Paper Doll Lounge



3221 Wilkinson Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28208


35.2237129, -80.893682




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Paper Doll Lounge

  1. hy
  2. BBK
  3. Boris
  4. Milfs

    This place wasn’t my first choice for tonight’s outing, but the original destination wasn’t open. So, the next closest place that came up was Paper Doll Lounge. I actually passed another place, Club Nikki’s but I could tell by the volume of the music outside the building, that I wasn’t in the mood for that atmosphere. So, I proceeded to the Paper Doll. Now, I left my hotel room about 12:30am on a Thursday, so I did not arrive during peak hours. But I was greeted cordially at the door, the girl at the front counter was nice and a knockout. I went to the bar and got my usual red bull and water for $7, which is cheap compared to what I’m used to. A dancer greeted me at the bar and didn’t strike me as my usual preferred type, but she was very attractive and very sweet, so we sat down and chatted a bit. Eventually she told me how the club worked and we proceeded to the VIP. I was more than happy with the performance. Table dances were $10, VIP were $25, and the Champagne room was $100 for 15 min. As for the rest of the club, it was a large club but rather quiet, likely due to my arrival after 1am on a weeknight. But there were at least a half dozen girls there, all reasonably attractive, and more than enough for the number of patrons, maybe a dozen or so. I would like to see what this club is like on a busy night and would definitely return.

  5. Sara

    Love the PDL, I had a blast ladies. Everyone was very nice to me and made me feel comfortable to be there, unlike the other clubs I’ve been to in this town.

  6. Walt


  7. Barry
  8. Kenny

    Would never go back!

  9. Skippy
  10. adam

    no it hasn’t

  11. Louis

    This place rocks!!!!!!

  12. John Boy

    This will always be the best topless club in the Queen City.

  13. Dustin

    Great club and reasonable drink prices. It’s always a plus when people are paying $4 a gallon for gas.

  14. Joe

    To all the haters of pdl, you dont realize even NEGITIVE reviews are a positive thing. you are just bringing more attention to the club,where people will want to come and check it out themselves.i have to say the only other club in charlotte that is nice with pretty women is mens club…and thats if you want to sit and pay 20 for a BULLshit dance and get pressured to spend 200+ on a bottle of champagne.Pdl has the prettiest girls in charlotte, and are so down to earth and NOT stuck up by ANY means.Look at ALL the negitive attention Brittany Spears is getting …..and yet she is STILL selling MILLIONS!!!Could it be possibly you didnt like the place, bc you were broke,,and the girls wouldnt settle for a 5 dollar table dance,,,,HAHHAHAHAHHAHA.peace and love to all the staff at pdl…one of the BEST clubs in CHARLOTTE

  15. GH
  16. suthrn gent

    new management is great. I love the atmosphere of this club. New VIP lounge and private dance area is great!

  17. Krull
  18. Imus


  19. Harold

    Club needs better talent!

  20. FJ

    was kinda lame not much going on but it was a slow night had 2 dances from different girls one i cant remeber her name but she was ok the other was desire she smelled like realy bad body odor no deodorant or perfume she stunk i had to leave before i got sick

  21. happycust
  22. Benson

    This club is great!! There is a high variety to please any man. Let’s get real, every guy doesn’t get turned on by the same kind of women everytime. This club gives you a choice. That’s why I love this place.

  23. slim

    man this club has really gone downhill i used to go in every week a few years ago when they had 123 night on thursdays…..i guess the new owners really drug this place down…so disapointing…will not be back:(

  24. Mick
  25. Edward

    I visit regularly and I’m never disappointed, I’ll be back again reguardless of what I read on this site.

  26. Pete
  27. Chad

    Why do guys go to bars??? To have hot bartenders give them a buzz. To me it’s a perk not nullifying reason to not get my business.

  28. Rick
  29. tyt
  30. kk
  31. rr
  32. Re: Steve

    If it’s so awful, then why do you keep coming back? They have more reviews than all the other clubs in Charlotte. So it’s obviously not bad at all. Shut the hell up to the competing clubs that write reviews.

