Mansion Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse



5268 U.S. 9W, Newburgh, NY 12550


41.5450911, -74.0111015




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mansion Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse

  1. jason

    this place sucks

  2. Big Fat Bearded Guy

    Boy this place is great Everytime i come here the Girls treat me like a King, I guess i’m just one big GRIZZLY BEAR at heart, The girls are always sweet to me because i treat each and every one special. Every girl get a turn with me. So girls keep an eye open for the next time im in town because i’m a cumming up there soon. Love all my sweet honey dews.

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  4. jesus

    my buddies and i show up late on sat nite i guess you don’t like us very much the girls stayed away from most of us to bad tho between the 5 of us we had $1525.00 to spend because my brother was looking for a good time. maybe next time you treat us better, because you see i can afford a computer and i can say whatever i feel on this site.

  5. Sam

    This place is a joke $12.00 to get into rat trap and that be taken care of by a couple whores who arnt worth the $1.00 Tip and the $30.00 lap dancer with the std’s who ask for $20.00 tips before she performs. CLOSE this place down.

  6. Tim and Sara

    This was our first time here. We came for dinner. The drinks were very expensive I think $10. None of the dancers would give us the time of day unless we bought a dance. The stage is set very high so you can’t even tip the dancer normally. You have to throw the money at them. We were there for over 40 minutes before we saw our first dancer Go on stage. We were about to leave because we hadn’t seen any dancers perform so we asked the doorman if we could get our cover charge back he just smirked and walked away. The food was good but I don’t think we will be back there again.

  7. Kenny G.

    This place is a trip, Flashing lights, great music, swell naked woman everywhere, what more could a guy ask for.


  8. Whores We LOVE

    Julissa (matina) coke head, drunk, bad mother, ecstacy user…

    Alina (4get her real name…Christina?) J’s best friend another drug using prostitute…..

    Heaven (?) pot head looks prego… why would you be dancing skank……

    Destiny (who cares) another prosti

    Velvet (fatty) sells drugs and uses.

    candy () pops pills all day!!

    Ginger(0) another user

    sorry fellas you’re getting the worse girls in the industry served up here

  9. Steve L. and Guys

    We went on sunday nite and had a great time, we had alot of lap dancing and private room fun, and all those dollars bills we gave out, man what a nite. It’s better than getting drunk at a bar.

  10. justcause

    a lot of new dancers all pretty good looking

  11. Mark F.

    This place Rocks, I went tuesday and had a blast the girls were great going back sat night.

  12. Vince

    I’ll Go Back When Monkeys Fly Out My Ass!

  13. 1
  14. customer

    not the same as it used to be..what happend to your business?

  15. Dave

    O My Gosh! MacKenzie is so hot!! I had to buy a lap dance from her, her body is

    perfect. She’s such a great performer.

  16. Dushan Mandicke

    The only hot one was syara other than that they look like crackheads

  17. tina

    came in last night. god your girlz r bangin’. im cummin’ back soon.

  18. ....

    No,Skye didnt get arrested this weekend or ever,give it a rest,and get a life!

  19. Terrace

    All I Can Say Is This Place ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Zeker

    Blue moon was better about 5 years ago.

  21. feature for blue moon

    i heard skye and hailey are gone….boo hoo….thank god… you guys can come in and take your pick w/ out a fat slob and cross eyed whore attacking you………FANTASY REMEMBER………BACK TO THE ORIGINAL BLUE MOON COME BACK IN AND HAVE 1 ON 1 FUN!!!!

  22. Texan Millionare

    I sure did like what the big fat bearded guy said about your club.I think he got wright idea about your club so i think this Christmas i will be coming up there and dropping off a bundle of green stuff for all those lovely raindeer girlies, Sure would like to stuff there little pies with green stuff. That sure would make me a happy texan, See you soon Ladies

  23. Greg Wilson

    I went to this club and think the girls are good looking.

    alot people were there when i went so i didn’t enough time with the girl i wanted to be with but that’s ok but i’ll see her next time around.

  24. timmykilla

    The overall atmosphere was very relaxed and pressure free. The wait staff were polite, friendly, and all around great. The food was amazing. A top 5 meal I’ve ever had. Steak was cooked perfect and toppings were caramelized just right. Never expected it from this place. The girls were friendly but not pushy. It’s different from a traditional strip club as you don’t have to throw dollars constantly. Overall, it was a great experience and would do it again.

