5121 Bragg Boulevard, Fayetteville, NC 28303


35.0947749, -78.9557858




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mickey

  1. Mickey

    Yall leave my club alone

  2. Occasional visitor

    Decent club, drink prices are a bit lower than everywhere else in town ($1 Miller Light on Wednesdays, and free wings too!). Runs a variety of promotions, including pool and dart tourneys during the week, and free poker tourneys on Saturdays. The bar looks like it could use with a good cleaning, but for a dive, it’s decent. The girls are friendly, some are pushy but most aren’t. Worth a visit.

  3. Robbie

    The girls are pretty friendly

  4. timmy

    best couch dances in the usa

  5. steelhauler

    I have fun at Mickey’s, some of the girls are what I expected in being nice, the Southern charm us Northern Boys expect. I have been to other clubs with much more beautiful women, but they also new it. The girls here, for the most part, are fun and actually talk to the client. I hate the “do you want a dance” first line from a dancer, some here do that but some also have fun and meet the patrons. Plus, being a trucker I love the older bar style and the fact that there is a relaxed, no dress code atmosphere. I just wish the DJ had no hangups on the 80’s rock.

  6. jeremy

    normally i go in at night. i decided to go in during the day . loved it. the girl are so friendly. no one pushed for dances. thats what made me want them. micky u have wonderful girls in day time. cant wait to come back.


  7. bigdaddyme

    this is the only club ive found around here that i like



    JADEN freind of Alyssa Chase has herpes .. gave it to me.. ” contract married” to Adriane Santos . potental terrorist from Brazil.. call the slut at 864-360-1065

  9. tom

    I was very pleased with the club, my favorite dancer was Mary Jane she works the day shift. She is a very beautiful, sexy young lady!! Guys, you have got to go check her out, she can make her ass do things I have never seen before, well worth the money spent, I am sold!! Cant wait to go back and get me some more Mary Jane, like the song says I’m in love with Mary Jane!!!

  10. Lincoln

    was ok. nothing above average some below. was disappointed really:(

  11. Paul

    all I can say is Nichole! First look at her and she don’t really look like the typical mickette, but man oh man does she posess the mickette ways in V.I.P.

  12. jeff
  13. Brad

    went in during the day for a few cold ones…. thought the price for a bottle of beer was a bit high. Girls were so so, seen prettier at other places in town. Cop car sitting at top of lot…not sure if cheking on probable DUI’s or what. No girls introduced themselves so no names to mention. Did like the jukebox music as the girls select their own.

  14. james

    mickeys blows

  15. Dr. O

    This place is a spinoff of the legendary Ricks Lounge from Haystreet, which they closed to put up a police station, It’s OK.

  16. jj
  17. Joe

    Rene was the best!!!

  18. Dusty

    daytime way better than nites. girls during the day are cool. at nite the girls are kind of pushy and snobby. jade is cute.

  19. all good

    Nice place during the day time, girls are really sweet and wonderful dancers. The whole scenerio changes after 6 pm, i dont recomend going after then. The ladies at night are somewhat catty, rude to custumers and one even stole my wallet from my table, I did get it back though from the bouncer.

  20. Snowdogg

    Was in recently in the daytime—some of the daytime girls know me by now–Nicole is so sweet and lots of fun to be around–and Raquel is simply gorgeous and sexy as she can be in every possible way–i need to get back in the nite time sometime–and couch dances only $10 before 6 pm–u can’t beat that ANYWHERE–even the food is good(i recommend mini-egg rolls)

  21. john

    Nicest prettiest girls in town.. I heard so terrible stuff about this club and happy to say they were all lies..;)

  22. don

    best couch dances anywhere

  23. Lee

    Skyler is the best!!!

  24. Timothy

    I like the clup,ive been going there for years..keep up the good work….

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