The Men’s Club of Charlotte



444 Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC 28217


35.16063, -80.886421




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Men’s Club of Charlotte

  1. get a life officer

    lol to officer, either you have no life to know so many details about the club,,,or you must be a high class hooker that works there

  2. Tony

    Over-rated, not worth the money!

  3. Laszlo

    I was just there a few days ago!Well i have to say :The doorman who lead me to my table was polite treated me like a king! The food is excellent and not expensive at all!

    The girles , well :just like everywhere, you can find what you like! And if you dont have a hundred bucks to burn dont go to a place like this! Dont care abaut why the girles are there and dont try to be there boyfriend!Just take it as a simple bussiness transaction!

    I had a good time there, if im in town again i will visit this club again!

  4. joe

    first time will be back i liked it a lot

  5. Rick

    I really enjoyed meeting Joy and Myra. Both are very hot and sexy.

  6. Mark
  7. Andrew H.

    Have been here twice. Both times I was forced to pay for breakfast even though I didn’t want it. Both times they refused to actually give me the breakfast after I paid for it. Keep in mind, we’re talking about a bunch of powdered eggs here. Not exactly a five course meal at the Ritz. Also keep in mind most patrons are spending a few hundred dollars apart from the $10 breakfast. Otherwise, generally sub par club. Would avoid at all costs.

  8. Hated it!

    This club is just filled with fake bodied women, to go along with their fake personalities.

  9. fuckery12

    If I had a .5 star system it would probably be 2.5.. I came here after the club to get some of their “amazing” breakfast… And since I was there might as well see what they offer entertainment wise.It was actually a let down. I believe some other venues had a more worthy note and memorable moments for me, but this one wasn’t. The food was okay, I honestly do say that it is really over hyped. Or I think it was just whoever came here were drunk.And what really surprised me was that there was no pole dancing! For a club like this, and no pole? Interesting. I think this is probably the first and last time I come here because it was over priced and honestly, I felt it wasn’t worth my while.

  10. Lori

    All-around great club!

  11. AllRoundNC

    I was out there last night (SAT) watching a UFC fight on Couple’s Night (Meet & Greet). Overall, my wife and I had a good time. We had dinner. I had a club sandwich and my wife ordered a chicken and rice dinner. The food prices were reasonable and the food tasted great. Our 1st waitress was OUTSTANDING… the 2nd was sub-par. The drinks were expensive but strong (so can’t complain about that) and their shots were TOO EXPENSIVE and tasted like KoolAid (not sure how that is possible if I ordered a shot w/ Vodka). The rum shots were extremely weak too. Each shot was $20 bucks… there is no excuse why I should not be able to taste the alcohol. It was slow (few customers) until mid way through the fight. I was very impressed with the fact that they didn’t repeat girls on the stage the entire 5 hours we were there. All of the girls were pretty, I’d say 7 to 10s and I’d say 90% had fake boobs. I was very disappointed at the fact that the girls weren’t very social and appeared to stick to their regulars. Oh well… their loss. We managed to get a few dances in and spent the rest of my money on strong drinks. Good enough trade in my opinion. We’d go back again.

  12. Kevin
  13. Joe Crandall

    Awesome babes

  14. Nick

    Men’s Club is great. I had a great time last night. Food is also excellent.

  15. stripclubpro

    The hottest chicks I have seen.

  16. Kyle

    Wow, this place is great all the way around!

  17. GarryWas

    This is the best club anywhere! I travel the county and I’ve been to plenty. But ever since I stepped into The Men’sClub in Charlotte, I can’t go to another one. They spoiled me. I even try to make long layovers in Charlotte just so I can go. Food is really good. And they might even make something not in the menu. ( I really wanted a grilled cheese one night). Management is awesome. Very friendly. Waitress was wonderful. Ask for Heidi. I never have an empty glass. She takes care of me like I am her only customer. She’ll do the same for you. Dancers are beautiful. All of them. Really cannot go wrong. I am particular to Gia. She’s awesome. Don’t just stay downstairs. Spend some money and try the upstairs. It’s worth it. Try to go on the third Wednesday of the month. It’s half price bottles upstairs. Best deal ever!!!Best club in Charlotte or anywhere.

  18. eddyL

    By far one of the best strip clubs ever. Extremely classy and upscale, the only strip club I’ve been to in the country (I’ve been to a lot) where the majority of girls are attractive. Every flavor that can appeal to every man’s fantasy, a perfect place to find exactly what you’re looking for. You get the best of the best here, and as a bonus they have excellent food. Better than Vegas, Miami, and California, definitely one of the top adult entertainment establishments around.