  25. Manny

    i haven’t had this much pussy shoved in my face in a long time, if it wasn’t for the no touch law id be eating cream pie all nite and milking those sweet milk jugs too, these girls are fantastic.

  26. Jake, & Eddie

    Man if you think the price of gas is high check out the cover here $12.00 just to get in! $3.50 for a 16oz water. $4.00 for a snapple oh those 5 min lap dance $40.00 for the club and then the girl i got some stupid blond Demanded $50.00 fo 5 mins of naked dances Man that bites !!! i work in a gas station make $250.00/wk after taxes that’s $6.25/hr that’s $0.52cts for 5 mins work. I sure WONDER!!!!how much taxes she pays the tax man if any.

    All i can say is the Girls on stage were great but this place is to damm expensive for us lower class guys to afford.

  27. Robert K.

    WOW…Talk about some fine looking woman went there sunday nite to check out the action. The cover is to high but the girls made up for the high priced door cover. I had a very enjoyable time. Will surely comeback again.

  28. beautiful people

    obviously some people are a little jealous…..monica is legal…..monica is beautiful…so is lexi….and the other dancers…both of these girls have investments where some are married w/ children and still live in an apartment……focus on your own life…….if your going to talk say something positive do you realize you look like a miserable, depressed, and evil human……dont ya think there is enough drama and bs in the world w/ out your ignorance. please drop off the face of the earth soon! ;^)

  29. ivan tinkle

    this place suckssss

  30. gentleman

    monika, you are so pretty. nicest lady ive met in a club hands down. i wish i could be your man but i can tell your not interested.

    love gentleman

  31. nick

    these girls are ugly

  32. student

    There is only one hot girl that was extremely pricey (Paris) and the rest were ready to go into retirement.

  33. mike

    this place is not worth the money

  34. Jeffery J.

    Hey Ricky, I drove from long island wed afternoon to see this place and i’ll tell you that’s alot of gas. But what i spent doesn’t compare to the girls i met wed nite i had a bitchin great time and i plan going back real soon myself. I even got lost twice trying to get to that place but it still was worth the drive up there. THANKS FOR THE GOOD TIME GIRLS……..

  35. Jack Meoffa

    there was a time when this was the hottest club around, but that was long ago. now any chick that is willing to get naked is hired. in the “old days” girls had to audition…. on stage i mean! mike always had girls that were 8’s and up, now he hires any skank that walkks in. he should look back and remember the level of talent he had and compare it to what he has and maybe the moon will make a come back. not to say that all the girls are bad now, but there is no standards.control the dope control the sex control the girls and most of all control yourself mike, make the club what it should be… a gentlemens club

  36. j

    the day shift is for a gfe…nighttime if your not a regular you’ll be ignored

  37. 4 Eyed Nerd

    the girls last night on stage were hot but the way they treated me was unfair. just beause im a NERD and proud of it. i should not be any way treated differantly, damm my feelings were hurt.i’ll go on the weekend maybe the girls are nicer.

  38. Ian Bounceachek

    Place not that great

  39. Woody

    I wish these girls would give my pole a quick dance instead of that damn pole on stage.

  40. buchanan

    Many years ago, this was THE strip club to go to. I stopped in and I couldn’t believe what had happened. I saw fat girl dancing trying to be sexy with her gunt hanging out. After I went to the bathroom and threw up, I went home and cried myself to sleep.

    What a shithole!

  41. re tom

    U r right she does smell but she not the only one there that does.She probally has some funk shit growing down ther. U know she fingers her ass and then plays with her puss in the back rooms

  42. Three cheers for Hailey

    Hailey The blond chick says she gives hand jobs for a $100.00, blow jobs for $150.00 and will sit on your johnson for $200.00 so pay up front front for the 2 two four one lap dances than the camera thinks the guys getting a lap dance but he actually f***ing her thur his open pants leg. THREE CHEERS FOR HAILEY

  43. admirer

    Skye works mon tues and wed. 11-5

  44. John M.

    The vibe in the place is really odd. Stage is at head height behind the bar so to see the dancers you are constantly looking up. Drinks are 10$ for wine or beer . Bouncer with a metal detector at the door. Lots of girls but your never going to get closer than 8 ft unless you buy a table dance or a drink for them. At least one of the dancers was obviously drunk or high. Didn’t go for dinner so can’t speak to the food. Overall size of the club part isn’t that big.

