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6720 Townline Road, Syracuse, NY 13211


43.0964366, -76.1167235




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Diamond Dolls Inc

  1. erin


  2. Todd G.
  3. Yes Sir

    I’ve seen hotter women at the bus stop. Yuck.

  4. Adam T.

    I went in a few nights ago to book a bachelor party for my best friend,and was told maybe.Confused I said maybe? I wanted to book it three weeks in advance. I asked to speak to the owner.He said he was the owner (white jersery and goatee),said that right now they don’t have many girls,but we could come in on the night we wanted to have it and hopefully they might have one girl on. One girl on for 46 of us? I thought this was a strip club-NO?. I will go somewhere else where they can accommodate our needs!

  5. TJ

    Autumn and Naleaha are the best!!!!

  6. Jeff

    A waste of time. spending ten dollars on a pack

    of cigarettes is better than paying that to get

    into this scam club. Cancer is more appealing

    than diamond dolls is these days.

  7. fun guy

    ive been in here a few times was in there last sat. was greeted by a very sexy girl good conversation and amazing dance tiffany i believe was her name.also there was a sades she was great too. great time. i will deff be back soon since this place has changed for the better.

  8. Johnny

    Sucks to the girls that don’t make any mone. LOL

  9. AnonFromNJ

    No longer a bar.

    $10 cover

    Same Dancers/staff

    Not worth it.

  10. Mike
  11. Older guy

    I stoped in lastnight, it was slow but my favorites I would have to say are, Payge,Bella,Naleaha,and Autumn!

    They all work good together. Jewles is cute but is too much about herself.For the other girls that were there they didn’t even bother to talk to me, and one followed this tall guy all over everywhere he went.

  12. No name!
  13. Re Fustered

    Dancers dont come to work to show their tits anmd ass all day to socialize!. If you arnt spending money you have no right being in a stripclub period.

  14. NONE
  15. Ben
  16. 11
  17. Bruce A

    Diamond, Dominique and TaeLynn are extremely attractive. Other dancers are averago or below for looks. I really disliked the trashy rap music played by some of the dancers. I looked around and saw 10 customers all over 30 in the stage area while a dancer played 3 straight repulsive rap songs. It was obvious all of the customers did not care for the rap music. A dancer that wants to make money needs to play music that does not offend all the customers near the stage. It makes good sense moneywise to play music the customers can tolerate rather than what the dancer likes. The most attractive dancers seemed to spend a lot of time in the smokeroom and did not circulate talking to customers or attemting to get VIPs. The better dancers could make a graet dealmore money if they just played decent music and spent time talking to customers in the stage area. There are also a large number of young thug type customers that hang out around the bar, pool table and smokeroom. Maybe a cover charge would discourage the thugs from using this bar as a hangout. A couple more hot dancers, less rap music and fewer thugs would make this club great.

  18. k
  19. Mr. Bill

    Diamond Dolls is the biggest dump i’ve been in.I walk in and the bouncer is sleeping at the door!This place was dirty. There were no girls working,no girls on stage, the place was dead.I ordered food, and i couldn’t finish it because it tasted disgusting!I feel like i needed a tetaus shot after eating there. What a huge disapointment. I will never go back to this shit hole so called stripper club with no girls!

  20. joey z

    Not a lot of hotties. A few were really hot. But, not as many as you would think you’d find at a strip club. Most of the other girls were decent looking. Bartender during day a lot better than one at night. Night shift bartender was very slow and always on phone when I needed a drink. And, the DJ was horrible. Couldn’t understand a word he said and music selection wasn’t the greatest. What happened to the chick DJs? The last time I was in Syracuse was last year during the holidays and they had chicks for DJs? Much better. Better voice and better to listen to and look at for sure. Overall, my Syracuse experience was decent but nothing compared to last year.

