33RD STREET. West 33rd btwn Broadway and 5th ave. (212) 372 – 0850. Beware.

  92. winston12

    Worst place I’ve ever been. They get their dick sucked by strippers. They suck at everything, service, customers, bad bad bad. Avoid.

  93. Smith
  94. rick
  95. Paul
  96. Gregg
  97. Joe
  98. jessica

    Couldn’t rate the $$$, because I didn’t pay for anything when I went. I can say that the dancers were all very friendly and sweet. Of course, they’re all sexy too. I like this club more than Lace (in Times Sq), because it seems a little more down to earth.

  99. Kain V.

    A large group of went here for a farewell lunch for one of our friends. It’s more of a strip club than a cabaret. The decor was very modern and clean. The waitresses and strippers all looked like former or aspiring porn stars. Out of all the strippers, only was remotely hot. The club features a 10 dollar pre-fix lunch menu. The service was attentive but it took over 2hrs to get our food. The food itself was prettty disappointing when we got it. If you’re itching for a steak and strippers and are in area, you might want to check it out. I’m definitely not coming back to this place.

  100. Gabby C.

    This place is nice good food ., nice women and great drinks its in the middle of the city you go in there to get away from the crazy atmosphere nyc offers and just enjoy good food and wonderful entertainment

  101. Sam

    I heard this club is great is there a hostess named Vivian there?

  102. Romulus R.

    went here lunchtime during weekday.entered & was pleasantly surprised.place is huge. 3 floors open space.doormen and manager were courteous.girls working the day time were way better than expected.definitely a couple sexy ones.i liked the lineup. had a nice mix of dancers.had a cute little girl sit on my lap for 30 minutes & just bullshitted.not overly aggressive & friendly.flirted with her & copped a few cheap feels.prices were moderate.wonderful afternoon overall.think i would come here everyday if i lived closer.

  103. coxxx
  104. maxxy1

    I have to admit, going to a strip club usually turns out to be a wonderful experience for me…Why as a woman would I say that? I’ll tell you why. It’s because it reminds me just how great my life actually is. It also reminds me that I need to get my ass back to the gym so I can work on my curves in time for the summer, but that’s another story.I arrived at Rick’s Cabaret exactly at 6 pm on a Wednesday night for a UYE. The bouncer immediately asked me if I was alone and started asking me a series of questions which made me wonder if he thought I was a hooker trying to come in and steal patrons. “Do you have a group inside?” “Who are you here for?” “What’s his name?” “What does he look like?” etc. He then promptly escorted me in and took me to my friend’s table…WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME? (Don’t answer that.)As soon as I walked in, I found myself surrounded by a plethora of women dressed in slinky dresses secured with one perfectly-placed, careless knot. Now compared to my last experience at a strip club where everyone looked like a girl from the movie Taken, these women were freaking goddesses. Sure there were a few “ehhhh”s in the bunch but damn, some of these girls just had amazing bodies… and I don’t necessarily mean the ripped and toned porn star kind of body but the “WOW, her breasts are freaking humongous” or “that ass would cut off circulation to the lower half of my body within minutes!!” kind of bodies. There were implants and BBLs walking around as far as the eye could see.Even though I’m curious about this aspect of human culture, I can’t help but think looking at these girls the proverbial quote “Somewhere daddy f***ed up.” Remember how I said earlier it reminds me how great my life actually is? Yeah, I’m pulling out the “my daddy loves me and I’ll always be his little girl” card. My favorite part of the evening was watching my girlfriend’s face being devoured by a gigantic pair of fake breasts during a surprise inaugural lap dance (paid for by myself and Louis). That definitely warranted a fist bump from all parties involved. Someone had to pop that cherry!

