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2870 Erie Boulevard East, Syracuse, NY 13224


43.0546794, -76.0915508




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Adult World

  1. videoboother

    its a dirty bookstore , with vending booths ( glory holes anyone?)

  2. tommy

    the music was little loud. most of the woman were very sexy!!! There was one girl that had a pretty face, but looked like she was very pregent, a burnett girl, somthing with an S. There were 3 very hot blondes there all great dancers!!! Nice atomosphere!!

  3. sahra

    this bar kinda sucks and i dont think ill ever go back

  4. Charlie

    I was at The Club on Saturday night. I could not believe what a party atmosphere it was.

  5. Customer

    Great place! I always have fun here =)

  6. Sam

    My boys and me had a blast! Arrived early, then came back after the bar and spent the rest of our dough on some fine ass ladies! Thanks girls!!

  8. pleased

    very nice, check it out somtime deffently

  9. Onion Man

    I came in here and had the best time of my life. The girls gave me the nick name Onion man. Funny thing Girls I am a farmer and grow Onions sorry next time I will shower first.

  10. thedude

    wow sounds like someones buttsore bout not working anymore lmfao. ALL quality women here nothing but good times and sweeeeeeeeeeeeet T & A 🙂 Hell I can’t get over how nice most of them are compared to most other clubs in the area … and i think you missed a “c” in your post must be the smack… have a loaf of bread and a tub of country crock dont stop till its gone.

  11. passing through

    Had a great time hope to see Heather again, seemed to be one of the nicer looking places I’ve been in in a while.

  12. Black On White

    I am a 30+ Brother who likes my meat light. This club is great but it needs more Latino and or White girls. The sisters you have are hot but need a little more lighter side as well.

  13. Crappy

    Very loud and Ghetto club.

  14. Mili Man

    I can just say I followed a tip from a friend at Drum and I will never visit another club while stationed up here. I cant believe I spent time and money at the sleaze dives around Syracuse. NEVER AGAIN!!!! I paid $10 to get in and had $100.00 to take care of the Ladies and there dances where amazing and only $20.00 for total nude. I will be back Thank you Ladies! No names needed they where all great!

  15. sir negro
  16. Impressed

    Saturday night was off the chain we stayed all night loved the show by Barbie and the rest are all pretty damn hot.. recommend it to anyone.

  17. Power Man

    I am sold! Went there tonight and Left a happy man. They had a Headliner and the other girls where equaly as nice. I will return!

  18. dan

    wheressssssssssss heather?!?!?!?!?! i’m on strike until she comes back!! WTF is up with that club!

  19. its'a

    dirty book store w/vending booths w/porn for rent , it also has a SMALL strip(ask for special)club on the back . if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

  20. Too much of a trashy feel
  21. LongRod

    What a Joke

  22. sweetlilthing

    Best club around

  23. awsome

    Great place to hang out with a bunch of sweet hot girls I’ll be going back

  24. me
  25. someone who knows

    definataly go !!!!!

  26. Bo
  27. Thor

    Great Club Will return! Ladies are HOT AS HELL!

    I paid $20 for a full nude lap dance in a private booth!

    They have several New girls and There friendly and Fun to be with.

  28. mike

    beautiful ladies

  29. just want you back here

    well I have to say with baby not around anymore I will not be going back this white chick from a little red neck town was the only girl who could make my night I really miss baby and i wish i knew were the hell she went the playboy bunny and paw prints will forever stay in my dreams please baby come back and turn this club around we need you oh god help me

  30. Great Time

    Went in Tonight and had a Blast Girls to customer ratio 3-1 All hot With a Mix of Ethnic Backgrounds. Water Soft Drink and Chips but Door was only $10 for a Saturday night and no Hustle or pressure from the Girls very relaxing atmosphere.

    I am a Twitter follower and told the Door man the word of the day and got half off entry! Great idea. I had a Great Time and will be back!

  31. outof town guy
  32. Eric D.
  33. girl crazy

    Kudos to the hottest girls I’ve ever seen! I love you all and this club has the best selection of chicks on the planet!!

  34. patron

    DIG IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. John

    Best club in the city

  36. Amy
  37. Jack

    it was lots of fun

  38. David

    I have been going to this club for 2 years. It is like a gold mine of beautiful, friendly strippers, without all the Bull of the usual overbearing managers.

  39. just me
  40. someone
  41. not2mention

    this club has the best variety of ladies as well hospitality in syracuse……check it out 4 yourself.

  42. Suit Man

    I came in 20 minutes before closing and there where still alot of Cute young girls! Not one over 25 and all very cute! Got a couple VIP and was amazed how Lady like these girls are! Great Job to this club I will return.

  43. pete

    Way better than Paradise Found

  44. Not my speed
  45. The Club

    The Club at Adult World is always looking for new talent!

