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253 New York 17K, Newburgh, NY 12550


41.5235, -74.1139159




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pleasure Island

  1. Huh?

    Was that in a language we should be able to translate?

  2. philip

    positive posts are employees his place should be condemned

  3. gill

    Poor at best

  4. jack

    this club is the werst nesty clubs no one is good ove ther

  5. Randy
  6. Father of the groom

    I hope the girls and the owner go on this site and read reviews. I have planned my son’s bachelor party there for sat night, there will be about 9 of us going. After reading some of the reviews I am a little hesitant as most of the guys going to not do well with “Pushy” If the girls are nice and friendly I am sure we will have no problem spending $$$ but if they are real pushy, that is just a turn off and they will be looking to leave asap. Looking forward to having a great time. As I stated this is just a “heads up” for the owner or the ladies that work there.

    See ya Saturday. I will be writing another review after our visit….

  7. luke

    not a nice place, some hot girls

  8. devildog

    i thought i would catch a disease just from down in this filthy place. They should clean once a year. Old disgusting pussy gets shoved in your face. You have to tip em a buck to go away. Great place if you have no choice.

  9. joe blow

    this place sucks…and i wish it still does.

  10. Fair

    First impressions: Dirty, bathroom smelled like shit. Too much for cover, what’s the deal with no alcohol, and mandatory first drinks, c’mon O’douls! Girls, very persistent even pushy to get dances. I’ve been to clubs all over the country and I have never had to tip after buying a dance, a mandatory 20! What’s the deal with the bartender showing her fat cleavage and expecting a tip, holy shit after paying four bucks for a near beer. The dancers play too many games with prices, so be prepared to pay or get beaten.

  11. thomas

    poor excuse of a club Not worth the money or the risk of coming out with a disease

  12. King Big Ding Beef Man

    The girls were looking great. Reminds me, Leslie we’ve got to chat babe. Music was good. Drinks gave my throat some moisture. Women showed some hospitality. Lapdance were pretty good. VIP was freakin’ awesome. Black Men make this club.

  13. Wayne

    I love this club, always end up here with my buddys.I bet that a pissed off ex employee wrote the bad comments below or someone from one of the other clubs in the area with the hogger girls, lol

  14. Kyle D

    Girls Rob you HERE STAY AWAY. Promises ONLY from the decent looking ones THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND DONT PERFORM


    I think there are alot of unhappy no booty getting ppl who post these obnoxius comments. All these girls work hard for the money, and the rants and raves can possibly be from customers too.This club is still great with a variety of girls natural and otherwise for all tastes!!!!!!!!!1

  16. diamond

    I work here and i enjoy talking with all the different people that stop in.

  17. Kevin

    high pressure club, you know some guys just want to watch dancers on stage and have some clean fun in a private dance

  18. truth about reviews

    Most reviews are from people associated with other clubs or employees that were fired. They have to much time on their hands.

  19. hmm

    ugh you would find better girls on craigs list and at alot cheaper

  20. Lucky

    Leslie’s asshole is the best

  21. ronnie

    That last person needs glasses. I was in sat night and the dancers were totally hot.

  22. brendan

    too many women, I need a second job.

  23. lenny

    beautiful ladies and lots of them.

  24. guest

    nasty girls here, yuck

  25. the hammer

    This club is going way downhill. Not what it used to be

  26. really?

    The last poster works here. This is a rats nest, hole in the wall with gangster wannabe women. Reality sucks but ITS THE TRUTH.

  27. customer

    self promoting much? This club sucks

  28. Rick

    Great! Don’t know any other place like this.

  29. to james

    only a poor loser cruising the streets would say such a thing. I hope you catch an incurable disease. If you dont like the club or the girls STAY OUT.

  30. tony

    This place is ok

  31. alex farkas

    I was in from california and was extremely impressed with the level of dancers. Kudos to the management and ladies.

  32. steve-o

    some amazing lap dances if u get the right girl

  33. kurt

    stopped at this club and one in new windsor saturday night. This club was fantastic.