  105. StripClub431

    I know this is a gentleman’s club which caters to men, however they offer a really good lunch special. $10.00 for a choice of soup or salad, approx. 10 choices of entrรฉes, and 2 options of dessert to chose from. I usually get the mixed green salad, grilled chicken penne, and the bread pudding. Very tasty. I cant say the same for the salmon, but the shrimp are also pretty good. I almost forgot to mention there’s a mandatory 2 drink minimum, doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage but whatever drinks you purchase are $8.00 each. Twice I’ve gone and it took really long for my food and drinks to come out. which sucks because I only have an hour lunch break. I visited last week and that may have been last time visiting RICK’s for lunch. It took entirely way too long for everything and the shift supervisor did nothing to accommodate my party when we complained. That’s just bad managerial skills. He had an attitude like he could care less, because we were there for lunch and not to tip the dancers. Which in my eyes aren’t even worth the tips. A lot of the girls that should be working are standing around by the bar or sitting at a table talking with each other. Overall I give their customer service a big fat thumbs all the way down!!!!!

  106. Johnnyboy123

    I don’t know why this place is rated so low. It’s awesome!The Venue:There’s three floors. The bouncers are super friendly and really give you the VIP treatment. You pay a $20 cover when you enter the establishment. (Red carpet everywhere — Tom Haverford would be proud.) Though if you go on their website and print a coupon, there’s no cover and you can spend the Hamilton on a one-song lap dance ;)The Girls:Mostly have something going for them, either nice breasts, a killer body, or a pretty face. Usually pick one or two of those. BUT THEY ARE DOWN FOR ANYTHING. Okay, maybe not anything. There were definitely people copping a few feels. They are very open about touching and contact. Breasts were regularly shoved into customer’s faces. Legs were being spread. They did not skimp on the lap dances. There were even two girls scissoring at one point on the first floor. Like, damn. WARNING: Do not slap their ass or grab their breasts. You will be charged extra.WARNING: If you are a man, they will hassle you for lapdances and more drinks, and distract you with their ample breasts as they take your money.

  107. Renee C.

    Rick’s isn’t *that* bad. I think it really depends on when you go. Night time during the week is definitely the best, but the caliber of girls you get is really hit or miss. There is always at least one hottie there, with a long waiting list. I’ve never had the food, so I can’t comment on the menu. I’ve done a full review on my blog nycstripclubs.blogspot.cย…Note to Megan C: stippers don’t lip sync or sing. that would be lame. I think “cabaret” just refers to the dancing.

  108. Peter

    Most dancers are beautiful and nice. Good atmosphere.

  109. DJ Page

    Midtown’s #1 Gentlemens Club! Actually, #1 in NY!

  110. Max R.

    DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS TO THE PRIVATE ROOM… read belowThis place is below average in terms of talent, you’ll find much better looking girls elsewhere, I only spotted 3 or 4 good ones.The one piece of advice is do not go upstairs for a private dance unless you’re fine with spending a minimum of $500 to only touch cans and bottoms, that’s it, nothing more, period.Oh and they tell you $365 for a half hour but they leave out the fact that they push you to buy champagne, then when you are finally done they push you to tip 20% to the dancer (who already collects $200 for each half hour as her cut) and THEN to top it all off they push you to tip the glorified cashier (maitre d?) 20% as well…. ummm do you tip the cashier at the grocery store, what a joke! The dancers deserve a tip way more than you, get a real job you lazy sleazes.

  111. Ben

    This club is fantastic. I bought 10 dances from 6 girls for only $200. Two russians tried to get me to buy a private room for $360 per half hour, I didnt have that kind of money. It was loud, I was chatting with one of the dancers and we kept having to repeat ourselves. If I moved to new york city Id probably be here daily, and spend all my money here. The girls smelled amazing.

  112. RicksFan

    Hottest girls nyc has to offer hands down!

  113. Jimmy
  114. brandonresh

    Most ridiculous establishment ever. The cheap whores that work here take advantage of your open tab and make purchases without prior authority, so disrespectful and ILLEGAL.

  115. Sammy Miami

    Serita is the best looking gurl there trust me on that and david the manager is the man

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