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1400 North Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13208


43.0682311, -76.160647




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lookers Showclub

  1. Pat
  2. Benny
  3. littlpeter

    I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. This is my second home.

  4. dove
  5. SirNegro

    I can only assume that people from other clubs, who have posted on the SCL site, have managed to bring this club to a level of 2. This is asenine, as Lookers has great dancers. Give this club a try and then post with real comments.

  6. Dan
  7. mega

    Had a great time with the girls sat 8/1/09. hottt girls great vip’s( 2 4 1 sat evenings) lots of fun—-golfers from watertown

  8. nunya

    used to be a great place. beautiful dancers. but was in the other night. 1 ugly dancer and the place smelled like vomit. get your act together! please!

  9. john c

    The girls were rude and not attractive i will not be visiting again



  11. Elegant

    I love this place!

  12. Dave

    Fat ugly dancers.. YUCK.. WASTE OF TIME!

  13. JB

    girls do a lousy job on stage;worst on private dances.owners need to check out other clubs;stage format for girls sucks

  14. Justin

    I went to Lookers friday on my way to rochester, where I was greeted with a warm hello from the bartender, Karen I think her name was, And then she talked to me while the girls where gettin ready and made me laugh. Then the girls came down OMG there are some beautiful women working there. I saw them all on the stage and then took Mason back for a dance (it was her birthday) She gave me such a hot dance I had to run home and finish!. I loved this club and next time im in syracuse Ill be sure to stop by again!

  15. heather

    I have a great time with my man every time we are in, Heidi is a good reason to go back, she is who you gotta see.

  16. Dustin

    Yo, i had a blast the other night. It was off the chain

  17. NJ_Mike

    Club was very slow on a Tuesday night. Without many customers, I was hit up for dances every 5-10 minutes. Decent selection of girls, but I was in the mood for something different. I waited it out while checking out all the talent. I was debating leaving until I spotted Rayne. She sat down for a bit and then did her thing on stage. I was hooked and she gave a kick-a private dance.

  18. pan
  19. Faithful

    I had a great time at this club. I can’t wait until my job sends me back to Syracuse!!

  20. Rebaud

    Always a lot of girls working, but sometimes they are a little scarce when not on the stage. They have a wide variety of girls. Some are excellent, many are good, a few are fair, but no real. The private dances are well worth the money. SOme nights can be hit or miss there, but I’ve never had a bad time.

  21. shiny dog
  22. ronnie

    what a wonderful change during the day….so hot and sweet…what a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. James

    Awesome time… Tons of ladies! All beautiful

  24. Carey
  25. Michael R.

    Moments after going in, I wanted to leave. I will say they have a really cool looking stage. A couple of the girls were hot but this place is not somewhere that I am comfortable sitting down….anywhere

  26. Tom
  27. some one who knows
  28. poolarice

    wow used to be decent … NOT anymore… just gone downhill

  29. MuchGame

    Small stage, cubicles for ‘private dances’, not so hot girls…. LOOKERS huh, I wouldn;t look if I were you and I won’t be returning….EVER

  30. cory clak

    gia and jsmine r the best

  31. RC
  32. nut

    Gud this place makes me nut!!

  33. Jeremy

    This place ROCKS!!! Hot Girls and hotter dances

  34. bigbob10345

    wow scarry c sections and baby pouches and wow natalie go to the dentist

  35. Jonh456

    I had a great time at this place, talking with nice girls with hot bodies!!

  36. Buddy
  37. diez
  38. tigerman
  39. Big Fan
  40. Yankee Scout

    Prob. the best club in CNY

  41. Will

    no fun no hotties just a bad time

  42. Jeremy H

    I just went to vivsit Lookers for the first time last week and it was an AMAZING experience. The day shift girls are so nice I havent felt so wanted in years! And the bartender karen is by far the hottest woman there!

  43. H&G

    As our first time there we would go back!

  44. Larry
  45. Chris
  46. jane
  47. 315er

    wow it was ok till natalie came out can you say holy stretch marks and gotta get some new chompers natashia

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    Hey, for any of you sexy customers who might have Twitter accounts, Lookers is now part of the community! Follow us under ‘lookersshowclub’

  49. Terry
  50. Raoul

    Really great place. I highly recommend it. The best club in Syracuse. Attractive girls who dance very well.

  51. Visiting Gentleman
  52. Brad
  53. Horney Chick

    My boyfriend and I got two private dances and both were great! However the second one “cheerleader/ crazy bitch” drove us both over the edge. He had a wet spot that she really liked and my panties were quite damp as well. She was very respectful of us as a couple and we will definetely be returning… highly recommended from a couple!

  54. Young Buck

    I moved out west a few years ago but every time I’m in the area I have to stop by lookers. It’s a much better value than the fake tittied girls at Paradise. I’ve sampled quite a few ladies so far (Raine, Heide, Mis Kitty). Each one has shown me a great time in the back. I sometimes come early and girls try to pressure me for a dance but don’t get too aggressive. When I ask them to go on stage instead, they thank me for each dollar. Nice ladies!