  33. rob
  34. Robbie


  35. Deke
  36. Manny


  37. Paul

    good times day & night. everyone is nice at this club, check it out!

  38. Freddy


  39. William

    Downright skanky!!!

  40. Nick

    I agree. This is the worst club around.

  41. ronny

    for my first time to a club i was real impressed with everything. i like the girls that gave me a dance and look forward to coming back real soon, thanks for a great time

  42. andrew
  43. Re: Drew

    PDL is one of the top 3 clubs in Charlotte. If you’re calling it a dump, then what do you call EVERY MAL in Charlotte? PDL is a 5-star resort compared to those clubs. Check your facts before you post negative remarks.

  44. derrin
  45. Juwan

    Not a club I would ever visit again.

  46. Davman

    Beats the hell out of the Mens Club.May be the best club in town.

  47. Tim

    Wow, this club is really old and the women there are FUGLY!

  48. Donald

    Girls at another club reccomended this one and they were dead on! Awesome girls and lots of variety. Julia you have made lasting memories for me! Hottest body I have seen in a long time! The long hair, eyewear and the tightest, hottest legs I have ever seen or felt! Check her out for yourselves! PDL Rocks!

  49. jack daniels

    keep driving to a club in a safer area….too many junkies around

  50. Mack

    This place is still rockin’! I love this club!!!!

  51. dererk
  52. agree with don

    i have to totally agree with Don!!!this is sooo very true!

  53. Peter

    Where have all the good girls gone?

  54. goodtimes

    had a great time .

  55. Agree

    Agree with the others

  56. Pauly
  57. James

    It’s horrible there.

  58. Lovin it

    For the people with the bad reviews, maybe you should try to spend some money. Then maybe you’ll get the attention that you need. In turn, you’ll love the place like I do.

  59. red
  60. Willie

    this club is a real dump

  61. Ronnie

    Went to three different clubs tonight, PDL was my last stop. I shouldn’t have wasted my time at the other places, because it was pretty dead all over Charlotte. PDL wasn’t that busy either, but I had the best time out of all the other clubs tonight.

  62. Bugatado41

    Katy get’s my “10” vote.

  63. xxx

    club sucks

  64. Joey

    Club is safe, clean, and the management has great customer service. Entertainers are friendly. Check out Sunshine, Katie, or Monica.

  65. Frank
  66. To the haters

    To the ex-employees and haters that have a bad time for being cheap asses. This club will be here with negative opinions or great reviews, it really doesn’t matter. It was the first topless club in this town and will probably outlast all the others. SO GET OVER IT!!!!

  67. paulie

    rat infested hell hole

  68. POP
  69. dert
  70. ThisPlaceSucks

    Paperdoll is the worst place you can go to in Charlotte. Management is very, very bad to girls. Girls show how pissed they are too.

  71. Shooter

    Still sh***y after all these years.

  72. strip club pro

    stopped thru last weekend and loved it!!i love blondes and there was quite a few HOT blondes there….Dezi(my fav),sunshine,sky and a few i cant remember there names. great bodies and great attitudes.this club has a great laid back feel and the prices for liquor are the best i have seen in a LONG time.thanks girls,,,and next time i am in charlotte i will be BACK!!

  73. Tommy


  74. Terrance

    Overall: reasonable drink prices, awesome interior, and a large variety of dancers. I had a great time tonight!

  75. sugardaddy

    true definition of sexy southern hospitality

  76. strip club fanatic

    this club is one of the best in charlotte,the girls here are very down to earth and dont have their heads stuck up their asses like some strip clubs here that are on steriods.a few of the best dancers are dezi and envy.dezi is one of the most nicest and down to earth girls there.not to mention she gives the BEST dance… guys grab her up when you see her…bc she stays occupied…lol

  77. Jared

    My first time going and had a blast. I will definetly be back to see the hot ladies. I can’t wait!

