Leather & Lace Gastonia



512 West Main Avenue, Gastonia, NC 28052


35.264162, -81.1905589




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Leather & Lace Gastonia

  1. Centauri

    I have been making my way to L&L Gastonia for a year from “out of town.” My thoughts: Can’t beat the $5 lap dances; and from my neck of the woods, the $5 dances beat the $30 dances. The girls are nice if you treat ’em right. The beer is cold and priced within reason. The VIP can be off the hook with the right dancer at your side. The dancers average in the 5-7 range… a few diamonds in the rough, and a few that are simply rough. But the diamonds are worth your time and attention… and you will know who they are.

    Highly recommended.

  2. Calcutta
  3. Affliction
  4. Oompa

    Leather & Lace is not a fancy place and is very cramped on the weekends due to lack of room. Drinks aren’t that cheap compared to other clubs and the the rubble outside doesn’t make me feel any better either. And with a place already hurting for room, it doesn’t make sense to have a pool table right in the middle of it all.

    In terms of looks the dancers range greatly. Of the few times I’ve been to L&L, I have seen some dancers who were sincerely drop dead beautiful and it made you wonder why they weren’t at a better club. And on the other end you have some very unattractive women. Look, beauty is in the eye of beholder, but I can’t imagine many men attracted to a girl who, believe it or not, had to weigh over two hundred pounds. Imagine that on a stage trying to wrap her legs around you.

    The attitudes were also varied. Dancers mainly ignored customers unless they were spreading money around and the girl at the door had a shitty attitude and gave me a “fuck you” look when I ask that my change be given in ones. However, some dancers were nice or, at least, polite when I tipped them or asked for a dance.

    L&L has really great prices for their dances. Table dances are only five dollars and a trip to the VIP room is twenty. The VIP room, which is more of just a corner of the building walled off with a couch behind the DJ, is where you can find the real and only appeal to the place.

    While it does depend on which dancer you choose, you can expect some great extras in the VIP room including very hard grinding, touching (to a degree), and maybe even a little more.

    But L&L does has a horrible reputation. While I’ve never witness anything illegal or shady, it isn’t hard to believe the stories I’ve heard of drug dealing and scams run on customers given the looks and attitude of the club.

  5. booger

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