  45. Kevin

    The dancers sunday nite were fantastic, i had a good ol time the candy machine Prices were great at $1.00 each but the price for a cold 16oz water At $3.50 was way out of line and the soda is also $3.50 no wonder most people i saw weren’t buying any…. cost too much $$$$$$$

  46. Danny Stein

    Well let’s see i was reading about what the big fat bearded guy said about your club so i stopped in to see for myself if he was telling the truth. So when i walked in i was greeted by this girl….all i can say is this i had a great time and as soon as i can get away from my wife i’m going back for more fun and **^%*$%$% times.

    I guess this guy knows what he likes..I’m glad i read his review………

  47. ted

    stay home

  48. BFBG

    I was in on sunday night and the place had a dozen beautiful girls, But not alot of guys, I don’t understand why won’t you guys come and check these girls out.

    LOOK there trying to clean up this place but if you guys don’t come i guess there’s more for me to ENJOY????

  49. question

    is paris or coral still there?

  50. pete the perv

    ive never not seen a hot chik in there.its small but good times

  51. Rock

    I recently visited this club and was very disapointed. First off you get charged an arm and leg for nothing just to walk in. Plus most of the girls seemed annoyed that they had to dance because it wasn’t that busy (last time I checked your there to work so what the fuck are you upset about take what you can get). Second, heres a tip girls, when we agree to the lapdance its one thing to suggest a tip. But when we buy the champaigne room and it says no tip required don’t fucking ask for money unless your going to really make it worth while because I promise you that you will not get repeated business. These girls were mostly all money hungry and way to ugly to not appreciate the business, what happened to this place its become a joke!

  52. Informer

    lissette is a whore and gives great blowjobs in the box for $25.00 i’m told you can reach her at (845)551-6443 for an advance appointment

  53. S. Welsh

    My Brother took me there for the first time. I usually go to the one by Stewart International Airport. The people are much friendlier at Smiles. If you like Russian girls, they have a beautiful one with long hair, I forget her name. I did a dance with “Faline”. Tight little body, super sweet. I will be going back!

  54. some guy

    This club is filled with crackheads,heroin addicts,prostitutes and drunks…close this shithole down or have standards as to who you hire. $12 admission,for what? to walk in and smell the dope? I dont want to be a patron here when they bust this place. I will go elsewhere for real entertainment and class.and I’ve been a patron to the lounge for about 4 years now,and will never be back.Im sure others will agree. FEDS…shut it down!!! do the community a favor!

  55. re buchannan

    yea i agree. When I turned 18 back in 2002 this was the first strip club I went to and I loved it. Got a very sexy dance from an Eastern European girl but now ugh its full of two bit whores I am come on Pleasure Islands skanks are much better

  56. Jake

    This place needs ne management,

  57. Eric

    Went to this place on thursday nite the girls were everywhere, that guy was right tits ass and pussy everywhere. Girls walking out of booths naked on stage spreading there legs wide open, such heaven on earth. keep it up girls love seeing it.

  58. jo

    I love this place

  59. Jon

    Had a great time tonigt. The girls are hot as hell. Will be back next weekend.

    P.S. keep it tight ’til then

    love Jon

  60. Backroom Sex

    Last thursday I was in this place only the thrid time there, Most of the girls was in the back room, I took about a hour to find out why. Turns out the day manager “jim” a old pervert was in the back getting BJ’s from the girls there. Then shocking a large guy, look like from Samoa came out the room, with a skinny a black girl and a skinny white blonde. And i am sure that I seen Cum on there cheeks. This guy then told a small skinny Asia girl that she was next. I gave upand left at this point. I dont plan to got back either, I don’t think these people ever heard of STD’s Close this place down.

  61. Chace M.

    Great girls, great food, great beer, great environment and great atmosphere. Cant beat it.

  62. dancer

    This club is sad..,maybe standing on its last legs….

    do something to get your business back. all good things must come to an end.

  63. Youngin'

    this used to be the spot….like 4 yrs ago….damn what happened???the are a couple of good looking girls but overall this place sucks!!

  64. TOM

    Tomissina smells funky unwashed bush

  65. Tyson

    Monika is an extraordinary lady!! Loved her company and def will be back too see her.

  66. Lexxus

    Not like it was years ago.What a shame!

  67. George

    Your right the girls on sunday night were Hot I thought i counted 11 or 12 girls. But whats up about these drug crazed dancers i keep hearing about this can’t really be true Who are they? So i can stay away from them…Thanks

  68. .