  78. Dylan

    The women here are smokin’ hot!!!!!!!!!

  79. Lauren

    go to the Uptown Cabaret – much better club

  80. Bob
  81. Mr. Smith

    PDL = Pretty Damn Lousy

  82. Tony

    The girls here know how to blow.

  83. Johnny

    April is really HOT’ I agree.

  84. ATL

    Dropped in for a quick drink and stayed all night. I had such a great time! I’m thinking about moving to charlotte because of this club.

  85. Rhadford C.

    This place is the shit; when it’s crackin. Has a nice, big, setting. They give great lapdances. You pretty much, can touch, most of the girls. The bouncers really don’t trip. They play good music in there. I got like 10 lapdances, in there, one night. They really put it on ya, in there. They also did something , that I have never seen any stripclub do before. During, some part of the night, the strippers bring most of the custumers up on stage, and you can slow dance with the strippers. I thought that was really COOL, creative, and different. Most of the strippers in there are white, and have some booty. I was impressed

  86. Dave

    I went last week and had a great time. The dancers are fun down to earth girls. It’s hard to find women like that in other clubs and bars.

  87. Club Hoppin'

    Overall, still the best in town!!!!

  88. wendy
  89. Scott
  90. re:

    Yes they schedule and fine the dancers, but how can you run your business without entertainers? They make it manditory to work 4 days a week so customers have something to watch. If a dancer has a problem with that, then let her go get a normal job and see how long they let her work WHEN SHE WANTS TO WORK. She’s be fired in a day! If you are such a smart business man, then hire the stupid bitch to work for you!

  91. Jay

    I love this place, I don’t care what about anyone else’s opinion.

  92. Brandon

    This place is awesome, they have down-to-earth women, who don’t have their head stuck up their ass, and they always make sure people have a good time. That’s why they’ll always be in business.

  93. Elmore


  94. Corey
  95. Xirim


  96. Absolutely...


  97. re
  98. Seth
  99. pablo

    love that april ohhh

  100. Darren

    it sucks

  101. Charles

    I always get treated great, but that’s because I’m a good tipper. If you take good care of the bartenders and dancers, you’ll never be ignored or treated poorly.

  102. ter
  103. Ollie
  104. Bart

    I had alot of fun and will definetly be back for more!

  105. Matt


  106. george
  107. Skip

    This club is not bad but not great. Just average.

  108. ww
  109. David

    This club sucks ass!

  110. ret
  111. fun4two

    If you love a good drink be nice to Michell behind the bar

  112. Friendly

    Always feel welcomed and appreciated when I visit. I’m in town once a month on business, the dancers remember me as if I’m in there every night. You can’t get any friendlier than the Paper Doll Lounge.

  113. Harrold


  114. Jerry

    Still the best customer service in Charlotte.

  115. Kim

    Still the best club in Charlotte. The dancers made sure my boyfriend and I had fun all night. They even got me up on stage to strip for my man. He loved it ladies, thank you!!!

  116. Andy


  117. Sean


  118. Raymond

    Good variety of women, great music, and fun atmosphere. You can never go wrong with this place!!!

  119. re: LMAO

    a real man doesn’t say or doesn’t use the term LMAO! so quite hating cause you can’t get your job back!

  120. Wayne

    I won’t go back to this place. Very gross.

  121. PA man

    nice girls in a relaxed and friendly vibe. Now I know why they’ve stayed in business so long. I’ll definetly go back my next visit to charlotte.

  122. paperdollsucks
  123. Full of it!!!

    to lmao: no guy has been fired from this club, that didn’t deserve it.

    to Bob: yes some girls have tits and some don’t, but some guys want big ones & some want small ones. They want to provide alittle bit of everything for everyone!

  124. Patrick

    I love this place!!!

  125. de
  126. JC

    The girls here know how to put on a show.

