The Gentlemen’s Club



200 West Woodlawn Road, Charlotte, NC 28217


35.1808732, -80.8839098




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Gentlemen’s Club

  1. 9
  2. dopeboy19

    Had a misunderstanding with the club and thought a dancer had stolen my phone. Management was nice as possible and let me review the camera even after I flipped out and wrote a bad review. Great management skills, good looking girls, very nice club would recommend it to anyone

  3. Dave M.

    I was here on the 18 of August and also the 22nd of August for my birthday and again I had a blast and had chance to meet Winston on the 18 when there had feature dancer

  4. Robert

    I went to this club last Friday night and I got there early. Things were really slow and then their shift change came about 7PM and it started picking up a bit. The girls are friendly and above average, but there weren’t any knock outs. The drinks are too expensive and the VIP dances are too much ($25) each. I still liked the girls and atmosphere and the DJ played good music.

  5. Joe Baucom
  6. Nothing special

    Good mileage, very avg looking girls. There are much better places in town.

  7. Mike

    Went on a Saturday afternoon and was very pleasantly surprised to find that even though it was a slow time there was an array of attractive and friendly girls working. No high pressure for dances and fair drink prices, too. The girls were all very sociable and the dances were enjoyable as well as reasonably priced. There was one particular lady, Jackie, who is simply drop dead gorgeous and a pleasure to spend time with. I highly recommend looking her up if you go! The club itself is nicely appointed without being over the top as so many places try to be these days. All in all, a great place to visit!!

  8. JSRose

    My favorite club in Charlotte. Nice and big layout so you don’t feel like the guy next to you is in your lap! Reasonable cover and dance prices. Beautiful women day and night.

    Niko, L&LU? really! Come back to the GC

  9. Schwa

    The club was fairly quiet, tho it was a Weds. night. I spent time with one girl and my buddy was with another. Same time, same dances and same drinks; my girl hit me for a grand, and his was happy with $300. Just watch who you pick!

  10. Niko

    This IS KYLA… Asian, skinny, yep, that’s me!!

    I’m at L&L University now!! Come see mee!!!

    Btw, I go by Niko now 😉

  11. CharNative

    My experiences with Black dancers at this and other clubs in

    town is that they look good and dance great, but many are

    also very open and don’t hide the extras they are willing

    to do in VIP or even occasionally in a corner out on the

    floor. This is a big risk for the club. Every club has a few

    girls doing extras, but the white girls I know that do it at

    least try to keep it private.

  12. Weekend Traveler

    Stopped here on a Thursday night on the way south with a group of friends. Got hit on pretty quickly by several different women [It was a little slow then]. After a few polite ways of turning down several womens invites for a dance we were able to hook up with several attractive women who were very friendly and made our night go by fast & enjoyable. The women on the whole were very attractive with a lot of different body forms [there were a few so-so] but for the most part they were all friendly. The private dances in the back were plesurably, they didn’t seem to do excessive amounts of touching but enough to be nice [all of the group said the same].

    We actually ended up closing the place down and stayed a little bit after the close with several of the dancers.

    A good time was had by all 5 of us that went down and we will for sure stop by here again. Another nice thing about it’s location is that there is a hotel right beside it,as well as a 24 hour IHOP. So nobody has to drive after partying.

    Note: didn’t find until later but in the local travel book put out by Charlotte “TRIP” is a coupon for a free Admission. That would save you enough for a couple drinks.

  13. rogerrab2

    I appreciate the atmosphere at Scores and that they have no issue with letting single women in alone…because hey…even us ladies want to appreciate a decent club. On nights that it’s busy, it’s great. The women are sexy and there’s variety. And Winston is more than welcoming and willing to provide some friendly conversation. However, the two star (dropped after talking to Clint) rating is for Valentine’s Day. In the hour I’ve been here, not one server had stopped by. I’ve watched more than 18 customers walk out the door in the last 30 minutes because there have been no girls walking around or on stage. C’mon it’s a strip club…not a bar. We’re here for one reason only. You can’t expect business if you don’t deliver on an occasion prime to make plenty of cash. We’re here…we’re ready…but I guess Scores was uninterested. A gal an hour isn’t going to loosen anyone’s pockets and perhaps Scores should only be a late Saturday night consideration for customers if they aren’t willing to deliver on a holiday yet still keep the $10 cover. Clint was neither helpful nor apologetic or receptive to feedback. He made it apparent that because their strippers are independent contractors, Scores had no intent of working with their girls to find a way to ensure there was coverage.