  69. WTF

    Only girl worth watching was Charlotte. Everyone else was pretty sad. Especially the old lady with the highliter yellow hair. OUCH! It was embarrassing to watch. I actually had to get up and stay outside for her whole set. Sad. Overpriced for what you get (nothing). You’re better off somewhere else.

  70. closed?

    is this place even open anymore?? where’s the action in this crumby town?

  71. JOE

    bysome reason i can not text you

  72. Matt J.

    Well i say after reading previous reveiws about this place i had to see it for myself. BFBG was correct i did have a great time and to my surpise the girls were really polite. The dancers are fine looking babes and the lap dancers were boner crushing good too. sorry i had to leave early ran out of money..but going back sat nite.

  73. Go Monika Go

    I was in sunday nite this girl looks indian late 20’s is the greatest f..k I have had in months I paid for 2 two for one lap dances Pay her $150.00 and she let me f..k the shit out of her all the camera saw was a lap dance. Only wish this girl was my wife because she’s holy HELL on earth when it comes to F..king God she felt great inside her. Cant wait to do it again this sunday too.

  74. Ian Bounceachk

    Nothing New To Say

  75. Greg B.

    I’ve never had a better steak in my life ! I travel the country regularly and eat out daily . The servers where not only exotic and pleasant they were professional and courteous . If u don’t like gentelmens clubs then don’t go there . But if u do like girls and the company of them you will be more then impressed . It’s not a hood club and it’s not a gay bar . It’s a gentelmens club and steak house .

  76. Ricky B.

    WOW….went there wed nite had a great time spent loads of money going back next week. This guy BFBG really knows what he’s talking about, hope i meet him someday to thank him. I drove all the way from manhatten to go to this club and it was well worth the gas i spent.

  77. Tony

    They give you $2 bills for tipping , the two private dancers denamding a $40 tip upfront when i refused, one just sat on my lap for 5 minutes and didn’t move.

  78. Iam a Drugadditt

    this whole thing is bullshit the blue moon sucks worser since vince the dj left he got along with all the people mike what the fuck are you doing you said he is back well where is he and girls yous always jump on him when he comes in why dont yous speak to mike find out the deal as for drew leave the poor girl alone are yous married to her then shut the hell up already mike your club is going to shit we all know it and now you have these new djs they know shit about anything what is wrong with you mike are you getting more stupid

  79. Maynard

    Hottest girls ever! I love this place!

  80. ..

    monica is illegal,and she’s getting deported,so tell your little friend to pack her bags. you started all this shit on this website cause you dont make money when you work with’re a drunk bitch addicted to drugs,you have no room to talk about anyone do they retire horses? they shoot them in the head,with any luck you’ll have the same fate.


    I think what needs to be done is. I think people need to pay less to get in and have to be charged for at least 2 drinks for their intire stay there. I think that girls should be charged less for dances or charging less. I think that the music needs to be changed around at least 3 times a night from each girl. I also think that it would be a good idea to higher or find older girls or at least ones with better personalitys.

  82. steve
  83. brad

    This place is got good looking girls but they r money hungry but do give a time in return. The bad thing is most of them do seem to be sturng out like they say. Get rid of the drugies and this place will be the shit

  84. illegal immigrant

    monica needs praise from her crack head friend lexi because she’s an immigrant thats illegally in the country,and looks like a little boy.There’s isn’t a sexy bone in either of there bodies. guys that dance with them are obviously desperate.all they want your money for is drugs.

  85. Matt M.

    I have a lot to say about this establishment. All good. First off, the bachelor party I went with was obviously more so here for the strippers than the food but wow were we impressed, this place absolutely needs to be ranked as a steakhouse. The tri-tip steak was phenomenal and perfectly cooked to medium rare. The asparagus was delicious and the MS13 steak sauce was something new. Our waitress, Kapri was also impressive. She was very live and conversational but also timely with our food and drinks.We partook in the bachelor VIP package and it was absolutely a great decision. Treated like kings all night. The dancers weren’t pushy either, some strip clubs “whore” their girls out. Not this place, very classy. In my opinion Mackenzie was the most talented, followed closely by Alexis. This was my first time at a strip club and I’m pretty sure it will be hard to top anywhere else.Great night

  86. Taylor Z

    After checking all these reviews i said they all can’t be as true as they said it was. So i decided to check it out for myself,First it was easy to get to, Second your greeted by a friendly cashier who takes your money for cover and then greeted by scantely clad women who look forward to making sure you have a great time while your here. I sat down to watch the dancer on stage and to my suprise i got lovelies on each side of me. Just like that guy BFBG said would happen, Well i tell you i took both these girls to the private room and had my way with them and after it was all over we all came out with hugh smiles.