  55. glasgow
  56. nonijuice
  57. Stu

    I’ve been going to Looker’s for years and feel that it is the best club around. Although the VIP prices raised from 20 to 22 dollars it is still well worth the value as they also newly remodeled the place. By the way, I love taking my girlfriend here as we are treated wonderfully and very respectfully as a couple.

  58. 69
  59. website

    the site looks like SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! what happend to back in the day when they had a good site

  60. joe
  61. grey goose

    good club you will have fun when you walk in the door.

  62. tim

    way better than the overpriced paradise found!

  63. me3
  64. Vince
  65. Thai


  66. Stanely
  67. sn
  68. Amy
  69. The Best!

    By Far the best in cny. friendly etc. great dancers… 2-1 etc..

  70. Frank
  71. Bob Longo

    They have a great Monday night football night with fresh young faces

    and food. Still and older atmosphere but they seem to be putting money

    in the place again

  72. Mike

    I have the best times there

  73. lol

    The strippers here should PAY the customers to come see THEM!! this place is a joke!

  74. Monkey

    Decided to try this place out after leaving Adult World since they’re open later. Got there and the place was empty – I was the only customer at the stage (one other guy was getting a private dance) and there were three or four girls working.

    Chloe approached me and we started chatting. Very nice girl, no pressure to dance, just pleasant conversation. Eventually she got around to asking if I wanted a dance and off we went. The club was too bright, the lights were up way to high and the timers to track the dances are really annoying but Chloe was absolutely incredible!

    Very erotic dancing, she really seemed to get into it and if she was faking she’s a great actress. She’s got a great smile, decent body, and great attitude.

    Wound up staying for a couple of songs with her. Would definitely get a dance from here again! It’s a good thing I don’t live in Syracuse – she could bankrupt me!

  75. Steven M.

    This is a low hustle 100% ALL NUDE – not just topless . Great VIP lap dances without the bad attitude my favorite !! – and I’m a life time Local here so I truly have been to ALL the similar places in the area that compare to this – The BEST in New York State !! – this is a no alcohol place due to the 100% ALL nude factor so swig a few before you come- great VIP’s !!!

  76. Charles

    this club is such a heaven sweet escape when you’re trying to get away from life

  77. john

    I have been to clubs across the nation (and around the world). This is the best experience ever!

  78. Fred

    I love this place!

  79. Kevin
  80. Jon

    This is by far one of the best clubs in Syracuse. The girls are friendly and “clean”. They will talk to you like a human being and aren’t money hungry. The VIP’s are truly worth the money… I want to thank Cory and Heidi for a wonderful time. Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Lookers and plan on visiting in the future.

  81. Not impressed with whores
  82. Kieran Corrigan

    I’ve been to a few clubs now, and I must say down here in Virginia they’re all crap. My wife and I like the full nude club, hell it’s pasties down here. That being said the times we’ve been to Lookers we’ve almost always had a pleasant experience. One time it was a little overcrowded and average, but the rest of the times the girls have always gone that extra mile for us. Next time we’re back up in NY we’ll be sure to try to stop back in.

  83. Quirky

    This place has the most class and personality!

  84. Crazy
  85. Johnny B.
  86. Great Value

    The variety of girls here is great and the staff is super friendly. Cover fee at $5-10 is less than half that of the main local competition where paradise is seemingly lost when you fork over the $25 just to enter.

  87. opposite
  88. smee

    most of the girls are very friendly, however it is difficult to hear them when they try to make conversation because the music is played way too loud. This is true espcially when Johnny is working..sorry but it is true. Tone down the music some and we’re good to go!

  89. Steve
  90. Phil
  91. ADVICE


  92. Out of town visitor

    Fri afternoon 10/12/2012 – Lookers is a nice, clean, low pressure club with some real sweet and sexy girls. I do not know why the rating for this club is so low. Parked in back and walked around to front entrance. Paid $10 cover, which included a bottle of water. Club was fairly empty with more girls than guys. It seems like when it is slow they do not make the girls dance on stage unless someone asks. As I walked in, Lilly came up and started to talk to me. We took a seat and talked for a while. She explained 4 minute dance are $22 or 15 minutes for $80. You pay for the dance at the bar and the girls get a card they need to punch in and out. Dance rooms have a small loveseat and curtain for privacy (although I was told cameras were watching). Did some dances with Lilly, Rainy and another brunette I think named Karson. All of the girls gave real nice and sexy dances and seemed to enjoy themselves. I always like it when the dancer seem into it and give great eye contact. Back on the floor, they were all willing to chat some before and after the dances. I would much rather spend time and get dances from sweet, sexy, attractive girls with great personalities that some stuck-up perfect 10. I stayed for a few hours and had a much better time than I had expected. I will defiantly stop by again next time I am out this way.