  127. tr
  128. beer drinker

    I think the people that say it sucks, rate it on the girls that wouldn’t go home with them. This is not a whore house, it’s a topless bar. If you spend money, it’s a hell of a good time any day. So what are you getting at the clubs that you think don’t suck?

  129. Dane

    A good variety of polite entertainers and reasonably priced drinks. The weekdays has its ups and downs, but friday and saturday night, it’s always a high-energy party.

  130. BeerDrinker

    save your money and go elsewhere

  131. jr
  132. wy
  133. Critic

    If you don’t have fun here, there is something seriously wrong with you. I love this place!!!

  134. Jimmy

    still the best bar in town!!!

  135. ed
  136. John


  137. Jill

    The PDL is a whorehouse!

  138. sucks


  139. Gary


  140. Ray

    Awesome club to hang-out and relax at!!

  141. Rex

    Still sucks! Who would want to spend $ here?

  142. Bryan

    Best club in town!!!!

  143. Boston Guy

    I love this club, they always have the friendliest women, when I come into town.

  144. strip club critic


  145. Kyle


  146. Troy

    This place rocks!!!!

  147. Jim

    friendly atmosphere with friendly entertainers, you can’t go wrong. Check it out for yourself!

  148. dogma

    PDL used to be great; not anymore

  149. Officer
  150. BBKingster

    The club was packed! Lots to look at!

  151. Cory


  152. Ozzie

    best topless club in the city.

  153. re:johnny

    really johnny…go to carosael, leather and lace, and just about half the other clubs in charlotte, and then tell me its the worst

  154. Walter
  155. Not very accurate!

    This is one of the best clubs in Charlotte. Employees from other clubs that are hurting for business, need to stay off of this website. Even if a couple people didn’t like the club, there are 50 other people that had a great time. Out of the fifty that did, they think this website is full of shit. So I seriously think your negative review is going to shut down this bar.

  156. Jon

    Went with a buddy soon to be married and he had a great time… Low cost to get him on stage for bachelor fun and the girls really had a field day with him. Girls were hot and busy.

  157. mike
  158. king
  159. Good times

    This is a great club! It’s even better if you’re polite and want to have fun, the girls will make sure you do. But if you come in the door being an ass**** to everyone, you don’t deserve to have a good time!!!!

  160. rf
  161. Roger
  162. Derrick

    Love this bar, never hear anything bad whenever I’m in this place. So the negative reviews aren’t from actual customers. That proves that this website is bull….

  163. tricks are 4 kids

    Paris and alexix…..good for extras on the side …inside or outside the

    club…maybe even 4 free if u got what they are looking for

  164. Scott L
  165. Wilt
  166. darry
  167. Wesley

    Not a very good club.

  168. Eddie

    This is the best club I’ve been to in a long time.

  169. Hal
  170. Vonnie


  171. D

    Lovin’ it!

  172. Lonnie


  173. mindy

    overall a very good experience

  174. Bobby
  175. Kimmy
  176. clubhopper

    only been a couple times, but every visit gets better and better. Employees actually remember my name, it’s like cheers “one big happy family”.

  177. Harry


  178. MT
  179. Buddy

    PDL is a nice club with a few very attractice dancers. The service is good and atmosphere is very laid back.

  180. Bubba

    This place rocks, had a blast with my friends. I’ll be back every weekend.

  181. Tom

    This is my favorite bar in Charlotte. Overall good people, drink specials, and fun entertainers.

  182. Vince

    My first time going and hated it. I will definetly not be back to see the nasty skanks.

  183. fred
  184. jj
  185. TW
  186. improvement

    this club has improved lately

  187. Martin
  188. Don

    This club is great.

  189. KL
  190. Glen
  191. jim jones

    Club sucks….hated it won’t be back

  192. Quince


  193. Tyler

    Overall, it’s a GREAT club to hang-out.

  194. Ned

    I agree, the place smells bad! Odor is horrible!

  195. Sam

    Best club in town!!!!