  34. regular

    always a variety of dancers. Friendly weekend bar staff.

  35. Eddie

    Club is awesome, lots of hot girls for anyones taste.

  36. johny

    Whats with the old ladies? This club is not worth the trip

  37. Regular Joel

    I have been going to PI for several years. I feel there is a great selection of dancers in all different age brackets. I enjoy SS as well. They also have a variety of ages. Bottom line, if you do not like it, stay home.

  38. The Duke

    I agree with you. Filthy place and filthy girls. Even the nice looking ones have issues with their gardens. No, I’m not from SS or BMC. Just a guy who went to Pleasure Island and will not go back until you get new, young college girls and clean the place up. Get chicks below 24 years old.

  39. sammy

    Ugly girls delive rbut too pricey


    Whomever this JADE is she is lying about 10 girls smoking in the bathroom, 1 girl minumium at a time, it’s posted on the door. And walked in on a blow job….I know what happened, you walked in on ya man at the club, now ya mad. Step ya game up and he won’t step out on you…GROW UP!!

  41. rich

    i was wondering if anyone had ever gotten a dance from elana?? how was it ?

  42. Robby

    This place is definately the worst club ive ever been too

  43. Reality check

    Stop the hate. The only people that write comments like that are from other clubs. I have worked at several and have seen this immaturity before.

  44. noname

    all the girls are friendly, fun club, no matter what day of the week. I will be back soon.

  45. big cock

    used to think sunset was the best club around…..guess not this is defdinetly the best place around with the most hospitable friendly beautiful looking women

  46. Joe

    Jade, what is the white chick’s stage name or what does she look like? Or are you making this up?

  47. big mike

    worst club in history

  48. john
  49. n/a

    I’ve been going to this place for years and it has its ups and downs. There are alot more girls (and hot ones) that work here now, but its caused alot of competition and now alot of the dancers are very pushy about going in the back. I like to come in and relax for a little bit, watch the dancers before I go in the back (if I go in the back). Always a wide selection of dancers, never lacking in that department. Drink prices are average for a strip club. So is the door charge. No lapdance specials, which would be cool. No feature acts or special shows in the past few years either. All in all, not a bad place.

  50. paul

    This club sux

  51. dick

    bunch of drug addicted skanks. place always stinks of weed. pushy streetwalkers crammed into one building.

  52. stan

    pretty girls relaxed atmosphere

  53. Sexy

    Hey ppl, I am new to Pleasure Island and look forward to seeing everybody.

  54. grant

    this place is too expensive

  55. Joe Bloe

    I like the bl*e jobs in the VIP room. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise

  56. Gus' mother

    Some of these review should not be considered reviews, just angry remarks of unstable individuals. “Heaven” forbid someone say something nice about another dancer or the club, steam starts coming out of some of the dancer’s ears. Right “GUS”? Check out the club for yourself. It’s not for everyone, but they must be doing something right, it was packed this weekend.

  57. kim

    I am a woman who appreciates hot ladies

  58. princess

    I work here 1 week per month and love it.

  59. aj
  60. bret

    nice selection of dancers

  61. vic

    quality of girls is poor

  62. LOL

    Yeah, I guess no one could really like the dancers or the club huh? OK moron. PI is the best.

  63. honest opinion

    Sounds like disgruntled ex employees or competition posting negative reviews. There are all kinds of women here, a little something for everyone. Best club in this area.

  64. jake

    Had a fun time. Staff and strippers were very hospitable.

  65. Sam

    Had a blast in the VIP

  66. Rooster

    Dont believe the rants and raves you read here. Most of the rants are the dancers picking on each other. Most of the raves are dancers writing about themselves. See post below.

  67. Johnny

    It is what it is…

  68. Pilot Truckman

    Then dont give them more money .. walk away .. just pay for the urinal booth dance .. those regular day/night sluts love going back there … its home to them … prostitution is the second oldest profession only to the cockroach!

