Crystal Cafe



801 Conklin Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735


40.736146, -73.432339




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Crystal Cafe

  1. curious

    Does this club have a floor stage or behind the bar stage

  2. Jimmy

    The stage rocks!!! Dances can be better but its good theres no food and drinks arent pushed too hard.This place is all about the stage.

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  4. Josh

    Well, I went there which is my first time went there which is different than other strip club, most strip ladies don’t do that to me at other club with FULL respect but this woman in 50s.. she was actually rude! I don’t care if she is 50 as she was sweet but rude though. Other girls that I saw as cool chocolate woman and looks like Puerto Rico girl.. gave me respect! I would love to dance with chocolate woman. When I came into that small building, that 50’s woman came to me and pull me for drink and go for lap dance and ask for more money.. WHOA.. that’s way RUDE! so I gave out only $60 which is good enough. Other clubs don’t do that.. they came to me and relax and chat nice.. didn’t even push at all! this one is similar to Blue Rhino which went out of business. OR better replace that woman or she can apologize to me for doing that to me and then I’ll give her $25 tip for her half of she want.. but I like that bartender! she’s nice and treat fairly. The reason I gave 3 stars is because of that bartender.. I may look younger.. nope.. I’m older than I LOOK! Thank you

  5. Conrad S.

    I go here occasionally, its a local place to hang out. Nice bartender and beautiful Brasilan women in here once in awhile.

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  7. Palladin

    The one girl “dancing” had a front tooth missing and the watered down drinks was $10. It’s like an acid trip back to the 70’s.

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  9. Dan

    $30 for a lap dance and $8 for a beer seems a little high. Some of the dancers are rough looking.

  10. person

    a nutjob place!

  11. Jakes

    Place is a dump, a total dive, don’t waste your time.

  12. maxxy1

    Been here a few times and always have a good time, but if you are looking for young stunners in a clean modern environment, look elsewhere!

  13. stripclubfan

    Whoever wrote the last review really has to get out more. The last time I was in here, the one dancer who was there(change of shift?) left and went to get some dinner. The only problem is she didn’t tell ANYONE(meaning bar employees). A real club has lots of dancers and attractive, sociable bartenders.

  14. anthony

    the club is very nice and the girlz arent that bad nice bartenders and on 3 nights a week they have two very nice looking good dancers overall i have a great time when i go there

  15. guy

    One of the last clubs on LI that has a stage you can actualy sit at and have the dancers try not to knock over your drinks as they push themselves into your face!

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  17. joe

    thursday, 11-16-06 was the first time i was here, I used to go to le cafe in bethpage and you guys blow them out of the water, great job! keep it up

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  19. JJ

    In terms of Gentlemen’s Clubs, Crystal Cafe is basically 3rd rate (1st rate being Scores or Rick’s), even for LI. The girls are older and generally not in great shape — and more often than not the stage is bare. It’s more like a really skeevy dive bar with the occasional mid-30’s single mom walking around in a teddy…who will perform an awkward “couch dance” for $30 apiece. You definitely do not get the hot Russian girls that you would see at a better club. But, on the plus side, they don’t push drinks on you and when there’s someone on stage, you can sit in peace with a beer and watch the “show”.

  20. Bobby

    You can have a really nice night out. Girls are hot and very friendly. Looking foward to going back again. Bar tenders are great. good luck

  21. curtis17

    The worst strip club ived been to realllllly gueto girl are really ugly amd old never going again

  22. Joey IPS

    Summer is the hottest girl in the joint!!!!!

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