  196. Yori


  197. freddie
  198. Kevin

    Managers are clueless.

  199. Bad

    You know a club is bad when reviews resort to talking up the bartenders.

  200. nc guy

    good fun with a bunch of new girls. go see for yourself! i enjoyed it, friendly staff!!!!

  201. Mark
  202. Michael

    My first visiting and was very impressed. The bartender was HOT and the dancers were very friendly.

  203. HJ
  204. randy
  205. Robert

    this club is really, really nasty

  206. Judy

    I went in to the club for a few drinks and was treated poorly. The service was very slow. I guess this club does not welcome women customers.

  207. Bruce

    Agree with Albert!

  208. Drew

    This place has become a dump.

  209. big man

    it was nice an peacefully

  210. Chris

    The bartenders are hot as hell!!!!!!!

  211. Nice guy

    This place treats everyone well, unless you’re rude, then you suffer the same concequences as every other club enforces. Oh, for the fugly remark: Are you a super-model? You’re probably fugly yourself, that’s why you have to pay girls to talk to you. Here’s something to think about, maybe the kind of girl you think is hot, doesn’t want to dance for your desperate ass. So just appreciate the girls that work every night, and have to take the harassment and criticism. They still show up so you can stare at their breasts all night, because you don’t have game enough to get a girl at a regular night club.

  212. Rudy
  213. Henry

    This club needs serious improvement.

  214. Hater

    Are we supposed to listen to a skank stripper who cannot spell the word NEGATIVE? Club still sucks! But since the NEGATIVE reviews are so good for business, you will not mind, will you?

  215. Johnson

    Best drink prices for a topless bar. Friendly girls and a fun party crowd on the weekends.

  216. Carl

    This is a very boring place!

  217. er
  218. Richard


  219. op
  220. BRIAN
  221. Spender

    I love this bar, definetly agree with the hospitality comment below.

  222. Sunny California!!!!!

    Went to 3 clubs in NC on my trip to the east coast. This place was by far the BEST club out of the 3, in my opinion.

  223. HT
  224. rt
  225. Marcus

    this club is a waste of time

  226. Eric
  227. Jodi
  228. stripclubpro
  229. Hottie
  230. babydoll
  231. Mel

    Overall, it’s lousy.

  232. dg
  233. Phillip

    This club sucks folks!

  234. LT

    Do yourself a favor, go anywhere else for a better time.

  235. ee
  236. Jeff

    Once again, had a great time last weekend. I’ll be back soon, keep up the good work guys.

  237. Lori

    The dancers are skanky!

  238. Greg

    Friendliest bar in town, now I know why they’ve stayed in business for so long.

  239. fez
  240. DJ

    Loved it!!!!!!

  241. Arnold

    Wow, this place is nasty. Should have read these reviews before I went.

  242. drug addict

    woooooooooooohoooooooooooooo bring on the drugs.lmao

  243. Ubor


  244. LMAO?


  245. Omar


  246. Steve
  247. brad


  248. rc
  249. ty
  250. Thomas

    Thank you for a wonderful night PDL. This is the best laid-back club in Charlotte.

  251. Zack


  252. verne
  253. gg
  254. uy
  255. Rich

    I felt like I was in another world. Relaxation doesn’t even come close to describe this place. I’ll be back whenever I get the chance.

  256. Daniel

    I enjoy myself everytime I visit. The only negative thing I ever hear, is how cheap the guys have been, but I hear this at Uptown and Men’s club too. That doesn’t make the club bad, it makes the consumers look bad. So why should I believe anything bad said on this website?

  257. Craig

    This club is full of uptight hookers!

  258. frt
  259. Norm


  260. kkk

    i agree club bites

  261. dd
  262. Gregory

    loved it, great party atmosphere on Friday and Saturday!

