Blue Zebra Adult Strip Club North Hollywood



6872 Farmdale Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605


34.196056, -118.380635




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Weekly we have something special happening here at the Blue Zebra. Take some time to view our web site to get a feel for what we have to offer. Remember however that nothing beats the real thing , stop in and pay us and our ladies a visit , you won’t be disappointed! Our club is unique with lots to offer , we are not the average Adult club. We offer a sophisticated and unique entertainment experience


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25 reviews for “Blue Zebra Adult Strip Club North Hollywood

  1. Gina Mathews Gina Mathews

    I am visiting in town for the next to week and looking for discrete upscale gentlemen that wanna have a good time.

  2. Johnson12

    Some friendly girls here.Location is a problem,But I recommend.

  3. adamrod

    Dianna is terrible. She is what we named a jumping bean instead of lap dance she bounces up and down and gives u a head ache. Dice is nice and sweet. Made my husband feel special for his birthday. These girls are desperate and keep asking for tip or to buy them a drink.

  4. fuckery12

    This place is awesome! I took a friend for his bday and the girls were not only very sweet but super hot!! They remodeled and it looks really great. I highly recommend it for couples!

  5. Harrison69

    The girls are 2/3 …the vibe is really good.. The dj was on point..the only thing that bothered me was that I went in for a $100 dance and it literally lasted 5 minutes..Also,they keep going and asking you to buy the girl a drink..And the drinks are like $10-15..

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  7. Robert

    This club was real nice. good atmosphere.good service one of the most friendly girls was Re kale. she was very nice. also very beautiful. wouldn’t mind going back.

  8. AssnTits5

    2 years ago i would have given 5 cuz it was FAVE strip club but NO MORE. but that is only because 1.) On my boyfriends birthday they refused to let us in [ 3 young good looking guys plus me 1 young attractive female ] because “we reeked of alcohol”. WTF?? i used to do drugs with the strippers in here and share flasks in the bathroom with my friends. I even used to get juice drinks and pour booze into them right there at the tip bar without anyone ever complaining or saying anything. You f*n swear dude. 2.) i brought my friend here for her first strip club experience and bought her a de virginizing lap dance by the dancer of her choice. It was a random night and kinda slim pickings but she found a 7 and chose her for her dancer. We went in the private area together and o my goodness. The girl st rattled her and me and my friend looked at each other with disgust because we could SMELL her- even from our down at our lap area, SIIIIIICKKKKKK!!!!! SOOOOOO NAST!!!! i had to apologize to my friend and promise her i have never had a stinky experience at a strip club before. I felt like i totally ruined it for her forever ha ha. It is also in a sketchy area [ which strip club isn’t really?] and surrounded by industrial buildings with a not too well lit parking lot on the side of the club where no one can see you- good for pre partying bad cuz of creepo guys. so yea gross. Now the reason for 3 stars they do have specialty nights and have guest stars like certain porn stars and such which is fun. They also have discounted rates like for college night and ladies night and the like. The ladies are super friendly and touchy feely and get on your lap and such from the stage. They also do some really amazing pole tricks which is always a bonus. they are mostly 6-8 range girls with a random 4 or 9 dancing from time to time. they also pull girls from audience on stage and molest them which is fine for me- but i know some girls out there don’t like it. so its a toss up- check it out if your not a drinker and wanna see some nice ass [ and everything else ] but be warned the smelly crotch roaming around the club.

  9. Lauren S.

    My favorite strip club of all time.Super hot girls. They put so much energy and effort into the stage shows.I got two full nude lap dances from Mellina for $40. She took almost 15 minutes and in the end I was the one ending the session; totally unheard of in this scene, where girls are usually trying to hustle you.The venue itself is great, spacious and very clean.

  10. XhXeXy

    It was my first time at this place. Dancer Angelina was amazing on the pole. She had lots of fun pole tricks that were real eye catchers. She’s very classy, and I would come again to get a dance from her. She’s also short and gorgeous! Just how I like them.

  11. David M.

    Went here with a larger group of guys. We were out on the town having a good time.As other reviewers noted, security is unnecessarily heavy handed here. We went to three different clubs that night and this one was the only one we had any problems at. Two from our group were ejected. One because they used the wrong exit door and another for reasons we still do not know.After all this, we decided to leave and go elsewhere. The club was dead, even on a weekend. Really, there are many better places out there if this is your sort of thing. In all, a big waste of time and money.

  12. felixnada

    Smells like red lobster. Girls dance like they’re having an aneurism. And I think one of them had a dick.

  13. Franklyn

    First time going to this place and I got to say that I’m a fan. the girls really do talk to you and damn it if they don’t move like some sexy beasts ! For those asking about specials.. they have Random specials like buy a girl a drink and get three for one or two for one. Beware! The area looks mighty sketchy, but do not judge a book by its cover. Once you go in it all feels different from the outside.If you’re looking for a strip club and don’t know where to look.. give it a shit. I guarantee you will not regret it.

  14. stripforme123

    Very nice club its kind of hidden in an industrial area of north hollywood . The inside of the club is beautiful and updated unlike other clubs in the area . The dancers are gorgeous and very entertaining . Tony the dj is always on point and can get the party going .

  15. Jon

    Love the girls and the club.

  16. yanard12

    Dont judge a book by its cover… Despite the location it is a very classy establishment. A great 18+ strip club. The management and the ladies are very friendly!