  21. Reg
  22. dancer3
  23. Dan McChesney
  24. 55
  25. hp

    med scale girls here

  26. jack
  27. mr.big

    didnt like it at first til liberty walked in!i hung around and she was worth talkking to.beautiful girl and smart.cant wait to go back and see her!

  28. Eric T.
  29. cust.
  30. traveller

    Complete dive. 2 dancers on duty at 10pm…VIP dance was a little bumpngrind, no skin, no tits.

    Move on to someplace else.

  31. Impressed
  32. JMT

    I thought this joint was getting better? Someone said…..

  33. slk
  34. club commish
  35. Starbarry

    Whish I could have gotten my money back, what I spent at the club and the doctors

  36. Noneyas
  37. lez
  38. Ron

    Bella,Bella,Bella… Those eyes,those eyes,those eyes. See you soon.

  39. dive
  40. lee

    good prices

  41. Carey
  42. Not Happy
  43. adamrod

    Diamond dolls continues to be a solid Syracuse club with entertainers that are both friendly and beautiful. They have a great kitchen (which you may think is odd for a strip club) with a good menu selection and daily specials. Another reviewer rated the club one star because they wouldn’t negotiate a dance price but I am not sure I understand that? I have never been to any club that would negotiate dance prices. However, if you were looking to stretch your strip club dollar more, they do offer happy hour 3 for 2 dance specials.Located in a safer area of Syracuse than most of the other clubs.

  44. Ric Smalist
  45. george
  46. Scott

    Girls here are hiding in the back, hanging out with their

    friends and boyfriends or all in the smoking room. The smoke

    odor on the girls and in this place is nasty. The food is

    greasy at best. The DJ was lousy with many pauses and volume

    too high. The place seems like a hangout for the owners

    friends and family.

  47. mark

    These girls were hot!!! yeah, around midnight half of them left, but they were all smokin’ hot!!! Will be back!

  48. Genesis

    The girls do their best and apparently people dont know what tipping is.

  49. NC GUY

    friendly sey girls, especially Carmen…personalitiy alone makes her a 10

  50. Justin S

    I think this club is improving.cant wait for Dimond to return,she is so fine,desia is a hotie also.I think the girls are very sweet.

  51. vince

    T%he majority of the girls are lazy bitches. I was the only guy in the bar for an hour and not 1 girl approached me. They were to busy smoking or chatting with each other, or napping in the back. Neleah and barbie are awesome. the fact that you got rid of alaina is idiotic, she kept the girls in line. I was in there once since the bar closed in december and a girl held up her finger and told me to wait till she finished her phone conversation. At that point ,I left . The only reason I went there was because because Its close to my work. now its not even worth it anymore. I can co anywhere to be ignored by women not just your joint

  52. Whatzup

    Average looking dancers, club could use some real hotties. Smoking room is nice for smokers but for nonsmokers it sucks when the dancers disappear into it for long periods of time.

  53. ziggy
  54. JoeS

    Afew more attractive dancers and this would be the place to be

  55. Jose
  56. Rick

    I had a great time at Diamond Dolls lastnight,now that all that rap music is calmed down. Girls are still looking as good as ever!

  57. visitor

    went to the club this past week had a great time with two of the hottest girls there i believe there names were Lydia and Tatiana does anyone no there regular schedule so i know when to come back . was the best girl on girl dance Ive had in a long time

  58. wey

    rude girls even worse service

  59. rob
  60. G-unit
  61. mac-daddy
  62. SirNegro

    Please, be there for Diamond.

  63. Joey

    I stoped in to Diamond Dolls a few nights ago and that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. A few of of the girls that showed me all that fun were Neleaha and Bella.

    If you want two girls in the back room those are the girls to have! The bartender was cute too, I don’t recall her name but she was tall with dark curly hair. I will be back with all my boys.

  64. 6969
  65. Jake

    Why are there no girls dancing on a Thursday night? Where are the girls? I drove from Rochester to an empty club!I am not happy!

  66. Brian

    seems like it went down hill a bit. what happened?

