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0 reviews for “Jumbo’s Clown Room

  1. Karen C.

    Jumbo’s is definitely an interesting place to go. It’s where I took my boyfriend on our second date and my best guy friend for his birthday. Yeah I may be a little strange but hell I’m a guy’s girl. I gotta say this time around was a lot better than the first time I came here. So I went here last friday with my bf and a group of friends for our friend’s christopher birthday. They actually had some great dancers here. There is this tall chick with short blonde hair who is amazing. And some damn strong legs. If I ran into here in a dark alley I’d be a little scared. The girls were also fairly pretty. There was only one ugly girl there. The crowd was super fun. It was a good mix of rowdy guys and crazy girls. The bartenders were super nice and quick on the draw. The drinks were also pretty strong and very cheap for hollywood. 6 drinks were $36. That’s pretty damn good. This place is always a good time. If you have a guy friend whose birthday is coming up take him here. He will love you forever.

  2. Carlos M.

    Jeremy, the fake owner of the place that stands around selling low quality crap and being a complete idiot is the only reason I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone!!!!

  3. Matt M.

    I’m not much of a strip club guy. I know, I know. What? No I’m not gay. I just don’t like throwing my money away. I would rather go have a kick ass meal somewhere, now that’s sexy.But occasionally when you meet the dudes for bday drinks, you need a little entertainment. The girls here aren’t your typical strip club girls. They come in all shapes and sizes and almost all of them have tattoos. And not just a little butterfly on their ankle. I’m talking artwork.They don’t walk around and pressure you for a lap dance, which is nice. I’ve actually never seen anyone get a lap dance here. It’s more of a place to come and get a beer and enjoy their, ummmm, poll skills.Speaking of drinks, they are small. I felt like I had huge hands with my little jack and coke. Stick to the beers on tap.The weirdest part of this place isn’t even the clowns on the wall, it’s the fact they have a snack machine with chips and candy inside. Appetizer anyone?

  4. Dylan O.

    Why is everyone so geeked up about this place? I’m from the Midwest and I came to Hollywood on vacation. We ended up here after going to a few bars. The girls don’t even get fully nude, and it is VERY small inside. The beers are 5 dollars, (which is normal anywhere related to this) but for such a small establishment and not fully nude…we will not be back there.

  5. Joshua B.

    As a gay man, I was very unsure of my feeling of being taken to a club that didn’t involve any men at all. Haha! However, these girls are amazing! They’re all very talented and give a great show! I was so impressed with how friendly the staff is and how talented these dancers are!The drinks were fairly strong and it was a full house. Very fun and glad I went, even if it was a little outside of my usual Sunday night out!

  6. Evan L.

    If you’ve been to Jumbo’s Clown room on Christmas Eve 2009 or 2010, you’ve seen me there. I’m the guy in the giant mouse costume who strolls in with a posse of drunken assholes, making a scene and generally pissing off the owners by drawing attention away from the dancers. It was pretty cool in ’09 when one of the dancers pleaded with her boss to allow me on stage with her. It was very uncool in ’10 when we were unceremoniously banned from the establishment and one of my friends nearly traded blows (not the good kind) with a bouncer. Also hearing a half-naked women calling out to me across the parking lot, “I remember you from last year, mouse!” made me think long and hard about what I’m doing with my life.Jumbo’s has actually improved during my four years as an LA resident. During my first visit, remarks such as “We should be tipping the pole for staying erect with these girls sliding down it,” “No wonder they call this place ‘jumbos!'” or “Put your clothes back on” were unabashedly hollered out, like so many open-mic night heckles at a shitty comedy club. But the rotation during my most recent visit had improved both in dancing ability and dancer desirability! Kudos, Jumbos!Although I will *not* be returning for Christmas Eve this year (too bad, we spend a lot of money even when dressed in distracting animal costumes), I’ll probably wander back in sometime for a lark. As Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “Pussy done be a powerful thang.”

  7. Marko Y.

    I give only two of stars becyz none girls gets nakked!!What kind of strip club you know? Anyway the drink suuper cheap for a club so that’s good but we want to see titties and ass and disppoibted.If you want real strip club you got to go to Vegas SPEARMINT RHINO YOU NEED TO IPEN IN LA!

  8. Max E.

    First ever strip club-ish experience. This place is like 50% strip club, 50% dive bar, & 50% demented circus. Came here with my girlfriend and another couple and we all had a blast. A lot of the girls seem like they are ex-gymnasts cuz of some of the crazy dance moves they pulled off.

  9. Lemmy J.

    No clowns, but it is kind of a circus.It’s technically not a strip club since there’s no nudity or much stripping, and not really what I’d call a burlesque show. The bikini-clad dancers get on stage and pretty much do whatever they feel like. This ranges from impressive acrobatic moves on the pole to sort of slinking around on the floor looking depressed.Definitely attracts its fair share of weirdos, I suppose that’s the nature of a place with a name like this. Happy hour 4-7 every day of the week with $2 Bud & Bud Light.

  10. E. Eliz S.

    Let’s be honest everyone… we are reviewing a bikini bar.Guys will be pissed that there are no boobs and girls will be proud that they brought their boyfriends to such a “scandalous” and “adventurous” location!All in all this place rocks… I don’t go for the ambience and I’m usually already 3 drinks deep before I make the decision to roll in. I go, enjoy the dancing (some of these ladies are REALLY talented), I tip well, I have some drinks, I chat with my friends. The next day I ALWAYS wonder where all my $$ went… oh Jumbos! šŸ™‚

  11. maxxy1

    Been here a few times now… It’s alright. REALLY small place. The bartenders are these two older women (I’ve heard rumors that they are the owners) – they’re very nice and personable. The dancers are a mix of types:-There was a cute pop-punk girl that danced to a lot of Weezer and tip-toed around-An older gothy woman who was more sultry & burlesque -A very tiny Latin girl who did the same thing every song: Shake around with her arms in the air-Another older woman who was very innovative and did pole tricks-An alternative looking girl who had entertaining floor work and cute outfitsI ran into one of the dancers in the bathroom and she was really down to Earth and maternal. We had a pretty personal conversation and I really appreciated how real she was and her positive attitude, despite some of the problems she was having that night. Always refreshing.Now on the other hand, my (male) friend and I are standing outside alone and one of the dancers posts up on the bouncer’s stool, smoking, with her legs spread open and starts just BITCHING. She complaining about how it’s slow, no one’s tipping, her feet hurt, “this ain’t a free show”, yada yada yada… My friend and I are the ONLY ones outside… She wasn’t directing her complaints AT us, but definitely for us to hear. It was really tactless to say the least. Bringing the mood down and laying on a guilt trip when we’re trying to have a good time and be the respectful ones here. On another note – They did a fun birthday lap dance for the girl whose birthday we were here to celebrate. Took her up onto stage, sat her in a chair and she got like 8 asses rubbed all over her face. Overall I had a good time, just would be nice to have better energies flowin’

  12. rodneyerm

    I really didn’t like the place.It’s like an old run down strip club had a baby with a Portlandia feminist bar… BEFORE you go ready this :- Long lines to get in. No way to get in faster.- ALL staff and girls have an attitude. That’s part of the decor. The hipster crowd enjoys dancers/strippers with attitude…. – Not a burlesque show, not a strip club. Just girls doing pole tricks without getting nude. – Dancers do NOT smile. Like they really don’t! They all have a “fuck you” attitude, If you’re into emo, no smile, I hate my life vibe you’re gonna dig this.- You’re supposed to tip like at a strip club But it’s not a strip club and you will get the stink eye if you don’t. – Small venue. Packed. No where to sit, no room to move.- Sure there are “women” and a lot more than at a regular strip club okay so? There’s women at about every bar in Hollywood too.Vegan Hipsters that feel bad about going to a real strip club might like this place.

  13. Ray H.

    Non-nude, but is pervasively entertaining. Measured pours, but affordable drinks. Wide range of dancers, but don’t expect the glam and glitz of the usual run of the mill LA strip club. Highly recommended for those that avoid the well traveled paths in life.

  14. stripforme123

    this is los ageles premiere clown named club. not nearly enough clown-makeup on the dancers but i bring my own to apply to them before a private dance. amazing drink specials, great location i can take the bus to, and creative performanceslove jumbos!

  15. Ron M.

    Maybe I went here on a bad day. The best thing about Jumbo’s Clown room is that there is no cover and the beer is really cold. The place is one step above a shit hole. The difference being Jumbo’s has girls dancing on stage. The girls are whatever, some are kinda cute some are kinda not so cute, but all of them have tattoos. Jumbo’s was nothing special.

  16. Fatima Valentine H.

    Small room, that’s why there’s always a line after 10pm. Standard bar, nothing amazing. Hype more than anything. Performers don’t dance to the music, just focus on aggressive moves. Women friendly though.

  17. Jack S.

    I will ONLY come here on week nights… Maybe I hate crowds maybe I love 2nd string exotic dancers (Different story all together.) or perhaps its a bit of both. But every weekend I drive past Jumbos the outside is nuts! People coming and going. Guys arguing and dancers flirting and everyone is smoking. The valets are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. No thanks.Now during the week a man can enjoy this bar. Especially when his work is taping late and they send him away for a couple hours until they are finished. The parking is easy. The bartenders will not over look you as long and you have money in fist and know what you want. The dancers will smile at you when you toss down your stack of singles. And when the dance is over more often than not I’m the guy they come to chat with being the least dirty of all dirtbag in the club.Yeah I know its a sham. All gentlemen clubs are. But hey its fun. Most girls there are pretty and sweet to boot. Many of whom come equipped with really acrobatic pole skills. Since I’m collecting overtime while I’m there, why not share the wealth right? Especially when you know the Monday-Thursday crowd aren’t the best of tippers.

  18. Lori T.

    I can’t attest on how this place used to be, but I can say that when I went a few weeks ago it blew my mind. No seriously, my mind was blown. I’m no stranger to strip clubs, if fact I know a little too much about them, but Jumbo’s is in a class of it’s own.First off, we went on a Saturday night. We didn’t pay a cover charge (generally unheard of in any establishment that has scantily clad women). I ordered a Makers on the rocks and a Stella and it cost me $11. Awesome. The place was filled with an eclectic mix of patrons, from tattooed hotties to older couples. It was very busy, still I had no problem getting our drinks and finding a place to watch the ladies.So the girls play their songs on a juke box, this eliminates the need for a dj (and the sometimes awful dj voice over) and allows them to play whatever the hell they want. Every lady I saw was attractive and actually smiling. I didn’t realize that it was a bikini joint until the first girl went on stage. Let me just say, in this place more clothes = more talent. We watched two girls that were hands down phenomenal. I must have looked like some sort of weirdo, standing there with my mouth agape, exclaiming ‘Holy shit, did you see that?’ to my friend over and over. It was a cross between Cirque de Soleil and Acro-yoga but without the Canadian accents or patchouli smell. I’m telling you, you have to check it out.I will certainly visit Jumbo’s every time I’m in LA.

  19. Zoie H.

    Jumbo’s Clown Room is as great as I thought it would be! I had often passed this bar, as I drive through the neighborhood at least bi-weekly for work. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can go in there in uniform (oh you know, darn work rules and stuff), and as I work nights I seldom have the chance to get out and explore. Thankfully the other day was a much needed day off, and I was able to go explore. I initially had plans in Thousand Oaks, but plans change, and after having Jumbo’s described to me as “trashy”, “awesome”, and being told “and then the girl put clamps *here, here, and here* (guess where I’m pointing too) and had my friend rip them off…” I knew I had to pay a visit.Parking is the first thing you notice when you roll up to Jumbos. The lot is small, tight, and valet. We found street parking about 2-3 blocks away, also a tight squeeze. Parking is a total premium in this neighborhood.Carded and entered, door guy was friendly, no line on a Tuesday night, no mention of a cover. $20 minimum for credit cards, not hard to come by as cans of PBR sold for $5 (they had plenty of other alcohol too, but just given Jumbo’s I knew I had to drink nothing but PBR). There is a stand-alone ATM (and a vending machine!) along the front wall, and any change you are given will be given to you in a fat stack of dollar bills. Throw them at the girls, anyone who has that much core strength to hold herself up by her legs on the pole deserves that money! These girls are freaking amazing, I was impressed by every single one that night. So what is Jumbos? Jumbos is hot girls in bikinis wearing thongs underneath – girls of all shapes and sizes but most had an awesome thickness to them that anyone could appreciate. Jumbo’s is hand, neck, feet, and thigh tattoos – on practically everyone. Jumbo’s is women that range from teenage looking to mutton dressed as lamb.Jumbo’s is broken mirrors held up with tape behind a single stripper pole.Jumbo’s is an awesome selection of music for the girls to dance to. Jumbo’s is 6 inch hooker heel boots and impressive displays of athleticism. Jumbo’s is small and crowded, popular and I can see why!Jumbo’s is AWESOME!

  20. William K.

    Ah Jumbo’s Clown Room- while most strip and gogo clubs now only play that horrid auto tuned dance and rap crap- Jumbo’s stays true with its Rock and Roll, retro,Alternative juke box tunes picked by the dancers themselves. 40 or so Suicide girl-esque rock and roll cuties with pole skills,brains and more galore… oh and one fat mean one named Cricket!

  21. l c.

    Walked in last night about 10pm, and we had a great time!!! We had a group of eight. The place is TIRED, but the girls are amazing to watch! Be sure to bring a lot of ones and tip them well. This is definitely a place that makes LA so amazing. Oh yeah, you’re welcome in advance!

  22. Julia B.

    Nothing is better than ladies who leave something to the imagination. You don’t have to be naked to know how to be sexy. Highly recommend this place. No cover and beautiful ladies.

  23. Damian A.

    This is a great place to chill-out, have some laughs, slam a beer, and watch eccentric women dance to Jane’s Addiction, Black Sabbath, and Marilyn Manson. I recommend you skip this place on Friday and Saturday nights at peek hours…it’s too crowded.

  24. Amy S.

    This review is long overdue, as I clearly am a regular at this place.It’s just one of those places that ends up being a barrel of fun and unforgettable…every time!I love that the dancers kind of just hang out. And most of them are extremely talented and it is interesting, exciting and exhilarating to watch what they can do. Jumbo’s is perfect for out-of-towners who hate touristy stuff.My big issue here are the bartenders. They can be sooooo slow. And they seem to pick and choose who they prefer to serve. It can be insulting at times. Be prepared to wait on a weekend night any time after 8pm.

  25. Daniel B.

    Yeah, there are hot women dancing here. But there are also not-so-hot women on certain nights and off peak hours. Im impressed by (most) of their skills, I certainly couldn’t flip around on a pole like that, or rub my man-boobs against the mirror, at least not that sexy way they do. The drinks suck. That’s just a given I guess, it is a dive. And the clown theme has never really been explained to me. But otherwise, this is a solid place to get a 3 star lap dance.

  26. Jessica A.

    I’ve been coming here for about a year now, always with my girls. We enjoy having our girls nights here, chilling with our drinks and having fun watching the variety of spunky and punky girls come out on stage! It’s always been a fun place- not skeezy or gross like the typical strip club. But I must say, went there last night for my girls bday. They have recently added “VIP” which means instead of waiting in line, you jump it if you’re willing to pay $20. We waited in line for an hour bc so many people were paying the lame $20. The door guys always a huge dick. The bar tenders ignore you, so we decided no more jumbos. And last call was at 1:10. Wtf… What happened to ten before 2?! Its expensive and a lot of fuss to get in and enjoy the show. You get sober standing in line outside and sober waiting inside getting a drink! The girls that dance are fab but the rest of the employees need to get with it or else the bad reviews will keep flowing in.

  27. Lulu B.

    So here’s my Jumbo’s Clown Room story….I was beyond stoked to check this place out.. My close friend from back home was here to visit and I ranted and raved about how cool it was supposed to be.When we showed up it was only about 9pm. I asked the bartender if there was a minimum price (tip wise) to sit up at the stage, she said as long as you act interested and tip, you’re good.Perfect.. :)My friend and I sat up at the stage. We loved it, loved the dancers, loved the music, all around good energy. W/in an hour I ended up w/drawing $40 three different times (for dancers alone), exchanging every 20 for a shitload of ones (I was in love with throwing money on the stage).After about an hour we left, because we had to meet up with people in west hollywood.The whole time we were in weho I was so amped on jumbos that I couldnt wait to go back. I cut our visit short and caught a cab to cruise back to jumbos. This time the cab ride was about $30.. I didnt care, I was stoked….Showed up at jumbos at 1am. Ran up super excited to see the dancers again… Was in for a HUGE disapointment. :(This time there was a bouncer out front.. and BOY did he have an attitude…Right off the bat he refused to let me in because it was at “maximum capacity” I was totally bummed but I understood and asked if he cared if I used their atm to pay the cab. This is when bouncer dude got SUPER douchey….He laughed and told me how pathetic and annoying I was.. I was stunned and caught off guard… Caught off guard enough that I actually started to tear up a little bit.I didnt really give a shit if I couldn’t get money out, it was just the attitude that was so offensive.Standing there shocked, 2 women walked up and he let them in (no questions asked). I was embarassed to be rejected in front of my friend, and didn’t understand why. After he let the other women in he looked at me with this “what are you gonna do about it” look and made a few more insulting comments.. wtf??? I ended up hoping in the cab, paying another 30 to get home and just getting money from my room. I dont know that I’ll ever go back to jumbos again…I’ve never had a bouncer treat me like that… I had just dropped at least $200 in there on dancers and top shelf booze…The bouncer had blonde spikes… So anyone going there, beware.I’ve never had a probloem with a bouncer..I was so stoked for this place to be my new hangout… But I dont think I’ll ever go back.Very disappointing.

  28. Elizabeth F.

    Most of these girls are pretty impressive with their pole gymnastics. They don’t take anything off so it’s not like its and ACTUAL strip club. Music is far superior to that of ACTUAL strip clubs, FYI. A couple of things to note:REALLY cheap drinks. Like realllllllly cheap. Super crowded on weekends.Door guy is the biggest douchebag on the planet. Lest you worry you’ll be bored while waiting in line, fear not: THIS guy spews off a “how-to” rant on getting your ID out BEFORE you get to the door, his policy for letting people in (one person out, one person in, basically, though he’s wont to turn his back and miss all kinds of people leaving) and so on and so forth. Don’t point out when he’s missed the group of 5 people leaving. He’ll inform you that he “knows what he’s doing” and he’ll punctuate that with an empatic “TRUST ME.” You wouldn’t show a brain surgeon where the frontal lobe is, now would you?

  29. Nikhil S.

    Here’s what I have to say about Jumbos. It is what it is. If you go inside you should know what it’s like already, which, in all reality, isn’t that much. But let me also say that I luv Jumbos a lot. I moved to LA fairly recently and was lucky enough to end up living in Hollywood at a great house within a few minutes walk from the clown room, so I pretty much consider it my neighborhood bar already. Dark lighting, check. Pretty hot girls (can mean attractive or appearing attractive at 115 when i stumble in after work), check. Fairly priced fat drinks, check. I work service so i get off late and have cash and have been known to walk here at late hours of the night. That’s me, and I think that, more or less, this place is for people like me. Or people who like to watch girls dance to cool music and do cool tricks on a pole. Or people who like dive bars. Or people who like to drink. It’s pretty fun, I fall in love everytime I go, and I hardly ever regret it.

  30. scourge k.

    i have no idea what people are thinking when they dis this place – the archaic sign tells you that this ain’t “Spearmint Rhino,” or “Hustler Casino.” It’s a friendly neighborhood bar that just happens to have ladies dancing on a stage. and what a variety – tall, short, large boobed, fake boobed, teeny boobed – you get a little of everything in jumbo’s, which is what makes it so damn comfortable – these are real ladies, who happen to be hot, that you would see walkin’ down the street in SilverLake.lastly – the jukebox. the ladies choose their own music – Massive Attack, Pixies, Violent Femmes, Tom Waits, Skynard, Cramps…. heaven. be on the lookout for Pris – she made me appreciate Massive Attack with her truly elegant pole dancing.

  31. Taurus L.

    This place is actually amazing. The only problem that I had was this guy at the door named Jeremy, Who claimed to be the manager and the top of the food chain at the establishment, would not let my group of 4 girls and 2 guys in at 1 o’clock saying that the place was at capacity, even after nine people left as we were talking. We offered to pay to get in to this dive bar but was told that it wasn’t going to happen no matter what very rudely. I spent over $400 BEFORE my group arrived and left only because Jeremy was a pompous prick that acted like he owned the place. I’ll go back, but never if I see him at the door. Barbara, the bartender was great! And the dancers are probably the best in LA. It’s a shame that one person, who’s the first point of contact, was bad enough to make me want to take my clients elsewhere and not come in if I see him there again. Customer service is not this guys strong suit. Be aware! Sorry about the two stars but he’s really that bad…

  32. harryharry

    Stoped in on to this establishment that so many recommended. Was having a great night meeting people trying to forget how terrible my day had been. Just when I was at ease I was told to leave do to the fact that I was only drinking water. I am an alcoholic so water is my drink of choice. So either I endanger my sobriety, or decided that being social is not worth the cheer up value. So I was escorted out and I won’t return. I did see plenty of over served people get there car from the valet. Explain that.

  33. Dth S.

    OMG what’s not to like??!? sooo dive, sooo cheesy, soooo dive!! this place just takes u away so u can forget ur day’s worries for a few dive hours looking at really fugly topless girls where the drinks are cheap&patrons are cheaper! yeah baby!!

  34. Kate

    I lived near Jumbo’s so I figured I would check it out for work. Of course they hired me right away but my coworkers were tore up from the floor up. Not only did they hire middle aged housewives complete with stretch marks but they also hire transexuals. I quit after 3 hours and went back to the Jet.

  35. Jeff C.

    Soooo….Hadn’t been here in awhile, a fact that was punctuated by the fact that I remember when you could see titties here, rather than girls dancing in bikinis. It felt like Cheetah’s.Secondly, I don’t remember it being as busy as it was, nor with the uncomfortably high concentration of d-bags that were there. (It’s not their fault they are popular amidst the volcom crowd.)Thirdly, I can’t remember the last place that has had worse drink service. It was a disaster; I thought the bar was going to tip over since there weren’t any drinks on the far side. At all. The bar back had to throttle the bartender just to get her to notice the patrons at our end.But it’s still one of the best shows in town. It’s still got the best atmosphere and entertainment bang for your buck (no cover). Drinks aren’t obnoxiously expensive and they normally play fantastic music for the girls. It may have lost a considerable amount of its former glory, which is definitely in no ways their fault- the laws in CA have changed. However, it was disappointing that they had to slide into mediocrity rather than figure a way to really bolster their bar.

  36. Felice B.

    Dont ask me how i ended up here….But it was a great night, from what i can remember.The pole athletes here are amazing. Thats what they call them now a days. Me and my friends still call them Wh-res..Just kidding. Some of my best friends work that biz. They are great girls. Hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do.Stop by, check it out….Real good old fashion family fun..

  37. Monika K.

    get your ass here whenever in the area, i went at 6pm on a sunday memorial day wkend and these girls are hot, the girls are gorgeous and talented, skills to pay the bills for real, the drinks strong but smaller than expected,, the plaza slightly intimidating. would def go back whenever in town. got the tshirt. wearing it now, too cool for school.

  38. Meredith W.

    Came here for a friends birthday, was definitely a good choice. Everyone was extremely friendly and the ladies interacted a lot with the customers. We got two shows in one as a guy was dragged out on his knees for being unruly. Drinks are a little pricey, but not horrible. Really fun for any group! Just don’t forget to tip šŸ˜‰

  39. Daniel W.

    This is not a strip club… this is a non-nude establishment with beautiful talented women and cheap booze!!! If you find yourself near Thai Town / Hollywood swing by for a drink, sit back and watch the show (don’t be an ass and not tip here and there)!!! These girls work hard, some go over the top and are well worth their tips so choose accordingly as they have a good line up that alternate one song after another. Line up ranges between 5 to 10 girls depending on when you go. The booze is full bar, beer, liquor, and wine. The price for booze is cheap, the liquor is poured stiff so you can get drunk pretty good for the right price. Parking sucks, so good luck with that, first come first serve spots and valet… you pay the valet fee either way. This place is good for dates as well, so the gal won’t feel awkward with other women’s lady parts flying around exposed. I’d say show up around 7PM and later, very mixed crowd. Or get there early to get a seat, as space and seating is very limited because it’s a small establishment. For you new kids trying these establishments out, nude or not, don’t sit in the front row if you’re not going to tip regularly!!!! You look like a jackass and deserve to get thrown out.

  40. Ninja S.

    Amazing!!! Really great vibes and cute girls. Whats not to like. Had to take away a star though. Vodka drinks were poured weak or their vodka is watered down. Stick with bottled beer.

  41. Anica M.

    Why is the “dj” a jukebox where 1 of the off-duty dancers has to pick each and every song? This place was a joke. If you’re going to waste your time going, just stick to the Coronas because they’re in bottles that look cleaner than their glasses and are better than their below-the-bottom shelf liquor. I tried to like the dancers, but they didn’t have any rhythm…best stunt was when one walked on the ceiling for a minute. I was happy to leave to our next spot for the evening, but in shock that there was a line around the building when we left…save your time.

  42. Evie E.

    This is by far thee best bikini bar I have ever been to. The owner is an amazing woman who cares about her staff. The dancers have some serious talent. The place is affordable and always a good time. I love Jumbo’s Clown Room.

  43. Evan J.

    Jumbos is a crazy burlesque club. You won’t find girls dancing to Motley Crue or the latest techno track at Jumbos. In fact, the dancers pick their own tunes on the jukebox and you’re more likely to hear Tom Waits or Led Zeppelin. The neighborhood suits this Hollywood haunt. It looks like a biker bar from the outside…and actually, it kind of is. Still, there are some really beautiful, sexy and downright talented dancers at Jumbos. It’s almost of a circus vibe, especially on the weekends. You’ll often find as many women as men in the crowd and they all appreciate the spectacle equally. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dancer at Jumbos that didn’t have a lot of tattoos – that’s the aesthetic. Goth, rocker, whatever. It’s odd and it’s all good. Eat first, unless you’re planning to load up on a bag of Funyuns from the vending machine.