  19. Todd W.

    So…considering the wife has now written her review I think that allows me to write mine :). Went here for a business lunch a few months ago and was leery of it for obvious reasons. Drove up to the place with my colleagues and the place was packed for lunch. Paid the $10 cover which was for the lunch and was seated at the table in the back of the room near the food. Food was great and what I had heard about it prior was backed up by the food I ate…one of the best buffets in town (food wise…ha). Service was spot on and non intrusive.You’ll see everything here. Women and men meeting for business. Guys in suits indulging in the “non-food buffet” and pretty ladies. Overall…great spot Charlotte, though I have nothing to compare it to in town. . For info on that I’ll need to continue to read Jay R’s reviews! ha.

  20. barry
  21. Tim

    This club is a rip-off. Everything is overpriced and the women are all smoking some sort of narcotic. Don’t waste your time!

  22. tts
  23. StripClub431

    This is one of the better clubs in Charlotte; I would say for the best quality girls vs. price. The girls here are good to above average in looks. There are very few tattoos here. Safe to go alone here and they will valet your car if you want.They have several stages and the headliner for the current song will be front and center. There are at least 2-3 other small stages where they rotate every song. This is one of the best in Charlotte, quality girls at the fairest prices. They are friendly here but they usually ask you if you want a dance before sitting at your table. They won’t spend time with you here if you aren’t willing to spend some money. These aren’t the fun type girls… they are obviously there for one thing and that’s to drain your pockets.Lunch here is great, it’s a 4-5 star quality meal for a reasonable price… it’s very hard to leave here and return to work though. The girls are very polite and won’t bother you during lunch unless you specifically ask for them.FYI: No smoking in any bar or restaurant anywhere in North Carolina. If they have a drink special it has to last all day… no happy hours. Sorry but it’s NC law.

  24. rr
  25. David
  26. f
  27. Joy

    I really enjoyed a night at the MC!

  28. Brandon
  29. Jordan

    I had a great time at MC this week. Gorgeous women and great food!

  30. Officer (continued)

    club serves food, which I didn’t try; safe club in a safe location; TOPLESS ONLY club, all girls dance TOPLESS ONLY, girls wear G-string (T-back) bottoms which show their asses; QUALITY OF GIRLS was probably 7 or 8; most girls were buxom, and some were more petite; approximately 15-20 dancers on Sunday night; 90% of the dancers were white and 10% were black, 1 girl was Asian; almost all girls had big boobs (C cup or bigger), a few girls had D cup boobs, a few girls had smaller (A or B cup) boobs; most of the girls’ boobs were real, but a few were fake; lighting was good; club had a special on Bud Select for $3, other alcoholic drinks were higher, soft drink $3.85; GREAT atmosphere: no pressure to buy drinks or to tip, all girls and staff members were friendly and personable, some girls sat TOPLESS at the tables with customers, which was fun to watch; $1 tips: 1 girl rubbed her bare boobs on my face, the others didn’t have any contact with me and did a 5-10 second mini-dance in exchange for the $1; PRIVATE DANCES are $20/ song, dances are performed TOPLESS only in the main seating area, these are ONE WAY contact dances where girls touch the guys, but guys don’t touch the girls; there is some grinding and some girls rubbed their bare boobs on customers’ faces, dances are VERY OVERPRICED–dances with the same level of contact and same quality are available at Leather and Lace South in Charlotte for $5/ dance and at Uptown Cabaret for $10/ dance, therefore, customers should go to those clubs instead to purchase dances; separate VIP room with extra amenities, which I did not visit; for unlimited VIP room visits, a yearly membership costs $550 and a lifetime membership costs $1000; not sure whether it is possible to visit on a one time only basis and what this costs;

    FINAL RATINGS: (on a scale of 1-10, 1 is the worst and 10 is the best)

    location/ parking: 10

    cover cost: 10 (with coupon), 5 (without coupon)

    drink cost: 8 (alcohol special), 4 (regular priced drinks), 4 (soft drinks)

    lighting: 7

    number of girls: 6 or 7

    quality of girls: 7 or 8

    atmosphere: 10

    facilities: 10

    level of nudity: 5

    service: 2

    safety/ security: 8

    FINAL RATING 8 out of 10

  31. ryan123

    Beware….if you go to this strip club… will get robbed by David, Carlos, or joffe…managers and floor man pimp certain girls out in the club…girls are giving them almost all their money for putting them with a customer and they also overcharge your credit card to their personal benefit…several lawsuits pending due to fraud….be careful….you have been warned!

