Filly’s Gentlemen’s Club



400 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27101


36.0866672, -80.2581058




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Filly’s Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Bryan
  2. tim

    Awesome.I had the best time, decent drink prices.The girls know how to treat you.

  3. Dave82

    What in the hell has happened to this place? Used to be hands down one of the best clubs in the area up until 3-4 months ago. In the past couple of years, I would go every Friday or Saturday, and sometimes once during the week as well. The girls were beautiful, the atmosphere was great, I couldn’t get enough. Probably starting in January, I noticed a lot of the regular girls were disappearing and being replaced by either overweight girls with obvious stretchmarks from just having a baby or ghetto black girls which isn’t my cup of tea at all. It was ok at first because there was just one or two of these eyesores back in January but each visit I noticed another one of my favorites who was no longer there. This continued to the point where I started checking out other clubs in the area which it turns out are better than this place was at its peak. To be fair, after not visiting Filly’s for several months, I stopped in the weekend before last (it was a Saturday) and I was shocked at what I saw. NONE of the girls I enjoyed seeing were there, entirely different group of girls. Probably about 15-16 girls working that which consisted outside of one or two decent looking ones to be ENTIRELY chunky girls who most all had obvious stretch marks, UGLY skanks, and ghetto black girls. I sat back in disgust and kept waiting for a decent looking girl to take stage, but it was just a parade of eyesores. From someone who raved about Filly’s and was a regular, I walked out after 45 minutes and went to another club. From what I hear from girls who used to work at this club that I still keep in contact with they are having management problems. Whatever their problem is, the current selection of girls ain’t cutting it. Got news for you guys, there’s NUDE clubs in the area that have model quality girls and you guys are parading around beat up skanks in a topless club? Really wish this club would get back to where it was because it’s about 5 minutes from my house and I have to drive 30 minutes to Greensboro for a decent club now.

  4. customer
  5. Travis Liddle

    Well, what can I say!!!! This place could be alot better if the dancers wouldnt bugg you to death constantly!!!!

  6. Andy fro Virginia
  7. josh
  8. Brandon
  9. jay
  10. David

    I have been going here for years. The girls and staff are always friendly. I have never seen anything negative about the club. I reccomend this club to everyone.

  11. Tony

    Had a really good time. Will be back in the next time I’m in town.

  12. Eric

    First time in.. awesome club cute bartenders and hot dancers will be back

  13. caleb
  14. hdsport

    I like the dayshift at Fillys…they open at 11:30 mon-fri and members get in free up to 7pm. It is the only club in the area opened during the day. Plus, the women have more time to chat with you…specially Stevie…yes, Stevie is a female with an educated conversation and an awesome dance to match her intelligance. It is a laidback club during the day and more of the typical stripclub sceen at night. Daytime has a variety of dancers…and strong drinks.

  15. steve

    The manager was rude,all the girl are sloppy drunks and the place smell’s like a sewer.Needs new management and a good cleaning.

  16. fuckery12

    Went to this club yesterday and my god were the women gorgeous. Bar staff was very friendly and kept the drinks coming. We will definitely be back as the dancers treat you nicely instead of a ATM.

  17. Mark

    Club was clean and Staff were great. I saw the bouncer remove a patron. Very professional and polite. Everyone seemed happy and having a good time. Will be back soon. Hats off to this club.

  18. beer drinker

    if you dont let blacks in… i’ll be back!

  19. J

    Hottest girls,best drink prices,had a great time in the fantasy room!

  20. kevin

    awesome club best girls very friendly.

  21. Joe
  22. rick
  23. brian

    fun club, hot girls, friendly

  24. DMAC

    I went to Filly’s two nights last week, 11/28 and 11/30. I was in town for business. Best club in W-S area. Paris is the hottest. Peaches is a sweetie, 4’11” with a smokin little body and great dancer. Club is clean and all the girls are friendly and they don’t try to over work you.

    One thing I noticed in all the clubs was alot of guys only tipped a dollar at a time. Those cheap asses need to loosen up and tip better. i tipped a couple of girls $5 at the stage and one asked me did I make a mistake. I told here no. Also after the girls finish dancing they stop by and thank you. Nice touch.

    We also tried Illusions, it was thuged-out. Plaltnum Diamond smelled like paint(under going a remodel). Sugar Bares looked bad from the outside did not go in, Harper’s all nude was super dirty inside and the girls looked like they were near the end of thier dancing career.

    Does anyone know Peaches?

  25. Ron

    Awesome ladies, cheap drinks

  26. Jeff

    I don’t see the problems discussed earlier. I went in Saturday night Nov. 1 and made a point to speak to the manager. He was nice and very knowledgeable about the area. I asked him about the other clubs in the area and he told me to check them out and judge for myself because he didn’t spread rumors about the other places. That speaks volumes about him. Most would either trash the club or management but he refused. Good for him. I, like him, suggest that anyone girls or customers alike check out the club with an open mind and you will probably see that others comments are probably unfounded. As for me, I will return and look forward to seeing new people each time I visit.

  27. Aguy
  28. Dave

    THe club is the cleanest I have been to. The management is great and go the extra mile to insure customer satisfaction. If you go I suggest you talk to Stacy, She is a very beautiful girl that is very nice to talk with. Very down to earth. Tell her $12 jager bomb sent you.

  29. Bob

    A nasty club. A drug house and prostitution ring. Take your prostitutes and leave

  30. nasty

    eww yeah the guy outside said it was cheap tp come in i see why now the girls aint worth seeing!!

  31. phil
  32. Terry

    Lots of Fun. Would recommend it to everyone. No pressure and girls are real and not plastic.

  33. mitch
  34. Alan
  35. Zach
  36. Troy
  37. Steven

    Smokin Hot Ladies!

  38. chad
  39. freddy

    this used to be the place to be in winston salem now its nothing but cracked out bitches with teeth missing or flat chests. the only thing they have going for them is the great hand jobs you can get from certain girls. so “SKY” if you read this i will deffinetly be back to see you as soon as i can . for anybody that goes she works daytime and has the softest hands to ever rap around a dick.

  40. Kenny

    ITS MY FAVORITE CLUB. I drive 250 miles each way every other month to enjoy the entire club. THANKS FILLYS

  41. Mike

    I had a great time there. Girls were friendly and several girls came around and talked to me. Not just asking for a dance and leaving if I said no at first. Would recommend this club to everyone. I will be back often.

  42. Dustin

    Hottest girls in Winston-Salem with CHEAP DRINK PRICES.Filly’s is the cleanest Gentlemens Clubs I have ever been to, with the best atmosphere, Owner very nice, no wonder they are the longest running gentlemens club in the Triad! This is why celebrities keep coming back.

  43. Harold

    I was in there last night and had a great time. Really liked the bartender Foxy.

  44. cust.
  45. Max

    Awesome ladies,best fantasy room around.Cheap drink prices.

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