Club Onyx



5300 Old Pineville Road, Charlotte, NC 28217


35.1694031, -80.8789519




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Onyx

  1. Arista W.

    My favorite place to be for $2 Tuesdays!! Always a good time. They recently added fight night, pretty comical I must say. Oh and the wings! Can’t forget about the wings! Great for parties, cool staff.

  2. couldbebetter

    Onyx was once on the up and up but

    when managment changed

    It got FILTHY! I have seen some shit that

    goes to far

    ( i.e. vagina and other things being

    flashed). Im not one to hate, but where

    is the entertainment! I can see pussy in

    porno..get some class.

  3. Big Joe

    I had a ball!!

  4. d3
  5. K
  6. FRED


  7. maxxy1

    5 stars in my book. A place that you will leave your wallet in and just walk away with a smile lol. Drinks are normal price nothing major normal bar drinks. A ton of dancers on Tue, and the weekend if your looking to see 50 plus girls, but Wen and thur are cool too if your just trying to take it easy. I will always be in here say what up when you see me kicking it low key.

  8. fritter17

    The best strip club in Charlotte. The dancers have gotten better since they reopened last year. Women to meet every persons liking. Short, tall, big booty, little booty, big tittays, little tittays..different nationalities as well.

  9. joseph1k

    Yay! I get to be first to review this strip club! I’ve been a few times, and I hope not to miss anything.Onyx is apart of the Rick’s Cabaret chain of strip clubs all over the USA. As you may guess, the Onyx clubs are geared toward urban, or black customers who want better entertainment. It is a pretty spacious club, with a separate bar area away from the stages and couches. I guess people can go there to get a little break from all the T&A action and music? I don’t know why anyone would but it’s there if you need it.They do serve food, and I’ve heard from a few different people that the wings are really good. I don’t want to eat at a strip club personally so I can’t say for sure.The chairs are all pretty comfy, and they face a big main stage flanked by two mirrors. There is an elevated couch area that I presume is VIP only. I haven’t elevated myself to that status yet so I sat in the main area with most of the other patrons. Almost every time I have been to this club, there have been almost the same amount of women as men watching the dancers. So if you are the type of guy annoyed by that, you may want to steer clear. I’m talking groups of 4,5 women coming into the club together. Other than that, there are couples or what looks to be mixed groups of friends. The single men or groups of men seem to be outnumbered on the evenings I’ve gone.Now, for the talent. I will say that out of all the clubs I have been to up and down the East Coast, this club has a very good standard for hiring, which I hear they stick to. With the exception of Miami, Atlanta and perhaps Sue’s Rendezous in the NYC area, Onyx has some pretty well shaped/groomed dancers. Pretty impressive for a city like Charlotte.The dancers are mostly black/American, but there were Indian and Asian mixed in the line up too. Most of all the dancers where slim and in shape, with about 3 or 4 on both sides of that spectrum. As to be expected, the weekend line up is more varied and even more stunning than in the week.I plan to be a regular at this place. 🙂

  10. KayKay
  11. destiny

    This place gets crunk…home of the thunderstorm…good place to work and hang out (especialy on event weekends)CUM C EMONI -crazy for that rain shower

  12. harryharry

    This place can use lots of changes and better looking girls. Also this is the first men’s club that I went yo that didn’t have a full bar. Never going back till I hear if new changes.

  13. AssnTits5

    I went for a gathering for my cousin and i got in free because he dj’s there but the chicks who were servers looked 10 times better than all the dancers i saw. Could have been way better.

  14. double R

    It was my first time being there, it was great!

  15. que


  16. matt

    it was ok. not as bad as advertised. very clean, nice looking girls. but just not for charlotte.

  17. ryan123

    I like this place! The first time I went I was with my co workers and we had a blast. Most of the chicks were hot I mean bad enough to take home and lock away! The drinks were strong and reasonably priced. It is a very big club compare to what we have in the northeast and it was trendy looking like it should be. The only thing I didn’t like is you can’t touch the women (well you’re not supposed to but I am hard headed) like in Jersey BUT they keep a better looking squad. I guess you can’t have everything. The southeast has the best looking chicks in strip joints IMO. This is my main spot in Charlotte!

  18. customer

    Great time!! The slimmer girls are the prettiest!

  19. Assman

    Onyx is BY FAR the best Strip Club in Charlotte. They have a huge selection of girls especially on a Friday or Saturday night, plus they’re open till 5am!! All cars get checked when they come into the parking lot so don’t be ridin dirty when you come out. They def have the best looking girls in Charlotte. I don’t have any complaints about the club. I love comin out after the other clubs close down on Sat Night. LOVE IT

  20. TJ


  21. BlahBlahBlah

    Some of the girls have bad attitudes but there are good dancers in there too. This is the most decent club in Charlotte!

  22. Reality Check

    Where are these people getting these ratings? Real talk, it’s the best club in Charlotte. It’s the nicest looking and has, by far, the best looking ladies in the area. There’s not another club in Charlotte that has even half the celebrities that come through. Why? Cause you’re not going to find a celeb in the hood. Onyx must be doing something right. From the parking lot to the club, security is tight so that creates a safe atmosphere. All the negative reviews are probably coming from the ghetto fab trap stars, who can’t bring that street crap into a nice club. Like any club it’ll have it’s good nights and bad, but there’s not another club in Charlotte white or black that can touch Onyx.

  23. Paul

    Girls are the best i’ve seen in charlotte!!

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