  32. Dave704

    Upscale & Classy, Great Food, No-Touch Dances

  33. lol
  34. jim
  35. Derrick

    Great time!

  36. Zack

    This place is still full of stuck-up hookers!

  37. Allison

    Came in with my boyfriend and we had a great time! Club is very classy, has good food and a good atmosphere.

  38. Impressed

    I was very impressed with this club. Only one in Charlotte with any class!

  39. ncpimp
  40. fritter17

    Love the place, very friendly staff and definitely the hottest girls in town. Nonpushy girls which is a big plus. Very classy and clean, definitely not your typical strip club. The food is very good and reasonably priced. Check it out, you won’t be sorry!!

  41. laman
  42. dan
  43. Rich


  44. ll cool j
  45. Eric
  46. Disappointment

    The dancers look great, but most of them are dumb-asses. I’ve had better conversations with kids, and may I add, they were smarter than the grown women working at this club.

  47. Kimmy
  48. johnny
  49. ee
  50. Fantastic!!!


  51. PMotorsports

    Went by this place Sunday for the ALL YOU CAN EAT carblegs. Thank god they had food because they had no girls. This place has really gone down hill

  52. Marty

    Best club in Charlotte — BY FAR!!!!

  53. Earl

    MC is great. great food, great managament and a classy place to be entertained by beautiful women.

  54. HT
  55. s

    the best strip club in Charlotte, great atmosphere. very hot gals all wit big boobs(88% are fake)

  56. Eldren

    Men’s Club is awesome!!!

  57. Jon

    The only good thing about this place is the food. Drinks are overpriced and the dancers are hookers. That’s where they meet their sugar daddies. When they suck everything they can out of a customer, they just come back to work to find another idiot that falls for their bullshit.

  58. kg
  59. james1412

    This establishment is definitely worth checking out – it has a 4 star restaurant that’s open until 1am! Not a lot of places have excellent food including prime filet and lobster until that late at night – they also have a beautiful wonderful friendly staff – my favorite waitress is Jen – she’s prompt, courteous – always made sure my drinks were full, and informed me of all the amenities in the place – she was friendly so it was really fun to go into a brand new place and have someone so informative and courteous. I was definitely taken care of in this place and upstairs is amazing – they have a huge wine and champagne selection – vip is classy clean and comfortable. I recommend checking out this place any day/night of the week and make sure you ask for my favorite waitress – Jen – she will make sure you have an awesome amazing time.

  60. Tman

    Great Great Club…been going here for years. Hottest talent, and may girls will

    actually see you outside of the club as well. My picks – Bridgette (Blonde Big

    Fake Boobs), Margarita (Latina Big Fake Boobs), Trisha (Brunette Fake Boobs,

    smoking hot body), Nadia (Gorgeous Brunette, Real Huge Boobs, little saggy but

    nice), and Cherry (Older Chick, Fake Boobs, SMOKIN HOT BODY). Tip them a little

    extra in VIP and you’ll have a great time I promise!

  61. Neal

    The Men’s Club is the only club in town I have visited that has awesome looking girls and a classy atmosphere.

  62. Johnnyboy123

    I went this Wednesday for the $10 buffet and it was pretty good. I knew where the place was so finding it wasn’t hard and parking at a little before noon was easy. Me and a coworker paid and went in, I like the stuffed chairs but it was a waste when I was sitting half out of it to eat.I don’t know if the food changes but this week I saw boneless pork chops, fried chicken, buffalo shrimp, baked salmon and plenty of sides. Dessert bar had cheesecake, fruit, a variety of cookies and more. One note, drinks are not included and they don’t tell you refills are charged the same, we ended up paying an additional $12 for that.The only downsides were that the strippers were quite pushy trying to give overpriced dances ($25) and the dress code was not being enforced, plenty of shorts and tshirts. This will end up being a once a month kinda lunch for us.

  63. matt
  64. mathewater12

    A beautiful, clean establishment with beautiful entertainment. Be sweet to the girls, and they will return the kindness.

  65. nickstrip

    We had to beg girs for lap dances and at the end nobody showed up, service was slow as hell, and all the girls said I’m going upstairs and they never came back. Uptown cabaret it is next time!!!

  66. timmykilla

    Arrived as a single female and was told they’d let me in, but that I was not allowed to talk to any other customers.Rather than take measures to ensure solicitation does not occur without impacting all customers experience (male and female), they’d rather take an all or nothing approach and send an unnecessary message putting the onus onto the customer and negatively impacting their experience. It’s a poor way to run a business and not one I’d choose to spend money at.

  67. Officer

    See my comments on 4/27 and 4/28 for a review of this club.