  69. owen

    Best bachelor party

  70. Don

    If I don’t want a dance, walk away, maybe you are not my type.Most of them grab my crotch,that is so rude. Also, most of them are mean and nasty towards customers and the other dancers, that’s such a turnoff. Most of these girls here need to purchase a personality, they are empty souls.

  71. creole
  72. aaron

    This is the spot for thin strippers with big breasts.

  73. frankie boy

    This place sux

  74. Brian

    Stopped through Tuesday and had a ball with a hot dancer named sexy, pretty face with a nice ass. This was my first time in the V.I.P, she promised I’d get more than my money’s worth and she came through on that. Be back to see you soon.

  75. visitor

    Good club overall. Back rooms could use a powerwashing, but for the most part the ladies are hot and friendly. They do ask for more money in the back but you get what you pay for. Weekend drink servers are also very friendly. Larger selection of dancers than I expected. Was worth the trip, I will be back.

  76. rick james

    club needs new talent

  77. Eric

    I have a great time evertime I go. Whether it’s with a large group of people or just a buddy, we always walk out having fun. The girls are nice and are too forceful and there is definitely a good variety of them. I love this place!

  78. Burgher

    Better talent & atmosphere than average so long as Cindy is not on the attack

  79. jerry

    I am in love with a stripper.

  80. bill

    horrible i cant think of anything positive to write

  81. franky

    Not worth the trip

  82. Tarin

    I really like this place.I also hate it when they grab at ya.But the atmosphere is relaxed,and most of the women are cute.

  83. Seymore Butts

    The VIP was sucking fantastic

  84. jamie and mike

    They really treat couples right

  85. PEDRO



  86. frankie

    What area would this club be rated good in?

  87. saddlebags

    they’d do anything….

  88. XXMan
  89. jimmy doggs

    Went there the other nite… had a good time. A few sexy girls willing to go th eextra mile to please.

  90. jim stotile

    wow, blown away by the # of dancers working on a Monday. Counted at least 14 different strippers.

  91. Youngin'

    this club def has the best looking girls around….unlike blue moon or sunset where they recruit just about any sorry looking bitch..the girls here are all basically hott…gotta give it up to the management for chosin the right girls….i will def be back a lot sooner than later

  92. not really

    girls that have been here within the last year new…others that come on and off….they are looking 4 more ladies..but they have been really selective lately as far as ne one new

  93. dancer

    I worked saturday night. We had 16 dancers on night shift. You posters obviously work for another club. Call the club for a list of girls working each shift.

  94. Spanky
  95. iceman

    the girls here are pure rip off artists they want your money but dont even work for it and if you tell them to dance or something for it they storm off in a fit.

  96. matt


  97. Tim
  98. yoel
  99. linda fiegler

    Came here on a corporate outing and had an exciting time. I did not expect the women to be so friendly and fun to talk with. I got more attention then the men I was with. Go PI women

  100. to Jade

    do not lie!!!!!

  101. jake f

    Fantastic time saturday, will be back

  102. mike

    I was visting from out of town. I wanted to check it out. It was a good place. The dollar dances were the best. There was this one spanish chick she was the best. I would visit again

  103. club kid

    Any good clubs in this area?

  104. siscle

    two thumbs up!!!!

  105. Phillip

    Had a dance with a hot blonde and will return another night for a dance with the spanish one

  106. comparison

    Post below was a lame attempt of another club to self promote. I’ve been to both places and while Stiletto’s dancers are hot, this place gives them a run for their money. I’d say this club has the edge since it’s much more relaxed and the girls are not so stuck up. Besides, Stiletto’s talent has gone downhill. This club is #1 in the area for hot girls and a good time.

  107. brad

    hot day bar chick on tuesday

  108. RJ

    Decent club for the money, good show and conversation

  109. Anthony
  110. candy
  111. The Mechanic

    No, I’m not an employee, past, future, or present. I like a few girls here, but not all of them. Just make your own decisions and use your best judgement. All adult clubs are filthy to some degree. Overall, I would still come back here (when I have the time)!

  112. reggie

    Heaven you are one fine b*tch..