    If you have a fun loving attitude and enjoy dancing come and

    check out this club. We have a good, clean and safe

    atmosphere in one of the finest clubs ( new and improved)

    in CNY. We are an all nude club which means you can be 18

    and up to work here. We are also the only club in CNY that

    offers live on-stage shower shows. A sexy, wet

  46. The Joe

    Great Ladies and even Great coffee, Took a little while to get both like I wanted but DAMMMM was it good when I did! I will be back!

  47. saf

    the girls are very friendly and give you a real good time!!!

  48. Big!!! DADDY

    I was in last night as well and had a young lady sit and talk with me for quite a while she never hassled me for a dance and was alot of fun to talk to. Before I left I asked her for a dance and ended up having an excellent time. As I left the Door man told me she was an undercover Adult Fetish Star named Betty Jaded I looked her up on google and found her all over the place. I cant wait till Saturday night!

  49. SYR

    ugly and booring

  50. Monkey

    Strange place, being attached to an adult bookstore and all. The post about gloryholes is crazy! There’s no nonsense going on there.

    Got a lap dance from a new blond named “Heaven”. It was EXCELLENT! She was decent looking, decent body, and good attitude. No pressure to tip or anything. She said she used to work at Lookers before moving here.

    I’d probably visit there again – not too bad!

  51. vip-er

    its a dirty bookstore w 25cent booths , beware

  52. Never Again

    What the Hell kind of BS Club is this? After reading the reviews I drove from Ft Drum and was ready for a good time. Well I will just say Never Again will I go there! It was very DARK and Urban! Not my taste.

    Thanks Ladies but No thanks! Get some class take some classes in etiquette. JEEEEZZZ

  53. Jake

    This club is for sure a great late night stop after the Bars close. I enjoyed my self very much last night and will be back Tonight for some late night grinding.

  54. Steve
  55. suprised

    went last friday, looked bigger, seen it was small, but was very suprised, all the ladies were very hott, sweet, and professional. Highly recamend!!! loved it

  56. Discreet

    Had a great time. Had two outstanding lap dances with two different dancers. will be back.

  57. Disgusted
  58. Not impressed
  59. tim
  60. Scooby

    Loved it. Will definatly be coming back for more !!!!!!

  61. DANCER



    Just came home from iraq me and the guys had an awesome time lots less to get in than paradise no mandatory dances just an allaround good time

  63. regular customer

    always a great time very sweet and beautiful ladies

  64. SGT, Havoc

    Drove in with a Buddy from Drum and I am very Happy I did. It was worth the drive! We had a great time and will bring more buds next time. Best club in The area for the money with Clean atractive Girls.

  65. ron
  66. Jayson
  67. mee
  68. Rod

    Nice atmosphere . Got money moneys worth

  69. Dry Hump

    Love the private dance here. Holy shit these girls give best VIP! Very Clean but heavy contact I kept my hands to my self and was ridden like a horse by the new Brunette with long legs.

  70. madbull

    many cute girls some occasionallysome with little appeal. Our favorite is Alana she is very cute and gives a great private dance.

  71. jamie

    benn here several times and love it.beautiful girls who are very frendly in pvt. if like me, you arent very peticular. you can go next door after the girls get you all horned up and go to the video booths. they have glory holes in some of hate to see whats on the other side, but it sure feels nice to just put my cock through thr hole in the wall and think about those sweet dancers.

  72. joe
  73. LAME
  75. sucks

    go to the queen angels on wolf st u will have alot more fun

  76. LIKED IT !!!!!

    realy nice looking place with girls to match a great place 4 a great night out

  77. local su guy

    Wow this was a great club went in the day shift, all great girls and great dancers, i will be back in again. this is probally the best club in syracuse!!!!

  78. My First Bi Experience

    My boyfriend (who worked in a number of adult clubs in Florida)suggested that we try something new. By “new” he meant go to The Club. I’ve never even thought about going to see girls strip, and never dreamed that I would ever want a private dance from a girl. Well, I must say I enjoyed the evening. My boyfriend totally surprised me by buying me some private dances with Destiny. That’s the first time I’ve ever felt sexually attracted to another girl. yum yum. Needless to say my panties were a bit damp after she got done. I look forward to going back again with my boyfriend in the very near future. She ya soon, Destiny 😉

  79. that guy

    Just another place for the gang to launder some money, bad and or theiving managment

  80. No name
  81. SirNegro

    A 6.4 rating is really too low for this club. Adult World has very beautiful, sweet dancers. Plus, it is a nude club with hospitality instead of attitude. A man can relax here, watch nude girls, and never be pressured into anything. Adult World is a class act.

  82. tom

    there are no 25 cent booths! its a strip club and adult store in the front.