  68. 69
  69. hillen
  70. Abe

    Alot of really good looking dancers.

  71. Kent

    Men’s Club is my ATF!

  72. Cliff

    Nice Club

  73. James Flowers

    Never been till recently…High class saw some Nascar driver there also

  74. Adam
  75. hkg
  76. Bull

    Good food, horrible drink prices, bitchy women. not recommended at all!!!!!

  77. DrFeelgood

    No doubt this club has some good food. As far as the entertainment…it sux!! Girls are stuck up and snobs.

  78. igor34

    Usually I really like this place and go often BUT I had a rotten experience here last night that has ruined my opinion of this place forever. I went with a friend at night and ordered drinks. I gave a card and ID for my tab and my friend paid for drinks with cash as he got them. At the end of the night My friend checked out and then I paid the bill. I then found out that our waitress was billing my friends drinks to my tab while she’s pocketing cash from my friend.I had to sign for the bill and the manager essentially told me to take a long walk off a short pier. Usually this place quite good but at night it turns to a den of thieves.

  79. Harrison69

    Worst place I’ve ever been to No service or women. I would never come in this place ever again. Women are not attractive and staff is even worse.Beer is almost $8 with no girls in sight. What a joke. This place is the worst place I’ve ever been to and I’ve been all over the world.

  80. Denny

    The Men’s Club is a great club! It’s the only upscale club in the Charlotte area!

  81. Steve
  82. Harry

    Men’s Club is best club in town. The best dancers from other clubs eventually go there to work.

  83. Southern Gent

    The waitress was rude and money hungry. She “accidentally” spilled a glass of

    wine onto my table. The lobster was great! They could have a better variety of


  84. Will

    This club is great!

  85. Matthew
  86. Chris D.

    My favorite club in Charlotte. Great food & drink and an excellent selection of ladies.

  87. maxxy1

    Okay so I ended up here for breakfast one day at around 4am after a very drunken night. That said I thought the food was perfectly fine.The breakfast is served buffet style and I thought the price was quite reasonable. Really I’m quite tolerant towards breakfast food. It can be pretty terrible and I’ll still probably like it. If it’s good that’s a bonus! I just like eggs a whole lot okay? I realize the irony in that statement. Don’t judge me! The dancers are in a pretty separate section so that makes me feel safer about the food.Would I go back? Probably not unless it’s after a rough night out where I somehow end up here again. But the place is just fine for food, and probably ladies if you’re into that.

  88. Ken
  89. Todd

    A really fun place to hang out!

  90. Johnny

    Does petite blonde named Jordan still work here? She’s gorgeous

  91. AssnTits5

    Please note that this review is for their Wednesday buffet, not the ladies or their gyrations. So, a friend and biz associate invited me out to what she quoted as “the best buffet in Charlotte” at The Men’s Club. Skeptical as I was, I accepted as I love a great buffet. Plus she mentioned that there is a whole wall of desserts and that pretty much sealed the deal. I lunched with two female associates and one male associate. The venue: Yup, it’s a strip club. All day. These ladies are working hard for their money. However, the space itself is really nice. It’s clean, it’s pretty, it’s, well, almost luxe looking – at least in the semi dark dining area. The staff: Our waitresses were nice, efficient and fully clothed. That made digging into the buffet much easier. The food: Delicious. Seriously. It’s a magical buffet full of so many different types of cuisines. Chef Brian is really nice and he was hanging out by the prime rib – yes, the actual meat – that is not a metaphor for something else. Everything was cooked well and there was enough variety for any palate. Big hits here: mac ‘n cheese, asian chicken, perfectly steamed veggies and a nice fresh fruit spread. The dessert section wasn’t at large as I thought but it filled the void for my sweet tooth.Overall: Would I go back? Sure, for the Wednesday buffet. My meal was taken care of by one of my dining partners, but for these 70+ buffet options the cost was $10 per person. If you can stomach viewing a bit of T&A during your lunch, definitely give this stellar buffet a try. Just don’t face the stage and make sure to hide your singles.

  92. Bill
  93. KC

    Best club in Charlotte!

  94. adamrod

    I really like there Wednesday buffet a little of everything even desserts look great, my biggest complaint is if you get like tea or coke like 3 bucks and comes out in small glasses and the dam Nazis charge for refills, one would think we’ll ill drink water but it’s the same thing wtf. What’s up for a buck boom

  95. David M.

    This is by far the best strip club in Charlotte. I come here on Wednesdays for the lunch buffet during the day which is always a steal for 10$ all you can eat plus admission into the club. Otherwise I usually come on Friday or Saturday night when its packed with girls. The seating is comfortable and 1 large stage and three mini side stages. Girls are friendly and most are above a 7. Dances are 20$ and worth every penny.

