Curves Gentleman’s Club



2945 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, NY 10309


40.5469324, -74.2295052




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Curves Gentleman’s Club

  1. Big Tone

    My overall rating is for day and night if i just rated day it would be good to excellent Night time the girls try to hustle you there are a few sweethhearth at night that i love day is awesome no one really trys to hustle you the bartenders are awesome and sweet love all the day shift girls all very sweet

  2. mina

    mina park ac ya hoo com view profile for info.We do out calls. In calls at our location pacific ave.a.c. 20 girls to choose from. Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.



  4. peter denardo

    go somewhere else

  5. sbrooklyn

    there’s this chick there that’s kinda cute but she has an attitude. she wears the same shit all night, she don’t dance well and she wants dollars for bad service. the place is fine is just that one chick.

  6. ki
  7. john

    all these girls are washed up ugly pussy sore whores

  8. exdancer

    Find a higher standard of girls and teach them how to make money and how to dance. Terrible!

  9. Good Boy

    wow!!!!!!!!!Amazing girls!!!

  10. mike
  11. mudro

    guito club

  12. yanard12

    I like this place. Some nights are good, some nights not so good. Some girls are rude but most girls are nice and friendly.

  13. JackSI

    lOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

    U R NO 1!!!!!!!!

  14. Matt O

    the best club in SI!What more can I say?!!

  15. joseph1k

    Hey. This place is a joke. I went there with my bf for a few drinks and to see what we could see. Turns out- you can see anything there!! It operates like a go-go joint!! 4 girls on the stage in Bikinis! I saw more skin last week down the shore @ Seaside!! What the hell? Then the best part, is these prudes get off the stage and beg for dollars??!! Im like “for what”? You didnt even take anything off. At least flash someone when you come to beg for money, jeeze. My bf got tired of being harrassed for singles so we went and played pool there. Lol. Save your $$ for the all-nudes in Nj.PS The music even SUCKED! The Dj was playing stuff from 1990. Hello? Even the music was bad. Nothing new or current, And half the time, he played slow, boring crap the girls cant even dance to. SO youre bored by the clothed girls and then the music puts you to sleep. Lol.

  16. cummish

    I’ve been to better clubs and I’ve been to worse clubs. The

    girls are pretty friendly for the most part and most of the

    private dances are outstanding. You need to know which ones

    are the good girls though. They also have two massage girls

    who are excellent.

  17. kl


  18. raj
  19. ADAM J

    love ya…Alex is my love!!!!!

    gOOD STUFF!!!!!!!

  20. judith
  21. Jimmy
  22. JD
  23. Phill
  24. Steve

    Hot russian chiks!!!The most beautiful ladies in SI!

  25. sara176

    This is the worst club I’ve ever been to. The girls are fawking nasty! The bouncers are assholes and treat you like sh!t..All they want to do is harrass customers and no matter how much money you spend there, they still treat you like a nobody. Even the manager of the club is a POS!! I have been to some great strip clubs, but this one is at the top of the sh!t pile. Definately, DO NOT try this place out. Such a waste of money and my Saturday night!

  26. o


  27. Lee
  28. .


  29. r
  30. jerry

    awesome place always a good time

  31. Michelle

    I had a good time!

  32. mathewater12

    As former employee this place has to b one of the most unprofessional places I’ve ever worked. First off majority of the girls are TRASHH, the liquor is replaced with bottom shelf, bartenders are rude as fuck and the place is racist. Probably better off saving your money, buying a bottle at the crib and hitting up bitches on backpage!!!

  33. guy

    I went there on a saturday night with a friend. For all those who rave this place is the best on SI fail to inform that this is one of two clubs on SI-the other being Lipsticks which is fine if you like very dark, sloppy, black girls. The newer girls are very aggresive when it comes to collecting their singles at the bar. That might be acceptable IF there were another place to sit away from the pervert aisle. So basically, you are going to bleed dollars from the moment you sit down to the moment you stumble out. There are some quality eastern european girls here. The first one I sampled barely spoke english and gave me probably the worst lapdance I have ever experienced. Then another one named Lina who was obviously more experienced gave me a couple of the best lapdances I ever had. So basically it is a role of the dice like most strip clubs. Oh, and the parking sucks too.

  34. felixnada

    place is greattttt!!!!! sexy girls, greatttttt staffff and greatttt management

  35. Jack Meoff

    A lot of dancers but they hustle you for singles at the bar. Private dances are OK but you can’t touch too much.

  36. Steve D.

    This is an alleged strip joint on Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island. You wouldn’t know it’s a strip joint on the count of the fact that most of the girls don’t take anything off at all! It’s only 5 bucks to get in but it’s not even worth that. It’s basically up to the girl whether or not she wants to take her top off so very few do. There are always 3 girls on stage and the second they stop dancing on stage clothed they come down and beg for a bunch of singles. The same girls will go around repeatedly looking for singles when they never even showed you anything. So then people don’t pay attention but they’re spending so many singles that you might as well have gone to a real strip joint. The owners obviously don’t care about running a decent strip joint. I’d even go so far as to say that it must be a mafia front because they just don’t care about how this place is run. It’s only for guidos who are too lazy to cross a bridge to get to something better.

  37. Jerseyboy

    Just came back Angelina was awesome she looks like Angie Jolie. Yes the girls hustle you abit because while they dance you sit too far from the stage to stuff singles, so when they come off stage they expect everyone to tip. It’s a win/ lose sitch.

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