  17. Johnnyboy123

    Awsome environment, beautifull women. Really cool place to chill for guys night out. Only downside is no Alcohol. Other than that its good…. Really recomended to all men and women…

  18. james1412

    The prices are pretty low. The entrance fee is 24-26$ it includes a drink (no alcohol) and a lap dance (topless) or pay extra 10$ for completely nude dance. The place is almost always pretty empty. Topless lap dance 20$, completely nude 30$ (cheap prices!) and i would recommend to wait for dj to announce 2for1 or even 3for1 deals, so dont rush. Girls are pretty friendly(like in every strip club) trying their best to get the money from you, hoverer here is the catch: most of the girls are overweight some straight up FAT and on the border of ugly. Id rate the girls (overall) 3.5/10. Most of the girls are black, so if thats not your thing then its not the place for you. The prettiest chick there is Venus – but she knows it, she is not doing shit there, just sits around, bitchy, conceited attitude. Despite the fact the she is a stripper she poses herself as a princess, id not recommend her at all! go for the other ones that look decent. This review might sound rough but when i spend money at the strip club i expect 1) pretty girls 2) lower amount of bullshit 3) good customer service. Also truly hate the bartenders that come up to you and ask you if you want to buy a drink for the FAT/UGLY chick that sits next to you, that annoys the shit out of you and that you are trying to get rid off. Came here twice- definitely will never come back again. Go to a higher class strip club, the prices might be higher but at least it will be worth it in comparison to Blue Zebra.

  19. richard95

    Your friends convince you to drive to North Hollywood, it’ll be an adventure they say. So you gather up the courage and venture to a land in which no one really wants to go, yet so many end up. Where the dreams of Hollywood have drifted north to a place where they are put to rest, but still close enough to be in shouting distance of the dreams of others still being played out. We come upon a dark street, my windows are quickly rolled up for fear of a car jacking or getting robbed at gun point. At the end of the darkness gleams a neon blue light. A light that you could consider salvation, but alas it was all a trick. Luckily they have a lot next to the place so you don’t have to worry too much about your car being broken into, which was packed to the gills I might add. So there was some hope as we got out of the car. ‘Wow there’s a lot of cars here, this place has to be good.” Not so much. The cover was 15$ which isn’t too bad considering it comes with a drink. And the cashier lets you know if you keep the receipt you can get back in there for only 5$ for the next 30 days. Well now that’s a bargain. Once inside the first stop is the bathroom, to relieve yourself of the built up fear that came with driving down a desolated street, worried that you would be robbed. I will say this though, the bathroom was kept quite clean, so I did start to get my hopes up, especially when seeing what appeared to be the tip of condom inside the urinal, leading me to believe, the lapdances are that good. Immediately upon entering the main area of the club there is a cage with 2 girls dancing in it, not so much like wild animals, but more of an old animal that has been at the zoo since being plucked from the wild, it now doesn’t know anything else and has settled into an existence behind the steal bars. This couldn’t be it, I thought, and quickly my eyes were drawn to the main stage that was towards the back of the club, A large area, with a pole that goes to the ceiling but is cut short by an industrial beam, disallowing the best of pole tricks. We sat for a minute and watched as the 2 girls in the cage tried to break free of the monotony, but to no avail, So we moved over to an area where we could see the main stage, which wasn’t much better. A slow strip tease with a heavy emphasis on disinterest is what we saw. After seeing how much the guys tip the dancers on stage, I understood why. This wasn’t a place where men come to be entertained by a fun energetic strip show. This is a place where they come to have their manhood manipulated by those with flesh covered solely in that which should only be seen on a beach and in many of these girls cases, shouldn’t be seen at all, unless you have a craving for that which is unfriendly on the eye to most. After 20 minutes of being unentertained and hearing the DJ push the lapdance specials, over and over. We couldn’t handle the dreary lackluster atmosphere and decided to be on our way. This is not the place you go to for a good time on on your eyes, more so a place for a good time on your thighs, low standards highly welcomed.

  20. harryharry

    Best Club in the Area hands Down! Stopped by for my 21st birthday with my boys and we got treated very well. Would definitley recommend you to stop by for a dance…or 10!

  21. lovin the ladies

    the girls were hot and the dances were real nice

  22. curtis17

    I absolutley have no idea why theres bad reviews about Blue Zebra lol … if your cheap to pay entrance fee.. what makes you think your gonna get a gal on your lap without tippin :p anyways staff is great ..scenery dark and sexy! Girls all types! Wich is good gives u variety choose from! Music is awesome always updated latest music!;) Management helpfull and pretty ones too.. that gal kendraa ooh! Haha but great place to bring friends and spend some cash..definetly comingback here again!!!

  23. Hunter

    Had a great fun time in the club just a few days back..

  24. joseph1k

    Last Saturday was my second time and last time i will ever go there. The first time I went was a Monday or Tuesday with a friend after work. $15 got us the entrance, 1 drink, and a 2 song lap dance. Only 1 females was worth getting a lap dance from. So we left since the females don’t want to hustle and make that money. This past Saturday we went again because they told us their was going to be a lot of females. We went in and yes it was true but the girls were just passing by us and not asking at least if we wanted a dance. So we left within 30 minutes and went down the block to another one since they don’t like to make money $$$

  25. maxxy1

    I’ve heard it was better before, but have no reference. Ask me? It’s a brilliant cabaret club. It’s clean, mood lit, and comfortable. The Ms’s were chatty and applied no pressure. Felt like dinner conversation with the option to yank off the table cloth and spoil formalities.

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