  113. mysterious

    should i dance here?!?!?!

  114. ron

    i like the palm tree outside

  115. Jade

    I came here the other night with a friend of mine. I tried using the bathroom several times and everytime I go in there, there are like 10 girls in there smoking. So they just tell me “oh you can use it, we won’t mind”. Sorry but I don’t want a bunch of whores in the bathroom with me. There are about 3 good looking girls, one of them being sierra. Gorgeous! Should be a model. I walked in the bathroom for a third time to a white chick giving a black dude a blow job. I will never come here again! It was disgusting!!!!

  116. Darren

    I do not care what anyone says, this club has the most dancers and they are hot. Kepp it real.

  117. action jackson

    This place is a dump and is definately self promoted Ive tried it during the week and on the weekends. Dirty deeds or not this clubs days are far gone

  118. lies

    girls here try and scam you. Ask for more money in room after price already negotiated.

  119. raekwon

    i aint neva seen hot white bitches like i did da other night… some fine ass mommies in this joint

  120. P Dog

    There are plenty of good looking girls there and they are all very nice

  121. mark

    hot hot hot dancers.

  122. Bethany
  123. phil
  124. kyle

    not the best but not the worst either

  125. sebastian

    This place is a waste of time money and energy. Any reccomendations of any good clubs?

  126. someone

    The derrogatory reviews below reflect the thoughts of a few problematic people. Please disregard these falsehoods. This club is the not a highend gentlemen’s club but very comfortable and accomodating. Certainly the best out of the three in the local area. Lots of women to choose from and the staff is not breathing down your neck. Check it out if you are in the area.

  127. PoYungFM

    When I got the $$$, I spend it all here

  128. Carl

    I think the last person left out sexy who is an beautiful woman with an amazing body. she has the most hypnotic eyes and is true to her name, keep it up.

  129. Ginger/Leiah

    She may be middle age but she has a great body with a nice pair of tits. Defiantly coming back to this place, redheads are so hard to find.

  130. victor

    I didnt care for any of the girls at this place. Very pushy uptight demanding and plain old ugly girls ruined it

  131. George

    What a shitty place

  132. Chris

    Best club in Newburgh

  133. sean

    This club is a dive There is a couple of hot girls including samantha and heaven but definately NOTHING ELSE going on in the looks category at this place

  134. jay

    I visit clubs in orange/dutchess county. This club ranks 1st, smiles 2nd, bm 3rd, sunset last.

  135. syborg

    I love this place. I spend tens of thousands every year, and am in love with at least 6 regular dancers. There are some real sweethearts here. I travel extensively and like to go to strip clubs. PI is my favorite, just don’t come if you’re broke.

  136. Deano

    This place is fun.Be careful of the ones who ask for more money in the VIP.Make sure you negotiate the full price before you go in.

  137. sandy

    I hope this is what heaven will be like

  138. billy

    ive been to many clubs On a scale of 1-10 10 being best i rate this club a 3 The tips requested for dances are astronomical and the talent is very minimal

  139. Mike and Ashley T.

    Love the fact that these dancers are not afraid to aproach couples. We stop here often and always enjoy ourselves.

  140. smartass

    What’s your problem with the bar staff? No one can say they are friendly? The drink girls have nothing to self promote about. They serve sodas and waters. I guess that jealous dancer is just mad because nothing was said nice about her. Boo hoo. I wonder why with an attitude like that.

  141. Wrangler

    Lots of different kinds of T & A here. Accomodating staff. High mileage.

  142. JJ
  143. richie

    great time, plenty of dancers.

  144. bob


  145. tj

    F*cking hot women.

  146. Greg

    Had a great time this weekend. Lots of hot ladies.

  147. charlie

    What a waste Dont rely on the prior posts bragging about how good this club is ITS NOT

  148. todd

    not so good

  149. kristen

    the guy named james who posts comments on this club please email me at cc62955p(at symbol) I need to ask you a a hot college girl PLEASE get in touch

  150. pleased

    great club to go to. prices aren’t tht bad and the dances are excellent. it is worth the drive for me to go there rather than somewhere closer

  151. Ghetto

    Not many hot chix here. If you guys wanna see hot chix, go to Stiletto’s in Nanuet. this place just doesn’t do it.