  263. Hank
  264. Allen Walters

    it was ok

  265. pole
  266. NeverAgainMaybe

    It sucked. The tip out sucked. The girls sucked….customers were gross…Vip is gross… Champange room Aka Slut room is alright if ur trying to finger a girl and rub her tits…I saw one girl…blonde hair on top and black on bottom…..she was pregnat…Alot! I forgot her stupid name. Stuck up girls…gross managers..It only gets busy around 12 am

  267. Kelly
  268. Chip
  269. Neil

    Too many hookers and escorts in this club!

  270. LMAO

    the only positive comments left on this forum MUST be from the managers or dancers that are trying to save face. im sure 98 percent of the dancers probably dont even know how to work a computer. if anyone else leaves a positive comment for this club it would probably be one of the guys that “drunk” off their topshelf liquor that is sprayed out of a hose??????yeah ok….rEdNEck!!!!…and this guy was so drunk he thought the fat chick was skinny….LMAO

  271. bobbi

    best club in charlotte

  272. LOVED IT


  273. To hater:

    I didn’t realize this was a spelling bee. If you read further down on the review page. Most of the negative remarks have some mispunctuation and misspelling. Who the hell cares, you’re still an asshole! How am I a skank striper when my name is Joe. As a customer, I have the right to state my opinion. Sorry you’re an ass, but maybe that’s why you get treated like shit every club you go to.

  274. Al
  275. Todd

    This could is great if you are blind!

  276. jp
  277. Lenny

    Great club, they’re even building an exclusive members VIP lounge. I can’t wait to see the finished results. It’s supposed to be open for race week. Go check it out for yourself.

  278. Albert

    STAY AWAY from this place. Do yourself a favor and go to Uptown or Men’s Club. There are some girls here with really BAD personal hygiene.

  279. Matthew

    The women here are wannabes! Could not get a job at any other club in town.

  280. tt
  281. Timothy

    they treat everyone with the same respect they show them!

  282. o iuv by
  283. Larry

    I always have a blast, I’ve never been disappointed.

  284. Jamby

    I usually do not get there until 9 and leave by 11. It is laid back which I like.

    The quality of girl runs the scale. Generally friendly though. I usually see

    the same couple of girls. One is is always a turn on for me. Gives as good

    a dance as anyone in the club given the rules in the couch room. Overall

    rating a 6.0.

  285. Jack

    I think that the club is much better than it was a few months ago, they have improved.

  286. Big Al

    Blue collar club. No frills. Cold Beer!

  287. Dennis

    Without a doubt the best topless bar in Charlotte. I’m from Dallas,Texas and it’s pretty hard to impress me when it comes to topless bars. I will definetly be back my next trip.

  288. Todd and Kim

    We had a great time at this club last night! Katie was a bunch of fun and made us feel special. We will be back.

  289. Kurt

    Bad club.

  290. billy

    GREAT CLUB>great girls>great music>


    uhhhhhhh duhhhhhhhhhh we been around so long …plenty of clubs in the usa have been around for a long ass time doesnt meant that they are good have to accomodate the dancers and the customers and always think one step ahead…think outside the box.people strive on change and new things.if so it would run paper doll from a one star to a five star.first dont put the dam dancers on a schedule…are you pimping or promoting a stripclub…why do you think they dance in the first place…the majority are single mothers and quite a few are in school.every club in charlotte doesnt require schedules and they always have plenty of girls to go around…including fresh new faces which customes like to come back to see new girls and not be hounded by the same smelly skanks day in and day out…thats why only a vast gastonia rednecks regular the club!!this club could be better then uptown and mensclub put together,,but because jason is running his business into the ground by making up rules and fines as he goes along and fining every bitch about petty dumb shit …just shows how bad the club is REALLY doing…if he cant even take care of the girls that MAKE him money…when his business is shitty he takes it out on the girls with dumb ass fines…this shows his complete lack of business skills and show how money hungry he really is.he wouldnt have to do those things if he would just think outside the box…but i guess thats what you get from an uneducated redneck!!!!

  292. Perry


  293. Ron

    Overall, still the worst club in town.

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