J.R’s Cabaret



1625 East 233rd Street, Bronx N.Y., NY 10466


40.8890665, -73.8282331




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “J.R’s Cabaret

  1. Ichiban O.

    It was terrible as a dancer there with the owner of the club, it was as if the woman had no say and I’m speaking for myself as a dancer who danced there for years since 2009.I was fired because a bouncer had told me to remove my thong as it was time to get off stage I complained to the owner and he had done absolutely nothing but fire me! This is a crooked establishment

  2. John
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  4. clubhopper

    it was a somewhat fun experience went friday 7/23/10 this was my first time in a strip club since 2007 got a dance from them smokin hot blonde chick but she kept trying to invite one of her friends so finally i said ok then after they were done they said i owed them 80 dollars each so as you can see the night started of pretty bad but it ended pretty good before i lert i got a dance from this black chick who looks like jada fire so in the end i give this club a 4 out of 5

  5. Pete
  6. Clubber
  7. cjthe1st

    the cops close down this club

  8. bronxboy

    still one of the best clubs around, more ethnic dancers than the old days but still outstanding,private dancers vary on the girl, drink prices are rediculous $14 bucks for a rum and coke in a tiny glass

  9. Mark

    JR’s Cabaret in the Bronx is my favorite club. This was the first club I

    ever went to back in 2014. Jrs has booty of two kinds. Latin and black.

    What more can I ask for. I’m not the fancy type of person who likes my

    drinks with a lemon, or champaign, or etc. I just like watching women

    naked in a club. That’s what I pay for and Jrs has that. It’s quiet,

    relaxing and the girls are so hot! Ratio of girls fantastic, bodies

    fantastic, lap dances 10+!

  10. Natalia
  11. Joe
  12. Legend?

    The “legend” of Sue’s is more like a MYTH!

    The bartender’s were harlots

    The dancers were charlatons who gave ya half a dance

    The only sitting room was around the bar unless in the ghetto ‘champagne’ section.

    WAY TOO LOUD! No room at all to take a lady to the side and talk a bit.

    Very dissapointed.

    P.S. If you sit in “Bianca” section of the bar, be very, very careful.

  13. Roger

    Very pricey, to much drama. Some of the girls are hot.

  14. The Flame

    I’ve been visiting this club every 3rd or 4th week for the past six months and I’ve never had a bad experience. As I’ve posted on the board, the girls are top notch, and not pushy at all. There’s a great selection of girls, so there’s something for all tastes. The bartenders are also quite appealing and professional. I’m not a drinker, I’ll mostly drink a beer to accompany the girls, whose drinks I do buy, and I’ve found the prices to be comfortable. So come on over and have some fun!!

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  16. Sam

    Best Club in the New York metro area. Girls are great! Can’t wait to come back.

  17. chocolate

    i work at this club and have been for 2years i luv it wouldnot work at any other club

  18. cptbighead


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  20. Vinny
  21. Joey
  22. HM

    It’s ok

  23. bubbles

    i had a good time

  24. Jimmy
  25. Toya

    These girls are whores such as sweets(crackhead)and slim and their ass and titts are fake

  26. Max
  27. GM

    This club was popping everytime I go there. It get really busy at around 1am and the music is pretty good. A must see.

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  29. The King of Cups

    This club is slammin’. There’s eye candy for all, so come prepared to have fun!!

  30. Lot
  31. Billy
  32. tom
  33. mr.playboy

    dis club is poppin

  34. Tim
  35. tonycluber

    Filthy.I’m a strip club kind of girl through and through. Been to them all, from high class to low ball and always have a great time but last night’s visit to Jr’s left so much to be desired.We were allowed a peep in to see the dancers and the one that was performing looked decent enough so we paid and went in. It is a $10 cover plus $14 (collected up front) for two non-alcoholic drinks (NO ALCOHOL SERVED). Fine. There were 7 dancers on for the night. All different looks, body types – mostly not what you want to see in a strip club. I enjoy them thick but…LADIES BEWARE — these women will avoid you like the plague and in all honesty, we didn’t mind one bit. I’m not bougie, but there was nothing there that interested me in the least bit. For the hour or so that we were there, we watched as these poor women walked around showing their lady parts for a single $1 bill at a time. Men – touching is definitely allowed. It seems to be encouraged too.The venue itself is a hood spot. Not the cleanest, all of the seats were badly tattered.The floor Manager was roaming around barking at the girls to make their $300 quota for the night, not sure how this was going to happen.Sad, insecure dancers (with the exception of the 3 sweetheart girls we tipped royally) spreading cooch for a $1 a pop.The doorman was an absolute sweetheart.Worse one by far.

  36. obsessed w/pussy

    JRs isn closed i went there saturday and had a great time with those ebony godesses you twat!

  37. PAUL


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