  14. RON


  15. dennis

    Perfect evening. Girls were great, drinks wonderful, great time had by all. Will be back.

  16. s

    the worst strip club i ever been in. bathroom very dirty the building looks like its collapsing for the dances the look like high school gal none of them has big boobs and the all have flat butts. for black folks the gals may not even talk to u.

  17. Strip Club Guy

    strong drinks- good dances- plenty of girls- laid back- funny dj

  18. David

    what happended to this place????

  19. Would Love To Know

    This club blantly refuses to hire black entertainers? Whats with the racist hiring practices at this club?

  20. hard working man

    Great club…laid back atmosphere…girls are down to earth and a big selection….great for the professional man that needs a little break from the daily grind…

  21. Big Spender

    this club is fun, lots of hot girls not a stuck up scene like Uptown or Mens Club

  22. Joni

    Went in on a Monday night with wife and another couple and had a blast. There were alot of dancers and very few customers. Most of the dancers were not that good and not that attractive but there were some notable exceptions. They seemed to pay much more attention to the single men rather than us or the other couples in the place.

    That said lap dances from Ashley were great and the overall service was good.

    Dress code apparently allows shorts and flipflops etc. Very laid back.

  23. None of your business

    hot girls good music not all crap (rap)

  24. southerncouple

    After briefly visiting two other clubs that night, we decided to give charlotte one more chance. This one was much better than the other two “thug clubs”. The girls were friendly.We wound up getting a couple of table dances. It’s definitely a couple friendly club.

  25. igor34

    The Girls and drinks are great. Service industry= free admission. $3 you call it. The only down fall is the DJ is horrible. He picks the worst songs for the girls. It makes you feel bad for them. If he played better ” Dancible” music I’m sure they would make ALOT more money… Possible 5 star place. The DJ took the 5th star. Sorry guys.

  26. Katie

    My husband and I attended the club and I was extremely impressed. Every lady in there was gorgeous. The dancer were top quality and had a variety of talent. The club was clean and the bathrooms smelled like they had just been cleaned. We will defintely be back soon!

  27. Meredith S.

    In Mooresville off of exit 36 is Vivid Nightclub. I have been a few times with my Husband. Once we went because my husband wanted to see Farrah Abraham who was visiting and taking pictures with guests. This most recent trip was my husband’s Birthday. Girls seem to always be free and guys are $10. Although I think Friday is couples night and couples get in for free. Boring stuff: This club is NICE. Once you get through the lobby it opens up to the main floor. Room is huge and looks beautiful. There is a ton of seating so you can choose to sit up front by the stage or on the side lines. Drinks are medium/high priced, servers are attentive and attractive and there is food but we haven’t had any. Under 21 year olds have to wear a bright neon shirt so they are easy to spot. The nights we’ve been there were men of all ages and several under 21 guys.Fun stuff: Girls are awesome. You can tell they have their own personality by their dancing and music they choose. Many can do a ton of “stunts” all over the stage and pole. The first time it really caught me off-guard how many tricks so many of the dancers could do. There are girls of all shapes, sizes and ages and it seems as though there is something for everyone. The waitress said table dances were $10 each and VIP dances upstairs are $50…(Sometimes you can get a free t-shirt.)I would recommend this club for anyone, but couples may enjoy this club together especially if women are nervous to go or have been leery of taking their men to the club. This is a good one where you can feel comfortable together. Of course you will be approached, that’s their job…but if you are polite and say no they will move on. If you want a dance you can get that too. Have fun!

  28. BOBBY


  29. JustLooking

    I was very surprised by the girls. Most are very good

    looking. Some girls are very sweet and earn their money

    and a few of the girls are just trying to take your

    money. Very few pole dances, mostly table dances ($10-

    $20). By the way, if you are in the club, try the tall

    voluptuous blonde, don’t know her name but she’s awesome

    and loves Taquitos!

