Bliss Show Girls



13217 Valley Blvd, Bassett, CA 91746


34.0504106, -117.9973949




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bliss Show Girls

  1. tonycluber

    If I could give this place zero stars, I would. So apparently they have a rule that you have to pay $12 for entrance fee and another $7.50 for water upon arrival. I guess we’re supposed to be notified of this rule by the security guard outside. He never told us about this “unspoken” rule. We go inside. A lady bombards us forcing us to order drinks. We ask for water. She says a bottle of water is the cheapest drink and that its $7.50. We order two. She then forces the rest or our party to order drinks and places waters down before we even order then. We reject these drinks saying we never heard of this rule. She begins to yell at me and curse at me.I ask to speak to her manager. He comes over and immediately says “too bad, my security should have notified you of this rule. Otherwise we also have a sign.”We step outside and read all of the various signs posted outside of the cashiers glass window. NO SIGN. We inform the security guard that he never informed us of this rule and he shrugs apologetically. We speak to the manager again showing him the absence of the sign and he yells at his staff saying ” WHERES MY SIGN?” They shrug as if it’s a joke and the bartender who harassed us earlier giggles behind the glass window. Apparently they’re used to scamming people for their money. We begin to get angrier and him and once my friend (who is a girl) begins to voice her opinion, the owner states, and I QUOTE, “you should respect yourself if you’re a girl.” DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU OWN?!What right does this guy have to speak to us this way?And then we tell him the security never informed us of any rule and he jokingly says “okay it’s your last day today” to the security guard. Who then replies, “well, I guess my kids are going to starve then.” And knowing the way the hospitality industry pretends, I say, “okay I know you guys are lying, all I want is an apology.”Which the owner then replies, “if you know we’re lying then why don’t you just leave already.”P.s. He also threatened us numerous times saying if we didn’t leave he would hurt us, and that we didn’t want to “fuck” with him. And also bragged about how he was a multi-millionaire. I don’t know if this is how business owners run their businesses nowadays, but I know this is wrong. I hope this business fails, because no one should have to deal with the owner and the bartenders terrible attitude.

  2. rickywho2

    I paid $40 for a 2 minute lap dance ha… all the female’s are wack and fat besides one that was aftert all the asians lol so if you are it’s crakn otherwise don’t even bother… DON’T COME HERE IT USE TO BE HOLLYWOOD EAST THEY GOT SHUT DOWN… and ITS A TRUCKER STOP

  3. Jim

    Club not the best I’ve been too, but I’ll be back when I’m in town. Has some value for the money if you’re patient and are with the right girl.

  4. S.C. Hoppin'

    Waste of time and space for this to even exist; Doesn’t even qualify for comparable analysis with other REAL clubs; This place is a joke.

  5. richard95

    I did have one good time here and that was only because I was pissed off and everyone stayed away from me. It was nicer before they took down the privacy screen and now some bald dude is always spying on everyone. Pretty creepy.. Also hate that they expect you to buy every girl who sits next to you a drink

  6. harryharry

    The girls here don’t speak English and hustle you for dances . Don’t recommend coming here , I’ll never come back . Bare n legal is much better

  7. Johnnyboy123

    Went there with the free check in pass but the guy said its not true. Looks super slow. They should have better customer service. Suks!

  8. Harrison69

    This club is the worst club I’ve ever been 2 the girls there try 2 rob you they tell you that a dance is a certain price then when they finished she’s asking for double the dance cost they have the UGLIEST waitresses I’ve ever seen in a strip club there drinks are watered down the management sucks I only stayed for 30 mins I will never go back and when I did tell management what happened they didn’t have no resolution this would have never happened at deja vu because they have machines they have beautiful waitresses and the management there is very respectful not like them a$$holes at bliss

  9. justinlk

    I’m giving it a 5 star rating only because I had an amazing time here when I visited with my buddies from out of state. The dancer I had was amazing and she really didn’t push me for money like some of the reviews on here say. So Chuck J, I would like to tell you that you, the DJ, and the girls here are doing a good job and I will definitely come back when I visit Southern California again. Fee to enter is the usual charge you get at any strip clubs and I got my drinks for $5 I think lol!!! I even went here on a Saturday night after 3am, we’ll I mean Sunday morning lol, and fee is $20 and that did include a drink for me. Also you can come in by yourself if you are a girl, I think, let me know, since I came with 2 other guys and 3 girls so idk if that’s why I could come in.

  10. steve

    the fat ugly chicks u see at the beach. they were there.expensive dances too

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