  67. Party boy
  68. Out of Towner

    Maybe it’s that I have the fortune of not being from ‘cuse or having seen the other clubs in the area, but I had a blast on a Mon afternoon! It was real quiet & only a couple girls but they were very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed all around. I’ve been to clubs in a lot of other areas of the country with the fancy sound system/lights/glitter – all you get there is a fat cover and ego maniac juiced up bouncers with girls that would dig your eyes out for a buck. It’s a regular ass place with mostly regular girls but a great time/value. That being said the dancer I met, Jasmine, was amazing, I didn’t see all of the rest but she’s gotta be the best!

  69. The Anti-Chuck

    Has the feel of a neighborhood bar, but with hot women taking their tops off (which almost never happens at my neighborhood bar LOL). Quality of the dancers fluctuates over time. Right now they seem to be on an upswing. Passion is my favorite dancer working there now .. sweet, sexy, great VIP. Love the DJ and bartenders too.

  70. Todd

    Love Diamond, Dashia (sp), and a few more I can’t remember.Club seems a little different.I think new carpet might make things brighter really enjoy hot dancer that are sexy on the stage.

  71. love them all

    Diamond and Bella have the best asses in the bar, and Autumn rocks with the pole. Just so many girls and not enough time to say everything I love about them. If you get any VIP’s try it with one of them, you will be thankful you did.

  72. satisfied

    after i left club by mystic;go for it guys

  73. Amber
  74. just saying

    Hot girls, cold beer, great food reasonable price, no cover what could be wrong?

  75. aguy

    Not sure why the bashing had a good time can’t beat the prices. Could use an update in decor but ok.

  76. its not the same

    too bad , what a waste , used to be a great place ….sigh …..i wont be back 🙁

  77. Amy
  78. Steve B.

    Diamond,diamond,diamond,yummy.love desias legs.had a great time saturday night.

  79. whatever


  80. BJ Blue

    It’s ok

  81. Paul
  82. been around
  83. Gman

    This was he worst club I have ever gone to. The girls were not attractive. Some were overweight, some were old, one was even pregnant. Once the pregnant woman took the stage we left, but I must say the drink prices were great.

  84. jason d

    what a disgusting hole

  85. Henry
  86. dancer2
  87. Kevin

    I stoped in and there were plenty of girls but hardly any guys. It took the bartender a bit to even see that I was there due to the fact she was talking with some people on the other side of the bar. After That it wasnt so bad the girls were all friendly and the food was good, the bartender got a little better as the night went on.

  88. Steven Talone

    This place has gone to pot and is really bad now don’t waste your money unless you like sitting in the smoking room with all the dancer’s that is why no private dances they are to busy smoking and trying to figure out to rip off either the customer or the club. Half the dancers do not tip the staff the amount they are supposed to Bella and the another employee that used to work there named Venus explained it all how they stash up to 30% of there money and when they count out bingo the tip went down and that new Bartender is just a frigging Skank who will blow ya in the parking lot for $20.00 either before or after her shift

  89. Joe S

    things seem to be improving noticing a lot of new talent and no mre thug crowd. Will be stoppin in more often

  90. joe
  91. Joseph
  92. Sam I Am

    Very relaxing place. No pressure from the girls and lots of types to choose from. Best thing is no cover charge.

  93. dancer1
  94. Casey

    These girls are ugly and mean. Never again dds

  95. jon
  96. Bill

    I’ve been going here for years, girls attitude are bad. I hope it will change soon.

  97. unk
  98. FNG
  99. tom

    came in for lunch, SMOKIN HOT DAY GIRLS!!!!!!! KEEP THEM!!!!!

  100. this
  101. Drinker

    Pretty girls. Especially bartender. Pretty blonde names Jesse. Too bad

    she was the worst bartender on Earth. I had to wait over 10 minutes to be

    acknowledged and served and got wrong drink. I ended up just ordering a

    beer instead cuz she was so clueless. Saw another guy get wrong change

    back. Pretty girl. Horrible bartender!