  152. sean / jeremy

    what up sexy thangs! you are the hottest girls on the entire planet… can’t wait to see ya again

  153. Marine Jacob

    Had a great send off. Thanks ladies.

  154. Pete R

    Crazy bachelor party sat night. Wow!

  155. Danny

    Don’t care what anyone says, this club is still the best in the area.

  156. ha

    Excellent club. I recommend going either here or sunset strip. There are no other good clubs in the hudson valley anymore newburgh is the only place

  157. Truckin"

    Best club in the area. You get your moneys worth.

  158. re angry comments

    Obviously someone (employees of other clubs, ones who were fired from this one, or a stalker customer) feels threatened by any positive comments made about this place. Dont judge a club by its comments. Stop by and see for yourself. There are always a large selection of dancers to suit anyone’s taste and the atmosphere is very laid back. No bouncers breathing down your neck.

  159. stephen

    This place stinks

  160. thug

    can we get more ghetto trashy girls please? Is it possible?

  161. Meagen

    I am a dancer from Houston TX who is relocating to orange county. Checked out this club saturday night. The club was packed, girls were plentiful and attractive. I will be back this week to audition. I am hot.

  162. fred

    I reccomend PI. Had a good ol time.

  163. B-BOYS

    I dont know what all you ppl in here are talking about.. my LIL bro and i went to PI the other day and had an awesome time .. The women are hot … Music is Good the drinks were ok, But the talent was definitely out of this world .. i dont know if meant to go to ZIPPERS all male strip club.. and look for a good time.. but I as a Straight heterosexual man think this club is full of hot women

  164. Robert

    I really enjoyed the day shift monday. Very mellow, no pressure, easier to talk with the dancers.

  165. steve milkenson

    I drive a truck and am pleased PI is so close to pilot

  166. richard

    Had a variety of girls. some were just ok and some were very hot. overall everyone was friendly and I had a good time.

  167. WR

    great place, get what you pay for.

    anyone tell me the name of the girl from Puerto Rico

  168. Hapee

    They give good head here

  169. max

    girls are rude and dont stop pestering you from the minute you walk in.

  170. George the Regular

    I’ve been going here for about 2 years. Plenty of variety. Very friendly and safe environmnet. I’ll keep going every chance in I’m in the neighborhood

  171. reality

    This club sucks Worst club ive ever been to

  172. steve

    Great 18th bday

  173. jason

    perfect place to stop after a yankee game when traveling back upstate

  174. jersey boy

    Beats the shore

  175. Dean

    This place is great, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful women everywhere. Obviously a disgruntled employee wrote the last comment or two. Fantastic talent!!!



  177. Rocco

    I am in love with a stripper

  178. terrence


  179. local

    the other night being sunday I stop in late around 1230 I have not been there for a long time so a dancer name tanya did her floor dance and then came to me ask hows it going not pushy which is a plus did a quick lap dance and we talked so anyody have insite about her???

  180. nick

    Girls are pretty hot. I was hoping to see Nicole, where is she?

  181. Review

    This club has its good and bad points. I went to the club Tuesday night. There were alot of hot women, but they were pushy about going in the back room. I finally gave in to a hot curvy brunette. Had a great time with her. The staff besides the dancers was cold and unavailable. There was no one to collect the door fee when I came in and the bartender was busy on a computer. Had to ask for a drink and then had to ask a dancer for change because the bartender had disappeared. They played a variety of music. Not too loud. I would recommend this place for a good time. I will be back.

  182. PETER


  183. smitty

    Great Club


    lenscrafters are hosting a sale

  185. martin

    Not what I expected.

  186. james

    Friday night definately the best time to go.

