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522 Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station, NY 11746


40.8320417, -73.3918199




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Carousel Lounge

  1. Rob

    I think the girls here are really sexy, classy and hot.

  2. bob
  3. Mark

    Place sucks. Girls here are too pushy. The second you walk in girls are asking for dances. Damn can I find a seat and have a drink first???

  4. me
  5. Jem
  6. brokerguy

    love the dancers, love almost all of the bartenders. There’s one girl, and I don’t make it a point to know their names. but she is less than even slightly welcoming. Basically, she sucks. The min your drink goes down shes hassling you for another…even if youre dumping alot of money on the girls. I got so pissed one night I left and decded to blow my money elsewhere. Maybe shes frustrated, I dont know,but maybe she should work on the other side of the bar

  7. Joey Buttafucco
  8. W

    The girls at the club are friendly, nice and clean.

    Some are very skilled and very hot.

    The club needs a good cleaning and the bathroom needs

    to be updated

  9. se
  10. james1412

    Hello I just wanted to know if you are looking for more bartender or dancers and if you have day shift at your club and how old you have to work there at the club thank you very much

  11. sean

    This place has gone down hill, way too many rusians. went on friday nite’ bartender was rude and pushy when i tried to open a credit card. don’t know her name but the skinny blonde one with the big nose added drinks and dances to my tab that i didnt order. I also saw her put money in her pocket from the cash register.

  12. ryan123

    2 Stars really, but for LI I’ll bump this bad boy up to 3. Here’s a quick rundown:The Girls: There might be one cute one per shift. MAX. 4 others will prowl the floor for lap dances. One chick followed my friend to the ATM and took his receipt to see how much was in his account. Classic. The Drinks: Small, expensive, watered downThe Vibe: Creepy at all times. The Experience: Awesome.Go there knowing it’s kind of a dump and you will have a great time. Go there expecting to walk into Scores and you are in trouble brotado. Enjoi.

  13. stanly

    Hot, hot, hot. Went during the afternoon and had a GREAT time.

  14. doushnoolde7
  15. jay
  16. kenny

    rats in the club

  17. gt
  18. JOE


  19. Ed Wood Sr

    Probably the best club on LI. No cover charge, Dancers, bartenders and

    bouncers are nice. Layout is similar to Blush but smaller. You sit a the bar

    which surrounds the stage and tip girls $1 at a time. 2 Girls are on stage 10

    minutes at a time. The weak spot is the VIP rooms. There are two small

    curtain enclosed rooms. One room is phone booth sized and uncomfortable

    for the dancer. The other room is larger but the seat is too high off the floor

    and there is table attached to the floor which makes it hard for the dancer to

    move around in. Couch dancers ($30/song) are outside of the VIP rooms and

    there’s a good amount of grinding going on.

    There are American (white & black), Russian, Latino, and occassionally Asian

    dancers. The managers do a good job of hiring nice, hot girls.

    Not as good for couples like Blush but lesbians like this place too.

  20. swtjgrl
  21. Jeffrey

    Been to most long island clubs and this one has best the combination of girls.

  22. .
  23. Andrew

    The girls here are nasty. They smell so bad. Avoid this place at all costs.

  24. tom petty
  25. not happy
  26. sal

    pace sucks

  27. mike G

    Girls hassle for dance’s and drinks too much. I was actually told after i just put down my beer and went to the bathroom . that if i didnt buy another drink i would have to leave

  28. Me

    Carrie gives hand jobs in the back room and management allows it.. the strippers do coke in the bathroom and smoke weed and management allows it. Time to get the authorities involved!!!

  29. doc

    Crazy sunday night up there after superbowl, Desire doing Karyoke was priceless……….sadly she wasnt flashing like during her B day

  30. yanard12

    4 Stars for the complimentary BBQ yesterday. They cleaned the place up nice. Great Stop when your in the H Town area. The talent is on the older side.

  31. Sanjay

    Wow, this place rocks. Stopped by during the afternoon the girls were hot.

  32. Jimmy

    I was planing on having my buddys bachelor party here so I went in to check it out. Dude, everything they guys say about these two ho’s is on the money. What a pair of rude money hungry skanks. No way would any best man subject his best friend to a night out here.

  33. jones

    Club is very friendly, the girls are hot and not very pushy. The bartenders are cool except for one the big manly brunette who I watch be rude to myself and to a couple dancers.Shes rude and nasty.But overall nice club

  34. valmer

    Outgoing bartenders really add to the good feeling you get in this place. A wide variety of women of all ages, black and white. Stage is behind bar, but dancers will sit and chat. Fast rotation.

  35. ike
  36. john11666

    I’ve been going to the cell for years and know the bartender Dana very well, If she was rude or sarcastic with a customer there had to be a very very good reason, I only go on nights she is working just because she is a very good bartender and I allways have a great time with her !!!!!! I’ve been going to strip clubs for about 20yrs. now on the island and I remain loyal to the cell, they have the best girls, the staff is allways friendly and the bartenders are very friendly and offer great service !!!! If Dana was rude or made a sarcastic comment to a customer he must have been very drunk and rude with her or was treating her like shit which is not cool…And as far as him name calling and saying she’s not a looker, he must be BLIND !!! she is a very beautiful woman, and also a very smart woman !! She has it all (beauty/brains/and a killer personality) Talk to anyone who REALLY knows her and you’ll find out that she’s a definate asset to the club !!!!!!! And an awsome person……..Keep up the great work Dana……mauaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. Mike

    Best club in ny by far

  38. tiger

    I have been going to this club for a long time now and the girls are the most gorgeous looking ones I have seen on one roof. They are friendly and not pushy… The bartenders are very sweet and gorgeous as well. I would prefer if they fix up the vip lounge area a bit.