  83. Odin

    I was in the club last nigt, and i can honestly say its the best time i’ve had in a club in a long time. All of the girls are atleast a 9. The private dances are the cheapest in Syracuse, in private booth. $20 dollars for a full nude lap dance is more then a steal with the quality of girls that have. The cover and the drinks were also the cheapest ive found in the area. I was lucky enough to be in there right when this girl named Shy took the stage, and i can honestly say ive never seen more talent on a stripper pool. Will be back very soon!

  84. bob

    Great experiance

  85. The Biker

    I will just say WOW! Well no guess I should say why. When I went in tonight it was around 10 PM and the club was very clean and I was greeted by several Beautiful ladies. The cover was only $7.00 and a $3.00 Coke and I was in the door. That alone was worth the trip over from Utica. The sound system was excellent as well as the lighting. The ladies where great very easy going and not pushy! I actualy enjoyed hanging out spending money instead of being hawked to give it away! Over all a very relaxed atmosphere with a great mix of Ethnic backgrounds sizes and shapes. I will make this night ride more often!

  86. pit boss

    Love this place. None like it anywhere around.

  87. Wondering

    Pricey Princess asks that we do not go to the club. I will no longer go there as I will honor this incedible woman’s request – but I want her to tell me specific information as to why I should boycott a club I have always liked. Pricey Princess, this is the United States of America, and if you post the truth, you have excercised your rights. Please do so.

  88. sucked

    its a dirty bookstore , nuff said , yechhhhhhhhh!

  89. Larry
  90. FukFrank

    Couldn’t get it up in there with viagra…

  91. cust.
  92. Can't Believe it

    What a horrible place to spend any free time. Just look at the comments.

  93. mon
  94. Rick

    Way better than Paradise Found!

  95. Ted From Rome

    Had fun on friday, lots of people. Would recomend to a friend.

  96. RW
  97. War Bird

    Back from The worlds Arm pit and stopped in. Alot of changes since I was last here. New sound system or at least it worked this time and alot of new lights. The girls where new but not all drugged out looking they had 5 girls tonight a Wednesday and one was an Adult Fetish Star

    Betty Jaded. The new manager is young but he has it on lock down, I did not see any kind of extras or edgy stuff going on. The Club had all NUDE dancers but with this brings my next point no Beer or Alki! Chips cookies sodas water and none Alki Beer. Cover was $7.00 but on Weekends I was told it jumps to $10.00 and drinks $3.00-$5.00 1 Minimum. I got in for a Huge Discount with my Military ID! What I would suggest go drinking prior to this club come sip a soda watch the Nude Girls relax prior to going home. Well worth the money and my travel time from Drum! I will be back.

  98. Night Man

    Was there first time on wednesday, Not a huge place but very clean and a friendly staff. Seems like a nice place to go to relax and get some one on one with a girl on the way to work. I can only say I had eyes on one long legged Beauty with dark hair. WoW wish I could recall her name.

  99. rob

    awesome place , had a great time with a irrl named charisma . i will definitely be returning soon

  100. RE: Pricey Princess

    Pricey Princess AKA Vanette can kiss my ass she’s just sore that she doesn’t work here anymore. The Club is the best SC in Syracuse!!

  101. Horney Chick

    Where are the TITS!!???? My boyfriend and I just got back from here and could not believe how flat the dancers were, very nice and new club but could have used something bigger then a B-cup…

  102. pricey princess

    New management SUCKS..inexperienced and speaks down to cutomers and dancers alike.. Someone needs to knock this joe shmo out.. He ruined the club.. BOYCOTT TIL RICH & THE OLD CREW COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! jenna. grace, honey, neecey, vanette, cj..

  103. Todd
  104. Chad

    I went to The Club last night. The place was very stylish with colors and lights. The dancers were very sexy, nice and friendly from what I found. Also unlike most strip clubs in CNY they get completely nude for you unlike places like Lookers or Night Lights. The only problem was the DJ, he tended to be a dick towards everyone and acted like he was a bouncer or something.

  105. Duh

    Hot girls who cares whats in the front.

  106. tony

    best place in syracuse!

  107. De-Sade

    There on the Move up and are not way over priced. I was suprised to find a place with clean girls not strung out and not all Diva with there nose so far in the air it bust the lighting. The Bathrooms where very clean and well lit! The bar area was very clean and well kept even though only a juice bar but hell the Girls make up for the lack of booze. Music was very clear and loud but not uncomfortable. A huge mix of music as well the girls bring there own IPOD or cd’s so you dont hear the same song over and over. Girls are of every race but all atractive. Parking lots are well lit and have cameras. There is a VIP seating area and also VIP Booths both are clean with easy access.

    Over all the Best club for the Money in the area!

  108. Traveler

    This place was great, the girls all were nice and looked

    very hott & sexy. My only complaint was the older lady who

    looked like a troll who kept pestering me for a dance. I

    tried to be polite but she finally drove me to leave before

    I got so see any more girls. Id like to come back but Im

    hoping to catch up with some of the other girls. I was A

    little confused to as why she was even there???

  109. just want you back


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