  44. Audrey L.

    I freaking love this place! The lot is valet. They say there’s a two drink minimum, but no one pressured me. Beers are about $5. Towards the end of the night we got to snag the seats right up front. Completely different experience. The place is tiny! There is one stall for the bathrooms. If you’re a woman, you’ll get to chat with the dancers on break. Oh, and if you’re sitting up front, please tip! The people who had our seats before weren’t tipping! Rude.As a former dancer (ballet not for bills) I had a great appreciation for the ladies here. Isis is my favorite! She’s crazy athletic on the pole. The curvy brunette is hot too. She likes to get nasty and lick bills to stick on her butt and etc. The Kat von Dee looking girl is good too. She never smiles. Not my favorite but definitely comic relief is the Asian Tiffany. She did Thriller, Sir Mixalot, and Kung Fu Fighting barefoot. Great change of pace in between the stripper songs.I love all the costume changes and eclectic music from MGMT to the Chicago soundtrack. They need to make the ceiling higher cuz it limits what the girls can do. The people who come in are interesting too. A weird creepy old man in a cyclist outfit, some 21 year-old Asian guys (who were NOT tipping), and some fugly granola lesbians who were standing in my way. So how should I describe this place. It’s a dive bar with some half naked women dancing forreals and respectful clients placing dollar bills on the stage. I stayed there long enough to memorize the lineup and tipped before the music even started. Very fun, Friday night. I think I’ll become a regular and sit next to the neighborhood guy drinking wine who kept tossing me bills after I ran out of money in order to tip the girls.$20 minimum on credit cards. There’s an ATM inside. Ignore the clown memorabilia or you’ll get creeped out. Get Thai food and a dance! The corner seat and pole by the bathroom is for lapdances. Creepy. When we left there was a line outside.

  45. Karli G.

    I am a straight women and I loved this place! I went with a bunch of guys and a couple girls. Made me laugh. The women are great dancers and the drinks are good. I wish I lived closer. I highly recommend this for a fun night out!

  46. Carlotta F.

    My friend and I went on a Monday night. We bought two rounds of drinks and my friend proceeded to tip the girls almost every song. We were having a pleasant time. A man approaches our table and says, “The girls were wondering why you’re sitting here in the back and not tipping.” I told this man that we had in fact been tipping majority of the time and that he was incorrect. He replied, “I love being wrong.” One of the dancers specifically said thank you to us for tipping. So I guess ordering drinks and tipping on most songs is not enough. We left as soon as this happened. I’m not sure if this was management or the actual dancers who initiated this (upon further reading of bad reviews, it seems that some of the dancers yell at individuals for tips). And that’s too bad ladies, cause we were about to tip all night. The table next to us tipped less than we did and was not harassed. By attempting to get us to spend more money, they lost money. I think a big part of it is that we are two females and there seems to be a stigma against girls because they “don’t tip.” It really made me angry because I liked this place and wanted to continue coming back. This was going to be my friend and I’s spot on a week day night, but I guess not. I don’t ever want to visit this place again.

  47. nickstrip

    Great idea for a fun time. Although from 8:30-9:30 there is a bartender transition to the night crew and you can’t buy drinks with a credit card. Cash only during this time. Bartender is robbing the dancers of the cash during this time. Nadia, the bartender, call my gf a bitch and tried to kick us out for not being able to pay cash during the transition. Hopefully management changes this process so we can spend money on drinks during the shift change.

  48. Mandy L.

    5 stars for total WTF???-nessYou cant read these reviews. You just have to go and witness it for yourself……….but be totally wasted beforehand haha

  49. Carol L.

    We were a group of women, straight, gay and everything in between, celebrating my friend’s birthday. Stop #1 was Jumbo’s Clown Room. Not sure about the name as there are (thankfully) no clowns anywhere.Let me start by getting the bad stuff out of the way. Jumbo’s is in a tiny strip mall so parking really sucks. Also, the bartender that night was not the friendliest. Maybe she thought I was pretentious asking for water in a glass bottle. The conversation went something like this:Me: Do you have water in a glass bottle?Bartender: We only have regular water in a bottle.Me: What do you mean by regular water? Is it not in a glass bottle?Bartender: (Exasperated sigh) It’s only regular water.Um, she could’ve said they only have water in a plastic bottle. What exactly is “regular” water anyhow?Now for the good stuff. There’s NO COVER, so you can save your money for drinks and tips for the dancers. This place is small, so it feels less impersonal. There’s a bar and a single stage with seating and that’s it. Very low-key. There’s no nudity, so that means ALCOHOL! Plus, drinks are pretty cheap. Of course, no nudity could also be a down-side, but that’s not what Jumbo’s is about. The dancers pick music off of a jukebox and do a couple of numbers before rotating out. They strip down to their bras and panties, all the while doing some awesome moves with/without the pole.When we got there at 5:30 pm, the place was pretty empty. Only two guys off in the corner. More came by as we hung out for the next couple of hours. There’s a board that tells you which dancers are working that night. From 4 – 9 pm, there were 5 dancers. From 9 pm – 2 am, there were 8-9 dancers. I thought a couple of the early shift dancers were particularly HOT!

  50. Franklyn

    So it’s been about a decade since I last visited Jumbo’s and man have the dancers improved! I am an attractive straight female and I was in awe of the pole and floor work exhibited by the ladies last night. In addition, the dancers are much hotter than they used to be — not a single C-section scar in sight! The girls are also super nice and are gracious about the tips they get. I went with a male friend and we sat at the rail around the stage. My friend was reluctant to go with me because he didn’t want to feel uncomfortable about watching and commenting on the girls he thought were hot. All of the ladies made eye contact with me before showing him any attention and he’s a hottie. I thought this was way cool and classy because they didn’t know we were just friends but they had enough respect for me to not come on to him or flirt with him in any way. Pretty smart on their part too because it made both of us feel comfortable and led to more tips for the dancers. Anyway, it was totally goin’ off for a random Tuesday night and everyone seemed to be having a great time! I mean how many other places in LA can you get a can of PBR and hear Joan Jett, AC/DC and Radiohead all within half an hour? I had a blast and will definitely return soon! Remember to tip the ladies well — they’re working hard to entertain you!

  51. Steve M.

    Crappy beers and the girls don’t get naked.

  52. Syd B.

    After hearing about this hole in the wall place for years I was thrilled to finally go with friends while celebrating a birthday. If I could sum up my experience in one word it would be DISAPPOINTING. I arrived at around 10:30 pm on a Saturday and waited in line outside the venue for almost 2 hours. My experience grew worse when 12 people were all able to cut in front of the line since they bought Jumbo’s Clown Room t-shirts that cost $20 each. This was aggravating but I tried to stay optimistic despite the long wait. Once making it through the door it took seconds before I was slammed into a corner (which is where I ended up staying since all the seats were taken). I could barely move from all the drunkies squishing me while they screamed and cheered with cat calls. I was tempted to give two stars, but I have to give some credit to the burlesque dancers who did a fantastic job. I stayed for about 7 shows where I was pleased to watch a diverse group of girls in all shapes and sizes dancing to all genres of music. The room is extremely small, dark, raunchy, and noisy, but the talent is great. I’m not someone who goes to strip clubs so I can’t compare the two, but Jumbo’s did remind me of a cleaner version of the Red Light District in Amsterdam, minus the nudity. Am I happy I gave it a try? Sure… but let’s just say I will not be coming back.

  53. winston12

    Watch your ass if you come here. We got double billed PLUS they either put drinks on our bill that weren’t ours or are wicked spendy. The drinks were piss-weak too, and tasted horrible. Buy your two drink minimum in beer, with cash, and enjoy the show. Get your drunk on elsewhere.The dancers, now, were great. Lots of attitude, great pole work. Lots of fun to watch. The ambience is pure Hollywood dive. Be aware that the music is so loud you’ll think the ATF is outside. The girls’ selections are amusingly eclectic, though, which makes up for the volume.Its kind of a Hollywood must experience. I would advise against making it your last stop.

  54. Juliana M.

    Probably one of my favorite spots on earth. Part hole in the wall, part cirque du soleil, 100% class blended with the right amount of trash. Drinks are oh so stiff and not overly priced. Get yours with a stack of $1’s and you are set for a fantastic time.

  55. andre n.

    Started off another bar hop evening at this class joint.First off, i’m pissed because i need my very own “jumbos clown room” shirt and i don’t know how i’m suppose to go about getting one ! I could have asked but i was too busy watching this beautiful sexy dancer hanging from the pole of love like a space ship 7 feet in the air. Then i kinda forgot about getting a shirt. Ah shucks ! ! !The dancers here do wild stuff on the pole of love and honor. This time i started off the evening with some bass from the tap. About 20 minutes into the dance and art, they played car wash and all the gals came out at the same time and wiggled around as they mock washed the glass mirrors on the dance stage. It was a funny classic moment. They play a good mix of rock and punk here. second time here and just as fun as the first.

  56. Brian T.

    After speding 3 years in LA and hearing nothing but great things, I had to go. At some point I was under the impression that there would be a clown hanging out getting loaded with the patrons. Even though that is not the case, I would have loved to have seen that happen. If your looking to open a strip joint keep that in mind. the people there were great and they weren’t sleazy or anything like that. Actually, I had several very pleasant conversations with some of the other patrons. Now this place isn’t the type of place where the girls dance to some top 40 hit crap shite song that will be forgotten in a week. Man o man, this one girl rocked a panda hat and came out to Nick Cave’s ” Red right Hand” another rocked out to T Rex. For my taste, I can rarely fid a bar that plays decent music. this place rocks out some good tunes. And the drinks are fairly priced. Courtesy Factor: Id Say even par. It is a small place so there is a bit of pushing and it is Hollywood so no one give a crap. However, I found the general mood appealing and worth my time. Enjoy yourself. Its Later than you think.

  57. Stephen T.

    After 3+ years in Los Angeles, I finally got to experience the Hollywood icon known as Jumbo’s Clown Room. It was the best of nights, and it was the worst of nights (read: drunk). In an Uber with my friends from out of town, and they asked the driver “where should we go next?” Needless to say, we wound up at Jumbo’s Clown Room.So let’s talk about it! It was awesome! Very cool dancers. No nudity. Mostly not strippers – just girls with dancing experience busting some moves. Cool people everywhere. Full bar. Good tunes. If I had known it was this much fun in all the years I’ve been here, I would have come here more often!So – the next time I’m drunk in a car with out of town friends in Hollywood, I will likely bring them here, if they’re the less inhibited type at least.

  58. Anthony N.

    Why am I here?!People were packed up in here tighter than a butt plug, it was quite uncomfortable.Those girls crawling up and down those poles didn’t have fathers who loved them! How do you feel gawking at them?I felt like I was watching an episode of Law and Order SVU. It was such a train wreck I didn’t know how to get out of there fast enough.Its so sad watching as they collect their “earnings” after their dance, I could barely stomach it.Never again.

  59. Erin G.

    When I first heard about Jumbo’s Clown Room I thought “Why would strippers wear clown makeup?”. But this year, on December 23rd, two days before Christians of the world celebrated the birth of Christ, I stepped into Jumbo’s and realized how wrong I was. First of all, it’s only a clown theme decor, not a theme for the strippers. On the contrary, they wear sexy lacy bra and panty sets and play an assortment of music you would never hear at a strip club (Tom Waits, Portishead). At one point one of the girls did such an amazing feat o the tune of an old NIN classic that me and a woman at another table ran into each other in our rush to rid ourselves of a fist of dollar bills. It’s just old fashioned fun in there if you ask me.

  60. Tyler W.

    This is one of my new favorite places on Earth. Jumbo’s is somewhere between a strip club and … err, well… poop, I don’t know. There are cool-ass chicks ( I think it is within bounds to call them chicks here) doing cool-as-hell stuff. The women there are more hip entertainment than naughty temptress (I mean that with all the love in the world). They don’t circulate a whole lot while not on stage and I am not even sure if they do lap dances, but I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at a shake-the-naughty-bits club. The girls really appreciate good tippers and will even occasionally track you down with a sincere thank you if you are expressing your admiration in the time honored tradition of giving them lots of money. The cozy (read: small) room is more sweet-ass dive bar than strip club ( it is, after all, a nipple-free zone). Get there a little early because it fills up which means you stand outside making new and interesting friends, but without adult beverages. Inside, getting a drink is a little tough, but here’s a tip I picked up during my days on the other side of the bar – tip your bartender a $20 for the first round of drinks (yes, a $20 bill. You know, Andrew “crazy as hell” Jackson). Two $10’s or four $5’s will work, but they don’t have the same “I know what I’m doing and have planned accordingly, so let’s do this thing” air about them. Drop that $20 and you won’t have to wait long for drinks for the rest of the night. Which brings us to the pole. Well, not “us” really as much as the lovely ladies of Jumbo’s. The Clown Room has the BEST pole work we’ve ever seen and we’ve been around a bit. These girls are consistently good, diverse and bendy. I have rarely been so genuinely impressed by a stage show that didn’t have “Cirque de Soleil” and some weird, made up word on the banner (Ka, really?). I’m talking flying leaps from the bar around the stage to the pole. Crazy stuff. Crazy NINJA stuff. Crazy keep-an-ambulance-on-stand-by stuff. OK, I’m getting carried away, but it is impressive. Go. For the love of God, go. Even if you don’t like strip clubs. If you don’t have fun here, it is you, not them (us).

  61. Laura E.

    I love everything about this place. The drinks are strong and the girls are pretty. It’s almost sexier that they don’t strip. Ladies, take your boyfriends here. He will love you for it and watching pretty girls dance will put you both in the mood.I knocked off one star because I hate that the girls have to collect their own money after they dance. It kind of ruins the magic and makes me feel sad. After writing this review I think I’ll be going to Jumbo’s tonight! ; )

  62. Desirre S.

    I came here last night for my girlfriends birthday weekend, and the reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because I didn’t like the fact that they had this guy walking around, and as he approached a group of 4. He told them they had to buy a 2 drink minimum. They all said we just finished our 2nd drink, and he said well I didn’t see you guys have any drinks. So since he didn’t see them with drinks they had to buy another drink just to stay. The “Teasers” that’s what I call them because they just tease the guys where decent looking and they definitely knew how to work a pole. They do get 5 stars for performance wise, as well as the bartender. I ordered an Adios MF and boy was that an Adios MF lol. Price wise I paid $16 for a blue moon and the AdiosMF, I thought the beer was a little bit over priced, but because the Adios MF was strong i was okay with it. The same guy that approached the group of 4 kept yelling at everyone to make sure we tip the strippers, it’s a really small space and a lot of people where on the wall, so why would you expect them to pay if they can’t even see them perform. Good thing I was at the bar tho. But it’s a decent hole in the wall in Hollywood.

  63. Poe S.

    A theme reminiscent of Captain Spaulding’s Fried Chicken and Gasoline, Jumbo’s Clown Room is the grungy, schizophrenic vagrant who gives your girlfriend a flower when you walk into 7-11. He makes you look bad because, not only did you take your chick to a place with bums sitting outside, he has the uneasy charisma that whips the pants off your girl by outdoing you, you unromantic ass. What does all this mean to the illiterate and unimaginative? Jumbo’s is a dingy nightmare of a clown infested cesspool. More importantly, the dancers (dressed in their delightfully awkward costumes most likely found in their mother’s time-capsule trunk) seem to captivate the audience by being far more cheerful and less devoid of personality than the dead in the eyes heroin addicts found in your average strip club. The clientele is peculiar in that their aberrant clown fetish allows them to buy dances from women who are still clothed. Incapable of following the tip-every-dance rule, the hulking bucket of roids at the door will kick cheap perverted asses to the curb, which, somehow is a gift of a tale for said Cheap Ass to poorly reiterate later to his equally douchey friends because, “Yeah, fuck those guys. Those bitches aren’t even hot.”Except for the part where they are.

  64. Cacey C.

    Jumbo’s rocks! Cool music and the dancers are bad ass! Definitely an L.A. staple.

  65. Jennifer J.

    You walk through a velvet curtain into your favoritist (yes it’s a word) dingy dive bar ever… and there happens to be a stage with a pole there. Really, what more could you ask for??? Well, I’ll tell you. Dancers who are completely different from your standard stripper. From burlesque to goth to cougar to the chick who does the EXACT same dance every time she gets out there no matter what song is playing. Love it love it love it. My girlfriends and I actually had a tradition of ending our birthday celebrations here. It’s fun, the drinks are good…. Jumbos rocks.

  66. Michael F.

    My second visit to Jumbo’s was much better than my first. I guess Saturday is the night to go, because the vibe and energy of the place was the polar opposite of my first visit.What really differentiated Jumbo’s this time was that the girls’ performances were off the hook! There was lots of variety, and almost every performer was entertaining. It didn’t just feel like girls going up on stage and freestyling. They seemed to have better prepared, preplanned routines, which made their performances more polished and entertaining. I also came in with the mindset that Jumbo’s is not a strip club, and that the real draw of the place is in the performances. I really can’t call these girls strippers, as dance is more the emphasis without nudity.Another plus about my latest visit was that the drinks were very strong. It was nearly impossible to get them, because of the small bartender to patron ratio, but I only needed a few to feel a strong buzz. They are also relatively inexpensive, which makes a great mix ;)I can’t say that Jumbo’s is my ideal destination for a night out on the town, but it definitely delivered on this visit. I do believe that the sensuality and toned down eroticism appeals more to women, but I was also entertained by the performance aspect of this place. If you walk in, and dollar bills are flying everywhere, then you came on the right night. If not, I would suggest going elsewhere and coming back when it is more live.

  67. nick g.

    As a bit of disclosure, I’ve never been to a proper “full-nude” strip club. As far as this place goes, I think bikini bars are more my style if I were going to choose a place to objectify seductive and scantily clad women and then throw money at them for showing me how they can jiggle parts of their partially clothed bodies.To look from another perspective, you could also view them as being skilled dancers who were showing their abilities to a) dance, b) show their pole abilities and c) their ability to move their fit bodies. I was impressed with the asian girl’s capoeira moves, and their overall flexibility. As far as throwing money at them, you could view it as a tip for showing off their skills – busking on a stage, if you will.PC views aside, I thought the girls were hot, and I didn’t feel as ripped off since throwing singles (rather than 20’s and 100’s for strippers). I did discover that if a girl was really flaunting the stage, and loving her dancing, I was more inclined to throw money on the stage.$20 min for credit card. Cash is better, bring singles. It gets packed on Fri night.

  68. Jenna V.

    It must be a difficult place to work because the staff are pretty grumpy. One of the bartenders especially. I’d ask her for something and she wouldn’t acknowledge or look at me, so I’d repeat it, and then she’d get mad that I asked her twice! I was trying really hard to be friendly to her but she was just not having it. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the dancers and the crowd! Fun vibe. Would be nice if the staff would follow suit

  69. Dave L.

    I had passed by Jumbo’s a million times before but I was always too scared to go in. It looks pretty skeezy from the outside (clientele and establishment-wise). But one night, after I was tired from not sleeping, work, and the retardedly exhausting Ski Dazzle convention, I wanted to see if a beer would fuck me up. My friends were at Sanamluang Cafe nearby (excellent food if you haven’t been) so I ran across the street to Jumbo’s to get a quick beer while they waited for seats.The vibe is great. The dancers seemed really friendly. Um, I guess they usually are, but anyway. The older lady manning the bar was friendly as well and joked around with my cougar-attracting friend for a bit while I stared at the stage. The dancers weren’t as um nasty/ugly/gross as I thought they might be? In fact a couple of them were pretty good looking. I’m not sure if I have any standards though. There was this one 6 foot 5 dancer who might have been that shemalien but I didn’t stick around long enough to find out. Jumbo’s is really kick backed and relaxed. I agree with scourge k., the place is just damn comfortable. I had a Pyramid Hefeweizen and for some unknown reason it tasted absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, I didn’t get drunk off one beer. I’m sure I turned red tho when one of the girl dancers (hopefully it was a girl) did a fascinating display of smacking the insides of her butt cheeks against the pole. My cheapass had to throw out a dollar for that one. When I left, I was happy to have conquered my fear of Jumbo’s Clown Room and emerged from the abyss completely unscathed, and more importantly, I found a new place to take my parents when they come visit.

  70. Laura P.

    I came here on a Friday though I hear Sundays are best.This is a fun place to go for a drink (or several).If there is a line, you can get in by buying a hat at the door (and skip the line).The dancing is ok – depends on the girl. But most of them seem enthusiastic enough that you don’t feel weird.

  71. fisherdex1

    If you’re smart you’ll get here early and leave late.Girls are fantastic performers/athletesdrinks are cheap and strong20$ minimum on card and you should come with atleast 20-40 bucks in your pocket (anyone working there will give you singles)TIP these fine ladies! atleast 2-3 bucks minimum! i see crowds of dudes not tip ONCE.if you like classic Hollywood fun then here’s the spot

  72. Randall S.

    This is overdue. Best bar in LA, best dancers in LA. Period. Sam’s Hofbrau in downtown is great but that joint is the urban, hip hop crowd and that’s the music you’re going to hear all night. JCR is a classic rocker strip joint with classic rocker dancers. And weirdos….which I love. First time I saw Ava she was performing wearing a Jason style hockey mask. Page suffocates herself with plastic wrap around her head. Tiger makes her own lingerie using things like Judas Priest teeshirts. Isa does a Lemmy routine wearing a moustache. The gals are hot, fun to talk to and dance like Hell had to call the NY Fire Department. And every single bartender is awesome. Nancy, Nadja and Michelle rule. All of them.Go there. Right now. Don’t even waste your time going any place else. Get there after 10 though and be prepared to stand on line forever. Right about then, I’ll be leaving, dead plastered after having been there drinking for 3 hours already, having a blast. Not long after I’ve heard “Car Wash” for the millionth time. Never gets old!Oh and gents. Don’t be a douchebag. Rolling up dollar bills into little balls and throwing it at the girls is a douche move. Put your money down flat on the stage and don’t be a moron amateur. You aren’t watching moron amateur entertainment. And don’t go in there and order a Moscow Mule because that’s a douchebag drink for douchebags.

  73. Lauren S.

    This is one of the few places in LA where I will go to watch girls almost take their clothes off. The crowd on most nights is fairly diverse, with a sizable constituency of women, which keeps the skeeze factor at a minimum. (That said, you bitches need to tip. Seriously, take a seat at the rail and pay out.)The girls are as varied as the clientele, and they pretty much own the room, on stage and off. There’s a pleasant queer/dive-punk aesthetic about the place that makes it a comfortable place to spend the evening, much more laid back than most strip clubs. The girls choose the music and have pretty good taste, so you’ll hear stuff you wouldn’t hear elsewhere.

  74. Irene S.

    YOW! This place is beyond words. I went there last Friday night when it wasn’t too busy, which was unfortunate because some of the girls weren’t getting any tips. Granted, some of them shouldn’t be given tips anyhow unless it is out of pity. I was pretty nervous about going here at first because I thought I would be uncomfortable, but it was fine. The waitress was very nice. And Gretel is my favorite. She came by and even introduced herself. If you are looking for a night of trashy goodness, Jumbo’s is your place. Don’t forget your dollar bills, ya’ll!

  75. Joe E.

    Stay away. Low life clientele, and a doorman with serious issues. The doorman is an uneducated lowlife. This is not the place where you’d like to go to have a fun night.

  76. Claire K.

    How fun! Went on a Tuesday and the small main room was full. Our group of four grabbed front row seats and got ready to throw down dolla bills. The girls were fun, impressive and played off the energy of the audience really well. Loved that the business is almost entirely (if not all) women-run–it made the whole thing feel classy, and less like a lecherous strip joint. Drinks were small but strong. If you’re looking for “crafted” cocktails this bar is not for you.

  77. Toby C.

    wow. what a great find in the middle of Thai Town. Jumbo’s has all the makings of a great dive bar. random-ass location? Check. Middle-aged women bartenders that pour stiff drinks? Yup. (FYI, any dive bar with dude bartenders ain’t really a dive in my book). Artistic photos of Bozo on the wall? Yes. Emo and goth chicks in bikinis pole-dancing on stage? Double check! Gotta give props to the girl who took 12 sweaters off during her dance set to Weezer’s The Sweater Song. Solid place that exemplifies the “anything goes” spirit of LA!

  78. kenston12

    I have to admit that I was a little nervous about going here. I’ve always wanted to check out this LA institution (so to speak). After seeing Anthony Bourdain’s show The Layover a few years ago, and seeing how his last stop was Jumbo’s Clown Room, I figured I had to go and see it for myself.So the hubby and I did a little date night and stopped by recently. Street parking was nearly impossible so after driving around several times, we just gave up and paid for valet ($7). I have no idea where they parked our car but we did get it back just fine.Anyway, I loved this place for several reasons. First of all, you walk in and everyone is so friendly. The bartender greeted us as if we were regulars. If you are at all self-conscious or a little shy like I was, you immediately feel comfortable because of the openness and friendliness there.Secondly, I loved the fact the clientele was varied….there were men, women, couples, singles, groups of friends, ladies on a girls’ night out, etc. The whole vibe was fun, friendly, and everyone was just there to enjoy themselves. It didn’t feel sleazy at all. Lastly, the dancers were amazing. Talk about athletic prowess! I oohed and ahhed at their skills and how they worked that pole! The combination of sensuality and athleticism was quite unique. You really come to appreciate what the female body can do.The fact that at almost half the clientele were women made me feel so comfortable. If I was the only woman amongst all men, I’m sure I would have felt more uptight about being there. It definitely would have changed the whole vibe for me.Make sure you tip the girls. They work very, very hard. We tipped a few dollars per dance and we did so with every performer. Don’t be cheap! These girls work hard for their money!If you are looking for something a little different to do with your friends, hubby, better half, etc.give this place a go! Bonus: it’s right by Thai Town and you can grab some dinner before or after.

  79. Jamie H.

    I got tricked into coming here, but I’m not even bitter about it.Loved the ambience, the girls were pretty good (especially the blonde with short hair, she was amazing!); it almost makes me wish I could pull myself up on a pole like that! And it’s nice to go to a ‘strip’ club and not see full on naked chicks.The only problem I had was the bartender – slowest service I have ever seen. Can’t say for sure if it’s pricey, I didn’t buy my own drinks. Crowded, but still open enough to sit down or stand at the bar.The bouncer, however, was fucking cool. Good place to bring your boys, just remember- whatever they spend on the girls, they should spend twice as much on you.

  80. Maxi S.

    This is one of my favorite hidden gems! This is the perfect spot for a night out on the town. We usually start here and try to end back over here! The girls are smokin hot! The bartender is usually on the money! Every time I have friends in from out of town they always rave about this spot! Keep the show rollin!!!!

  81. Kitty C.

    I LOVE JUMBO’S!! This is my favorite place to go. I enjoyed working there. I can always find an old stage buddy to reminisce with. The girls are great. My favorites are Emma, Blue, Isis and Isabella. Great classic burlesque style here along with some pretty cool pole dancing done by Isis. Michele makes awesome drinks and is super cool. I love sitting at the stage and watching the girls make funny faces at the guys hahaha. Gotta love the jukebox. Any girl that can dance to the Cramps is a friend of mine. Hurray for Jumbo’s!