  96. ba
  97. Randy

    This is the best club in Charlotte!

  98. Brad

    I still hate this place, and definetly agree with the statement of them being hookers. My friends that hired them, told me what they gave them.

  99. Chris

    Men’s Club is awesome!!

  100. Bulldog
  101. Johnson12

    Awesome decorum. Shockingly expensive and inappropriately charged for 2 drinks. My date and I literally only customers on a cold Thurs night. Sat in main room for 30 mins with no dancer in sight or on stage. Bartender played confused, made typical excuses for lazy dancer behavior. Finally one awoke from her nap and did rather avg performance. We courtesy tipped her to see if we could inspire the scene but to little avail. Finally bored we requested our check. I handed bartender waitress a $20, which she then noted in a nice way that it was $24.00. No consideration at all for the petty output. Question is, why open a mega club like this or keep it open with such piss poor presentation or customer appreciation? Make no mistake the owners of this club are obviously wealthy but none of that reward in their world was shown to us in basic clientele ways. Tsk tsk.

  102. ND


  103. Brian

    Not worth it, don’t waste your time!

  104. Commanding Officer
  105. Joey

    Best club in Charlotte!

  106. TJ

    wonderful club

  107. Jerry

    This place is too serious and the dances suck (if you think a girl wiggling two feet away, an erotic dance). Is it a restaurant or topless club. Who wants a naked women dancing near their food? “Definetly not me, because you don’t know what’s flying off of her while she dances (hair, saliva, clothing, crabs, etc…..)”. Why take the chance??????

  108. Greg
  109. Clueless

    This club is a rip-off, and stop defending it officer. We all know that you work there, so shut the hell up! This club is a worthless compared to the other MC’s across the country.

  110. George

    Great place to entertain clients

  111. sam

    The club has some very pretty women. It is high end, but the dances in all NC clubs are low milage.

  113. XXXbeast

    Great food and atmosphere. Very upscale and friendly. Favorite is the kick-ass filet for dinner. Great lunch specials too.

  114. Paul
  115. Tommy
  116. Walt

    Men’s Club is fantastic.

  117. Weedman420

    I came to The Men’s Club of Charlotte with DJ Evo and some friends. We had a great time. Leah was our Bartender. She was excellent and helpful with recommending some great drinks. Had a great time.

  118. Gina

    Good club for ladies to visit.

  119. Jeff

    Not impressed; loved the food, but will not come back. The dancers pushed me for drinks, because they rather get drunk, than actually entertain customers. Sorry, but getting paid 20$ a song to drink wine, doesn’t fall in any category of work in my opinion, especially when they are all idiots. Sarcasm: They are all working their way through nursing school. WHATEVER!!! Strippers need to come up with a new saying, because one day a customer might realize the truth; you’re a flat out hookers and never going to quit because men will always pay them for sex. Do you honestly think they’re paying tuition? They’re supporting their looser boyfriend or husband, that can’t get jobs.

  120. Corey

    Best club around

  121. Frank

    Classy club!!!

  122. Carmen

    The MC is very hospitable. Very nice and classy!

  123. Warren

    I hate this club!!! Very over-rated in every aspect and the girls look old and wore-out!!

  124. Toby

    This club has great looking girls and a great atmosphere!

  125. Gary

    Mens Club is awesome!

  126. Dennis

    This place is a rip-off!!!!!

  127. q
  128. Officer???

    Personally, I never enjoy myself anytime of the week I visit. That’s why I don’t even bother anymore. Do you work at MC? I couldn’t figure out; were you writing an advertisement for the club or saying you had a good time??? Please say what you think, besides getting in free specials. At least give me 3 reasons why I should give this place another chance!

  129. Arnie
  130. Sin

    I loved it. Took some male friends there for new years, and had a BLAST. Spent way too much money. The girls are of a higher caliber, which was wonderful. Wish they had a pole though. Love to see a girl that can do pole dancing.

  131. Albert
  132. Cameron

    The Mens Club is great!

  133. harryharry

    BORING! Not a single pole in the place so the girls amble on to the stage as if they just woke up. They walk from one side of the stage to the next doing nothing because they might trip and break the ankle. There is no pole on the stage thus nothing to hold on to to try to bust some moves.This place is pretentious and over priced. The girls there have no talent and don’t really care.

  134. Jake

    They’re all skanky hookers, I used to live with one of them. Believe me, I found out the hard way. Guys stay away!!!!

  135. Neil

    Men’s Club is really nice!!!!

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