  187. garth

    this club was nice

  188. boss man

    Very relaxing after a stessful work day

  189. Denny

    this place is great, I would highly recommend it.I always have the best time here.Obviously the loser below me got ripped off.

  190. Jim

    I visited the club on Thursday and had a graet time with a very attractive dancer named Sexy. Not only did she have the sweetest personality but, she was also well worth the money to take to the V.I.P., she aims to please.

  191. marcus

    Blondes , brunettes, redheads, what a great selection of women.

  192. william

    nothing good here worth writing about.

  193. scott

    horrible club horrible girls 1 hot girl doesnt cut it guys How do you stay open

  194. rene

    not real clean,some good qualities, but better club is down the road

  195. tom
  196. bobby

    Small club with several beautiful dancers

  197. nicholas

    No hot girls Maybe one or two who are alright and yes ive tried the weekend I dont reccomend this place

  198. dave

    I rate this place a 4. Not what I remembered it being like

  199. A+++++++++


  200. craig

    Booring club

  201. yes i do

    love it

  202. Artie

    Worst in the Valley. They say all they wear is a smile.Baloney, all grouchy, arrogant, from staff to entertainers. Acted like we were garbage and they were Royalty. Please, get a grip people. Never get a dime of ours again.

  203. meeker

    ive never had a bad complaint about this place ladies are always friendly and its a nice atmosphere….to a guy like me who isnt the most handsome man these ladies really make me feel special….#1 club in the area hands down!!

  204. Goody

    This place is what it is. If you have a problem with it, don’t go in, use what little common sense you have to figure that out.

  205. strip club guy

    Big club ladies in a small town club. Dancers were all very hot.

  206. joey

    Blondes, I love them

  207. tyrone

    The statement a hole in the wall would be giving this place justice.

  208. Ray
  209. nate

    Didnt care for the selection of girls

  210. nicky

    whats this idiot talking about…hardly any girls working….i went on fri there had to had been about 20 girls on that nite….had a great time as well…best club in area hands down!

  211. neil


  212. cadet

    Best darn club up here. The girls are quality and could dance in some of the big clubs in My home town of Austin,TX

  213. Jersey man

    This place is hot. Great stop on my way back home.

  214. pete

    so many women everywhere I look

  215. Ace of Clubs

    Love it, best place around. They got rid of the fatties that used to work here.

  216. franco

    Dump island is more like it. I agree with the previous posters Far cry from a stripclub

  217. agree

    Girls here are trashy and UGLY there might be 1 or two decent ones that work in this place but they compete against the fat ugly ones that put out. Save your money

  218. Buck Odinson

    Nice Place, loved going there(alot). Would still go if not seeing someone.

  219. vinny

    This place is a dump during the day and a dump at night Wheres the talent?

  220. Steven

    I passed through here after not being in for about 3 months and met a beautiful lady named Sexy. She was very warm and sweet, after an interesting talk we proceeded to the VIP. Miss Sexy is totally incredible and well worth the time, thanks sweety, I will be back to see you again.

  221. gary

    best club in the valley

  222. turkey day

    Lots of hot one there tonight….

  223. Alex C.
  224. larry

    best bachelor party I was ever at

  225. Happy Jack

    Sasha is still there and better than ever! Shes cute a little curvy on butt and hips but nice. She is the sexiest and prettiest girl there in my opiniion. No other girl there beats her. Now i know what to spend my stimulus refund on!

  226. daddy

    best strip club

  227. Hank

    Love the club, love the girls

  228. HOT HOT HOT

    This club is definitely not lacking in girls and hot ones at that. Go see for yourself.

  229. pete and linda

    We had an incredible time.

  230. keith

    I was there and I do not reccomend this club

  231. ed

    Get your eyes checked. I have seen at least 20 hot girls at this place.

  232. kirk

    I was here friday. Talent was off the hook. Previous posters must be people working at other clubs. If you can not be honest do not post. I used to work in a nyc club, club jealousy is a terrible thing.

  233. doe

    this club is good, leslie, vegas, and kitty are the best

  234. Derick

    Pretty good place.Some cute new talent.

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