  82. Leggy V.

    Highlight of LA! This place has so much atmosphere, even on a Tuesday! The girls are smokin’ and super talented, the drinks are cheap and the music is good! Be sure to bring bills to tip the dancers, because the way those girls move is insane!

  83. William H.

    I will preface this review by saying that before January 07 I only went to Jumbo’s on Christmas. And I’ve never had a better time on Christmas than when I was there. So I cannot comment on the negatives from other reviewers on times that are not Christmas. However Since Jan 07 I have been back numerous times. I’m probably there for at least 2 hours every other weekend or so now. And I’ll tell you why. Despite what other reviewers have written and the stigma the joint has the girls are absolutely gorgeous. They do likely come from a darker place than most but I DO NOT mind. They are cute and they are fun. But Will is it only the cute girls that keep you coming back?No way! Expect drink prices that rival downtown and places further east. I don’t drink in hollywood because I don’t want to pay 8 bucks for a beer and share space with shiny shoe wearing assholes. I admit on that first Christmas 2 years ago the prospect of being someplace with a reputation of being unwholesome and grimy on the holiest of holidays made me feel good, but when I got there I found I was actually in a place that possessed a dark charm that intrigued me much more. The drinks are cheap enough so tip the girls! Some of them have some real skill and the rest have that irresistible charm.Only con: There will be guys there that are the, “Lets take our homie to jumbo’s because it’s jumbo’s.” But not enough of a con to detract from the rating.

  84. Clelia E.

    It is definitely not a strip-club, but a fun joint to have a few drinks with friends, while listening to good rock classic and watching some dancing girls. Overall it’s good ambiance! It’s a burlesque place with good priced drinks and a friendly staff. When the place is really crowded you can wait a little to get the drinks. The dancers are changing between times I’ve been there, and some are not so good out on the pole but some are really amazing.

  85. eddyL

    A Wednesday night at Jumbo’s 02/13/14 went there on a date. It had been years since either one of us had been there. The women are totally Gorgeous, Friendly, and Incredibly Talented.Again it was a Wed., packed with impressive talent and a fun crowd.Best of Hollywood by far and No Lap Dance Pressure, Excellent Time.Definitely bring a date. The 9pm shift change and crowd were worth the wait.

  86. Mr F.

    Amazing dancers-moody,past it bar staff.Came here on a recommendation from a girl I know.Amazing dancers, fit yes..skilled yes this place is a good “Welcome to LA” experience.Had been drinking and tipping steadily all night until one of the leathery bar staff started giving me shit for being a guy looking at the women on stage…to a lesbian couple…..doing exactly the same thing.Baffled, I walked out as soon as I could. Seriously- a great place but fuck me…get some staff with some levity of the situation.

  87. Steve V.

    Mel-low. If I lived in this area this would be my local spot. Cheap drinks, vending machine, girls that look more like cute chicks with their tops off than strippers, and chill local patrons. Unless you’re being a cheap horny bastid and ogling the girls without tipping. Bad form. Trust that sign of Jumbo the Clown will light up and remind you of your manners/wallet and will get booed by the people sitting around you. If you’ve got a posse you’re guaranteed a little more attention and good times. Also, take friends with you. Then after you’ve had your fill of drinks and attention – take $10 bucks out of your pocket (ones are ok) and walk it across the street to Sanamluang for the bomb late night greasy Thai food goodnezzzzzz!

  88. John B.

    Was at Jumbo’s back in Oct 2010. Great place, will return.Dancers were amazing. Did not care that they did not drop all their gear. 2 drink minimum did not bother me either.Place can get rowdy and very crowded. Got no problem with that either. Adds to the color of the joint.

  89. Marcelle H.

    Went here last night for the first time. Along side me: my husband, and several of his UCB classmates out celebrating one of the girls’ birthday. I’ve never been to a strip club before, but I’ve always been curious. As it turns out, I still haven’t been to a strip club, as the dancers here don’t take off any more than a Victoria’s Secret model does – and some of them not even that much. I found all of the girls attractive, and most were not sporting implants, which really won me over, especially since some were pretty small-chested. It made me feel like they were more self-confident. I also liked that they didn’t undress. It made the dancing sexier. Or maybe it felt sexier because I didn’t feel guilty for watching.One of the girls had a dance style that I can only describe as 80’s German new wave with a splash of Flash Dance. She didn’t get very many tips on account of her jerky, aggressive movements, and the really weird panties she wore that looked like a sumo diaper. When her numbers ended she would look at the audience and say “thanks a lot” real sarcastically as she picked up her cash.My husband developed a crush on one of the other dancers and we ended up sitting at the stage throwing dollars at her until we had gone through about $40. The drinks were decent – although all I had was whiskey on the rocks. Prices were not too high – $7 for Johnnie Walker Black Label.We ended up chatting up one of the servers, a Swedish (?) woman, who told us that they don’t really like women coming in there because men don’t spend as much when their girlfriends are around. That’s probably true, but out of our whole group I was the one telling the guys to go tip the dancers. I understand what it’s like to live off tips.All in all it was a fun night. Great people watching. Not too crowded. Entertainment not provided by big-screen tv’s. I’d come back.

  90. Polly Enmity P.

    Rumor is, if you work here for 6 months, Jumbo’s will pay for your boob job. Those are SUCH better benefits than what I’m getting in my job. Anyway….I fought to get a seat near the stage once so I could put my money on the rail for one of the dancers to pick up with her butt. Which she did. And if you want to watch that trick, don’t put down just a sweaty crumpled $1 bill and expect her to run over and butt-grab it. Have the decency to put down at least a $10.Since they serve booze, girls can’t be totally naked and they get around it really, really creatively. Who knew such a wide variety of household implements could function as pasties?I am usually soooooo drunk by the time I get here, so I can’t really remember many details beyond those. Totally fun, though.

  91. Fritz D.

    Middle aged blonde bartender chick was so indescribably rude to us. My friend had one simple question about how she makes a drink. She told us to leave! Rude rude rude. Then she went over and stopped the music and stopped the girls from dancing until we left. I really can’t imagine why they would put up with this horrible woman. She can’t be good for business. I read other reviews online about this very same woman. She’s pissed off at the world because she is 45 year old bar maid and not even any good at that. She told us she’s trying to have thanksgiving with her friends who where all at the bar. Is that her excuse for such poor service? Too busy with her friends while she is at work? Sorry she got stuck working thanksgiving, but that’s what happens when you are a “B” lister on the staff. Tonight She cost all the girls & the bar good money because we were ready to stay and party. Jumbos rocks but the need to lose that old bar hag with the bad attitude. Something tells me the owner/manager of jumbos knows exactly who I mean.

  92. Michelle S.

    I’m reading a book at the moment called Strip City… so I have been wanting to go to a Strip Club, but not an all out get naked one. So on Friday night I pleaded with the boyfriend to take me there. He really isn’t into strip clubs.Jumbo’s is more of a club where it’s go-go scene with pole dancing by the Suicide Girls There was this one chick that could jiggle one butt cheek at a time… I have never seen that done anywhere, but in a rap video so I gave her a $5.We didn’t stay to long maybe a half an hour. The drinks were alright not a great pour, but not a bad pour either.we had an okay time.the next time I go to a strip club… I’m going to go to a all out naked one… to O’Farrell’s in San Francisco in May. Now if I can just convince the boyfriend to go with me… that would be good LOL!!.

  93. Allyson E.

    didnt even feel like i was at a strip club, felt like i was just at a show. Those girls get down! They have crazy moves…so entertaining!! drinks were cheap and no cover.All you gotta do is show up with yo dollas and make it rain!

  94. big lug j.

    I don’t know when it happened, or how, but I like it so I’m not going to question it……me and my ol’ lady likes to make it rain on them hoes. Maybe it started in San Francisco, on that fateful and classy night, when we bounced from strip club to strip club, soaking in the sights of titties and high heels. Our fingers stained with the scent of dollar bills. Our eyes framed in neon and g-strings. Our minds firmly planted in the gutter with thoughts thundering across us on the finer points of “booty clapping” and the always pressing concern of “how low can they go?”Either way, three nights ago, at around midnight, we stepped into Jumbo’s Clown Room for the first time…The Pro’s of this establishment:1. The strippers choose their own song by using the motherfucking jukebox.2. It’s small so it feels like the best/sleaziest/booziest house party you have ever been to minus that weird quiet guy on the couch who wasn’t invited and only showed up with 1 can of beer and kind of smells like burnt plastic.3. The cocktail server has a vicious mullet.The Con’s of this establishment:1. They don’t show hoo-ha. (not really a con since, if they did show their Pink Cadillacs, they couldn’t serve the booze. I love the booze.) 5 Stars!p.s. Other than watching pretty women undress and strut for us, another point of attraction, was the pack of lesbians who, at the other end of the bar, was GETTING AT the dancers. I kid you not, I would say at least two of them actually- no shit- fell in love with a stripper.

  95. John O.

    Came here on a recommendation… Was here with a few buddys, and we had a great time. Will visit again next time im in LA

  96. Phil R.

    I’m sure someone has already mentioned it, but this place has been woman owned and operated since it opened in the 60s making it the oldest women run strip establishment in the US. Also probably already covered, but legend has it that Courtney Love danced here before she was someone. Now that she is no one again, maybe she will make a re-appearance.I have mixed feelings about their remodeling. On the one hand, I love the clown art on the walls and the chilled mug fridge. Did you know you can get a draft beer in an ice cold mug in this joint for $4 during happy hour? (this was true last time I checked, maybe 2 years ago). On the other hand, I liked it when it was a little dingier.Regardless, I actually came here on a first date once about six years ago and we both had a blast. The she-man whipping the floor and smoking cigarettes with her Hootenany had to be seen to be believedSpecial Note – Don’t ever EVER try to put a song on the jukebox. You’ll mess up the strippers rotation and you will be yelled at.

  97. Caglar S.

    Attitude of the dancers are bad. Even if u sit all the way at the back and not watching the dancers. They want you to tip almost everytime if u dont they start to give u a weird looks and act like they re talking about ur friends group. I mean tip means u dont have to pay if they make u pay thats not tip anymore. if u just wanna grab a beer this is not the place and if u wanna tip to a dancer non stop dont go there go to a real strip club.

  98. Kristen F.

    I dragged a friend here for his birthday. He enjoyed it while the rest of us asked “Where are all the hot chicks? This isn’t like Crazy Girls!!” (RIP)The lady at the door thought my ID was fake, then had the bouncer check it, then the janitor, then the other owner, then one of the dancers, really it’s freakin ridiculous for you to have a bunch of people ask me if I’m over 21 and then grill me on why I had to wrong address, an old outdated photo, why my picture was on the other side, etc… So then I explained; “Picture was taken when I was 16, I’m 21 now which makes me the legal age to come into your establishment, drink A LOT and watch strippers. The address is wrong because I moved and the DMV issued me a new one. It’s too bad they also didn’t issue me a new mug shot and updated address since they didn’t know I was going to be at Jumbo’s having this stupid argument. And last but not least it has the official seal so if you hold it to a black light you’ll know it’s authentic.”What did the bouncer finally do after waiting outside for 10 minutes? Goes inside and holds my ID to a black light.Idiots run this joint if you can’t tell.So in review; Crazy Girls closed down so this is the only other strip club I can go, kick back a few drinks and get a lap dance. I re-love this place

  99. M H.

    My friends dragged me to this place one Wednesday night for my BDay… & it was the greatest! Looks like a place from a Quentin Tarrantino movie, characters of all types in one room having fun. Beers are cheap, entertainment is great. Before we entered my friend said “this is where broken dreams come to die”…

  100. David C.

    Anthony Bourdain’s show brought me here. Many of the performers would easily fit into a Cirque du Soleil production. Watching them spin and twirl and attempt all manner of gymnastic feats makes this place worth a visit. Parking was $5. There was no cover charge but I kept getting dirty looks from the bartender for buying just 2 drinks. Sorry but I’d rather patronize the dancers than the bar.

  101. Melissa S.

    Went here for the first stop for my sisters bachelorette party. I notice a valet guy on his phone as I pulled in not worried one bit about me. There was tons of parking right in front so I parked my car. I waited for my sisters party bus to show up, then walked out. The valet came up to me and asked for $5. I told him “Why? I parked my own car and you were too busy on the phone to care when I looked at u”. He said its $5 to park on the lot. Mind you, it’s a Thursday night and not very many cars on the lot. I told him no, and waited for a car to leave. I parked right behind my originalSpot on the street. This is one of the many reason I hate Hollywood/la. They expect you to pay for parking in the same lot as the establishment. SmhAnyhow, we went inside and I knew it was going to be interesting. They told us no pictures (um, why not?) since the girls are dancing on a pole but not topless. Tons of other places let u take pics that are topless. Our main concern was that we wanted pics inside with my sister for memories NOT of the girls onstage anyway. When we walked in the set up was SUPER tiny. Luckily there was one tiny round table open that we got, but it’s normally for 4 people tops and we had like 20. It was so tight in there and I was surprised they kept letting people in. There wasn’t even a walkway for people to walk thru. Can u say FIRE HAZARD? Now as for the crowd, it was definitely a grungy hipster spot. Lots of white people with grungy, long hair. I low key felt like I was in the 70s. As for the girls that danced, I’m sorry but they did not look like strippers to me. I’m guessing it’s more about the art dancing on the pole/stage then anything but the girls were not attractive at all. There was even this one old chick dressed up cowboy themed that looked about 45-50. We definitely we not feeling the vibe so we all left and went to Sams Hafbrau off Olympic. MUCH better spot for bachelorette celebration.

  102. Honest A.

    . First time here from out of town and my Los Angeles friends told me about it. RUDE “dancers” and bar staff. On top of that there was one “dancer” there with big false eyelashes who everytime she walked past had a certain… Odor. This place is gross. I will not be returning. EVER.

  103. Deanna L.

    I expected this place to be horrible after hearing about it for years…I was there on a Wednesday and the girls were AMAZING. They all were either contortionists or had been doing pole for a minimum of 5 years.I think the drinks were slightly pricey and the service was just OK but wow, the girls were great!

  104. KristynJoseph T.

    my boyfriend found this gem from i don’t know where and took me on my first “strip club” outing. at first, i said “they’re wearing swim suits??” and didn’t know what to expect but once you walk in and see the beautiful girls dancing in full clothing, it’s pretty f’n awesome. we had a lot of fun and the stage is so close that all the girls interact with you. the space is a little tight and hard to get around but we’re definitely fans of this place! most of the girls were pretty good looking, they don’t really look like “strippers” with double d’s and teased hair. they look pretty much like the girl next door. they’re all very sweet and amazing dancers.if you’re looking for the “strip club” experience, obviously this isn’t it. but if you’re looking for a fun night with friends/bf/gf, this is a great place! crowd was 50/50 male/female.when we were there, it was impossible to get a drink order in with the hostess. even though there supposedly is a two drink minimum. we never even got a drink order in. so basically we spent the dollar dollar bills yall on the girls…

  105. Allison J.

    This is my favorite strip bar ever.In many ways it seems the dancing is secondary for the girls. They’re belly up to the bar mostly! I love that they’re soooooo grateful for their tips and that lap dances aren’t such a feature. I love some of the girls really get their burlesque numbers out… and some others are simply over the top.There was this one Samoan girl there… who used to scare the crap out of people. I freakin’ loved her. She’d bring out a chain and whack it on the stage to get your attention… then she’d breathe fire and if you were sitting stage side and not paying attention to her she’d wave thetorch right in your face and threaten you with it.Hahahaha….Then there was this one girl who was HOOOOOOT. Like… catholic school girl outfit, long dark hair, bangs, and great tattoos. Everyone I was with wanted to do her including myself. Ahhhmaaaazing….

  106. Alex J.

    Top notch gals. Divey ambience. Beer guts on the dudes and some of the chicks. Filthy fingered hipsters trying to hang on to that last shred of coolness. This place has it all. I wanted to get up on that pole and make like the old days. Those days are gone. This place should last forever.

  107. Sean T.

    Buy a hat and skip the line. This place is a hollywood gem.

  108. Vinny M.

    went here on a Tuesday. Dancers were enjoying giving a show. No nudity because they have bar. sat at the bar but they have a ceiling air clower and every 20 seconds had a cold blast of air down my back. Very uncomfortable. Bar staff were unhappy. left after half an hour. probably a much better vibe at weekend.

  109. Bobby C.

    This strip club might as well be owned and operated by the Suicide Girls. Tatts and attitude. Also not nude. Just gogo dancing with stiff drinks.

  110. Lizzie S.

    Jumbo’s is like a bar that happens to have strippers. Not really like a strip club at all. And some of the strippers are men with a tape-down. The drinks are strong as fuck, even though they pour them through a pre-measured spicket. I love Jumbo’s. We took all our friends there two nights before we got married. Everyone came away wasted with Jumbo’s tee-shirts. I have gently cradled a sobbing friend in their wood paneled weird ass bathroom. In the good old days, I once had a lap dance in one of the private curtained cubby holes. I heard Courtney Love worked there back in the day, but now I think despite the low quality of their strippers, even Courtney would be unable to get a job there.

  111. Fernanda S.

    This place is fantastic. Read about it on Time Out and honestly couldn’t skip it. First of all this is NOT a strip club. All of the dancers (which are very talented) do sexy performances, each one in their own style, but they don’t get naked. All of the time the dances are done on underwear or swimsuits. Secondly, there is a large percentage of females on the audience, which makes it easier if you are there to be amazed by the show. As a pole dancer myself, I was surprised with some of the girls. And later I found out that my favorite (Roxanne) is a pole competitor. Their moves and tricks are impressive. This is a sexy acrobatic show, get ready. There is no cover charge to get it, but you should tip the dancers well, because it ain’t easy to do what they do. Drinks range from $8-$12, which I personally think is not so expensive. Certainly a different night out in LA. If you want to do a bachelorette party or be amazed by upside down pole figures, come on over.

  112. Bier S.

    Jumbo’s is a must-have experience and the perfect first stop on a ladies night out. The dancers are gorgeous and generally pretty darn talented — like Suicide Girls with burlesque and gymnastics training — and the atmosphere is jovial and somewhat hilarious, what with all the yelling and crumpled dollars being thrown and just-okay rock music blaring from the jukebox.This place is a true dive (what more do you expect from a vaguely clown themed bikini-pole-dancing bar?) so don’t expect to get good drinks here. Hopefully you like Budweiser. And come with cash.

  113. Hanae K.

    Took peoples advice and showed up early. Thank god we did! There was a line to get in 45minutes later! Because the place was small, they can’t just let everyone in due to limited space. This isn’t a strip joint. Just pole dancers showing off their moves. Some were enthusiastic and some seemed like they were on auto pilot just there to make money. PARKING:valet or street parkingTIPPING:is recommended so get some dollar bills :)CROWD:Not raunchy, I didn’t get creeped out by the peeps around me. All the pervy creepers are probably at strip joint. ATTIRE:Casual, like going to a hole in the wall bar.The place is pretty small, you might get lucky and find a place to sit. The awesome part is it’s walking distance to harvard & stone. So once you’re ready for something different then check out some burlesque dancers few feet down the street.

  114. fuckery12

    EVERYTHING i love in a strip club meets EVERYTHING i love in a dive bar. First and foremost, I walk in (no cover) for my first time tonight, and a gorgeous Russian tall and extremely skilled dancer named “Elle” is giving her all to Tom Waits’ “Clap Hands”. Explain to me how I didn’t just arrive in heaven’s waiting room. Add to that the incredibly reasonable prices on drinks, plus the fantastically relaxed atmosphere with the girls/staff, and you have a gem. I will be back, and not because i’m a strip club enthusiast, but i love a specifically unique scene when i see one.

  115. joseph1k

    I LOVE that the girls weren’t your typical strippers. They had personality to say the least. I like that. There was alcohol being served which is always a winner in my book. I had heard that a good majority of the strip clubs in LA don’t serve alchohol…boo. The thing is Jumbos is a lil seedy. Bathroom was scary. There was random bowls of food for whoever to grab. There was a bowl with tortilla chips, melon, the one with grapes had a cigarette in it which I offered to one of my companions. I WOULD go back tho….I am always up for the unusual and entertaining…oh and don’t try and walk there from the Chinese Theatre! Bad idea…didn’t realize it was that far!

  116. rogerrab2

    Good reasonably priced drinks and entertainment. Small and divey but the girls were cute and they really knew how to work that pole.love the burlesque feel to it. will be back!

  117. Christina A.

    I was originally really put off when the group plan was to come here, but I was won over without too much pushing because the dancers were super cute, not over the top. They had quirky, ironic song choices which makes its proximity to the Park, Silverlake etc. spot on. Bar tenders were not very fun, and every guy ogled– which if you’re at a strip club, maybe you could be looking at other things? I did really like the look of the place– cozy and mirrored. If I were a dude who went to strip bars recreationally, then maybe I’d come to this one. I mean, you’re paying to see ladies undress… why bother with a place that’s not at least down to earth with a sense of humor if you can find it?

  118. Luci S.

    For those of you who don’t hail from the City of Los (t) Angel (es) or who simply don’t succumb to the smutty wares of sultry scantily clad incredibly flexible girls on poles…. JUMBO’S IS IN FACT not a place where clowns collect. Back in the day (and perhaps it still is legend) the rumour was that the name JUMBO’s was in reference to the “size” of the girls… and clown in reference to “quality”… However, after having had a rather long hiatus from this titillating (no no its a bikini bar… sorry folks… no titiies) and entertaining spot I have come to find it again, rather fascinating.Not only do MOST of the girls possess immense pole work skill and super human strength, many of them also have incorporated themes into their routines.It is also obvious that many of them have had proper dance training… and I suppose that because they never get round to baring their breasts it makes it that much less pathetic??ANyway, it’s a tiny venue so be prepared for that. There is also a minimum of $20 for credit cards and drinks are about avg.Also be forewarned that if you ask for change you will get it in a wad of ones.

  119. Andy A.

    This place is landmark in hollywood. Really cool chill crowd. Michelle (Bartender) is amazing and so is Herman. Girls dancing are cute and can be polite or rude at times but I can’t blame them. Valet guy outside is class act. If the lines get long on the weekeds you can buy a hat or t-shirt and that should get you in asap. Only problem I got there is the door man (Jeremy) can be real dick. Maybe it’s complex thing since he is related to the owner.

  120. E.S. R.

    I want to thank Jumbo’s Clown Room for a most enjoyable night. Rocking tunes, Cool staff, Funny Friendly Entertainers, Good Times. Just get over there, Take a shot, drink some beers, Enjoy one of Hollywood’s longest lasting establishments. Don’t be shy or too hip to throw some dollars. Cheers!

  121. Daniel C.

    Any nudie bar that features girls dancing to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” is tits (no pun inteaded) in my book.

  122. Jeff M.

    I give Jumbo’s 4 stars for the girls. All of them are beautiful and have some great tattoos. The girl with the Popeye tattoo , I love ya. Eat yer spinach! The bartenders simply suck, but that’s to be expected, I guess. It’s still a must do when you’re in Hollywood. Go. It’s fun.

  123. Darth T.

    okay i know things changed for this place but my loyalty shall remain as long as the word clown is in the name.I admit that the talent in some cases has seem to have up and gone…but these ladies rotate often..and i’ll let you in on a little secret that some of these ladies are very skilled dancers and not just for a stage with a pole…i have worked with a number of them on occasion at burlesque shows and the likes…i love this place…

  124. Thom P.

    TINY.In all aspects.I use to live up the street from this place. But, it’s changed. Too many “cool kids” and it’s packed on weekends. For what? Who knows.When I use to smoke, they did let me smoke inside, which was cool. AND when I was in film school, they were really cool to let me shoot a part of my student film there.

  125. noushin v.

    It’s one thing to wait in line to get in a bar because the place is packed but it’s a whole other story when the loser of a bouncer is trying to hustle you for $20 to be “privileged” enough to bypass the line. The drinks are crap and the dancers are ugly and don’t dance unless there are tips flowing. Entertainers are supposed to entertain first. Bouncers are supposed to check ID and not make people wait. People this place advertises as a bar with no entry fee and a happy place. After waiting in line in 50 degree weather these pretentious assholes with an I’m better than you attitude will be out of business faster than you think. Skip it and head to Harvard and Stone beautiful dancers live music and they are all nice people

  126. Brian B.

    Titties everywhere! Well, not really. If you like dive bars, you will absolutely love this place. If you are uptight in any way, slightly prudish or exclusively hang at the Roosevelt or Andaz pool, then probably not. Jumbo’s is definitely a dump, no doubt about it. The girls are emo (with more ink that a comic book) and they do not get naked, so if you’re looking for that, head elsewhere. This place is more about the show, kinda like Lucy’s in Portland. Think classic burlesque in a modern world. Most of the girls were very pretty, some a bit more rubenesque than others, but all enjoyable to watch. They perform varying degrees of striptease (to bra and panty level) and then perform various acts on stage/pole. Some are incredible performers, others not as much. The number of girls varies from night to night, but on a Wednesday evening, there were 4 or 5 in rotation. My wife and I still managed to enjoy this place for about 3 hours, downing quite a few beers with the friendly locals at the bar. No cover, 2 drink minimum. Take a taxi here – on Hollywood Blvd, but a long way down from the main areas.

  127. Jason D.

    ahh, jumbos… “where strippers go to die”. this place is a dump, and i haven’t been here in a few years because i finally learned that no matter how much i drink, ugly boobs just don’t do it for me. RIP Kenny.

  128. Jeffrey C.

    There seems to be little that I can add to the other glowing reviews. When I was there recently, the quality of the girls and moves were top-notch (shockingly athletic). I love the mixed crowd (sex, social-class), the relaxed vibe, the bang for your buck… Jumbo’s is a place for good clean fun for grown-ups.

  129. Ahma G.

    I have mad respect for the doorman. We waited in line for at least 45 minutes and we watched him handle every sweet-talker and entitled prick with the same cool demeanor, not letting anybody waltz in ahead of the others. The rules are simple and he’s not breaking them for a pretty face. Buy a shirt for $30 and go in now or get in line. We saw at least 4 separate groups roll up in Ubers and roll on out promptly because they failed to beat the gatekeeper. This guy alone makes me a die-hard fan. Plus the girls here are gorgeous and there’s no cover.

  130. Morris D.

    Jumbos Clown ROOM. They aint lying. This place small as fuck. Rolled up here with Shorty on a recent Thursday night and there was a line. Moved fast though. Got in without too much a delay. I will say the bartenders are fast, they take CCs which is always a plus and the girls aren’t all slutted out to the point where shorty felt uncomfortable. Matter of fact, she sat along tip rail and tipped. It was a good time. One tip, the parking lot small as fuck . we took a Uber, suggest you do the same,.