  93. JJ A.

    I have been to this club twice, once Sunday once SaturdayThe club is not in the best area but parking is monitored with cameras. would not leave anything valuable in the car though.Cover was 10 including your first drinkWhen you walk in you are on one side of the bar, on the other side is a runway style stage with a pole on each end. one thing i noticed is the ceilings are really low so pole dancing is limited. however the dollar tricks were generally really good. Sunday dancers were not interested in being on stage, Saturday was a steady rotation.Vip area is comfortable with nice comfy chairs etc. prices are 4min for 22, 15 for 80, 30min for 160. Dances are set by club and strictly timed with a timer and punch clock system, no negotiating.All in all an ok club.

  94. Cheyennepepper

    This club us the worst. The girls are trashy and nasty, not one chick with any class. The place is dirty and smells. Anything walks off the street and comes into this place. The overall vibe is super negative and the women are rude. Not worth the dollar the demand on stage. Was a fun place back in the day but has completely gone down hill. Stay away.

  95. Mark
  96. Oldarney M.

    To start, this is a strip club, there is no denying it. The main attraction here are the dancers and food is an afterthought. The atmosphere is mixed, with a surprising near perfect balance of gender. It gets full, but not crowded nearing the end of the show.With that said, even though there are few food choices. The ones that they have are not half bad. They have some fry’s, chicken nuggets, and cheese sticks. We had all of them and no one complained.One caveat is the way they charge you. There is a 10 dollar entrance fee, and then you are immediately forced and inquired to buy a drink. All soft drinks are 5 dollars each, including water.The food on the other hand was cheap. around $3 per plate.The place closes at 4AM. Which as of july fourth 2010, is the latest closing restaurant in Syracuse. Every other bar/restaurant closes at 2am. This leads to the place becoming full after 2am. Even though drinks are not allowed by law.The girls were a mix of everything. Some of them were more experienced then others, pulling some hard core pole tricks with upside down slides and hanging knee spins. Their age varied from 19 to 26 from what the eye could tell. I could have sworn I saw one of them in Syracuse university. They do special tricks for tippers including apparently customary boob rubs and ear bites.The lighting is 99% red. they really try to incite your emotions. The decorations are a bit , out of my taste, but the DJ and the pulsating lights more than make up for it.I should probably mention that all the entertainers strip all the way, and they are not afraid to show their anatomy.Hints: the last 30 minutes don’t have an entrance fee. The dancers get almost all of their money in singles. They make about 60 a day.

  97. Autumn
  98. thatguy

    A couple of 8’s a few 6’s but thats almost every club unless you go 4-5 star, GREAT lap dances and most of the girls we’re nice..Could be bigger.

  99. meee

    Cory is the best!!

  100. curtis

    Not only is Cory beautiful but she is a sweetheart.

  101. TAYLOR


  102. Paul
  103. Ol' Man

    Just visited there last Friday. Had an excellent time. 2-

    4-1 private dances on Friday- can’t beat it. There were at

    least ten girls on duty and I sampled 6 of them. They

    weren’t all beautiful, but they were all delightful and

    friendly. Heidi will always be my favorite, but Legend was

    wonderful and is now a close second.

  104. jdiddy

    money trap, aviod the girls steal your money and rip you off (natalie) they will lie and cheat you anyway they can and 5 bucks for dinks? wtf?

  105. Good Deal

    I always get a good deal when I go to Lookers. It’s probably the best priced strip club in Syracuse. You may get many more those big breasted (fake) ladies at other clubs, but Lookers has a few dancers who really make this place shine with their awesome bodies and fantastic attitudes.

  106. Scott

    Beauitful girls.. Friendly.. Awesome time!

  107. Mike M.

    This club has come a long way in 15 years. Its still under its original name for one.

  108. Ring Man

    Do not get there often enough, but have a great time everytime I go there

  109. Lovit!

    This club is great, have lots of pretty girls that know how to use the pole! Good convos, great VIPS! cant wait to go back!

  110. Danielle
  111. bigV

    I’ts not the top of the line strip club but I like it and will keep going back

  112. that one guy
  113. maxxy1

    I’m not going back. These girls don’t socialize with the customers, they don’t even dance. The club winds up being pretty much a standoff with no one dancing, no one talking, and no one tipping, customers on one side of the room hoping for something and girls texting on the other side of the room. I tried breaking the stand off via paying for a lapdance, even in the lapdance the dancer kept getting distracted by pretty much anything but the dance.I love the full nudity in this club, but you’re really not going to see it. So I have to reluctantly recommend Paradise Found instead. It’s topless only, but you’ll get a lot more love.

  114. G Rob

    I love this place, looks much better with the new coat of paint! Looks like the manager is finally putting money into the place.

  115. jeff

    this is the best club that i have ever been to.

  116. DANCER


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