  39. Franco C.

    Topless entertainment.As topless places go, this place is definitely better than most. Back in the day, when I worked for a small electronics company in the area, I would take a bunch of my engineers out to this place – believe me, this was as close to a girl many of them would ever get- the girls would have as much fun as the geeks…The girls there are fine, the place is small and the prices, while steep, are not crazy steep.All in all, so long as you are a normal functioning adult male, you can have a fun time there and get out without having to mortgage the house.Parking lot around the perimeter.

  40. Bill

    Was in there this past sat night for the first time had a great time with evryone there! Barmaids were great dancers were very nice and for the most part not to pushy. Can’t wait til next week

  41. jr
  42. john
  43. Brooklyn Boy

    This is definitely the best strip club in LI…hottest dancers and just as hott bartenders…

  44. strprlvr

    Update the bathrooms??????? whats this guy talkin about, he should have seen what they used to look like LOL

    Dallas’ party tonight boys, yeeha!

  45. pat

    its great

  46. jack


  47. RON

    place sucks.

  48. Josh

    Place Sucks! Just some raggy, boring girls grubbing your cash. NOT recommended.

  49. Striprlvr

    1st time posting on this site and i have to say interesting readin other peoples interrpretations of this place. This is my fav bar and has been for a long ass time! I liked it so much I recommended that my friend Dallas go work there and she thinks its great too( all you Dallas lovers owe me big time btw) Now everyone may have there favorite barkeep, mine being Desire with trish a close second. Not everyone likes Dana but what ya gonna do, she has been there for a long time and lots of people luv her……if you have an issue with her, move to the other side of the bar. the place is fun, customers are cool, women are hot, and its a great place to hang. I have been to them all and this is the place i always go back to and happily say i am a regular at

  50. Ghandi

    Anybody with the stones to insult Carousel should take the time to go to some of LI’s other “clubs” and really experiance bad(bordering on abusive)service and truly “bottom shelf” dancers. Carousel is(and has consistently been) the best LI clubs in yerms of quality of service. The bartenders are beautiful, and the dancers are beautiful. Everthing about Carousel yells “COME BACK SOON”.

  51. Dollard

    Both Carousel and Blush are the best clubs on LI. If only we could just get rid of the RUSSIANS, it would be that much better. They are annoying and do not know the difference between a spritz of perfume and immersing themselves in it. My eyes tear and I pray for someone with a cigar to come over and cover up their stink. Other than that, the other dancers are top shelf, the bartenders are friendly and beautiful, and management(and bouncers) are very customer friendly

  52. ccc
  53. joey
  54. sj
  55. smiley

    i was here in the afternoon, it was great, friendly bartenders, buffet, and not only incredibly sexy girls, but very friendly and not pushy at all.

  56. paul

    Went in a couple of weeks ago for the first time – and was

    very disappointed. Place is full of smoke, almost all

    dancers smoking, as well as most customers – even though

    tons of signs that say no smoking. Bartenders nice. Girls,

    some nice, some get really pissed off if you don’t keep

    giving them dollars as they come by – Private dance was ok,

    but again weird in that bouncer times you. Won’t go back.

  57. L

    I think they just made a big mistake getting rid of two great bartenders. So one might have been a little slow but she got the job done. getting rid of them is not the problem get better looking dancers,because those russian girls and the old tattooed girl just doesn’t hack it anymore

  58. Veronica and Loisa

    Great bar, best looking dancers, very good service. If you want to have fun thats the place to go to!

  59. new dude

    I got me a phone number. THIS PLACE ROX

  60. Badazzz

    Love this place…Hot girls, decent drinks and a pretty good atmosphere…What more can you ask for

  61. Mike D

    Despite what a select few idiots have been writing about a certain bartender, Carousel has been able to keep its crowd level steady for the 10 years I have been going here. The dancers are beautiful, the bartenders are beautiful and both treat customers so well, they come back(often) And bartenders who cause trouble do not stay. But Dana has been around for 9 years.

  62. steve

    not a nice place

  63. joel

    always a lot of dancers !!!

  64. out of towner

    as far as strip clubs go this place is worth the trip.

    its not a high end place by any means but the quality of women (for the price) is very good.

    the bar is circular with the dancers in the middle. if you dont mind the $1 drive by’s the place is excelent.

    overall i would rate the girls in this place 8/10 but their social skills make it a 10/10 and that make the experience that much better.

    if you ae a traveller and you enjoy local clubs don’t miss this place. its a gem.

  65. Steven

    this club is the best on long island by far the girls are awesome,the bartenders are hot and management is cool

  66. Rahrah boy

    Love this joint

  67. Bada Bing

    Chicks are hot and there is action there…best club outside of queens

  68. Tonui
  69. blah
  70. kdiujdh

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