  131. Jennifer A.

    Went here with some friends and I’m not going to lie, it was kind of fun. The girls keep their clothes on, which was a plus for me–not so much for the guys…sorry. We were a party of 2 girls and 3 guys and I did enjoy throwing the guys money up on stage in little origami hearts and rings and the dancers seemed to like it as well. I was amazed by what some of the women could do, they were literally dancing on the ceiling. And one girl did the splits in the air and landed in splits on the stage. I was very impressed. On the other end, there were a few girls who were a little ehh. Overall good night out. Not something I’ll incorporate into my normal activities, but good for an entertaining experience.

  132. brandonresh

    Came here for the first time back in September of this year after hearing about its popularity within the Hollywood night life. It’s a small cozy place to hang out while getting some alcoholic drinks and watching burlesque style dancing with only one tiny stage and a pole. The overall decor of this place appears to resemble that of an abandoned Chuckie Cheese from the 1990s (hence Clown theme). Keep in mind, the dancers do not go nude or even topless. They just strip down to their lingerie/bra & underwear but nonetheless great to see gorgeous women dance sensually.

  133. Courtney W.

    OMG I love this place. Especially because Courtney Love used to dance here a long time ago. It’s a great little hole in the wall bar with very entertaining strippers. One girl was dancing to “Kung Fu Fighting” and doing cartwheels on the stage. It was hilarious. Another girl flipped out on the audience for not tipping enough. Not scary, more entertainment. It’s small and crowded, but I still will come back.

  134. Shannon G.

    We tried to go at 11pm on a Saturday night but there was a line and we decided we’ll just come back during the next day. I’m so glad we did! It’s a tiny place and when we came back around 5 on Sunday, we were one of the few groups there and got to really enjoy ourselves. It’s really the perfect place for couples because while it’s super saucy, the girls get to keep their tops on, you aren’t constantly getting hounded for lap dances, and most of the ladies we saw actually smiled and didn’t look miserable. It seemed to lack that air of desperation and seediness that can be found at your average strip establishment. And of course the music is vastly superior to a regular strip club, since the girls pick their own songs. It leaned very heavily 90’s (Pixies, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins) but also some surprising R&B picks and they somehow made House of the Rising Sun (a song that I’ve always thought was dull and overplayed) amazing, without thinking I told the dancer “you took me on a emotional journey!” For real, we thought maybe this early in the evening it would be the “B squad” but everyone was bringing it, and it was amazing. The drinks are apparently very reasonable for LA and there’s no cover. While it’s “divey” it’s not gross, the bathroom was fine, it didn’t actually feel dirty or anything. The fact that it’s just tucked away in a Thai strip mall adds to its unique charm.

  135. Sara W.

    I’m having a really hard time reading all the 1 star reviews. If going to a strip club or a bikini bar make you feel sad or gross just don’t go. There’s no doubt the service is horrible. One dancer in particular complained about the lack of tippers. It was awkward for ten seconds then everyone got over it. The fact there’s no cover and the drinks are cheap its worth 4 stars. I had an amazing time regardless. My girlfriends and I will definitely be back.

  136. Jason C.

    Topping my list of “Things To Do Today” is go to Jumbo’s. Not true for anyone. You see no one ever plans on going to Jumbo’s, but rather you sort of organically end up at Jumbo’s. “And you may ask yourself, This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife! My god!…what have I done?” Well, recently I fell the victim as I strolled into this iconic establishment with a half smile and a wad of singles on a stunning Sunday afternoon. Bike ride in Venice? No! Hike in Griffith Park? Wrong! Drvie up the coast? Sha! My peeps and I “decided” it would be best to go to the Clown Room and get away from the harsh realities of La-La land. The worst part is when we made our slither like exit it was dark outside. Or maybe that was the best part. Hmmmm?

  137. WIDOW M.

    Now that all the lameass Silverlake hipsters no longer have been hanging out here, the place is once again fun. Wheeeeeee! (Thank you for leaving!) I think for awhile those trendoids went off to The Bigfoot Lodge and ruined that place as well. Sad.. : (The girls are pretty hot for the most part that frequent the stage. The variety of ladies also is a nice change. Some are more burlesque, Suicide Giirl like and some are more good old Rock N Roll sex kittens! I like the small club atmosphere. I can always count on having fun here on just about any night.What I also like about this place is that the decor really has not changed since it opened. It has that movie set feeling to it. I remember there being more ceramic clowns on the back shelf but maybe that was the drinks. I wish they had better parking you often will drive around for awhile looking for some place to park. You can at times park in their lot but it will cost you about $5.00 depending on who is running the parking lot. The neighborhood around the area usually is fillled and parking is slim. Parking is the biggest glitch usually. The drinks are pretty good but could be a little bigger for the price. The staff usually is pretty cool and friendly as they always put up with me. I always end up meeting some character in the room besides myself. I just wish the real clowns were more plentiful besides the Silverlake hipsters! At least the majority of them have migrated to their new support group hangout. TIP THE GIRLS DAMN IT! They work for tips and I often see morons watching the show but not throwing down any dollars. That is insane. Overall a fun place! TIP THE GIRLS! Did I mention TIP THE GIRLS even if you are sitting at the bar or in the back…TIP THE GIRLS! $$$$$$$$W

  138. T Bizzo F.

    Jumbo’s is awesome, in that way that a car crash can be awesome.It’s not really a strip club and it’s not really a bar, but it lies in somewhere in between the two. I like this place just cause it’s different. It is a shitty dive with mostly marginal burlesque dancers stripping down to their underwear. Don’t go here for the reasons you go to a strip club (what are the reasons to go to a strip club? To spend all your cash on hot chicks who are paid to dance and flirt with you so you can walk out with all your guy friends broke and hiding your erections from each other? Never understood that. But I digress..) I took some friends from London here and had to explain that it is not a strip club like 80 times and heard about all these places in London that were 1000 times better with hot chicks. That’s like us going to Taco Bell and them telling me about all the steakhouses and fine Indian cuisine there is in London. Wait, I think I said it right there: Jumbos’ is the Taco Bell of cabaret bars.Go – relax, have a beer – sometimes the girls are good at what they do, sometimes not. Jumbo’s is a fun dive if you go in there with the right attitude, and hey, depending on your taste, you may walk out hiding your erection!

  139. igor34

    I am one that enjoys a good show, and these ladies know how to put on a performance. The only thing is that the place is super tiny. Beautiful girls and great pole dancing!

  140. Lisa A.

    love it….great time lovely ladies and good service!

  141. Mimi C.

    3.5 stars”So it’s a room of clowns? Don’t you hate clowns??” Clowns, they are not but a carnival this place is. So (ironically enough)for my friend’s bachelor party, my guy friends + I hit up the Jumbo’s, a pole dancing dive bar/club, which actually turned out to be pretty good.Small intimate space, NO cover and a great stage. The girls are incredibly talented – I’m so amazed by how how they can move around in the heels that they wear and do these crazy aerobic moves.Perhaps this sounds strange, but this was actually rather well done, like a good burlesque show – and there is no nudity. Trying to get a drink is definitely difficult. My friends were trying to getthe bartender’s attention to get a drink for at least 10 minutes. That kinda sucks. But aside, it was fun for what it was (after awhile the lights and crowd started to get to me). I stayed for about 1/2 hour before leaving the guys to their other night time events. I’d highly recommend for those wanting a more “tasteful” bachelor party or even just for fun. Really super neat venue – parking isn’t too good though and valet is $5.

  142. Kevin C.

    A drink at Jumbo’s : $5A seat up front : $1 (here or there)Cover : $0Not tipping the stage : A tweaked-out dancer chastising the entire room before last call.Would someone please donate to homegirl’s scholarship fund, so she can enroll in a few pole dancing classes? Summoning the spirit of a spry Madonna stuck inside the set for “Get Into the Groove” has potential. Summoning Madonna at the tail end of a three day bender just leaves the Jumbo faithful slack-jawed and confounded. Papa don’t preach… but he could’a given this poor gal a hug once in a while.Other than that, our birthday boy had a blast!

  143. Dustin S.

    Love this place. Great female friendly atmosphere (you can bring a date) and fun crowd and dancers. Not like a normal seedy LA strip club experience (hate those) and more like somewhere fun like Portland. Also, don’t get all the negative reviews that read – “blah blah blah I don’t like strip-clubs and this one is no different blah blah” – well, then don’t review a strip club dummy! I don’t negatively review vegan places because I hate vegan. What good does that do anyone that likes vegan? Where is the down-vote when you need it…

  144. Salina B.

    I’m giving 3 stars for the entertainment. Bartender Nadia is the worst… She’ll make you close out your tab when you aren’t finished drinking since she’s leaving and can only pay cash from 830-10. Not only that, her attitude is the worst. Bad customer service in my book. You’ll use your cash at the bar while she enforces a cash only rule so make sure you bring extra cash to continue tipping your favorite dancers since they are the reason why people come, not the bar.

  145. KJ F.

    A male friend brought me here for some fun and this place was a blast! The girls were amazing talented, love that it’s not complete nudity, leaves something for later, ya know? Valet and bouncers treated us great, so did the bar staff who were fun and personable. I met quite a few of the girls, and again, just talented, wonderful ladies!

  146. Alexandra P.

    This place is incredibly hard to describe…not necessarily a strip club, but not too far off either. The ladies are pretty talented and fun to watch. However the drinks leave something to be desired and the place is SUPER tiny. There is usually a line after 9p but the bouncers are fair about who gets in (1st come 1st serve, and no holding spots for ppl!!) it was pretty awesome to see him kick 5 ppl out of line for attempting to jump in w/a friend near the front. šŸ™‚ Props to you bouncer man! You’re ok in my book! Will I return? Most likely… Will I return often? Most likely not. It’s definitely more of a place to experience once or twice but not a super place to chill and hang out with friends and drink since the priority is to tip the girls on the pole.

  147. masha v.

    Was having a great time until one of the dancers stole my iPhone charger, claiming it was hers. Feeling dumb for tipping her a bunch of money. Thanks for ruining an otherwise great night.

  148. Ayanna F.

    This Place is awesome and the girls are really good at what they do. Just a reminder if you go. The dancer dance for tips and your experience will be way better if you do. I did not know this and notice once I toped and talked to the ladies they gave me a better show!!! They will dance for money honey!!! More money the better the show!!

  149. Jericha S.

    the drinks are small but you will get drunk.the dancers will yell at you for not tipping but you still won’t tip them.the bartenders and doorguys are awesome if they like you but they probably don’t.half the dancers are hot, half the dancers are not…i hate that the tranny who smoked a cigarette out of her ass onstage is gone…all in all, i still love jumbo’s.

  150. Jerl L.

    So I brought some Germans in here, and it didn’t go over too well. Their ships have sailed, I suppose.Anyway, so the drinks are affordable, which allows me to comply with the constant demands to “take care of our dancers, you fucks!”It’s a fun place, and the ladies are all very nice and bodacious.Recently, they’ve been having bands play.

  151. Elaine M.

    I came to see some girls get down on the pole with no nudity, and thats what I GOT!!What these ladies do is so fricking amazing, especially AnnMarie D. She dances so damn good! I went just to see her.but the reason for my 3 star rating was that there was [retty much no wait in line, but I had to wait like over 20 minutes to get it, total BS. Also when I got in, the bartender imediately started howling at me to buy drinks, she was a total mess. Horrible bar service and drinks are overpriced as well as small and watered down, but watching the ladies at jumbos work the pole was well worth it.

  152. schitzen h.

    love it. body glove, bleached blonde hair, leather, budweiser, hollywierd, mick jagger, courtney love…i wonder if that one chick with the guns and roses tattoed on her calves still works there.

  153. Don D.

    since my last review of jumbos was too close to the truth to handle… and it got deleted, i’ll just say .. ” jumbo’s used to be the best bikini bar in-dee world….. now it’s the worst!!!!!” selah…………d.d.d.

  154. Kevin M.

    Jumbo’s Clown Room seems to shift its persona every few years (from freakshow to down-and-out dancers, to Suicide Girlish) and none of them really interested me much. However, after a couple of recent visits, I’m a full fledged fan. The current group of gals are legit pole dancers, pulling off some almost acrobatic moves, and there are a couple of contortionists. It’s also nice that lap dances are an afterthought here (the lap dance area is comically next to the bathrooms as if it’s trying to convince you not to bother) so you aren’t constantly getting pressure by wandering women looking for a quick buck. The one downside for me is that the place can be pretty much unbearable when it gets packed, and it’s often slammed on Friday and Saturday night. Still, I’d say it’s an LA mainstay that everyone should check out at least once.

  155. George G.

    Hee hee. Went here with my battle-ax, Mr. George on a Friday, around 10pm. Was not packed to the gills. We found parking no problem. Fun place, there was a particularly HI-larious dancer, who wore 50’s style eye glasses and kept the jokes coming rapid fire. She was a riot. I love her. Will be back for more.

  156. Draysin J.

    Love this place! I always have a good time. The dancers and bartenders are always pretty cool. I like that the dancers aren’t constantly hitting me up for a lapdance. Like the thirsty ones at crazy girls.

  157. Ochanya O.

    My friends and I were looking for an “alternative” night out this past Sunday and ended up at this lovely little gem in Hollywood. I truly have nothing but great things to say about this place. As soon as my friends and I arrived, we knew we’d be in for a good time. I’m not usually one for strip clubs… I hate the horrible music, the overwhelmingly douchey vibe, overpriced drinks, and the inevitable misogyny the girls on stage experience. Because of this, I was wary of going to this “bikini bar” but Jumbo’s was not what I expected at all. Honestly, most adult entertainment/bikini bars should take a note from Jumbo’s. The atmosphere is very unassuming, relaxed and so much fun! Jumbo’s makes the girl’s and their acts about empowering the ladies on stage and having fun with them as opposed to using them as a means to “get off”. The girls are so sweet and very talented and really have a great time on stage and engage with their audience. You are not allowed to touch the ladies whatsoever which I really liked (for the girl’s sakes) . It’s a small space and can get crowded rather quickly so make sure to get in early and grab yourself a seat. The ladies work on tips only, so definitely bring lots of cash with you. There’s $5 valet parking (great for this area because parking in this part of Hollywood is a bitch). If you’re looking for an atypical night with an alternative crowd, Jumbo’s is for you. I will definitely be back here soon!!

  158. Jay C.

    Perfect for some fun, the girls are not too aggressive and the drinks are affordable. No midgets or amputees but overall a great time.

  159. richard95

    Do you like booze? Do you like hot chicks? Do you like to watch really hot/ almost naked chicks that are insanely talented dance AND drink alcohol at the same?????? If you answered yes to 2 or more of those questions Jumbos will be your new favorite place.I went last night for the first time and my friend and I were obsessed. Had to wait about 20 mins to get in which wasn’t a big deal since it was packed inside. Super small, not the best for a bunch of groups, however a fantastic place for a birthday party. There”s only 1 pole and the girls take turns dancing (not stripping sorry to disappoint) on it. Most of the girls are unreal talented. Drinks are average/cheap $7 for a vodka redbull with skyy and $5 for a beer. Parking is horrific. Either pray and get lucky with street parking, like we did, or pay $5 for valet which isn’t bad at all. All in all a FANTASTIC time, I will be back.

  160. Seamus R.

    Jumbo’s is a legendary dive and bikini bar in Hollywood. The dancers don’t get naked, but their pole-dancing skills are exceptional, and the songs they choose for their dances are remarkably solid. This bar has better music than any strip club you’ve been to, not to mention better music than most bars and clubs in LA county.The place is a dive, in a bad part of town, but Jumbo’s has character, and I love it.

  161. Tatyana Z.

    Drinks, Dancers, Dollar bills being thrown. All around a good ass time!

  162. Matt R.

    If you got rid of the stage and the dancers, Jumbo’s would be your local bar that you go to with friends to kick back some drinks for a no frills evening. BUT, there is the stage and there are the dancers and they are talented. They actually are entertaining and the crowd definitely appreciates it. They play great songs and there is no cover. Great place to check out with some friends and enjoy some drinks.

  163. GarryWas

    Jumbo’s is a Hollywood landmark, and truly one of one a kind. It is not a strip club-this is a full bar, with talented burlesque dancers on a mirrored stage. The space is relatively small, so there are no bad seats in the house to watch the entertainment. Bartenders are very friendly, and obviously tips are encouraged. Be generous-it is tacky and rude to not tip these ladies, so bring a stack of $1’s!Drinks are cheap and STRONG. I love the bartender who looks kinda like Dolly Parton. I got trashed pretty quickly off of her delicious Long Island iced teas. Jumbo’s is one of my favorite bars in Hollywood, and a guaranteed good time.

  164. Mark F.

    Send in the clowns. I want the clowns but I don’t want Jumbo.I don’t get the draw. I’ve been to more adult entertainment bars than most (lived in Las Vegas and Portland), from the high end to the disgustingly dirty but Jumbo’s is a miss. Is this a bikini bar, a strip club an after work hangout? It does not fill any of those needs for me.The place is small and packed with all walks. That’s it’s only redeeming quality. Everyone is welcome. The bright lights are not very club like, more like a fast food joint. The drinks are what I would expect from a dive. We hung for about an hour until the gang decided to move on. Nothing to see here.

  165. Carmen L.

    Girls here are very attractive and they have some real crazy moves. It’s a very small place and parking is tough to find like everyone here has said. But it’s worth coming here if you’re down to get a little tipsy and in the mood to watch some talented lovely ladies strut their stuff. Tip the girls! They work hard. šŸ™‚

  166. Jonathan R.

    A Dive bar with dancers? Sold. Girl pole dancing to radiohead? soldx2

  167. Martin S.

    there are girls here! OK, they’re not naked but they’re young and hot which is a relatively new concept for Jumbos.

  168. Jay C.

    Jumbo’s is home to some very talented, sexy women who aren’t afraid to freestyle dance their hearts out on stage. that said, I personally know a lot of the pole dancers here.PROS:-drinks made are alright-friendly staffCONS:-parking lot has limited spacing, despite having valet for an affordable price-street parking is the same; watch for street signs-there’s really no cover but depending on who’s @ the door, they’ll charge you up to $20 & pocket that money for themselves. (note: the owners know this but don’t care since some of the bouncers are their relatives)-the space is super tiny; can get crowded & ppl can become claustrophobic-there’s a 2 drink minimum -if I can recall, there’s 1-2 50 mm static brass poles that NEVER get cleaned-I don’t like the fact that dancers really get upset if you don’t tip them. I get u’all are hustling, but you can’t force the audience to tip you if they really aren’t into your style of dancing, sorryOVERALL REVIEW:I don’t really like coming here because of how crowded it can get

  169. Cody J.

    This place is one of my favorite spots to hang and take friends. The drinks are expensive considering its a “sleazy” dive bar, but I suppose you are paying for the entertainment.The girls that dance are all good looking for the most part and definitely have some skills on the pole. Also, from time to time you may see a celebrity in the house. I saw Lemmy from Motorhead there on a Wed night. Jumbos is a stones throw from my apt too. love to walk to any bar close enough!

  170. Carm S.

    I had never been a strip club that had valet, so i have to say i was quite impressed. the inside is everything you would dream a cheesy strip bar to be. i went with a group of girls for a bachelorette party and was shocked i actually liked this place. i mean maybe it was the free popcorn or the fact that we were the ONLY women not on stage that night in the whole place. We were also the best looking ones there, period! the manager or whatever made sure we got a table and drinks as we watched one of the dancers dance to that cure song from the movie the Crow, nice touch and i actually would have tipped her had she not been a b*itch about it! I was waiting for my change at the table when she was picking up her tips and she stared at our table and put out her hand with a look like we owed her something after walking in on the last leg of her set! i havent been back since but i would just for the fart of it. I like cheetah’s better though.

  171. Alex R.

    All I could say is wow!..service?..exceptional..scenery?..100%..overall a very nice place to go and visit with some friends and knock back a few cold ones.

  172. Sam P.

    What a novel idea: a strip bar, in a strip mall, off the Hollywood Strip, without any stripping. The girls stay fully clothed, in their underpants, but dance on-stage on a pole. Call me old fashioned, but I like to see boobs.Nonetheless, I had an awesome time. The vibe is very laid back and there are women and men enjoying the show. Despite the small interior, there are private dances in the back behind the restrooms. Yeah, you read that right, behind the restrooms. BTW- if and when you wash your hands after using the restroom, you dirty man, the paper towels are in the hallway.The girls have names like Apple, Cherry, Zee and Zoe. Here’s a sampling of the dancers:Arms: tattedLegs: bruisedHat: truckerFace Mask: zebra?I don’t have any tattoos.I don’t have long hair, and I didn’t wear a baseball cap. This alone puts me in the minority of patrons. But I like the $4 drought beers and $7 Jack and Cokes.The patrons provide as much entertainment as the dancers. One girl folded her dollar bill up into an airplane and hit the dancer in the ass with it. Where else are you going to see that? One guy stood up on his chair after a show and yelled out to everyone to tip the dancer because, “Rent ain’t gonna pay itself!” Another female patron was a former dancer that had her birthday there (on Pi day, March 14), but she quit because she had twins. Wow. I even saw David Arquette there sitting at the stage, not to drop names. Screw it, he’s single now and he’s entitled to hang out at a non-stripping strip club.

  173. Vasthi F.

    I came for a birthday party recently and didn’t know what to expect. I admit I was surprised that I had a fun time. A good place to come with a group of friends. The waitresses were friendly and the vibe was pretty chill. The dancers had great tricks up their sleeves which was entertaining. I definitely recommend this place for the gals that don’t necessarily find themselves at strip shows.

  174. Adam S.

    Reminds me a lot of clubs in Portland, OR. It’s a bikini bar which is rad. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing boobs, but bikini bars cut down on the weirdo-pervert factor. It’s more of a good time. Girls danced to: The Smiths, Guns N’ Roses, Love and Rockets and Elton John. It was more of a sing a long for my friends and I. Well drinks are seven bucks, they need to do something about that.

  175. Manas L.

    Check out this place if you are in the area. Great performances, some of them quite artistic! Surprisingly, very chilled out atmosphere inside a small cramped room.

  176. Rachel K.

    Teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy. If you’re going to Jumbo’s, don’t expect it to be. That goes double for the tits on the dancers and the inside of the bar. People clapped and cheered at these not-quite gyrating, tattooed girlies for no reason other than their honed ability to climb up a pole – something I did with about the same vigor in high school gym class on a rope.This was my first experience at a bikini bar and it was boring. Boring, boring, boring. I’ve seen more artful shaking on the epileptic. Not quite burlesque, definitely not strip. Over-glorified pole-working and that’s about it. Good music though.

  177. Luke S.

    wow, so lets begin, walking to this shit hole to begin with because my friend ditched me, and i enter at around 5 pm and a bunch of like white trash ‘dancers’ and an asian chick are sitting around and giving me dirty looks, and then the bartender who clearly sees me takes like forever to come to the other side of the bar because shes involved in an important discussion with some weirdo in the corner giving her a massage, she was old too, my first question was what time do the hot chicks arrive?then the bitch owner has alot of nerve to have a tv but not turn it on, and if you ask the old lady from 1925 about turning the tv on you will get a dirty look. the place smells like feet and desperation,

  178. Joey L.

    FAQQ: Are there clowns here?A: For the LAST time. No. There are NO clowns here. None. Well, except for the clowns who pour the drinks here. There is some crazy nozzle on the drinks that only allow them to pour a certain amount of booze. That’s what I call bullshit.Q: So, it’s a strip club, right?A: Hi, welcome to California (I believe it’s a statewide law), if there’s booze the girls can’t get naked. If the girls get naked, then you’re not going to be able to buy booze. That’s the way it goes. I know. Not like Las Vegas. We get it.Q: Did you make it “rain”?A: Do I look like a douche-bag? Don’t answer that.Q: Huh? What was that?A: That’s the bouncer saying that if you’re not buying drinks or tipping, get out so the guys (and gals!) waiting outside can get in. Stop being selfish.FYI … The dancers are very nice and have great taste in music. Be nice. They need to pay bills too.

  179. Alek H.

    This place rocks!Great crowd. Lots of energy!Girls weren’t the prettiest out there but man did they have skills!!!

  180. JAY M.

    AH Good ol jumbos. I have had great times here. I love this joint. Jumbos is the perfect bar. No cover, great music, usually. drinks are average price, and on good nights mainly weekend’s there’s HOT HOT HOT dancers who actually know how to dance mesmerizing. I will admit the last time I went the girls were less to be desired. There always friendly nice girls buuut come on I’m not there to make friends , I just want to watch talented Gorgeous dancers be rock stars and drink with the boys. Oh and the bartender, the tattooed stacked and stunning one.is sometimes the only accuse you need to be there A bit of a tude but that’s how I likes em.

  181. Mikey M.

    bar tenders suck but the talkent is good….! best chick there is the japanese girl who comes on stage with a cardboard guitar! stage presence is a must when your not fully naked which some of the daners just dont get! overall tho, its the disneyland of l.a.!

  182. Ryan T.

    The three of us arrived about 11:15pm on a Saturday night and waited in line for probably 45 minutes to get in. You can spend $20 on a t-shirt & hat to get right in but we passed. Once inside the small venue it took awhile to get our beers but it was worth it. The dancers were skilled and attractive and the clientele seemed a bit shady but friendly overall. Probably a lot if blow going around in the bathrooms…but this IS Hollywood, right? Cool place to grab a drink and hang for a couple hours.

  183. jamie R.

    I used to love this place, but I went as of recent and had some bad service. We’ve always expected typical hollywood prices and accepted them because we love the clown room. Last time I was in, the girls were extremely pushy. Now not all of them, but one or two were definitly trying to sell $1 bills. Now no harm except I don’t want to be ridiculed for not bying dollars when i’m giving out my fair share and more of dollar bills during the dances. Girls, ease of the paying customers, we like your place, but i’m to be hard pressed to return any time soon. That being said, the blonde with the smile is a true delight.

  184. G B.

    5 stars for the dancer for sure. I’m a pole dancer and I know how hard it is and they are great. 2 stars for the service. I’ve been coming here for years and recently there has been horrible bouncers that have the biggest attitudes and are extremely rude. For a so called free bar, they will make you stand in a long line even if the bar is empty. You can buy jumbos gear for $20 to get in right away but it doesn’t make sense since it isn’t crowded inside. That sucks for the dancers because that means less people tipping and buying drinks. They used to let anyone in unless it was full, and then they would make you buy the gear but it wasn’t for each person entering. It has gotten really sour and the bouncers are really rude. They are borderline abusive. It makes me not want to go anymore. They will lose clientele. It has changed. What happened?