  102. Harry

    Had fun but nothing to write home about.

  103. Jason

    In town for Dirt Week spent some time here will be back next year great time no cover and Koren bartender was a riot don’t understand complaints I give the place a 9 it was clean and reasonable no cover and great food. A lot of fun!

  104. Jeremy M.
  105. J
  106. steven

    Girls are all dopeheads and


  107. Not bad
  108. Susi
  109. Ralph B
  110. Piner

    I have seen nicer trash cans lol

  111. steve

    real crappy b list type dancers

  112. Jaxx

    I’ve been in here a few times recently. I think this place is

    underrated. There are some sexy young girls here. Roxxy is a cutie.

    Cookie is curvy and agile. Alice has some good pole skills. There are

    some good girls here. The true indoor smoking area is nice because

    you can still see the stage. The stage is centered and well lit. The

    girls will give you attention.

  113. Bob

    This place has gone so far down hill that when the police raid it it will not even make the news. With all the drugs the dancers do there on the property I am amazed it has not been shut down for drugs or the BJ’s certain dancers give in the parking lot

  114. Best Babe Ever
  115. dancer4
  116. outtatown joe

    not enough dancers. vips are good when you can finally get one since the dancers seem to be too busy with smoking and socializing with each other. dj is entertaining and makes up for the fact that there are so few dancers on shift with her crazy sense of humor.

  117. Money Man
  118. 77
  119. Rangerfan11

    I recently went to DD after a night of hopping around the city of Roch. The club has made some improvements since my last review, hell maybe someone other than me is actually going on this site. I first want to say thanks for the new toilet seat, or at least thanks for cleaning it. There still should be a door on the mens room stall. This club is a real good club, but some of the rules are a little out there. First off it does serve Alchol , so whenever you tip a dancer on stage she will cover up to take the money. If you get a Vip (at 10 a bargan) they will not even get topless for you. You basically pay for a woman in her bathing suit/underwear to dance on you. After visiting other clubs this is starting to get kind of old. Not that the girls care, most of the good looking ones hang out in the “smoke room” or dont even mingle at all. This club is starting to remind me of a college type club, that caters to the “wigger” crowd. One fat kid with a chain around his neck that was almost touching the floor walked around like he owned the place. (im sure he doesnt own the place, in fact im sure he gets dropped off by his mom) Anyway he will talk and play drinking games with the dancers, giving them an excuse to not work. I see this place as a hang out for the younger crowd, not really a true strip club. The women dancing could bring in a ton more if they went to any other club or at least worked this club better. I will say that I did a vip with a tealynn. Very attractive and decent lapdance, nothing more, nothing less. This dancer could easily be earning 2000 a week anywhere else. It is sad to see the club starting to cater to this type of crowd I really hope they can get some clear management in there to turn it aaround. It might even be worth getting rid of the alchol and going nude and charging a cover.

  120. In town this week

    Stoped into Dimond Dolls thought the girls were nice but it would be alot beter if the DJ was there, the girls had to thier own music! I would think that if they had a DJ on it would have been better for the girls. Should run an ad in the paper if you are looking for one.

  121. gary

    stopped in the other night. waited at the bar for 20 minutes for a drink. have no clue where the hell the bartender was. the dj was playing boring monotonous music and it was about another half hour after i was there that i even saw a dancer. it seems they were all outside in cars doing whatever. prolly with the damn bartender. this placxe is a joke. no bartender, no dancers. just a couople of guys that looked like they may have worked here playing pool. don’t waste your time or your money. go somewhere else.

  122. Ken
  123. Samantha
  124. dauber

    Was there a couple of weeks ago & was unimpressed. The girls seemed disinterested. Yeah, it was a slow night, but you’d think that would make them MORE interested in a chance to make some money. Was there for 2 hours and only one girl stopped to talk or ask for a dance. SHE, however, was very nice.

