Jet Strip



10624 Hawthorne Boulevard, Lennox, CA 90304


33.9393085, -118.3523163




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Jet Strip

  1. fuckery12

    Full nude = no alcohol served. One drink minimum, went on a weekday evening only 2 dancers first one looked like she could hit the gym, second was nothing to brag about. $6 water bottles. Ladies have to get escorted to restrooms. Dance breaks are @ least 7-10 mins in between :/

  2. harryharry

    Very fun!!! All the girls are wonderfully kind and sociable.I went on a slow night which I like better because there’s more privacy, but I’m sure every night is s great one at Jet Strip.”I’ll be back”

  3. Mistercap12

    Thus place gets no stars due to the fact that they disrespect woman patrons. They kicked out a female friend of mine and the dude with Ray Ban-esque glasses got very combative with my friend who is a female- it was overly aggressive and it ruined our night- he took her phone and we have right to believe he stole pictures/confidential information from her phone- he even went so far as to threaten legal action which was totally unwarranted- the manager tried to smooth things out gracefully buy we’ll never go back there- sorry to the girls but this place should not be given a first chance

  4. igor34

    I went there on Saturday night and the club was pretty empty. It’s a small place pretty cheap, with free parking.Girls are ok and don’t force you to have private dancing; I had also good time talking with a nice girl for almost all the night

  5. tonycluber

    Just got back from this place. Everything was going great until my last session (I had already spent $400 in 2 hours). They incorrectly charged me for an extra dance. I mentioned it but the cashier and ‘dancer’ just stared at me.I said “F it, that’s an additional tip for you” (I already tipped her), washed myself in the restroom, and walked out.Just silly. Rip me for $30 when I ended up spending $500+. Just lost a customer. For $30. I know nobody else there spent that much while I was there, so you know who I am and you know I’m not lying.Real shame because the girls were all 8’s and above (except one short fat one and the dirty girl that ripped me off – though the latter was the best lap dance, of course, by far).Caveat emptor. Blessing in disguise. I probably would have never left…

  6. revo

    good millage for a LA club.

  7. AssnTits5

    Actually not a bad club…suits my style anyways. No cover if you’re military. Full nude bar with half the girls were so so and the other half were watchable. Drinks are cheap and they offer lap dances for 20 from 6-9. After 9, they go up to 30/song.

  8. rboert
  9. richard95

    I’ve been here like 3x haha. And yes I am a girl. The most fun me and my friends had was when Sasha was there. She is really fun and if you get a lap dance with her she is worth every $. She is bi btw lol Now we only go if she’s there. The place is small, the people that goes here are hmm..ok I guess. I’ve been to other strip clubs and I like the lap dance area they have here cause it’s more private which me and my girlfriends like when we get lap dances since we are girls hehe. Entrance is $7 and you have to get a drink inside. Bottled water is actually more expensive than a lemonade. I always lemonades hehe. Girls are ok… they have variety of ethnicity. Some are nice, some are not. Some are overweight. I would suggest you go on a late friday or sat. That is when they have lots of dancers. When we go here we go as the after-party hehe so we drink before going here 😉

  10. dopeboy19

    Wonderful experience to a wonderful lady. I cannot remember her name because the lap dance for my husband and I was awesome!!! That’s how well she did her job!!! She’s the one with the lower back tattoo and a big booty!!!! Most Definitely come back again!!! Clappers to the front!!!

  11. Binky

    Small place, very basic. Almost deary atmosphere. Half-heared dancers (and I use the term lightly). Seemed to be an unexpectedly high number of overweight dancers.

  12. XhXeXy

    I seen my HS Ex’s in this place.. WTF?

  13. eddyL

    I came here … was dragged here…recently with a few of my friends (males and females). The good thing about this place is that admission is free if you’re in the military. Otherwise admission was around $10. And wow, this place is full nude! We arrived here on a Wed night, and this place was almost empty. As the night progressed it continued to get emptier until our group and another group of two guys were the only ones in here. It seemed like a slow night. There were only three girls working, and they kept rotating up on the stage but there would be big pauses? Intermissions? Breaks? Not sure what you call it but there would be a times when there would be absolutely no one on stage. The women here were young, there was one who was 21, and another who was 20. All three were Hispanic; they were pretty! Most of the drinks here are $5.75; this includes all sodas and coffee. (*The coffee here is supposedly pretty good). Bottled drinks are $6.25; this includes Bottled Water, Energy Drinks, Root Beer, Bottled Tea, and Bottled Juice. So, yeah water here is more expensive than soda. With your order, you also get a small bowl of goldfish crackers and pretzels! I think there is also a one or two drink minimum here. Lap dances for topless only is $30, or full nude for $40. Our favorite girls for the night were Monique and Chloe! Also, if you’re coming here, there is free parking… they have their own lot!

  14. Johnnyboy123

    I wouldn’ recommend this place to no one!!!! I wouldn’t even give this place a star grrrrrr

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