  185. Slobas S.

    Great place to wind down & end the night. We ended up sitting next to the tip rail at the far end of the club. Perfect spot to see most everyone & the amazing women working the stage.We were under the impression it was a strip joint, but in reality it’s a burlesque show (no nudity) with the ladies in sexy lingerie performing on a mirrored stage with a single pole. The drinks were strong, the women performing on stage were awesome, and the vibe was fun. My only complaint would be the loud “clack” when the dancers would slam their heels against the stage as they performed. It was a little jarring because we were at the tip rail.Anyhow, I’d hang out here again in a heartbeat.

  186. Danny D.

    Anyone love bull dykes? Here is your place. You name “it” they dance. I could of sworn one dude was a tranny who looked like Sean Hayes from WIll and Grace. Cuz Courtney brought us here one night. This place is too funny. Got some good punk blasting through the juke and decent drinks. Ya, it is a dive and you should wash your hands in a bathroom that needs to be destroyed, but all in all it is a LA classic.

  187. Jennifer A.

    I always have an awesome time when I come here. Drinks are decent, and not horribly overpriced. Environment and entertainment are definitely fun and exciting. The place isn’t sticky, which is a plus (although it is definitely a dive, and you’d be silly to expect total class…but that’s half the fun).Sometimes you have to wait outside a bit (but normally not more than a couple of songs).Bartenders, dancers, and security are always super friendly and smiley, makes me feel very welcomed.But bring a lot of cash – you’ll go through it quickly.

  188. Bex J.

    Jumbo’s Clown Room is SO MUCH FUN. Seriously. If you can’t have a good time there, I worry about you. The crowd is a mix of people from all walks of life, so you don’t have to worry about not fitting in with a certain “scene.” Like other people have said, the dancers are not nude – they wear lingerie and costumes. They dance to a wide variety of music – Radiohead, show tunes, metal, you name it. They’re awesome. Some dancers are more popular than others by the end of the night, but they are all really impressive. If you’re sitting at the stage – TIP. If you’re standing around and really like someone – TIP. They’re worth it, trust me! The bar is SMALL. It gets packed! I think that makes it fun, other people might find it annoying – just depends on your preference really. I think most of the drinks are pretty reasonably priced. I can only speak for the beer really, but they have $4 Bud Light drafts and the Stella bottles weren’t more than $5. Give it a try!! You’ll have fun!!

  189. Alex G.

    I loved Jumbo’s.It’s not really a strip club, though it has super hot pole dancers. I guess there are lap (corner?) dances but the girls aren’t really like that…unless I missed something! They don’t show more than PG-13 and there’s no cover and the two drink minimum is on $6 drinks (with alcohol), which is barely a requirement at all. It’s really just a cool little dive bar with really hot dancers as a bonus.The scene was edgy but not sleazy, the dancing was impressive but not bonerific. The girls were all really hot and friendly and the Birthday Dance was a worthy gift! Lots of girls in the crowd there too, couples, lesbians, tattoos…a cool Hollywood crowd. My girlfriend loved it too.Must go again.

  190. Mr. B.

    I wouldn’t classify this as a strip club. A bar where you can watch interesting ladies dance and have drinks is more like it. Get yourself a t shirt while you are there and you will be the talk of the town. They have a full bar, about 15 tables if that. Always a good place to people watch. Lots of different girls but no nudity. Still I would rather spend my money here then at a high priced strip club.

  191. Rachael D.

    The line is ridiculous. And the security is no nonsense. So don’t think you are going to hold a place in line for your friends who weren’t there 20 mins ago. 2 drink min. The bartender is extremely pushy about this.And they encourage you to tip the girls. I went because I wanted to see what it was.. I have passed by so many times. A couple girls were entertaining. It def is a rowdy place. And seems people go here just to drink. Which I found funny. They offer lap dances in the corner. Those didn’t look very private. Was kinda awkward. But when you are drunk enuff I guess you don’t give a rats.

  192. Ruggy J.

    1. No cover.2. Clowns.3. Scary biker dudes.4. It looks like they haven’t cleaned the pole or mirrors in 14 years.5. They have a vending machine…with Funyuns and Raisinets. 6. Scantily clad 20-somethings with Daddy issues.7. Aunny paid for everything.Need I say more?

  193. Grace K.

    Made the trek over from the Westside to hit up Jumbo’s Clown Room! I admit that I was a bit skeptical about this place and I was confused when my friend texted me at first… I honestly thought the night was going to include clowns, strippers, and/or some permutation thereof. Stripping clowns? Strippers dressed as clowns? Either way, sometimes, you just gotta hit accelerate on the YOLO-mobile and see where the night takes you. After liberal amounts of vodka shots at home and a seemingly endless Metro ride, we got there, and there was a line–eeeek. Contrary to other reviews and warnings from friends, however, we didn’t have long to wait. Hurrah! Once we got in though, I could understand why space was so limited. Jumbo’s is small and definitely has more of a dive bar atmosphere, which is fine by me, since that usually indicates reasonably priced drinks – huzzah! Grabbed a beer and sat back to enjoy the show. Damn, what a show!!! These beezies were TALENTED! They twirled, they climbed, they whirled, they danced, they contorted, and I conceded that indeed, they were in the right profession. My unemployed self could not afford to make it rain but these girls deserved a hurricane! (Speaking of unemployed, as you can tell from my reviews, I’m blessed with sparkling wit and oodles of charm, so feel free to hit me up if you wanna gander my resume hehe) I did think it was a bit demeaning for them to be crawling on hands and knees to gather up the money after, but, hey, they were making at least 40$ in 5 minutes, so I’m sure they don’t mind too much. Kudos!Alas, we were here for less than an hour, as my vodka-lubricated friends heeded the call of dirty-cheap Thai food. However, I definitely enjoyed my night here and would recommend it for anyone looking for something different than the typical bar-hopping night.

  194. Matthew F.

    My friends and I came here to try out this bar for the first time tonight. After waiting in line for a really long time we decided to have a conversation with the bouncer and apparently the only way to get entry was for each of my friends to pay off the bouncer 20 bucks a piece. So we decided to wait in line and a half an hour goes by and the line does not move but the people that paid the bouncer were aloud in right away. It’s to bad but just witnessing this turned my friends and myself away from the place. I wonder if the bar owner is even aware that this is going on with their employees. Either way we all decided to go home sober. There is always tomorrow to have a good time.

  195. Denean V.

    So I paid jumbos a visit about 2 weeks ago since June or July of 2012(my last visit). one of the dancers wasn’t getting tipped very well so she was very rude and yelled a vulgar word out to the people who weren’t tipping. She called the men in the back “faggot”. I was disrespected and the word offended me. another dancer had came out today ends for the second time and she was very rude as well she wasn’t getting tipped like she wanted so she started to throw the money back out into the audience and flicked everyone off. I later learned that another woman had tipped both of them $30 each. It’s not a very good idea to upset the people who tip you. I came to tip pretty girls and have a good time I didn’t come to be disrespected I left within an hour and went up the street to cheetahs where I had a much better time.

  196. Alma D.

    This place is fun, the girls actually know how to dance well, and are entertaining to watch, (some can work the pole fabulously). Drinks: what do you expect, you’re at a go go bar. And Boys and girls, don’t go there for naked titties ‘cuz you won’t be seeing any nipples, and I don’t think lap dances are that common here either. (Maybe that’s why its not as creepy as most other places where the sleeze oozes out of the walls)Get there earlier in the night, the place tends to get packed later on.

  197. Jennifer F.

    Ain’t no clowning around at this place! When asked to plan my best friend’s bday night I wanted to take her to some place we’d never been before and that was group-friendly fun. This was my idea of that; she loved it. The place is quite small. You walk in and plop you see it all. The mirrors surrounding this place don’t help to make this place look bigger but it does help look at the dancers at every angle. We stood there for about an hr and took in the same 6 dancers who performed one after another. It was cool to watch them dance and how quickly them come out on stage – you really don’t have time to look around and stay idle there’s constantly a show at eye level about every 5-10 minutes. Drinks are average – $5 for Heineken. Parking on street is best. Bring your – dolla, dolla, bills ya’ll. Cool spot to meet up w friends before heading out to other spots.

  198. Ant P.

    Wasn’t impressed. Ill try again another night

  199. Terry J.

    The world famous Jumbo’s. I fall in love with a different girl everytime i go here. Its a bikini dive bar which is rad, the girls are edgy which is even radder and the majority of them have great taste in music. Its not a spot to stay the whole night but the spot to either go before or after another spot.The vibe is awesome and so are most of the dancersThe place does get packed and if you dont have anywhere to sit, it will pretty much ruin your time here

  200. Harrison69

    From what I had heard, Jumbo’s Clown room is something of a local landmark in Los Angeles so after 2.5 years of residence it was about time for me to check it out. The venue is in a strip mall in Thaitown with very limited parking. Thank goodness we got lucky and found a spot across the street. The bar itself is much smaller than I expected… so small in fact that they really only have one bartender working who seemed to get pretty annoyed by customers like me asking for a beer. The alcohol selection was nothing special but, hey, nothing beats a bud or coors lite. The ladies dancing were some of the strongest I’ve ever seen… using a single pole in the middle of a stage to do pretty amazing things. As a crossfitter… I was very impressed and kept trying to figure out how they manage hold themselves parallel to the floor with merely one hand and a leg for support! Wow. I guess the routines sort of reminded me of a strip club with clothes on. After each act, you will see the girls mingling throughout the bar chatting with various patrons. One of these ladies was offering change (dollar bills) and actually had the gall to tell me she wouldn’t offer change for anything less than a $20 bill. Sorry… wrong attitude. Overall, can’t say I loved Jumbos…. but I can’t say I hated it either. Don’t think I’d ever venture to this side of the city just for the bar.. on the other hand, it does make for an interesting end to a tasty thai dinner.

  201. Jordanp

    This place is super cool. The dancers are so delightfully weird. And CRAZY talented. I think one girl was a classically trained dancer. I could not stop watching them move. Didn’t feel like a grimey strip joint (cause you know, as a woman I’m well-versed in that area). It was a shit ton of fun. I was like that 5 year old who’s too scared to give the street performer a dollar. I sat by the bar, and ordered a drink every 20 minutes or so. The bartender looked like she’d be bitchy, but she was no nonsense. Which felt very much like New York to me. So that was a piece of home to me at that hour. The drinks are strong and cheap. I’d come here to hang out even if there were no dancers. Also, great thai food is a block away.

  202. John S.

    Almost immediately after walking into Jumbo’s a friend texted me. She asked me where my friends and I were hanging out? I told her I was out in Hollywood for a friend’s Birthdays at this dive bar that is somehow also a kind of Strip Club/Pole Dancing spot. I was having trouble describing where I was. I had been inside for a few minutes and I was still confused as to what I had walked into. Almost like being at the Zoo when the monkeys start throwing their shit. Nobody really knows how to react. Then I texted her, “I don’t think you want to be here”. And a moment later I texted her again, “I’m not sure I want to be here”.You can’t really comprehend what Jumbo’s is until you see it with your own two eyes. I mean, you don’t need two eyes, like if you have problems with one of them or wear an eye patch you’ll still get how odd but perfect Jumbo’s is with your one good eye. But if you’re blind, don’t waste your time at Jumbo’s, it would be better pretending to watch Avatar in 3D again.Basically, Jumbo’s is a small town dive bar. It looks and feels like the kind of place that would be in some small town in Texas. The kind of place where the local football team hangs out and causes a ruckus after a big win. Like in Varsity Blues. (Note: Varsity Blues is a wonderful unappreciated piece of cinematic art that has never fully gained the respect or notoriety that it truly deserves. Scott Caan deserves a freakin’ Oscar for his portray of Tweeder.) Jumbo’s Clown Room is situated in a strip mall on Hollywood Blvd. If it was in West LA that same location would mostly likely be a Koo Koo Roo. Inside there are photos, little statues and bobble heads of clowns everywhere. The bartenders are very nice, but not your typical good looking LA girl bartenders. I am sure that the one cocktail waitress/bartender was a heroin junkie. You can’t fake that look. The drinks are pretty cheap, by LA standards and there’s no cover. What really makes Jumbo’s special is it’s also a Strip Club… Kinda. See the girls don’t actually strip, well they do, but they always have a bra and some kind of thong on. So they just strip off whatever they’ve quickly decided to throw on, like sweaters, scarves, backpacks, pencils and pins and stuff. The girls are actually much better looking then one would have guessed. All of them were tatted up, have crazy cool died hair and more rock n roll and punk attitude in their blood then the whole cast of American Idol. There are only about 5 girls working at a time, they rotate off and on the stage picking their next song on a whim off the juke box next to the bar. Then most of the girls mingle with the crowd, which is about 70% guys. They do offer lap dances, but this really wasn’t that kind of place. These girls seem much more genuine than the typical Strip Club stripper. They were not trying to lure anyone into getting private dances or get any guys to give up any money. It was quite refreshing. Jumbo’s would be a great place to take a first date to see what kinda of girl or guy they really are. You could make someone so oddly uncomfortable in Jumbo’s that they could have a nervous breakdown. You could also bring someone to Jumbo’s and have them realize this is their favorite new place in LA and give someone a blessing, a new home away from home. I should have texted one more time. If I had I would have said, “This place is odd, crazy n sooo random but I love it. I’m stayin’ here 4 a while. Can’t hangout, go watch Avatar in 3D again”…-LAFoodGod

  203. kate m.

    Yay Jumbos!!!!At the rail is where you will find me….until my tower of singles turns to a sad, whiskey drenched $2….

  204. AssnTits5

    If you want to see advanced go-go dancers.. go here… No cover which was nice, decent beer and shot prices, but there is ONE pole, and ONE bar in the entire place… guy bar tenders don’t serve guys, and oh ya!ZERO NUDITY!L.A. law I was told by one of the strippers… So, no topless or bottomless… And most of the people at the rail were lesbians… short haired lesbians…I wouldn’t suggest it, go to a real strip club… You know, where they strip…

  205. tonycluber

    This place was quite interesting… I didn’t know what to expect, but after talking to people in line we decided to go in. They give you the option to pay $20 for a hat or T-shirt to skip the line, which I say is worth it, and when we got in, whoa… Interesting… A small place, red lit, big bar, and a stage with a stripper pole front and center. People were jockeying for a seat right in front of the stage, where you get the chance to wad up dollar bills and throw them at girls who come out on skimpy lingerie or bikinis and stripper boots. These girls… Wow… They were pretty and had some major skill! They get up on that pole and do some amazing spins and tricks. The music they danced to was great- a lot of classic rock. I liked how the place wasn’t trashy. The girls weren’t trashy, the crowd was young, there were no weird perverty men around (like at a real strip bar)- it was a lot of couples and groups of guys and girls, and it was fun! I’d go back!

  206. Julie K.

    Jumbo’s must be the only local strip club where a nerdy straight girl like me could feel sort of at ease. With the stripper’s gravity-defying acrobatics, Jumbo’s felt more like a Cirque de Soleil show with less clothes and better music. The crowd is mixed, to say the least – mostly male with decent representation from every social strata and subculture. It’s like everyone took a shuttle from Bottega Louis to check out Jumbo’s. On the playlist – Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (surreal when the church choir vocals intro provides the backdrop to pole-dancing), “When Doves Cry,” “Under Pressure,” and some other catchy tunes.

  207. Monica P.

    This place is so much fun! This is not your typical barbie looking dancers type of bar. It’s an alternative haven of sexy tattooed women dancing to great rock & roll. The drinks are inexpensive but because of it’s popularity, Jumbos does get crowded (regardless of the day of the week) & it can take a while to get your drinks. It’s a very tiny place with not a lot of room but if you get there early enough, you can get a small table.

  208. Anna L.

    This bar was featured in the layover show of Anthony Bourdain so why not try to give it a shot. I went here last night with my friends and the lady who came up to us was super friendly. She took our drink orders and she was super sweet. The crowd was mostly men i would say mid 20s and above. Performers are talented but for me it felt like they were just all doing the same performance. I was expecting a more artistic performance. But over all it was very chill. Make sure you bring cash for tip. And if you vallet it only costs 5.00. Im not sure if its the same cost during the weekend.

  209. XXXbeast

    In all fairness, I didn’t stay long, but I had always heard so much about Jumbo’s, so a few friends and I decided to walk in. This place is small for a bar, let alone the fact that there are dancers on a stage! When we walked in it was so packed we couldn’t even find wall space. It was VERY divey which wouldn’t have bothered me, but that mixed with the lack of room, mixed with the dancer not being very appealing, I don’t think I’ll be back willingly. Seems like I decent place to grab a drink with a friend, but NEVER wait in line.

  210. Paola D.

    I love this place! The music is great, the ladies dance beautifully, and the energy is chill. The downsides are parking and the place itself is a bit too small, but fun as hell!

  211. J. J.

    We came here on Saturday night. 2 middle aged straight white women and our male gay BFF. We came because we love kitsch and had seen this place on CNN’s Anthony Bourdain’s 48 hour layover LA. Good lord!! These girls are unbelievable!! Incredible pole dancing!! Believe me I have taken a class or two and this shit is incredibly demanding! Granted I aint anywhere near my 20’s but the flexibility these girls have!! The strength! The sexy moves yes! But it is so acrobatic your jaw will drop! Women and men all feel welcome here. It is not sleazy there is no nudity but to perform they must have their Brazilian Wax person on speed dial! No cover and drinks very reasonable. I wish these beautiful talented young women my best!

  212. Lucy C.

    This is an absolutely horrible place. We went here on July 12, which was a Friday night. A dancer in white swimsuit on stage danced in a reluctant tone: poker face and staring at people as everyone owes her money. It’s not surprising that she got miserable tips. Most of the audiences were actually really feeling awkward and even discussing why she looks so angry and scary. All of a sudden, the dancer pointed one of my friends sitting down stage and yelled: FUCK YOU! My friends were all terrified and speechless for a moment. We did not yell back because this scene was just so absurd. We did tip her actually. Maybe she is not satisfied with her total tips of the night but, really, staring and yelling at audience is absolutely not a professional way of performing. I will not go here any more and do not recommend this place. Only if you have like over $80.00 to tip the dancer or maybe you should find another place to have fun. Do not torture and humiliate yourself.

  213. Anne A.

    I wouldn’t call this place a strip club because you don’t see any “private parts” here as they have a full bar, rather a place where you’ll see some talented exotic dancing. The dancers who climbed, danced up and down, and spun around the pole received the most tips. The one dancer who wasn’t as great looking as the others and had an expression on her face that she hated her job didn’t get as many tips as the others so dancers learn you need to at least pretend you enjoy your job to get more tips.The dancers are for the most part good looking and unlike what you’ll see at a trashy strip club. If you’re open minded and an Angeleno, Jumbo’s is one of those places you would want to visit probably once and say that you have been to Jumbo’s.Jumbo’s is a dive bar and looks seedy from outside but once you’re inside, you’ll see the crowd is Hollywood types, trendy, hipsters, and very good looking. Surprisingly a lot of women were here and also a lot couples. No sign of trashiness other than the exterior sign and the inside at the bar with those clown figurines which transported me to a cheesy movie maybe in the 70s or 80s.Jumbo’s serves cocktails, wine, and typical beers Heineken, Stella, including PBR (no craft brews here or I didn’t see any displayed). The beer of choice that night was cans of cheap PBR — an indication that you are in the company of the hipsters types who are too cool drink a “more expensive and better quality” beer.-Free admission-Valet parking available (street parking available too)-Tip the dancers (the bartender will give you singles when you purchase your beverage)-Stiff cocktails-Nice and friendly bouncers (no “Hollywood” snootiness or attitude)I recommend Jumbo’s to both locals and tourists with an open mind looking to have drinks at a simple bar with live entertainment then end the fun evening with some great Thai food at the nearby restaurants in Thai Town for a fun evening out.Have fun all! Might be busier than usual since this bar was featured recently on Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover Los Angeles: youtube.com/watch?v=kTctĀ…

  214. Trent N.

    What can I say about this place?! Exciting. Fun. Sexy. Talented. On Hollywood Blvd. a small distance from the touristy area of LA is Jumbo’s Clown Room. Bring a friend to wait in line with you because this place is PACKED, and for a good reason. When waiting outside you’ll hear the crowd ROARING, this will only enhance the anticipation you have before entering. When entering you’ll see a woman dancing on the stage, all of which are equally talented/sexy in their own unique way. In front of the stage is a bar which sells drinks–at a relatively cheap price–saturated in booze. The women that are dancing are very TALENTED, and the combination of booze and testosterone really creates a fun and rowdy crowd. The women are all talented in their own way; purely sexy, talented, kinky, and bitchy women are all dancing on stage and later meeting people in the bar. You really have no idea what kind of dance is coming on next at this place. People are chucking crumpled up money at the dancers as well as “making it rain on them hoes”. Although the dancers are only in lingerie, they have an sexiness equal to regular strip clubs because of the intrigue/wonder of being partially clothed. The bartender was a sweetheart, and let a friend of mine cash out before the $20 minimum bar drink. Make friends with them and you may have the same benefit. Be sure to read the rules on the website (especially the $1 minimum/dance) because the dancers may be demanding if it is a rough crowd; especially if you’re sitting next to the stage. Bring a few friends and have a good time at Jumbo’s.

  215. Mark S.

    AMAZING dancers. Ofelia was our favorite, but all the girls were super talented. One star gone for the door guy (made 4 of us – 2 guys 2 girls wait in line when no one was waiting at 10:15). Half a star gone for the small size (one stage, few places to sit)Half a star gone for the bartenders – mean, and if I was drunk they would’ve given me the wrong change back. Overall a great time. These girls ROCK!

  216. Meridith S.

    Kissing a dancer, losing my Blackberry trackball in the bathroom, and meeting someone from television that I have always admired are just a few things that happened to me on my first trip to Jumbo’s.I was there for a birthday party and nervously entered, not quite sure of what to expect from this place.I have never been to a strip club/ bikini bar/ burlesque show so the only exposure I had, came from television shows and movies, which of course can’t all be completely accurate.Anyways, I love this place!It is a great dive bar with, yes, dancing girls. It doesn’t feel “seedy” or like you need to carry around Purell with you the entire time.The girls were natural and beautiful. Some of them didn’t really have dancing skills, and only one really knew how to work the pole in a way that made my mouth drop. But they all had confidence, which I’ve heard is what guys like most in a woman. :pI was there on a Tuesday night, so it wasn’t packed and luckily it is within walking distance of my friend’s house.The one thing that surprised me was that it seemed like the lady patrons in the bar were tipping the dancers more than the men. What’s up with that???Anyways, I will be back. The drinks were strong, the people were fun, and you will most certainly have a good time if you go in with realistic expectations.

  217. Eff G.

    This place is pretty overrated. The bar tender wasnt friendly and barely paid attention to our end of the bar, and when I needed another drink she was nowhere to be found for 20 mins. Their website says drinks are stiff, and they are, but they are also half the size of a normal drink and expensive. One of the dancers right out interrupted a conversation I was having with someone, and I could tell she just wanted to flirt with him to get more tips. All in all it wasn’t a hospitable experience.

  218. Sara A.

    It’s small, it takes forever to get a drink and it’s only girls dancing in their undies.. but it’s fun.If there’s a line outside to get in i won’t go cuz that’s just ridiculous, it’s not worth the wait, but if there’s no line it’s fun to go and watch the girls dance and have a couple beers.TIP: I always order as many drinks as once as I can because (at least every time i’ve been there) it takes the 2 women behind the bar forever to get to everyone. They are really slow at serving drinks and closing your tab.

  219. Gretchen S.

    I had emailed the management a few days ahead of time to see if we could get on a list, since we were celebrating a bachelorette. I got a very nice reply back: “Absolutely. When you arrive simply see the doorman and he will assist your party. Thanks very much for reaching out and we look forward to celebrating with you Saturday!”BUT, when we got there, the doorman scoffed and sent us to the back of the line and we had to wait FOREVER to get in. And we are pretty hot, btw. PLUS he let some crusty dudes in, no questions. Lame.

  220. Sarah Sass K.

    A place where every girl wants to be the dancers and every dude wants to do them. Most all the talent really are just that- talented. In shape and in tune with dancing as well as show-womanship. Song selection is killer and the drinks are cheap. The last couple of times I’ve gone though, I have noticed a decline in pleasant attitudes from the dancers. Depending on if they feel they’re being tipped enough, they’ll almost go on “strike” on stage and stop performing. I understand they need to make money but they won’t get any from me doing that.

  221. Bessie H.

    Oh my eff. How did I end up here last night? Good thing the friend didn’t say it was a strip(ish) club. I ordered a water. Four bucks. The cap said 39 cents.They get five stars because they made me say “Oh my god” at least twenty times in the span of twenty minutes. And they yell at you if you don’t watch. Thanks for yelling at us.I have to give it to the Asian girl. She can work a pole. And Gigi gave me chapstick and a lollipop.*shivers*

  222. Alex L.

    Bottles of beer are about $5 on a Friday night, great atmosphere šŸ˜‰ and the line to get into the place is borderline crazy. The place is a bit cramped but at times it looks like they may be holding back the line to make the place look more happening from the outside than it actually is. The girls are attractive, mostly if not all of European decent and this is NOT a strip club.

  223. Jonathan T.

    Beautiful women; interpretive dance; hipster crowd; cool music; sweet vibe – I love it!Beers are moderately priced at $4-$6. This unique neo-burlesque stage is a fantasticly fun night out. Come with friends; come with your girl… come to enjoy the finer things in life!

  224. Justin E.

    It was somewhere between the dancer twerking to The Cures’ A Forest and the high intensity pole dance to Radiohead -Karma Police that I realized people don’t come here for the strip club experience. They come to enjoy a drink while watching lovely bodies move. Two things that make this place way better than your typical strip club. The girls don’t high pressure you into lap dances or drinks. Most clubs have that car salesmen feel where you’re being watched all the time by the bouncer to make sure you have a drink in your hand. Jumbo’s is a passive vibe where folks are just enjoying themselves and the dancers are having a blast. My first visit I thought the tipping etiquette was odd as I watched people toss wadded up dollars onto the stage. After a few more visits and seeing this happen over and over I assume that’s standard. Most patrons walked up and toss the bills down but some just wad it up and throw it from the bar. My last visit I recognized many of the lovely ladies as some of the original dancers that I had seen almost 10 years ago. Trust me, they have aged way better than I. HOT!

