City Lights



767 Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704


40.9229574, -73.8639639




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “City Lights

  1. Sammy

    I have to say this is one of the greatest clubs I have been to in a while. You definately have to check out the dancer named Sexxy, out of all the dances I had she was by far the best. Not only is she mad sweet but she has a nice body to match. Nice back view and soft.

  2. Anotha Reg.

    This club is good. U need to check it out!

  3. Satisfyied

    This spot is decent for the money that is spent here, and I have to say Sexxy by far was the best dance I ever had. I read the comments Sexxy, don’t worry your beautiful, better looking than a lot of the dogs who work there. Keep ya head up ma.

  4. customer

    management thinks he’s all of that he sucks the club is a dive

  5. ms. thing

    this club sucks and so does management

  6. Reg. customer

    This club has gotten so much better. Alot of the old ugly dancers left and there r a lot of new sexy girls!! I go every saturday b/c I have my favorite. I highly rate this club

  7. Jus

    This is where sexy goes to die! The retirement home

  8. Sexxy

    The club will be up to your liking if you are willing to spend the money necessary. If you are cheap, you will not have a good time. No need to spend a fortune but do remember the girls work for ya tips. SHOW LOVE TO GET LOVE!!! That’s the bottom line……if you in a strip club you come to spend money to watch, if you want to watch naked chicks for free…..STAY HOME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. DB
  10. Anonymous

    this place is a shithole

  11. Clamor

    The club was decent. A good place to go kick back and drink a few while women shake their tits in your face

  12. John Gizzo

    Get ready to be royally Screwed out of your money. What a shithole. They should knock that place down and bury it.

    Bring Sexxxxy back…she aint there no mo

  13. Luv Strippers

    The best nights are saturdays b/c they have a great dj! Good looking girls. Alot of new sexy girls. All the wack girls are gone! Small club with great atmosphere. My favorite club!!

  14. Evan Molonn

    It’s great. $400 for the best.

  15. disappointed

    club is headed in the wrong direction. new rules made there have ruined what was once a fun place to go.

  16. Luv Bootie

    This club is ok… but there r some sexy girls. Heaven is gorgeous and her ass is crazy!! Check her out!!

  17. Oh My God This Place Sux
  18. Mike

    If you are into getting your money’s worth see Sexxy, she is beautiful inside and out. Thanks for the wonderful time, you are the best. Guys don’t be cheap with her, she is there to satisfy.

  19. Davey BX

    if you can’t have a good time here you have no idea what a good time is

  20. Cherry

    Saturday Aug. 18th dont miss Cherry’s birthday bash!!!!!!

  21. Jason

    Club got friendly admosphere, some girls from Russia are beautiful, all young and energetic girls.

  22. flip

    it’s cheap but besides that it has nothing going for it.

  23. Skirby

    not a bad place! Nice for a “regular” spot. Not as nice as Manhattan joint but then again…you get what you pay for, right!?!?

  24. annon

    this club sucked. they have it listed as a nude club but its not. i went to the vip room and they tell me that its only topless on stage. worst strip club ive been to and ive been to about 10-15

  25. Traveler

    Too many old and bitter girls!

  26. Mickey D.

    Seedy yet fun has great potential good parking dancers are good for the areaThe manager is cool security totally professional My wife and I came she was nervous the gentleman sitting at the front desk made her feel at ease made her laugh and because of that we’ll be back on a Wed night

  27. Rolling...

    this spot is decent… niggas think they can watch tits and ass for free.. then complain.. spend some money cheap ass… some girls really work it there…

  28. fritter17

    Horrible. The bartenders are old and ugly. The dancers look like they haven’t gone through puberty yet. The shot girls were the best looking and they weren’t that cute either. The drinks were expensive and the crowd was wack. Needless to say I wont be back!!!

  29. Kingsley F.

    Awful excuse for a strip club.Woman 40-50 years old dancing on stage and its repulsive. Usually less than 10 woman a night. Terrible seedy place.

  30. You Know Who

    This place is fun all the way around if you are not cheap with the girls. They are there to make money, not to be watched for free.

  31. jack

    I have been there on Saturday night, and I really enjoyed it.

    The lap dances are just 15 dollars, and most girls would let you gently touch their boobs.

    I would recommend it and will definitely go back.

  32. Joe

    I would highly recommend Fantasy.

    Just amazing!

  33. winston12

    Eveyone is great nice friendly bartenders are sweet I have a good time eveytime im there I highly recommend it

  34. Derek

    All ugly black girls yuck

  35. Stripperlover

    Strip club! Great atmosphere! Pretty girls! They need to have a dj all the time though. Its not Sues but… I enjoyed myself. Saturdays are good!

  36. Danny

    Shitty Lights wow talk about disgusting this place is nasty

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