  125. KELLY


  126. 313

    could have had a better time with a cactus

  127. RW
  128. None of your bus.

    Lots of fun!

  129. Larry
  130. frequent
  131. Patriot

    Great club with a very professional and talented group of dancers. No cover charge, very reasonable drink prices, and excellent food.

  132. PJ
  133. WOW!!!!!

    Katie has some great Breasts…!!!

  134. d
  135. Keath
  136. william

    Slow night..but, still had fun because of a couple of the girls that worked. But, what is the deal with waiting for the bartender all night long for a drink? It wasn’t busy at all and she seemed more occupied with being on the telephone and hanging out with “her customers” other than waiting on anyone else. If it wasn’t for the couple of dancers that started talking to me I would’ve left in disgust with this bartender’s bad service. The dancers told me unfortunately that this kind of service is the norm at this bar when ordering a drink on this woman’s shifts. Other than that my experience here was made entertaining by the couple of dancers there. And, the vips are cheap. Although the girls don’t take anything off. i was informed that this was the law. but it does seem like there shouldve been more girls there on a Friday night than there was. And, the quality of the dj kind of lacked enthusiasm and professionalism. But, at least there were a couple of hotties working. I guess you can’t ask for everything.

  137. Not4me
  138. this place sux

    they are nasty hoes and they dont dance for shit

  139. RaptorMan

    Sir Negro says it all. I am so sick of sitting at the bar while the dancers go into the smoking room to hang with men who never tip them. I have tipped dancers on stage only to see them go into the smoking room to spend time with guys who never tipped the stage show. This club is pathetic, and the dancers are losers.

  140. Eric
  141. HW

    Not very entertaining on Thursdays I guess….

  142. Jeremy
  143. John

    I have to say this place looks like someone is finaly cleanning it up. The girls look better, the people comming in the bar don’t look so thugish. Hats off to the person cleanning house, keep up the great job you have been doing.

  144. 9
  145. jobe
  146. Had a great time
  147. fun

    Stoped in a few nights ago, I have to say you have some real fine girls, Even all your bartenders look good! Not too many places can say that the girls and bartenders look as good as they do at Diamond Dolls.

  148. JB
  149. Frustrated

    This used to be a great club where a customer could have some beers and socialize with the dancers. Now it is just a country club where the dancers hang out with their friends in the smoking room. I don’t know who owns this bar, but any businessman would see that the smoking room is killing the interaction between the dancers and customers. Close the smoking room and get back to running a business!

  150. Brian H.
  151. Ryan
  152. nice guy

    I went in lastnight and I had a real good time. This one girl there Bella went on stage around the end of the night and dance to some old 80’s music and it was cool.

    It was different then the other music in there and it made my night to see someone up there having fun, and it made it fun for all of older guys.

  153. jkb

    had a great time there on saturday

  154. anon

    haven’t been in in awhile cause the place got too rowdy nice to see things getting back to the way they were may be in more now

  155. Customer

    Very impressed with Paris, Diamond and a few others, nice atmosphere.

  156. Regular
  157. S.Rick

    Most of the dancers are very good and not too pushy. The bartender Elaina is awesome. I can go 3 weeks between visits but she always remembers my drink. Unlike a lot of bars, customer service is top notch – no waiting around while the bartender chats with their friends. Good security as well. At other places, the staff reacts to problems. But here, they seem to anticipate them and nip them in the bud. Seems like there are new girls all the time, which is good and bad. But overall, it’s as good of a Gentlemans Club as I have ever been into.

  158. T


  159. zman
  160. Ed
  161. Derek Malloy

    I think the clubs girls have the most class.I have a few favorites such as Dimond and Dasia.These two are sexy and vwery funny.good time

  162. donny

    girls looking good tonight had alot of fun

  163. Dave
  164. artmajor

    The absolute worst place I’ve been to in my life! Bad service and bad attitudes! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  165. Mick

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