  225. Katherine N.

    First let me just give you a mental image. Radiohead playing while a female stripper who looks like Mia from Californication is dancing and then later giving lap dances. FTW

  226. Joan S.

    Five stars for Jumbo’s!!! hahahaSo the story goes like this: There was a little party at BGL last night. Edward decided we should celebrate my b-day a week late, any excuse for a party haha! It was supposed to be a party for me & Chico, but Cheeks wasn’t there cause he had already made other plans.Anyways….I learned that my friends really care about me, more than I knew. This was a last minute UYE, and still…..Victoria showed up with a gift and a bundt cake. That creepy girl lied and said she had baked the cake but after we got some booze in her she admitted it was Mrs. Beasley who made it. And she even got me a gift!: a calendar with photos of half-nekkid guys that she wrapped in paper covered with more half-nekkid guys. Holy crap! I gonna paper my wall with all those sweet racy pics perhaps.So we were off to a good start there. Then I ate some BGL O rings, that’s onion you pervs, and then I learned why Greg had been out at a bakery earlier in the evening: Diddy surprised me with a bunch of kickass cupcakes, complete with candles. As if that was not enough, Pat made kamikaze shots for everybody (see photo) and there was a toast. And then Kevin and Greg sang songs to me as I was thinking it just could not get any better.See, all this is important ’cause it’s the reason I ended up at Jumbo’s Clown Room. It was Chef Greg’s idea. A group of us piled into his car around 12:30am and drove a block (haha!) over to Hollywood Blvd. to Jumbo’s to check the place out. None of us had been there before. We gave the keys to Greg’s Lexus, along with 5 bucks, to some guy who ran over to us & offered to park the car. Haha! (Yes we got the car back when we left.)Jumbo’s is a seedy, very smelly dive bar, a small space with a stage flanked by a wall of mirrors, and almost as many women in the audience as men. I get that. Who doesn’t appreciate a nubile young female body in scanty undies wrapped around a pole with her legs spread like scissors that are magically cutting away all obstacles between you & Paradise? A grateful crowd threw dollar bills & fives & an occasional tenspot onto the stage. We had paid no cover, so this felt right. We made paper airplanes out of dollar bills and flew them across the stage while the girls performed.We were having a ball.We drank bottled beer because Jumbo’s tap blew up suddenly! Haha!I don’t think that beer tap explosion explains all the water or whatever it was I don’t want to know…..on the bathroom floor though. Grossy.And thoughts of grossy also re: that pole the dancers put between their buttcheeks. Lord give me strength and Lysol.I loved Jumbo’s. The dancers were great, the people were cool, two young guys tried to pick me up on my way to the potty, it was a shitload of good fun with good friends, and it perfectly capped off the best b-day party I ever had.The entire evening was a collection of impromptu delights, small sweet miracles that flowed effortlessly and endlessly into one another……I am so lucky.

  227. Liz F.

    Girls, Girls, Girls! What’s not to love about Jumbo’s? Strong drinks, pretty (and very flexible!) dancers, awesome jukebox music, and they have a snack machine! Come on, it’s not often you see a snack machine anywhere besides a dorm or rest stop these days, plus, it has cheez-its. Yum!ATMOSPHERE:Feels like you’re walking into an adult circus tent with red walls, dim lighting, one stage and a back corner for lap dances. The bar runs almost the length of the place (it’s pretty small), and the jukebox in the corner is where the girls pick a song before walking up on stage (awesome music, by the way!).PARKING:Recommend you valet for $5. It’s Hollywood, so watch out for neighborhood signs or meter maids will get you.DANCERS:Wide variety of dancers: tall, short, gorgeous, curvy, flexible–you name it, they’ve got it. Lots of eye candy on the stage, and oddly enough in the crowd. Always a great group of good looking patrons each time I’ve been. Be sure to TIP the ladies! The bar will give you change for singles. This is not a nude or topless joint, strictly burlesque style. MUSIC:Non of the typical club music here. Dancers pick their own music from the jukebox (Pixies, Aerosmith, Depeche Mode, etc.) before heading up on stage. OVERALL:4-stars for fun vibe, pretty girls, strong drinks. I only wish they served food because I crave nachos with a strong 2 drink minimum. Check it out if you’re in Hollywood.

  228. Darla G.

    Cheap drinks. Good Music. Best nights to come in are Sunday-Thursday ! Expect to wait in a line if you go Friday or Saturday. Don’t forget to tip the ladies xo

  229. Kenneth W.

    I got friendzoned here. It was worth it.

  230. Genevieve B.

    Come on, if the bar has a girl on stage getting all sexy for you how come everyone has their back to her and is only paying attention to the bartender. And if I am going to spend that much on a drink where a girl is dancing around a pole and getting her knees all banged up by crawling all over the stage trying to work hard for a dollar I expect her to get down to atleast a pastie, but “NO”, were talking bra city… I can see more skin on Venice Beach.But I’d let it all slide and give 5 stars if the girls were in clown suits and not exposed. The whole world loves a clown.

  231. Jenni A.

    Yes, this place is tiny. Yes, the parking is really tough on weekends. No, the strippers (well, more burlesque.. they keep their clothes pretty much on) aren’t the hottest. But, any place you can see an asian chick strip to Snoop Dogg and a tall blonde strip to Danzig is ok with me. The drinks are cheap and while the girls may not look like centerfolds their sheer talent, creativity, and attitude is worth it. You know a place isn’t creepy when you see a lot of girls in the audience.. and when a lot of them are lesbians. This is a place that won’t leave you feeling guilty or like you’ve exploited women; it’s just straight up entertaining. Another plus side is that unlike other clubs the dancers aren’t bugging you for a lap dance every song. I’ve been here about 5 or 6 times and I’ve always had an absolute blast. Those ladies can take my money any day of the week!

  232. Christopher R.

    Went in with a group of about 15 people at about 8:00pm. Had a ton of money to spend. Get one drink and sit down and Aspen gets on stage. That’s when the very early night took a turn for the worse. Aspen gets up there and starts kicking the stage and yelling at us to tip her. We all looked at each other like “wtf is going on?” We JUST sat down and barely sipped our drink. She stormed off stage then came up to us and got in our face and started harassing us for not tipping her. I wish I knew how to get in touch with the owner because we were about to spend a lot of money on drinks and ended up leaving for being harassed. Will never go back as long as she is there.

  233. Lala R.

    Went here with my girlfriends for fun and it was great except for the fact that they havea minimum drink purchase if you use a credit card. Not good if one person is driving. But we had fun.

  234. Hilario R.

    This is NOT for Jumbo’s, but the guy that works the door. I took a taxi which was $20 one way to hang out with my friends that were waiting for me inside. Before I could even get out of the taxi the door guy walks up to the cab, and says he can’t let me in because they’re “at capacity”. I called my friends inside, and they said it wasn’t even busy. Basically, $50 for taxi and tip to not get into a bar that wasn’t even full. Sorry, i hate to bitch but that was bull shit. I’ve heard good things about this place, wanted to have a good time with my friends, and tried being responsible by taking a taxi and it was just all disappointing.

  235. felixnada

    Being tired of $15+ drinks we stopped by here as I was just over being fancy for the night.Turns out this was one of my favorite stops of the night.Laid back service, the cheapest drinks in the area which was such a nice change, you can get 3 drinks here for the price of one anywhere else.The place itself is really just a room, not big at all.They do have quite a bit of bar seating and a few tables, we went at about 10 and there was still seating, I’m sure that changes later at night.Interesting people watching, worth checking out if you want to get away from all the Hollywood glamour for a few hours.No pics or videos allowed, shucks.

  236. Byron Q.

    Been hearing about this place and reading some good reviews. Me and a couple buddies decided to check it out for ourselves.It was definitely not what I expected, even from previously reading some reviews. We got a good spot to park on the street right in front of the bar. We walk in, no cover. This is great so far.The place is pretty small, but there was a good amount of ppl, making it place have a really “poppin” vibe. The girls dancing are not showing their boobies, they just dance and some do pretty amazing moves. Overall it was entertaining to watch the girls dance. Drinks were moderatly priced. Everyone there seemed to be having a great time, so the vibe was cool.It’s a good place to come with a couple friends to grab adrink and see some entertainment. Don’t come here if you’re looking for hot girls or to see boobs. It’s a good change from regular clubs in hollywood though, great vibes.

  237. StripClub431

    This place is awesome as far as LA strip clubs go… it’s not even topless but it’s fun and tiny. I love it.

  238. Staci W.

    Actually, Albert G.’s review is perfect, and spot-on, but I guess I have the female perspective to add… I like the ambiance and clientele, it’s actually a great place to meet friends because it’s *quieter* than most trendy clubs and lounges! The alt women are beautiful, natural as far as I can tell, cool tattoos and Bettie Page vibes on a few, they can really dance (burlesque meets pole-moves), they look happy to be there, and the music is GREAT. I’ve been there twice on Saturdays, and once on a Tuesday – each time, it was classic rock (Led Zep, Doors, AC/DC), good rap (fun stuff, not the gangsta), punky (from Iggy Pop to Sex Pistols, early Blondie), sexy ‘n saucy tunes.

  239. Kaitlin H.

    This place is tiny, but packs a big punch as far as character and entertainment. There’s a little seating area off to the side – other than the bar seating itself – and the standing room is limited, but the performances from all the girls are so entertaining!!! I really hope this place doesn’t become trendy because then it would lose its charm. I totally recommend this place if you are feeling a little naughty but don’t necessarily want to dress up. The girls are hot hot hot!! Bring your cash so you can tip them!!

  240. Jessica M.

    Jumbo’s is interesting…and I mean that in the best possible way. It’s been a while since I’ve been so things may have changed since my last visit.The calibar of girls is unpredictable and I like that. They tend to be of the more alternative variety (tattoos, piercings, with a punk rock flair) which I personally find more appealing than some of the more cookie cutter girls at other strip joints. Some of the girls are super talented athletes. On the other hand there is one dancer in particular who is quite a bit older (40 maybe) and seems a little drugged out and can’t find the rythym…I find her kind of sad and endearing at the same time. My favorite Jumbo’s girl reminded me of Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club…too cool for school, dark, sexy, and punk rock. She danced to Depeche Mode and I was in love. She didn’t have any crazy tricks but I still couldn’t take my eyes off her.The club itself leaves something to be desired. It’s very small…only one stage and not many seats. Expect to get turned away or asked to wait on a Friday or Saturday night…they reach capacity really quickly. There’s no cover but there is a drink minimum (which is standard). Of course this means the girls aren’t topless. Watch your money when you pay for your drinks…I had a waitress there once who didn’t remember that we had given her a hundred dollar bill so she tried to give us change for a twenty instead (hopefully that was just a fluke).

  241. Lenny K.

    Classic. How can you hate? The best place to have fun on Hollywood Blvd. Never a bad time no matter what night. Go there!!!

  242. Dan S.

    This was my first visit to a “strip” club ever. Despite the lack of boobies, I really enjoyed myself — hot ladies, skilled dancers, and a very friendly vibe that my friends tell me is hard to find in regular strip clubs.

  243. Felice T.

    all kinds of yes. let the name fool you and go experience jumbo’s anyway. the women are gorgeous, the drinks are cheap and the thematic dances provide more than enough material to discuss with your friends while you sit there mesmerized. by far, my favorite dancer is cricket: the smiths, portishead and massive attack?! sounds weird, but it worked. holy shit, did it ever work. don’t forget your singles.

  244. Navid T.

    This place is great, great bar, great prices, very nice crowd, this is def. not a strip club, it is a dive bar in with a talent show going on in the background. No nudity, amazing meechaladas, and just a really fun place to hang out… ohh and great great music

  245. Dani S.

    The girls were pretty hot on a Saturday night, but they were lacking on the pole skills. Unlike strip joints, the girls are not aggressive on pushing lap dances on you, which is nice. Fun hangout with a bunch of friends, if I was alone, I would go to Silver Reign. Just sayin’.

  246. Anna A.

    Brought my husband here on a Wednesday night. I had remembered it from an episode of the Layover. It was busy but not packed. We were able to get two seats right in front of the stage. Wow are these girls amazing! One girl twerked upside-down on the pole with her backside on the mirrored ceiling. It was awe inspiring! In my opinion Jumbo’s is not a over sexualized place, but my opinion my be a bit askew. The bar has roles of one dollar bills, which is super convenient. Also there were far more women patrons at Jumbo’s then men. I find the place to be super charming, and a great fun place.

  247. Raquel F.

    I’ve been wanting to come here since moving to LA (almost 2 years) finally last night was the night! I loved it!!!!! It’s cozy, divey, the dancers are hot and the people are chill. I can’t wait to be back.

  248. Andre D.

    It doesn’t get any better. The dancers all looked like pro’s (especially “Millions”). It’s like cabaret for the Hipsters and beatniks.

  249. Mike A.

    First time here. Like the girls. Friendly place. Downside is no topless. Girls have their customers so me and my buddy didn’t get much love unless we tipped.

  250. Jonathan Z.

    “Why don’t you like going to strip clubs?” me”I don’t hate going. I just know what happens.” my friend. “I go in there and I’m like a kid in a candy shop. I just keep throwing money. I have way to much fun and I drink way too much, which makes me throw even more money. The next day I wake up and I’m down $200 bucks. That’s the part I hate.”Frankly, I loved it. I downed drinks, I threw $, I was the kid in the candy shop. Will I ever go back? in a heart beat. sha-MF-wing

  251. doug m.

    Oh man, this is a tough one. How do you rate this place. A one star for maybe one of the scariest attractions in Hollywood, or a 5 for one of the scariest attractions in Hollywood. There was a time when I would visit a few strip joints in LA from time to time. This one was infamous, so you had to go if you were a guy who wanted to experience the seediness of LA(actually I saw quite a few women customers there too). History has it that Courtney Love used to dance here. That should just give you a sense of the quality of dancer. Its kinda like where dancer’s go when nowhere else will take them….but thats being mean. Anyway, its a small place, with Strippers in the front and clowns behind the bar. The hilite (depending on how you see it), is one dancer who’s known to smoke a cigarette….well… not in her mouth. Consider yourself warned….but you know you wanna go don’t you?

  252. Jake V.

    Yet another one off the neighborhood bucket list.Glad we finally went here because another year or so and we’d have had even less patience waiting in line. We literally moved up spots cause several groups ahead of us left impatiently. We’d had the same conversation while waiting to get into Tiki Ti, and yet here we were.Inside is really small, surprisingly so (it looked bigger outside), and very crowded. I guess that’s good if you feel skittish at dropping bills constantly, you won’t have much room to get too close to the stage. The dances were easily the best I’d seen in a stripclub. Probably cause they weren’t making money off of lapdances and couldn’t just rely on showing their naughty bits, they have to try harder for the tips. There were really clever performances to Bohemian Rhapsody, Like a Prayer, and If I Could Turn Back Time.The bottle beers were 6 dollars, and it took forever to get the bartender’s attention the first time, but afterwards it was pretty simple. Would we go again? Maybe, it’s not nearly as big a commitment for us since we can walk here, it’s about whether or not we can stomach waiting outside another hour.

  253. Jeni Z.

    Went here while visiting Hollywood after going to a very nice dinner we went here in celebration of our good friendss engagment that happend at dinner. This was my first bikini bar visit. The girls are very taleted and good looking. The crowd was chill and very diverse I would go back anytime I’m in Hollywood it was a blast

  254. Holly B.

    I went to Jumbo’s for a birthday party last Saturday night and had a lot of fun. The dancers were very talented, Paige was incredibly entertaining. I am giving it 3 stars because the bar was a tad bit small for the amount of people inside, the drinks were the size of a shot glass and the Marshall Matthers wannabe (the inside bouncer/bus boy) was on an awful power trip. I saw him treat numerous people disrespectfully including older couples….not cool.If your looking for a fun place with a cool vibe and don’t care if the customer service sucks I would recommend Jumbo’s.

  255. Albert K.

    If you drank so much and waisted you should go this place to go wild and act stupid lol . Dancers are like grandmas . It is funny place .

  256. Rose C.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this place!I came here on a holiday Monday night with some friends and it was surprisingly packed. We actually had to wait 30 minutes in line to get in. Once we were in, it was extremely hard to leave. The dancers, good and bad, were just really entertaining to watch. I actually prefer this over strip clubs. There’s beautiful, hot, and so-so dancers and girls. Each dancers are on stage for one song and they rotate. It’s customary to tip for each dancer and it doesn’t hurt to throw more bills for your favorite dancers. I love the ones that do the most pole work. The beers are cheap and you see many demographics of people in there. It’s also easy to be discreet, too. Come find me here on the weekends! šŸ˜‰

  257. Jen L.

    One of my favorite pastimes is “scary/dive bar hopping”. I had heard about this place through word of mouth. Someone told me that this bar had been around forever and that Hollywood people and celebrities come here to party. I was intrigued. I came here on a Saturday afternoon with some friends ready to discover what all the hype was about. There wasn’t that many people on a Saturday afternoon as most people don’t normally start to drink till the sun goes down. NOT ME! LOL… Well, the outside was worn down and dive looking. When you get inside it is REALLY SMALL. The place is clean and interesting looking. There was a small stage with a pole. This is a bar with dancers that dance on stage but there is NO NUDITY. Each girl does a dance, you tip them and then the next girl goes up. The bartender was pretty friendly and generous with the alcohol pour which I LIKE!!! There is a good ratio of guys and girls that come here so it’s not like a creepy bar with pervy dudes. I would def come back here!

  258. Mary S.

    I went here with a bunch of friends because it is usually a good time. At one point in the night, one of the girls took out her camera phone to take a photo and a SUPER aggressive woman grabbed it out of her hands yelling “NO PHOTO.” Even though we weren’t given a warning on the way in that there was no photography or anything like that, my friend was totally compliant, but this aggressive woman stood right by us the rest of the evening and made us incredibly uncomfortable. We never would have tried to grab a snap of the night if we had been given the heads up. My friend totally surrenders her phone, explaining that she hadn’t taken any photos, but the woman refused to give it back until she had checked everything, which is messed up since my friend had confidential emails on there. Once the woman gave it back, my friend then put her phone in her bag to avoid any more scruples. We tried to enjoy the show. Cut to two minutes later when the female bartender came up to us and felt the need to tell us “no photos.” We explained to her that that wasn’t a problem – we weren’t going to take any. We’re not criminals – we came for a good time and to check out the talent, and up until that point had been very generous with our $$$.THEN two minutes later, the massive male bouncer came up to us and told us not to take photos. It was ridiculous at that point – we got it. We never meant any trouble, we fully respect the performers, we had been there a bunch of times. We were just never told during any of the many visits we had collectively been there to not take photos. If we had been told at the door, this never would have happened. Besides my friend getting her phone snatched from her AND the aggressive woman hanging out right by us after taking her phone AND the bartender coming over to us AND the male bouncer coming over to us, the aggressive woman from before asked my friend to surrender her seat to a dancer onstage, which my friend did readily. We came ready to have a good time and support the dancers and play, but all we got in return was abuse and then our seat taken from us. It made it incredibly awkward for our group and we were made to feel embarrassed because of something we didn’t even do that we were never told not to do and that we were more than willing to apologize for.We left shortly after and took our guy friends with us. In the future, we’ll be partying at a different bar instead that will let us know politely when something is not allowed.

  259. Chub M.

    This is not a nude strip club. The ladies get up on a tiny stage, swing around a pole and never go past underwear. So if you’re looking for actually nude women, this isn’t the place. Also, if you’re looking for clowns, clown art, or anything clown related, don’t bother going here. The only clown in Jumbo’s Clown Room is in the name. Music can be decent and drinks are ok.

  260. Robert B.

    Sprinkle my ashes at Jumbo’s because I’ll always love the Clown Room. The girls are great, the drinks are cheap (for Hollywood that is), and the service/doormen are great once they’ve seen you around. I’ve seen one girl yell at people multiple times if she felt like she didn’t make enough but it’s not enough to kill my vibe. Best place to go on this side of Hollywood.

  261. Marilyn N.

    Get your dollar bills ready! You’re going to be spending quite a bit here. Hey, the girls deserve it. They’re so ridiculously talented. No, this is not a strip club. There are no lap dances. No nudity. You can’t touch them. So you’ll have to settle with gaping at the burlesque show from afar. The girls are of all different sizes, but they all dance so well. Just shows you that anyone can be sexy. They bend and contort in different ways and they do tricks on the pole!Take your friends. Come early so you don’t have to wait in line, but the show gets better and better as the night progresses. Worth the money, worth the show.

  262. Lisa P.

    Hell yeah, Jumbos Clown Room was a blast! Stopped in early with one of my girlfriends and we were happy the spot is welcoming to women and the burlesque girls are great. Really fun time.

  263. Jennifer B.

    Here’s what you need to understand: the girls do not get paid by the hour or a flat rate. They make what they are tipped. They feed off of the audience’s energy, so it’s in your best interest to tip the girls and clap/holler. This isn’t a library; you’re allowed to make some noise. As long as the crowd is appreciative of the dancers’ hard work, the girls will make sure you have a great night. If you’re having a hard time getting change from the bar, feel free to ask one of the dancers for change.

  264. Bryan G.

    Absolutely an amazing place. One of California’s great little unexplored holes. We went tonight to celebrate my friends birthday and it was an experience I’ll never forget!Drink/beer selection was ok. A beer for every drinker. No food sadly. Dancers were all gorgeous and had a nice contribution of there own. Area is great and homely. Dance area is greatly visible and mirrors help. I did apologize to one of the dancers there for what my friend did and the way she took it and thanked me, felt like these dancers are actually people and not just your average dancer. So because of that. 5 stars and I’ll be for sure to keep coming back and bringing people. I just wish I caught her name. :/

  265. Elena M.

    i used to live down the street from jumbo’s and always meant to stop by but never did. i moved away, a few years went by and finally i went this weekend. boy oh boy.this being my first time to a strip club, i must admit i was a little disappointed. i didn’t realize there was a law that doesn’t allow strippers to get naked if alcohol is served. so no naked girls! but plenty of booze and a fun show! the girls at jumbo’s are cuter than i expected and very appreciative of my many ones thrown at them.the bartender was horrible, making every patron wait at least 10 minutes before she acknowledged you were there. other than that, jumbo’s was a blast and i would definitely go again.tipping the strippers: $25drinking whisky & coke all night: $55seeing our friend get a lapdance on stage by 6 girls: ..well you know the rest

  266. Sam G.

    it’s a strip club with drink minimums, creepie dudes, and that sleazy feeling.

  267. Mary B.

    Cheap beer, good music, and a girl shaking her ass in my face. I’m in love. Faye, Tiffany, and Cassidy mmmmm mmmm. It was my first time at Jumbo’s, and I had a blast. There’s no nudity but they’re in practically naked. These ladies are amazing on that pole. I will be back with all my guy friends. Bonus point to this place for Faye. She danced to Hells Bells by AC/DC. I’m sold.

  268. Mireille L.

    Last Saturday night, we took 30 people here for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.I understand that it was Cinco De Mayo, and Saturday night. Things were busy and that’s fair enough.What blows my mind was the complete lack of attention paid to anyone at the bar. All 30 of us were inside by 11pm, only 2 of us managed to get cocktails by the time we were fed up and left at 11:30pm. Like I said…I understand that it was a busy night, but the bartender wasn’t even making an effort. With a full bar of customers in front of her, she turned her back and played with her fingernails at the other end of the bar for 15 minutes. Waiting for a drink while the bar staff serves as people before you is one thing…watching a bartender intentionally ignore you is quite another. When we decided to leave and tried to close our tab, she told us “Fuck You, go to Cheetahs.”Hey Jumbos…we used to like you. You should Shit Can your Saturday night brunette bartender.Just sayin.

  269. Amber B.

    ok! so if you’re looking for a divvy little bikini bar this is your place. It’s small, most of the girls aren’t the prettiest in town but their totally talented on the bar. I think we’ve only seen one that will you put you to sleep. There’s this tiny little dancer there that my girls and i literally scream about! She’s so good! We have gone here three times in one week just to catch her dancing. She’s amazing! The drinks are really cheap and well made, you won’t get the weak stuff here! Great place for a laid back outing that won’t put you to sleep. A bunch of us from work come here to drink relax an just kick back and enjoy it! We love you BARB!

  270. Evan K.

    Despite Jumbo’s growing popularity (it’s been mentioned and referenced in some recent Hollywood films, and is now one of the stops of many cheesy yuppie party bus tours), the place has held onto its distinct personality and character. The last time I went, a great punk band was playing on the floor as part of a birthday party celebration. The girls would occasionally dance to the songs, but mostly everybody was just chilling and listening to music. Definitely not your typical strip club experience. One of their servers may be a trannie, but I’m not completely sure. The majority of the dancers are right out of the pages of your favorite tattoo mag, or possibly suicidegirls.com. There’s definitely a harder edge to some of the clientele, but I’ve never really had trouble… and on some nights I’ve even noticed that there were more girls in the audience then guys. This is probably the only strip club in Los Angeles you can take a date to, without coming off as completely creepy.

  271. Jen O.

    This is definitely my favorite place to take new friends. It’s just so relaxed and fun, you can’t help but have a good time. The ladies are very personable. They actually come out to talk to people, not just push them into buying lap-dances. I’ve never been charged a cover, but there’s a two drink minimum that isn’t enforced. They do have an ATM if you need cash for the girls and the bartenders are nice about making change. The place is clean, dark, and just the right amount of gritty. Oh and the drinks are really strong. Average prices, but worth it every time.

  272. Robert K.

    I really like Jumbo’s; its a cool dive atmosphere, the drinks are cheap, the girls are usually interesting. One thing you should be aware of is that this is really more of a bikini bar – the girls do not take off their tops, they simply dance onstage in scanty clothing. Its cool when that’s what you expect, but dont expect the more traditional fare of topless women giving lap dances. Its a great spot to hang out with a group of friends

  273. Jessica N.

    Haven’t been too many bikini bars in the area, actually NONE other than Jumbo’s but I love it! It’s a block away from my house and the girls are HOT. If they aren’t hot, their music choices are usually really awesome so they get hot points. The drink prices are decent and there is always a good crowd. Most importantly the music is awesome!!! It reminds me of The Caravan in SJ but with better looking people, pole dancing and better music.