  30. samrocks

    I went to this club last week and the first thing on my mind was like “dude, where did I get myself?”. There were not so many girls and of the one’s that were there most were fat and old. The few that were ok were kind of arrogant and mean. I left the club soon and went to Men’s. Gentlemen’s sucks.

  31. Tom

    They have started offering preferred parking on the weekends. I guess they realized that the other clubs in the shopping center were driving customers away. I stopped by this weekend and it was great. You can either participate in the free valet or the attendant will move the cone for you. Great club!!

  32. Alex D.

    Pretty good prices, the girls were attractive and knew what they were doing. The club is very nice and it provides a good environment. I have been to the famous cheetahs in San Diego and this place was better.

  33. brent

    easily one of the best clubs in charlotte. good music, and gorgeous girls. it’s worth the visit just to see one of the hottest girls i’ve ever had dance for me. her name is trina and she is the hottest girl there by far. aside from being absolutely gorgeous, she is an amazing dancer. when she dances, everybody in the club stops to watch her.

  34. ryan123

    This strip club is the nicest and classiest strip club in all of NC and SC!!!! All the girls are sexy and so very sweet. The management is tight and the drinks are delicious. Wed night is free steak from 5pm-8pm and Mon is $3 you call it. Friendly vibe and great company provided by these entertainers. Even if theres not many people its always steady with quality people to talk to. Best club I’v ever been to and everyone needs to visit and take a dancer to the V.I.P and have a sexy good time.

  35. PAT

    I have been coming to the GC for several years and have alway’s been treated with respect. Sandy’s a great bartender, Shelly’s my waitress. Always had fun.

  36. Joe Smoe

    the best club in Charlotte by far!!!

  37. zzzzzzzzzzz
  38. Charlie
  39. BeerDrinker

    Daytime is the best!!

  40. StripClub Lover
  41. AdamA

    Always have a great time here. Plenty of dancers on schedule, and most are very freindly. Shift change is at 7pm, so 6:30 comes around and there is no one on stage or making the rounds at the tables. They need to work on making this smoother. Lots of sexy women, unfortunately found out my fav Kyla is longer around. Would love to know where she moved on to, if she’s still dancing. Other wise grab Reily’s attention. You won’t be dissapointed.

  42. TODD


  43. joseph1k

    Good looking club. Expected better service and better looking girls. I like upscale clubs but this one is an upscale building with mediocre girls and management. One waitress sat in a chair all night. Girls are ok. Some are hot. Most are mediocre. Some are fat and just ugly. Table dances gets you a lot IF you can get the attention of a decent girl. Drinks are ok. Heard the food wasn’t good though I didn’t try anything since we ate before coming in. Club doesn’t control drunks very well so they get aggravating. Girls are lazy never on time for stage. Doesn’t seem very organized. Dj has to call a few dancers to stage not knowing who is available and who isn’t. A few girls dont mind pushing the envelope of the law when it comes to covering privates. And they usually aren’t the girls ud want to see. Only girls wanting to talk are annoying and pushy. My bud and I just wanted some eye candy for a few hours but we didn’t get it. Seems like customers get away with a lot here. Upside is chairs are comfy. A few girls are great on stage. And its close to where I live. Not too much traffic around so less eyes on who walks in and out. Good parking. Place could be nice if they wanted it to be. Another review mentioned the sign tucked back on the entrance road. I agree its old, outdated and doesn’t go with such a nice building. No lighting on it so it can’t even be read. I’ll probably check in every now and then to see if its better. But I won’t be a regular.

  44. just me

    Nothing special…will go back but won’t go out of my way to go there.

  45. Justin

    this place stinks

  46. john

    came by on wed. night excellent atmosphere. music was perfect some old some new. everyone seemed to be having fun. will be back soon

  47. Gary

    This club is dirty. When was the last time they cleaned the chairs? Who knows what’s going to climb up your shorts.

  48. gjmh
  49. cray

    Great club, beautiful girls. I had an awesome time with Melina in the VIP.

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