    I could go on and on with this but all i should say is Guys get off those couches and come see the blue moon lounge where all the FUN is and if you see BFBG say hi to him, I sure will when i see him next. Bye for now….

  87. Big Mike

    This place is the tip of filth and the girls, dont get me started. These nasty, sleazy, STD speading tramps could never get a job in the real world. There are far better clubs in the area so don’t waste your time in this whole.

  88. Howard D.

    This must be heaven! naked woman everywhere Pussy Tits Ass in your face, on your lap, stradling your neck.

    Gonna make this a regular friday night stop before going home to the wife and kids…………

  89. mark

    i’ve been going to this club almost 10 years…theres none better than this club

  90. -old vet

    Talent has gone, owner should consider selling it to someone who will have standards as to who they let dance. Pregnant girls and drug addicts isnt my idea of having a good time. You’re losing more regulars,and your business is going under. Either show you care and do something about it,get rid of it,or eventually it will get shut down…your choice.

  91. Jerome B.

    I recently been to this blue moon club and i found it breath of fresh air the girls are nice and i think for the most part they care. It sure is better than those city clubs that charge a arm and a leg and before you know it your out $500.00 to $1,500.00 dollars on a good night.

    The reason i’m writing this is to say that if the guys below don’t like the club, We sure don’t need there business. You know who you are Tony,Zeker,Jake,Joe,Thomas,Lexxus,Ted,Nick,Mike,Jo.

    The rest of us can have a great time without you to ruin it for the rest of us. I’ve said my peace.

    KEEP SMILING GIRLS!!! i’ll be back soon………..

  92. samantha

    ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p

  93. MJK

    Hot girls???? WHERE??? not in this dump.

  94. Brian

    saturday this place was going Wild when they had that bachlor party boy did that guy get his ass whipped His nuts frozen and pussy shoved in his mouth boy did he that eat pussy that night

  95. LIKED IT


  96. Lexi

    Sierra, Christal, Adrien, Raiden and Rich are the best!!!

  97. hey 2

    SHe is encappable of true love and lies and cheats to get what she want. And her new boyfriend derick is a piece of shit that beats her and smaks her around but gives her money. So until she finds a new patsey she deals withit and just does more drugs . If u want to party with do a ld and ask her for the deatails on her hotel room partys. But u must bring party favors with namely coke and herion like most of the girls ther so fuck off and fuck that stupid cunt calley

  98. stay away from this place

    there are no sober girls here.just whore’s that are either pimped out by there man or they’re illegals.all of them go to work to get high….why should customers pay for there drug habit? Cops are ready to shut this place down….

  99. Anonymous
  100. Traveler

    Chloe is out of control. She practically mugs the guys when they come in with all sorts of crazy offers for private dancers.

    Some decent looking dancers but mostly just average.

  101. Sad Sack

    Where does the lone ranger take his garbage?

    To the Dump!

    Like this Place!

  102. hf

    the one in new paltz is much better!

  103. Ernie H.

    I went there this weekend with my friends we didn’t have alot of money for lap dancing but we gave out alot of dollar tips to the dancers. we’ll come back again real soon.

  104. John

    stopped by friday dayshift girls were great! Skye you are beautiful,will be back soon.

  105. Roger H.

    To sum it up…all i can say is ohh ohh ohh ahh cumming ahh

    Thats girls you were all great THANKS………..

  106. Troy

    This place is hot and busty the girls here are great you gotter see it for yourself………

  107. Peter

    had a great time yesterday. thanx for the hospitality

  108. Roger

    Went there wednesday nite if opie and anthony was here he would say WOW……..WIPP it out ON Wednesday Girls this place right has got the RIGHT STUFF!!!!!!!

  109. why is it open?

    Drove by,two cars…stopped in anyway,only two girls,fat and ugly would be a compliment to the one,and the other smelled rancid looked drugged,I couldn’t leave fast enough.Im in the construction business and can supply a board to place on the door…

  110. ?


  111. Big D


  112. Thomas

    Stay at home, bunch of diesease ridden hoes here

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