  274. Tatertots Rock X.

    I’ve been enjoying the “entertainment” at Jumbos since 1990, over the years it has had it’s ups and down (insert porno-music here) but has always been enertaining. Best years: 1994-1996Wed evening, I found myself at Jumbos (after a year hiatus since my favorite Partner-In-Smut-Crime had moved to Ohio.) because I had a perfect partner-in-crime in tow and thought “what would be a better way to finish off a wonderful evening (that included a fantastic meal at Hatfield’s) than to troll some of L.A.’s least-finest booty-shaking clubs?”.Anyway, after trying for the billionth time to check out ‘NUDE” on Santa Monica Blvd and to find that it closes at 8pm (I had tried to go on the day of the Great Los Angeles Walk but found out it is closed on Sat), and being denied to shake my groove thang at “Adult Entertainment” (also on Santa Monica Blvd/near Stanley) even after offering to pay them for the honor, we wound up at Jumbos.: (How can one say that Jumbos has gone down hill even though it is already sitting at the bottom of a valley/glen/ravine? Well, it has.Maybe because some of the best patrons have moved outta town (I miss you Matthew) and the new batch of gals (are they really all girls?) are beyond tragic. It’s one thing to look a bit haggared/beat/cracked-out (that’s part of Jumbo’s appeal) but what happend to the girls with personality? Well, they’re no longer there.Usually, that wouldn’t bother me/us, since we’ve always been able to get a cold, stiff drink lickity split…well, not this time.Without booze, Jumbo’s looses it’s tragic glow…oh well.And what happened to all the cute pasties? Not pasties to be found, and the girls choices for undies were from their grandma’s collection…eew!Maybe if I wait a few years, it will get good again.

  275. Bekah M.

    All types of girls, variety of music and take your pick of booze.It’s trashy…but in such a good “spank me please” kind of way.

  276. Michael A.

    Alpha Bar- The Letter JJumbo’s Clown RoomSometimes, in the course of human events, a moment turns into a monument. An experience turns into the experience. A night turns into a memory. Never did I think I’d be writing such elegant prose about an establishment where there are neon clown signs, a mirror running along the entire stage, and a prominently featured pole. But here we are, awash in adulation for the splendor that is Jumbo’s clown room.I have been to establishments like Jumbo’s before, but never to one quite like Jumbo’s before. It seems to me to be comparing apples and rotten apples. While there is no nudity at Jumbo’s, it is vastly superior to every other “gentleman’s club” that I have ever attended. The following is my argument for Jumbo’s Clown Room being the finest establishment featuring dancing women in the world, triumphing over such venerated establishments as Broadway, The Metropolitan Opera House and Radio City Music Hall.Jumbo’s is located in East Hollywood in a tiny little bandbox of a room. Other “Gentleman’s Clubs” are sprawling masses, and I’m sure designed to be so, so that you can be alone with your lechery, ogling the “dancers” as they radiate their ambulatory devices out in such a manner as to leave very little to the imagination. Jumbo’s is not this way. You are pressed together in a tight space, dancers, patrons all. The only ones with any space in the place are the bartenders. And this cramped environment is wonderful. Because while the dancers are beautiful, the vibe of the place is not all about sex. Sure, you are looking at beautiful women dancing. But, my god are they dancing. They are not simply writhing about the stage in order to get your tips. They are working, dancing all over the stage and in some cases performing acts of strength and coordination that I found astounding. There was even one woman so flexible that I was certain she must just be doing this in her off days from Cirque du Soliel. SIDE NOTE: The woman who was a contortionist, while amazingly talented, seemed to be an astoundingly awful soul. Her first routine, she must have earned $100 in tips. The second time around, not as much money was going her way, and she briefly sulked on the stage, just sitting there. When the routine was done, my female friend asked her if it hurt to bend her body in such a way. She responded that, “what really hurts is when I don’t get tipped enough.” She had still made more money than most other dancers on her second go round, by the way, and certainly pulled in the most money that night. I was extremely put out by the attitude. Perhaps it is just me, but I was there to have fun, not be scolded because the dollars I had presented were not perceived to be sufficient! This dancer was the only one who didn’t at least seem to enjoy being there. END SIDE NOTEOur party was 12 deep. We got there before 10. We all had seats either at the stage, or at tables along the back wall. The drinks were exceedingly reasonable in price. Everything about this place was right. Our party was half females, and they had great times. The place had a welcoming, fun feel, and you didn’t feel like you were exploiting anyone. You more felt like you were celebrating beauty, fun, dancing, drinking, and, yes, sex. But it wasn’t all about the one thing. This place isn’t a “gentleman’s club” – It’s super fun bar that happens to have dancers who are scantily clad. There was no uncomfortable feel to the place. Bothe Men and women, straights and gays were just having a great time. When we left, there was a line to get in, and I get why. It was a great night. I would return again, and I’d blow all of my money again and I wouldn’t think twice about it. It was so much fun. Five stars.Next Up for Alpha Bar? Kings Head II.

  277. Raff

    The bartenders here were completely awful. FIRST they gave my debit card to someone who was not me. Luckily, she came up to the bar right next to me and told them. She was honest and could have taken off not paying her tab and stole my debit card in the process. I was lucky to hear the whole dilemma and asked her what was the last name on the card she was gives and realized she was given my debit card. She only realized after trying to withdraw money from the ATM multiple times but the PIN did not match (obviously)Secondly they kicked my friend out for being our designated driver. He ordered a soda water and when he was charged $5 (ridiculous) he got kicked out for questioning the charge. Not just kicked out but forcefully removed which was completely unnecessary. I work in the hospitality business and the bartenders literally talked to each other and snickered about us behind the bar. It was completely unprofessional. My tab was only $18 but I would have probably left $30 total but don’t appreciate being bad mouthed behind the bar. I am a server and appreciate good service and despise these kind of actions…Dancer were fantastic but don’t recommend this place for ethical reasons

  278. Sonya Z.

    If you like admiring babes / watching performers then you should go to Jumbo’s. There’s no cover, so you really have no excuse. The dancers – not strippers! – are awesome and incredibly strong and talented. On a weekend, try to get there around 9 PM so you can grab a seat – once people get the few coveted seats, they sure as hell aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Drinks are also at least $5 cheaper than they would be at a normal Hollywood bar / lounge AND the bathrooms are clean!One of the sexiest things about Jumbo’s too is how it’s one of the few places around that really FEELS like old school 70’s LA. It’s been around since 1970 and it still has that kind of vibe.After the show ends at 2, walk two blocks west to Thailand Plaza, where you can hang out and eat until 4 am. Nom nom.

  279. Bee R.

    This place is like a fun dive bar/bikini bar. We took my friend here for her bday and it was a cool environment with old school american rock blasting. The girls are alternative which we loved, but after a while you see the same routine. The drinks are cheap and good and would be willing to come back. The only thing i did not like was that i parked my own car in the lot and the guy taxed me for $5.00 when I walked up to the door, which was total BS.

  280. Maximillian M.

    So…me and some friends (a married couple) are bar-hopping tonight and ended up here because my beloved Tiki Ti was closed. On the way back to HollyHood, we stopped by JCR, intrigued by the name and the word “cocktails” on the sign. NO ONE TOLD US IT WAS A BIKINI BAR (So THAT’S what Mr ID checker meant when he said “Be good to the ladies”). Which turned out to be a funny experience. We all had a great time, chatting about tatted dancers that defied gravity on the pole. Good thing there was no cover.

  281. Heather F.

    Five stars all the way home!!I loved my late night drink stop at Jumbo’s Clown Room and I think this should be a stop for anybody who is a fan of pole dancing or strip tease.I was surprised how small the place is. Jumbo’s is really a dive bar but it has a stage with a stripper pole where girls do dances. It is NOT a nude bar, all the ladies were wearing lingerie and heels and tops. If you are a fan of pole dancing yourself (I love pole dancing–great work out and something fun for the love in your life) you should come here to get some ideas for moves or ideas for lingerie wear.There is no lap dancing; it is all just sexy fun on the pole (and floor).There is a 2 drink minimum charge and the minimum charge for a card is $20. This means if you get one beer and want to put it on a card it will cost you $20. Two beers on a card–$20. You get the picture. Otherwise the beers are an affordable $4.50. You need to bring cash anyway to throw dollar bill tips for the performers who are great so just come with cash to make things easier.Support sexy and come to Jumbo’s.

  282. Christa A.

    I have never had more fun in one night than I did the night I went to Jumbo’s Clown room. The girl’s are great dancers and everyone of them has a different routine, outfit and song to fit their personality, so that really kept my attention. I knew it was going to be a great night when I walked in and the first dance I saw was a girl who looked just like my friend Erica dancing to Bahaus (Bella Legosi’s Dead) I was done for!!! Affordable and strong drinks. Something for everyone. I highly recommend this joint.

  283. Jimi W.

    The Clown Room is pretty amazing. My friend Golda took me there for the first time last year. The dancers are extremely hot and very nice. Especially Pris, I’ve never seen a more unique or original dancer. My friend and I both commented she was the only one to actually turn us on. She danced to pretty good music too. She said she’d been working there 9 years. People in the crowd were showering the girls with money. I saw girls make like 100$ in 5 minutes. They deserved it. The bar is nice and the drinks are fairly strong. People cheer for the girls when they break out the moves. It’s pretty fun in there. Jumbos is a classy joint in that old school Hollywood style. Its been around since 1970. I’ve heard David Lynch wrote Blue Velvet in there.

  284. john h.

    I would LOVE to give this place more stars but the prices for drinks is ridiculous. $7 for a single shot of bourbon, $5 for a beer. Buying drinks at this place could set you back $50, not to mention the singles you end up throwing at the lovely ladies in 2 hours, which ends up costing me around $100…in 2 hours. I somehow refuse to spend this much money on good seats at a great 2 hour concert at The Bowl, but somehow justify it when there are girls in their underwear? I need to readjust my priorities. The girls are wonderfly talented though, I even have some favorites now, and for a gay guy to say that he has a few favorite female strippers, well thats saying something totally weird. I love the music at this place so much I would buy the soundtrack.The only thing that kills this for me, and I hope the management have a talk with some of the girls about this soon is, when they (the girls) pick out a victim to schmooz, usually me because I WREAK of being single and alone, PLEASE DO NOT SPEND the entire time talking to me about how everyone is out to screw you, about how your kid lives with your parents because you don’t make enough money to support him, about how your boyfriend stole your clothes and wrecked your car, blah blah blah…I know your point is to get my drunk stupid man ass to reach into my pocket and start handing you $20 bills in order to make your life better, but since I’m gay, I just don’t care. I don’t CARE! My money is for booze, not the flooze. I reward talent when I see great pole work being performed, in fact I love a girl who can master that pole (no puns here fellas), but I’m not giving you money because you chose to have a coke habit. It’s not my fault you moved from the midwest to Los Angeles to become famous like Tara Reid, and I’m sorry all roads led you to stripping, meeting guy after guy who rides a motorcylce and beats you up when he gets drunk and the fact that your religious parents don’t like what you are doing. Telling me these things for 45 minutes isn’t going to get me to give you sympathy money, it’s going to make me go to a gay bar and have a huge congratulatory cocktail on how gay I am and how I don’t have to ever worry about having a stripper girlfriend.That being said! I love Jumbos!

  285. Ani P.

    This was stop 2 for the Party Bus. We were running late prettying up at my house. I got to the Jumbo’s Clown Room with my friend as we waited for the rest of the booze gang to join us. I saw this woman come out dressed like a stripper. I remember chastising her in my head — you don’t wear stripper heels to a bar and really if you bend over I don’t want to see your thong riding up your crack. That’s not sexy — that’s straight up stripper slutty. I started wondering what kind of place I was at… in a mildly prudish kind of fascination.I soon realized this was a seedier version of a burlesque show. I was able to get a seat right up front. My friend and I shared a seat, our respective tushes fitting all snug. The outfits were trite. The women ranged from man-ish to full on chub-o-la. I actually enjoyed the chubby women — you go and wiggle your tummies ladies and power to you for loving the swaying jiggle. Bless real breasts. I shook my fist at the skinny waifs with double d’s that seemed frozen in time. They (the boobage of course) neither moved or looked happy. I was not blown away by beauty or bite-a-licious tushes. The dance moves were amateur at best. I was disappointed by the show until Candy came on. I have never seen a woman with so much sheer thigh strength. Her thighs squeezed the pole as she slowly slid up and down. I wondered all of the other marvelous feats she could accomplish with thighs of steel…..The men were the typical savior types. “Hey mamma, what college are you going to?” “I support your education.” “She’s going to dental school and my ogling and throwing dollar bills at her is financing her schooling.” “Maybe I should be your private pussy patron and finance your education.” The comments made me want to hurl vomit at the savior types. Jesus, get off your Messiah complex you freaken’ creep and just revel in your lewdness. A good burlesque show makes me feel sexy. I want to be a sexy dancer. I fantasize about being on stage. This show did nothing of the sort for me. I was in desperate need of a shower afterwards.

  286. Spanish B.

    The dancer that wears the tutu and does some weird contortion looking thing where her legs are almost behind her head while her arms were pushing up her torso…crazy! She was pretty good but i still love the tranny strippers their awesome, they always seen to put a smile on my face.

  287. Polly T.

    This place totally rocks. It has some crazy awesome history, all the girls totally rock and they play some sweet sweet music. Everybody is really laid back and the girls are really fun. Isabella is AMAZING if you get a chance to see her she is totally rad and all smiles.

  288. Jesus H.

    I was here a couple weeks ago checking this place out. I did not like this place. It was really packed with people and no where to sit. The waitresses kept harassing me to buy drinks. I left after like an hour. I don’t know why it is advertised as a strip club when it’s not. I should’ve just went to hooters or an actual strip club.

  289. Sarah T.

    Great time. Great dancers. Fun crowd. Sometimes there is a giant line to get in, and to be honest don’t wait in it, just go back another day.

  290. Alexis A.

    Jumbo’s is my favorite place to go out in LA! It’s a great place for a party or to take friends who are visiting from out of town.The dancers are true performance artists with extensive pole training. Some of them teach at local dance studios. The music is fun, the costumes are dope, the routines are inventive.. these dancers never fail to impress!

  291. Na N.

    Weak and rude

  292. Christina F.

    I’m giving it three stars because we tried to walk here,but it was thigh chafingly hot, alcohol was involved, and we had an interesting cab ride instead. So when we got here it was late and crowded, and we wanted to hit up body shop.BUT id try it again!!!

  293. Sandy L.

    The dancers were great, they were pulling off pretty good stunts. My problem was the bar…they kept changing the price on the same drink I kept ordering all night went to buy a cranberry vodka and a beer they charged 12 and left a 2 dollar tip so I just figured ok it’s six bucks for my drink. Second trip ordered 2 cranberry vodkas they charged 14 I left a 1 dollar tip, started think umm ok maybe they’re seven dollars. Third and last trip I ordered 2 cranberry vodkas now it’s 15 (7.50 each), at this point I was annoyed they keep bumping it up like wtf… so I stopped going to the bar didn’t leave a tip that time…. My friend went to buy the same drink I had they charged her 8 dollars…at this point we decided to leave cuz no way would the pricing be changing like that in the matter of an hour. If u go here go for the dancers not the bar unless u wanna get cheated…we were tipping the bartender and the dancers no reason for them to be bumping up the price every trip…

  294. Kyle G.

    Drinks are a bit pricey, unless you grab some beers, but damn these girls got skills. My jaw dropped a few times.

  295. Cate T.

    The best piss of my life.After a 1.5hr wait in the cold, and deeply regretting not having used the loo at Hot Pot Hot Pot prior to this circus of an excursion, I absolutely 100% needed to use the facilities. It was to the point where when my party finally reached the front of the sluggish line, the guy manning the door asked how many were in the party and I said, “Seven, but do you have room for ONE right now?!”Thank goodness he said yes.Warp speed! No line for the loo. All was good with the world.And then a shot to chill out and the enjoyment of the dancers.Jumbo’s is actually pretty great, and the dances got better and better as the night progressed, culminating in an excellent final performance starring Hulk Hogan.Decent drink prices. Minimum $20 on credit cards. ATM inside.Valet parking is a measly $5, which is worth it to avoid going up and down four different blocks multiple times. The $20 VIP bit? I’m springing for it next time. No more sissy line-waiting.Did I say next time? Yes. Yes, I did.

  296. Katie B.

    I had always snubbed the idea of Jumbo’s because I wasn’t too keen on having half-naked women rubbing themselves in front of me, on me, or others for that matter. However it was one of those nights and low and behold after watching really talented burlesque dancers at Harvard & Stone, it was time to get raw. It was time for Jumbo’s. I almost left while standing in line but to be honest, I am really glad I stuck it out.There’s a full bar (so no nudity and no boobs), seating away from the stage so things aren’t so in your face, and some of the dancers are really talented. I definitely learned a move or two. They’re not strippers and therefore this is not a strip club. This is a dive bar with live dancing that sometimes warrants a dollar bill thrown at ladies on stage. I would say that’s the one area I would love to see improved; the picking up of the money after the dance is over. It’s really tragic and depressing…I mean tennis pros get people to pick up their balls, so I think it’s only fair that dancers have a person waiting in the wings to collect their donations after they saunter off the stage.I don’t think I need to return but I’m glad it’s finally crossed off my “people tell me I have to go here at least once list.”

  297. Sevag D.

    Jeez. Jumbos Clown Room. The name pretty much says it all. NO, it is def NOT a “strip club”. I don’t really know what you would call it, Jumbo’s is in a category of its own. It is a “bikini bar”, but I don’t really know of any others like this one. It’s like a dive bar mixed with a strip club spiked with a tab of acid. There is no cover, the drinks are cheap, there’s no dj, there’s no VIP rooms, but there is a stage where lots of random girls ranging from hot or cute to cracked out or scary dance in slutty outfits while the WASTED crowd throws dollar bills at them. It’s fun if you don’t take it seriously and have fun with it. Nights are hit or miss, varying between dead and PACKED; and the crowd, well, you never know what to expect here. Courtney Love used to dance here, back in her non-famous crack days, as opposed to her celebrity crack days of present. Any one of these girls could be the next cracked out celebrity! Some of the girls are downright hot and have some great moves. You may be offered drugs in the parking lot. There’s a “poker club” next door that I have never seen open or active, which is clearly a front for something, possibly connected to whatever scam jumbos is running to have been in business this long. The entire plaza screams Shady! and if you’re not down with that, don’t bother coming. If you are, you may develop a dangerous crush on this place.

  298. Betsy R.

    Jumbo’s is a tiny bar with five pole dancers. Last Friday night (3/11) was my first and last visit. While sitting on the rail with my husband, minding my own business, I was totally taken by surprise when the dancer on the pole WALKED UP, GRABBED MY HAIR AND SLAPPED THE @*)! OUT OF MY FACE. She also came back to try it again – – in front of the other four dancers, the bartender, and a full audience. Getting physically attacked is not for me. Note to Jumbo’s management: NEVER ALLOW YOUR STAFF TO HIT A CUSTOMER. IT IS JUST BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE.

  299. Matthew E.

    Jumbo’s is not a strip club, but you do come here for the show. Jumbo’s is a burlesque bar, with no nudity of any kind, but stage and pole performers who will blow your mind with their contemporary dance, yoga, and acrobatic skills. The girls are sweet, too, making it more entertaining than a strip club as there is no pushiness from them to sell lap dances. These ladies are artists living in the neighborhood who are good at what they do – dance.The place is crowded so you must be patient to get a drink. I believe anyone who says the bartender’s are rude are simply projecting as I’ve always managed to be greeted with a smile by them. Because of the crowd I do advise buying a few rounds at a time. Bring your singles!

  300. Monica R.

    Pretty good spot, been to other strip/burlesque spots but this one is simple and tasteful. Drinks are relatively on the cheap side and dancers have mad skills. I would go again with a date or girlfriends šŸ™‚

  301. Matt P.

    Love the dancers but you can wait a super long time for a bartender to serve you. Better to sit down and wait for a waitress. If you order top shelf drinks I’m not sure you’re getting what you pay for. Tastes more like some cheap ass vodka than the Kettle One I ordered.

  302. Kathleen N.

    The drinks are CHEAP and it’s always fun – even that time I almost got kicked out for being too rowdy, hahaha. But they’ve changed the rules and the girls do not take off their tops anymore. Bummer. What’s the point of watching girls dance in bikini’s – you can see that in any club in hollywood. My favorite thing about jumbo’s was crazy Alejandra and her batons of fire & cigarette smoking crotch but she wasn’t there the last time. I was depressed for days.

  303. Lisa F.

    one of my favorite bars. Cheap drinks, and the bartender Butterfly is sooooo nice and wonderful. Cute girls dancing in little outfits, can’t complain man. just tip pls, don’t be the a-hole who doesn’t tip the ladies. All of my friends love Zelda.I own a jumbo’s hoodie and it’s comfy and amazing.I’m not going to lie I want to work here really bad. Hire me pls, jumbo. It will be the best decision of your life.

  304. Bill C.

    Cool bikini bar. The cool thing is that there are just about as many women patron as men. I don’t get it, but there is. The place is small and personal. The dancers have personality and know how to work the pole. Not a dirty place. Fun.

  305. Susanne M.

    An awesome, unique experience. Not your typical strip club atmosphere (because it’s a badass gogo bar and not a strip club) and these women are so talented it’s unbelievable. Many are trained dancers and almost every single one of them deserves the rain of money that comes their way.Which brings me to my next point, I would have given this great bar 5 stars if not for the 1 dancer who just seemed to ruin the night for the entirety of her set. I don’t know this blonde young woman’s name and wouldn’t share it if I did, but wow. A seriously bad attitude, no personality and just plain boring. She was preoccupied by herself in the mirrors and looked like she was about to yawn if not for the perma-scowl she seemed to suffer from. So people lose interest, start talking, aren’t throwing cash her way, etc. She stops “dancing” before her song is over to berate the entire audience (even the ones who did tip her) by saying “if you’re not going to tip, gtfo!” Everyone just looked around like, what? She then says to a foreign patron “this is america!” and “I’m not amused with ANY of you right now.” Before storming off the stage.Everyone is kind of stunned and I think girl realized that there was no way she was going to get tipped by this crowd if she went on again. It was pretty wonderful though when the next young lady who came on KILLED it! Everyone screaming and cheering and she danced her butt off. I mean threw it all out there and earned every single bit of the money that came her way. I’m sure it felt good to have all of the annoyance at the other dancer channelled into loving HER performance. Karma is a lovely thing. In spite of the vitriol spewed by one entitled brat of a “dancer” I will definitely be returning for more (hopefully she dug herself enough of a hole not to be scheduled again). You don’t want to miss this place!

  306. Shanika H.

    Lets hear it for the gorgeous ladies who will blow your freaking mind on the pole. — If’ you’re worried about crowds of people, just come earlier (8ish) and beat the line. — If you’re worried about the size or cleanliness of the bar, just remember that Jumbo’s IS a DIVE bar, and just relax.– If you’re worried about seeming like a perv for coming to a burlesque bar… stahp. The female body is freaking beautiful and you should worship it. Plus, there is no nudity. Bring cash. Buy at least 2 drinks. Remember to tip and be nice and respectful. Don’t be the guy (or girl) who says sleazy things and doesn’t tip or appreciate a good show. Do you know how hard it is to be sensual and dance 1) in front of people, 2) on a pole and 3) in GIANT HEELS? Chances are, you don’t. I mean, do you even lift, bro?If it’s your first time, just relax and enjoy the show. It’s okay to be a little nervous. A few of my favorites are Fiona, AM and Lux. Jumbo’s. Don’t knock it until you try it.

  307. Jonathan B.

    Sure, gab-gab…but will we ever really know Jumbo, the man – the legend? Could he possibly be the William Randolph Hearst/ Citizen Kane type dude–king of divey-once trendy-now divey again skank bars?

  308. Andy B.

    Well, ladies of Jumbo’s…my cute friend and I tried to go in last night to make it rain before calling it a night. The valet guy said they were full but we could pull up and check anyway seeing we were two girls, clearly having fun, and about to dump the rest of our money. As we went to the door four guys were leaving (and thought perfect!) but before we could ask the bouncer if we could wait, he screamed at the nice valet man that they were full and no one else could apparently even be near the parking lot (there was no line or wait btw) and told us to go away. So, we thought, no problem and went to Crazy Girls where we blew it up for four dancers and got the guys (and one girl) sitting around acting bored involved and opening wallets. So, if you were a dancer at Jumbo’s on Wednesday night, be sure to thank your door man. We tried to give you our money.

  309. Colbys

    I love this place. It’s were strippers go that are on the last legs of being a stripper and are fun to watch. I can’t tell you how many chicks I have taken home from here but it’s been a few.

  310. marlonmoney12

    Your place is trashy and dirty gross!!!! Please don’t come here ever! The staff is trashy as in diseased legitimately at least it looks that way!!! Either get new staff or shut down, period!!! SAD!!!!!! Came in to have a good time and the left with a bad taste in my mouth because it was trashy as all h***!!!! EwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwĀ­wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwĀ­wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwĀ­www

  311. Dr. James W.

    Jumbos is the best bar in Hollywood…. especially Little Armenia. Get there, treat the ladies right and have fun. Great bar.

  312. Joan L.

    Incredibly overrated stripbar (or whatever you want to call this unfortunate hellhole). There’s a drink minimum, which I can understand and overlook but the price for a can of pbr was absurd. The dancers seemed nice enough but I was hardly entertained. They were wearing awful outfits (Those arm warmer things? Black and white striped ones! Someone get this hot topic mall “punk” outta here) and not even funny bad just sad bad. They sorta just gyrated around really predictably, didn’t really use the pole, weren’t engaging, didn’t even take off little things to kinda tease the audience and make it a little more fun. And then they try to pressure you into tipping the girls. I’m not against tipping (in fact I believe you should tip as much as you can, when deserved) but c’mon, the fact that you’re trying to shake it outta me does not make me want to give it.And god don’t even get me started on the people that were hanging out there…I guess I’m just an asshole, but I’m still never going here ever again

  313. Tamara S.

    I used to think this place is really dope because of a couple of badass dancers until I went this past Wednesday. This fat chick Was not only sloppy looking and a bad dancer but she was really desperate for money and it’s really pathetic to be money hungry. but to make it even worse this fat chick who was money hungry mentioned out loud that girls need to tip. I don’t mind tipping it’s just that you need to bring a performance and catch My eye. I ended up tipping another girl who was a lot more fit and rocked the pole in front of the mean dancers. Anyway to make matters worse she brought another friend that works with her to talk to me, my man and friend about forcing us to tip them and so my man replied that we tipped the other girl and she replied “it doesn’t work that way you have to tip all of us” wow what a low life!!! So desperate these girls were to get a couple of dollars lmao. The management needs to talk to their girls because I didn’t know that we were forced to tip the girls I didn’t know it was mandatory! there weren’t signs or rules to say YOU BETTER TIP these girls or else you can’t be in here because they turn into mean desperate broads. Anyways those tricks really changed my mind about jumbos clown room they also need a bar rescue because that place looks Janky and dirty. Plus the pole looks disgusting! I heard a girl caught STI working there it only takes 30 seconds to clean the pole with some alcohol and a towel. Ewwwww never ever will I go there again!!!!!!!

  314. Sabrina R.

    I love this place! Jumbo’s, I believe, is advertised as a burlesque club. Pretty much, it’s only burlesque because the girls don’t get completely nude. However, that does not take away from how awesome this place is. The women are truly talented. It’s less about the dance and more about the acrobatic moves they do. There is no cover charge. The parking lot is small but we always do valet and have never had a problem. I do recommend to get there by 9 because the place is small so space is limited. They say that the rule is 2 drinks a person minimum but I’ve never seen them be strict about it. Although, we’ve never not gotten 2 drinks each (or more) Lol. But they don’t make you purchase the drinks upon entry like some strip clubs, so I don’t know how they keep track of that. The staff and even the dancers are very nice. While lap dances aren’t discourages, no one really comes here for a lap dance. Most people want to see the girls on stage. The staff here asks that you tip for each dancer. They don’t really ask you to tip much, only $1 per dancer, which is pretty reasonable to me. Of course, tip more for the dancers you like. I’ve taken some friends here and they love it just as much.

  315. Natasha K.

    A roster of talented girls, a pretty full wet bar, one pole, and a tipping rail. No sir, not a cheap Vegas strip club! In fact it’s the one and only Jumbo’s Clown Room. Over three generations family owned and originally one of the best landmarks of good old Hollywood night time entertainment guaranteed. It’s a small and very dark room which is always packed. All eyes focused on stage with only tunes of rock roaring through the speakers. Excellent spot to start the night if you’re in the area. It was certainly an interesting experience, but nevertheless a five-star one.

  316. Ilene Y.

    Looking for a good time and ladies, this is the place for you. This hang out is a serious fun place and the people are awesome. It’s famous!! Best strip club ever!!!! The women here are fabulous!

  317. Maral J.

    I’ve been to jumbos twice and the 3 stars are for the girls who dance and atmosphere, but the staff folks could def use a pick me up. Please arrive early because the $20 door fee is BS and the bartenders are weak.

  318. mathewater12

    My friend got hit by a car driven by valet, and the valet company wouldn’t admit they were in the wrong, and Jumbo’s was no help in resolving the issue.

  319. Jaclyn A.

    Get there early or expect a line. Cheap drinks, good crowd, great entertainment.

  320. Betsy B.

    I finally got to check this place out with a friend and it was awesome! We got there early (9pm) and actually ended up staying until 1am! We got good seats and were tipping 2-3 bucks a dance, so we spend a good amount of money, but totally worth it! The girls are great, talented, and fun. The songs and acts here are way better than a normal strip club. All the girls are gorgeous but Cheri made my brain turn into goo.I almost forgot to mention – the main reason I love this place is because it’s a relatively safe space for women (almost half the crowd was female, especially earlier in the night). It’s nice to go a club like this and not feel weird about it.

  321. Alice A.

    I had a blast. It’s not fully nude, one girl comes out at a time and they dance to the length of 1 song. Highly entertaining. $18 for 3 beers, I had fun throwing 1’s on stage. I would go again.

  322. Caleb B.

    Jumbo’s Clown Room, where sexuality is a punchline. And in this uptight country, thank God for that.Expect a great time just as long as you don’t order a mixed drink._C$

  323. Jeremy B.

    Visited Jumbo’s last summer while visiting LA. What an entertaining place to have a drink. Just recently moved to town and can’t wait to go back!!

  324. Tommy A.

    POOR SERVICE. EXTREMELY RUDE EMPLOYEES. SMELLS REALLY BAD. Stopped by this bar with my friend and ordered two Stella drafts and the bartender gave us two warm flat beers in 10 oz. plastic mugs and said they were $12. So I handed her a $100. bill and she quickly slipped into a back room. When she returned 10 minutes later to bring me my change, I was shocked to discover she only gave me 8 singles back. WHOA! I looked at my buddy and said, “She only gave me 8 bucks back from my hundred!” So we grabbed the bar boy and asked him to go get that bartender right now, who argued with us while wiping her drippy nose, which we not only found suspicious but extremely unsanitary. The bartender refused to give us our change from the hundred. For the money they charge for flat beer in this old musty bar, we hoped the dancers would be somewhat entertaining, but they come out on stage and literally harassed the clientele for tips, which was really obnoxious. We are pretty sure they were trans-gendered, which is OK if you like that kind of thing, but that is not what they advertise. So, it’s bait and switch when it comes to the entertainment, if you know what I mean. This dive used to be interesting back in the 80s but it has evolved into a poser hangout for rich college kids, who think they are doing something edgy, when they are not. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

  325. Sarah T.

    The one and only time I was here was for my good friend Roxanne’s bachelorette party about 6-7yrs ago. This place was crazy sleazy–I loved it. The drinks were like gasoline, the patrons were all old men bikers, the strippers were scary & most had bandaids over their ta-ta’s. I can’t remember if they’d lost their titty license or if it was that weird time when bare titties were temporarily banned. (such an idiotic law) Anyway, I’ll never forget one stripper in particular…..she looked like a cracked out cross between Elvira & Rebecca De Mornay-she was so looped that she didn’t even dance. She would walk up to you, hold out her hand and wait for you to put money in it. HAHA! The best part of that night? When we were leaving we were all singing that song “My neck, my back, lick my p**sy & my crack” (we’re classy) and this homeless lady chimes in “that’s right ladies….from the rooter to tha tooter!!” You can’t top that. Classic, total classic.

  326. Sonny B.

    Cesarian scars, saggy tits and busted grills. Best freak show in town!

  327. Here 4 Fun!

    This place is for people who love real entertainment! If I want to have some blonde bimbo grind on my crotch I go to the Rhino. But if I want to trow some money on the stage at some real talented girls with tattoo’s that play good music. I go to Jumbos Clown Room. Quinn is one of the best dancers I have ever seen.

  328. Don T.

    They play films here that feature nudity If you are offended by scenes of nudity, be forewarned, they tend to play R-rated films featuring much nudity. I was here once and they played movies with so much nudity it was just too much for me to handle. Play Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan instead or something.

  329. Vanessa H.

    YES. I’m totally a fan.I haven’t had this much fun at an “Adult Entertainment venue” since the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas, and even though Jumbo’s doesn’t actually have any nudity, it’s still mind-boggling to watch the dancers work their magic. They’re super talented, and make your usual run-of-the-mill stripper look like a 5th grade dance recital.I do agree with Katie B. that there should be “dollar runners” after each girl’s number so we can finally dispense with the awkward interlude while each dancer picks up the bills that have been flung at her. I mean, the whole setup is fourteen different kinds of fucked up, but at some point we’ll all (performer and audience member alike) figure out a way to enjoy the true talent of pole dancing in a much more dignified way.

  330. Rachel R.

    Wow… Wow.. Can I just say, talented dancers and super f’n awesome bartenders to boot! It’s cirque du soleil meets dive bar! It is a bikini bar so don’t let your expectations snuff out your extraordinary humanity. It’s a great place!!

  331. Rose P.

    And I’m hooked!Jumbo’s is an LA institution of sorts, and to everyone’s surprise (most of all my own), I went there for the very first time last night and I gotta say it was a damn good time. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait, but it was a Thursday night. Still the place was packed! Just two weeks prior my date and I had come to Jumbo’s on a Saturday night and waited well over half an hour without moving until we gave up and went elsewhere. Not sure if that’s the norm on weekends, but it was kind of a buzz kill. But I digress! We eventually got seats in front after grabbing some drinks (strong! great! but basic). I mean, what you see is what you get with the bar. Nothing fancy. Just boozy and gets the job done. The girls that went up to dance were true talents and so all nice! They must have an impeccable screening process for their girls here because I hadn’t seen moves like that anywhere else! So much fun!I don’t know what else to say. Just go. Throw down some bills. Have a good time with friends. And enjoy the show!

  332. Jason M.

    I love this place because it’s raw, true, sexy, divey, goodness! The dancers are beautiful and perform as if they’re actually enjoying themselves. Impressive talent. Jaw-dropping loveliness. Oh and there’s beer too.xo to Jumbos!

  333. Dara S.

    Jumbo’s is a place everyone should experience at least once. There really is nowhere in LA like this spot. You really don’t feel like you’re in LA, I don’t even know how to describe this spot. My friend and I went around 9:45, no line we grabbed two seats at the bar to watch the shows. I would not suggest sitting near the stage unless you’re gonna make it rain with dollar bills. All the girls kinda have their own look and appeal, some were honestly boring but a few were amazing like serious skills. It’s just a fun spot to grab a drink or two and experience something very different to all the other bars and clubs in LA.

  334. adamrod

    Came to Jumbo’s for night 2 of Anthony Bourdain’s LA Layover List with the roomies and as always, Bourdain does not disappoint! We arrived pretty early on a Tuesday night and the place was empty but patrons from all walks of life began trickling in till the small joint was packed by 10pm. Cheap drinks ($5 beers, $8 well drinks), a dive bar atmosphere complete with dim red lights, and AMAZING dancers with a variety of shapes and dance styles. Some were definitely working the pole better than others with high energy and I had a great time admiring their talents. My roomies and I were confused about the tipping policy…”Wait, do we need to tip every girl? What if we’re not watching the whole time?” Luckily my male roomies did all of the tipping as I’m sure they enjoyed the show slightly more than I did šŸ™‚ Next time I’ll come prepared so I can make it rain!

  335. Amber Lynn

    I used to work there years ago. Back then the club was going through a change and has since much improved. I frequent there a lot. I love the place however the dancers then had and gave way better customer service. All in all it is a great club to go to and even better one to work at.

  336. Alex W.

    My man Anthony Bourdain may love this place, but I don’t. I’ll start off by saying I wasn’t exactly pumped to visit here, but willingly went along since my friend convinced us it’s awesome. Long story short, it’s not.Sure, some of the dancers were good and put on a good performance, but I don’t know, strip clubs just depress me. The crowd is dingy and leery, the girls desperate and desolate and this place was no different. When I come to a strip club, it makes me re-evaluate my own life to figure out what I am doing spending my time in a place like that.Jumbo’s made me feel even worse. The bartenders were so incompetent and drugged out that they could not even figure out how to let us pay cash when we initially put down a card (something we were forced to do due to their $20 drink minimum). I was the DD that night, but gladly accepted a number of beers offered to me so that friends could meet their ridiculous minimum and to hopefully make me forget (at least just a little) that I was in this place.

  337. Juan P.

    Now I know where all the lesbians are!! hahaI would give this place a 1 star seeing as how I had an awful time there. But I have to give it some credit as the people who were into this sort of thing seemed to be having a pretty good time….granted they all were hammered. And I’m happy the lesbians have a place.I like dive bars and while I don’t love strip clubs, I can have a good time. The problem with Jumbo’s is…….it isn’t……anything. Its not really a bar seeing as its super hard to get a drink and DAM crowded. Its not really a strip club as they don’t take off their clothes (but those girls are definitely strippers…..or more šŸ˜› lol).I think the guy who took me there summed it up best: “Its the place strippers go to die.” Very, very tru. If ur a lesbian, like uncomfortably tight spaces and are into strippers past their prime who don’t take off their clothes…..go to Jumbo’s!!!

  338. Ed K.

    I came in here to see what all the hype was about.This place is overrated.It’s full of Douchebags and hipsters/ hipster wannabes.It’s kinda small in there too, nothing wrong with that, but when all the douchebags in there look at you at the same time, the room feels more crowded and I wanted to beat the shit out of all of them.It’s not even a strip club ( not that I was looking for a strip club).Parking sucks in this area, not the fault of the club though.If you drive over here and pull over somewhere and watch the door, you’ll notice people come in, and 1 minute later the same people get out, and leave for good. Probaby for the same reasons I did.The doorman, ( the younger fat bald one) was an asshole, he wouldnt move out of the way when I said excuse me , both times coming in and leaving this place.I will say this though, the crowd (patrons) here are a bunch of dicks, but the employees other than the asshole fat doorman seemed nice. I hope that makes up for the 1 star.

  339. Sara H.

    Jumbos was a real surprise. Being my first strip bar experience, I quickly felt comfortable with the setting, it was dignified, sexy and in no way sleezy. There’s a $20 min (2 drink min), which seems appropriate given the Hefen Weisen on tap was only $4.50, so it leaves you plenty of $1s to tip the ladies instead of wasting it on overpriced alcohal.The ladies were all really hot and were not nude but had really sexy lingerie and were a pleasure to watch.My only complaint is the small size of the bar but the vibe was fun, light and sexy. As a strait woman, I had a really good time and felt totally comfortable all around!

  340. jenelle c.

    I give jumbos four stars for the following reasons:Hot girls (not typical hot..different)Great musicDecent priced drinksI love this place and always take out of towners here for a drink. The ladies are always so fun to look at and watch..and i never feel as bad as i would going to a “real” strip club. Please tell me that the super skinny girl with the beauty mark on her face and wavy hair is a lesbian. please.

  341. rickywho2

    Love the atmosphere and I broke my stripped virginity with the girls at Jumbos. Always a great time and I even broke my boyfriends little cousin stripper virginity as well (he’s a white kid from a small town and has never seen one in his life. He had a wonderful time BTW). Butterfly makes a stiff a$$ drink which is why I keep coming back for more. I suppose the only issue is the no phone out by the girls policy. Sometimes I hear a song play and I want to Shazam it…but as soon as they see a glowing screen the girls and club owners get pissed off. Understandably so…The other con is the girls getting mad at you for not tipping every dance that goes on. I went on Sunday night and this Asian dancer with heavy eyeliner made a pretty obscene gesture and yelled at my friend for not tipping her. With that attitude we sure as hell wouldn’t. Anyways, love the place. Very welcoming. Will always be back. :)Oh and to the girls: take better care of yourselves!

  342. Wes G.

    So, you love Hollywood, huh? Where do you like to hang out? HUH? Geisha House? Ivar? Oh, no, no, no. You don’t really love Hollywood then. Not like I do anyways. If you did, you would appreciate the kind of filth it all used to be. One of the last remaining outposts of pure Hollyweird hell hole sleeze is Jumbo’s. This is old Hollywood vibe at it’s best : old, obviously ex strppper/biker barmaids, disgusting greasy haired old men, and exotic dancers (cause they dont get nekkid at Jumbo’s) that look like Suicide Girls. Jumbo’s is also just a great hang out. If you don’t want to hang out on perv row (the seats directly lining the stage) you can always hang out in the back…..though the place is so tiny that you can still spit on the dancers (though, please don’t do that literally…that’s just rude). It’s also fun chatting them up as they select their own soundtrack from the jukebox. Jumbo’s had me hooked from day one. I called in advance to see if there was a cover, and the convo went thusly: Sleezy Dude :”Jumbo’s!”Me: “hi, is there a cover?”S.D.: “No, cover, just two drink minimum and takin care of the ladiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeees”Me: “Sweet!!!”It’s been all pb and jelly ever since.

  343. chris p.

    I noticed right away that these ladies have bigger teats than I do and they have legs that go all the way to their asses just as it should be. If you like titties and beer and think Hooters doesn’t go far enough or is for puritanical sissies with obfuscated genres, venture forth to the Clown Room forthwith.

  344. dopeboy19

    I would not set foot in there again…..expected burlesque dancers and there were mostly pole dancers with the exception of one. I can still appreciate the female form and enjoy….especially when it’s not my night but my husband’s as it’s his birthday. What really upset me though is the bouncer…it was not quite 2am (the advertised closing time) and he would not let me have my last sip of wine. I was not drunk, I was very polite with him..just asking if I could finish my wine but he took my glass and pushed me toward the door. Very upset to be treated that way.

  345. Jeremy K.

    I’ve only been there once and I was wasted so I don’t remember much (who I was with, how I got there, etc).The one thing I do remember quite vividly is that the gal on stage was lighting herself on fire.I figure that’s gotta be worth some stars.

  346. Alexis m.

    I want to start by saying I’m a girl. A girl who isn’t afraid to go into a place called Jumbo’s… but a girl non the less. This place is sooo great. It is comfortable, the music is great, the girls are cute and tallented and everyone looks like they are having a really good time. The drinks are reasonable too which is probably why by the end of the night I was regularly throwing wadded up ones towards the stage and cheering (I would have gotten closer but there are regulars to consider here). For the bar that is closest to my apartment I could have done worse! This place is super fun, if small. Honestly though, if it was bigger it would be overtaken by douche bags so I say “Jumbo, don’t you ever change”.

  347. Donald R.

    Love it… Best place to go before a night out in Hollywood. No nudity but good atmosphere and hot chicks. Never knew what the hype was about until I stepped in. And yes it’s free! Only downside, is that it fits roughly 30 people… aka its small.

  348. Margs K.

    Being a woman, I was worried I would feel uncomfortable but, happily, I ended up having a lot of fun here! Because there’s no nudity, Jumbo’s attracts an upscale, hipster crowd, and dancers with small chests and college degrees who actually seem to enjoy themselves. Some of the pole tricks they did were amazing, and I liked how each dancer had an individual style and chose music that reflected this – everything from ’80s rock to Amy Winehouse to obscure punk rock tracks that I didn’t recognize.Drinks took forever to get, but they were inexpensive, and I liked the low-pressure, dive bar scene – Although, if you’re going to come to Jumbo’s, be sure to bring some $ and tip all of the dancers! My friend and I were only tipping $2-3 for every dance but compared to some of the people, who were not tipping the dancers at all or tipping only occasionally, we were practically the evening’s high-rollers. Considering that there isn’t a cover charge, you’re just being cheap, if you aren’t tipping for the entertainment.

  349. Basak A.

    There’s only one thing to say about this place: BAD ATTITUDE. The dancers were ok, they were not great but we tipped them well, but beware of that RUDE BLONDE WAITRESS with a terrible attitude. She treats you like you’re not a paying customer. I’m sure there are a lot people who will agree with this, SHE’S JUST TERRIBLE. And there are no other waitresses, so that means my friends and I will never go there again. I don’t know who hired her, but it was a big mistake. For the ones who read this, just go to another strip bar/ club where you will be treated nicely. We’re customers, we don’t deserve this BS.

  350. Mandy H.

    I’m kind of becoming a regular here. It’s just so much fun.

  351. anthony1

    The show and girls were great, but management was cold and unpleasant. The owner made us feel uncomfortable and was a total a hole. We were there for a girls night and he ruined it by making assumptions of our party. The place was small and uneventful like its management. Don’t recommend you going there.

  352. Ed C.

    Fight night.Pre-heat.Where?Jumbo’s!Shots. Beers.Chicks.Tamales.Wait… what?Tamales. Cuanto?Diez, por favor.Veinte.Gracias.Nom… nom… nom…Fight! Pacquiao!What now?Jumbo’s!Good times…

  353. Stephanie M.

    You have to go here. At least once. And in my opinion, if you have a sense of humor and hate the usual scene, you will be back often. Jumbo’s is not a strip club per se, as in the girls keep on their clothes, mostly. Each one is very unique and has a kind of shtick. The drinks are a little weak, and sometimes the bar service is slightly lacking (do NOT ever piss them off, or be with someone who does, they will remember you forever), but I always go back!

  354. Paul L.

    Happy MILF’s Day! Did my part on mother’s day and supported single moms by donating as many $1 bills as possible.

  355. danielson

    Awesome place ! First time there had a great time . I tried going a few weeks ago but the line was an hour wait to get in so i figured its not worth it so i left but boy was i wrong. Came back on a sunday and wow jumbos has great talent on that stage I tipped my whole check to these amazing ladies worth it . Now my rent wont ger paid but im happy!

  356. Stephy S.

    There is in fact a shemanfemalething that works here and she picks up dollars with her ass cheeks! What the hell more could you want in a strip bar?!It is ghetto fab for sure here and like one of the reviews mentioned, if you are here to get turned on, newp, go somewhere else. But if you wanna roll out with a few friends and the mission is shits n giggles, then this is a good bet. There is one girl that works there(I hope she still does) named Lola or bunnygirl as we like to call her(as she has playboy bunny tats on the back of her calves) and she is quite hot. In fact, save a few bucks on the not so hot ones and toss them at her and the shemalethingamajiggywithit.Good fun and silly times for all!Also parking can be a nightmare, so you are better off just using the valet at the restaurant next door.

  357. Jason L.

    I miss the old Jumbos. When it was really a dive bar, and the dancers were a little rough looking. Now since it’s been cleaned up all these new hiptsers and young kids have taken over. It’s still a great place to go, but the prices have gone up and the dancers have become money hungry. It was one of the last great watering holes.

  358. Jen S.

    BEST BAR I HAVE EVER BEEN TO IN LOS ANGELES! Seriously everyone, it was AWESOME.Now, this place claims to be a “strip club”, but the dancers do not strip; they don’t get naked. However, they turned me on WAY MORE than the fully nude women that were gyrating in my lap hours before. Here is why: the women at Jumbo’s are way more attractive, and they express themselves very well on stage. It was obvious to me that some of them have taken dance before. Also, they had some crazy pole skills. But seeing them in lingerie was a nice little tease versus just seeing them all in the nude. Some of these women were very elegant, but most were like a cross between the Suicide Girls and Betty Page with a touch of goth and grunge. I really liked this!There is no entry fee! The drinks were very good, and reasonably priced. The people there seemed like a bunch of hipsters. Not my crowd, but this place was still awesome. There is lots of clown and circus memorabilia on the walls which gives this place a creepy/pervert/vintage feel, and I totally approved. I mean, clowns are in fact sex fiends. My only complaint was the douche who kept walking by and telling us not to take photos. Neither my friend or myself had cameras or phones out. We were just sitting there, literally. We couldn’t figure out why this idiot kept harassing us with no reason. I think he was drunk. He was off balance and kept walking into people. Idiot. But this place was SWEET and I will go back next time I am in LA.

  359. Stelly C.

    What a strange night I thought I was gonna have. A friend wanted to celebrate his birthday at Sizzler in a red suit, a la Anthony Bourdain/Roy Choi K-town style. Everybody thought he was joking but he was serious, and definitely serious about heading to Jumbo’s afterwards. Thankfully his red suit plan failed.I’ve never been to a strip club before (and never had any interest) and although Jumbo’s technically isn’t (no nudity), I had such an effin’ awesome time here!! It erased all my preconceived notions of a seedy strip club. We arrived around 9:45pm and stayed for a few hours. I was quickly carded with no wait (on a weekday). Jumbo’s is a small-ish dive bar/lounge and was filled but not overly crowded with enough seating for everyone who wanted a seat. Dimly lit interior with flattering red lighting illuminating the dancers bodies. The stage had adequate space for the dancers to move, a back wall mirror and ceiling mirror. You should look up at the ceiling mirror during some of the pole moves…breathtaking!Sure, most people think it doesn’t require any brains to ‘show off your body’ but this definitely required creativity, hard work, and skill. Most of the dancers put on great performances and really showed off their pole talent but there were a few dancers that were disinterested/ lackluster and not good at the pole/had few pole moves. One girl was really distracted/awful- lots of pauses, standing still, constantly fixated on something that was going on off stage, and stopped dancing before her song finished but remained standing on stage. It was pretty awkward. Another girl, thin and the tallest blonde, was dancing sooo fast it was making me feel disoriented and you couldn’t really see/appreciate her moves. A friend joked that she was ‘angry dancing’. The girls were mostly in good shape and the consensus among my guy friends was that none were smoking hot. There were about 3 really good dancers and one was my favorite. She had shoulder length dark hair (black hair?), shorter in height, wearing shimmery lace bra and panties with glitter platforms. She was the most sensual dancer and absolutely MESMERIZING to watch. Her body moved like poetry and her pole talent was the best! We all agreed she was amazing. I wish I knew her name but I ran into her on my way out and told her she was awesome and my favorite. The crowd was mostly young-ish, some cute hipsters, a few couples, and a few older men here and there. There were some gawkers sitting at the railing but that aside, it was a fun energetic vibe. Didn’t notice any creepy behavior and badass music soared from the jukebox all night. SO MUCH FUN! Loved giving away my dollars! Yep, I’m hooked and def coming back.

  360. Kyndall P.

    The dancing scene in LA leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, but at least I feel comfortable going here with loved ones from all walks of life. The girls here can actually dance. Some are better at working the pole than others but isn’t that everywhere? Definitely a great place to go to unwind, enjoy some good strong drinks (they definitely don’t skimp on the liquor) and enjoy the dancers doing what they do without the need of enough plastic to generate 1,000,000 barbies.

  361. Sarah D.

    Let me begin by saying that my boyfriend and I are both perplexed by the fact that in such a liberal state, the rules of the “strip” clubs here is odd. I grew up in the bible belt, where you’re allowed to have nudity and alcohol all in the same bar. Being in LA and not being able to find that readily is very strange. However, I’ve been to bikini bars in LA before, and well, they have sucked. Like the one on La Brea near Sunset. All the girls are stumbling on the stage and really pushy to get you to buy something. Very annoying when you just want to ambiance of sexiness.Clown is awesome! The girls are, for the most part, very attractive and fun to watch. I went for my birthday just the other day with a group consisting of both guys and girls and we all had a great time. They all bought me a lap dance from this chic who was both absolutely gorgeous and fun and intelligent at the same time. As a straight woman who appreciates women for their beauty and integrity, this is a great bar to go to for a good time. It’s more like a sexy burlesque (which is oddly hard to find in LA) mixed in with a fantastic dive bar. It’s a place I would be willing to go back to time and time again with friends, or just my boyfriend, or even just myself to have a good time!

  362. Ryan J.

    So yeah, I’ve been to my fair share of strip clubs in my day, although I generally steer clear of them now (unless I happen to be in Vegas). But nothing could quite prepare me for this. My girlfriend and I were trying to think of something interesting to do, and she proposed Jumbo’s Clown Room. I’m from LA, but I’d never even heard of it (I generally avoid Hollywood nightlife like the plague). So we were off.You walk into a dingy bar that’s crowded with a crazy variety of people. And a crazy variety of dancers. Everything from a freakshow to fantastically hot girls. Such a weird joint. Such a weird crowd. Such a weird show. Not really geared towards being sexy… more like a burlesque show.Highlight of the night was my girlfriend making it rain on top of a hot dancer. Priceless.Good drinks, rowdy crowd, crazy atmosphere. Right out of Fear and Loathing. It’s a unique Hollywood establishment… ain’t nothing else like it out there. If you haven’t been, you should experience it… just make sure that you walk in open-minded, because you never know what the next act is going to bring!I’m giving 4 stars for being unique, and a fun place to have a couple of beers and people-watch.

  363. hello y.

    You know times are tough when the same girl is Marilyn Monroe outside Grauman’s Chinese by day and bikini bar dancer/comedian by night.You don’t go to Jumbo’s for hot girls. You come for the show.

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