Uptown Cabaret



108 East Morehead Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


35.220527, -80.851151




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Uptown Cabaret

  1. L

    Great club overall. I have been a regular for 7 years, and I have been treated very well over the years. Most of the dancers treat the customers well, a few are just not engaging or fun. That is why you can say “NO”, and keep browsing the menu until you find the girl(s) that you like.

  2. wqert
  3. fuckery12

    Listen, I’m no strip club connoisseur but I’ve been to a few and when I say a few I mean like 3. This one would have to fall right in the middle in terms of quality of the girls and the fact that the space inside is a bit too cramped. I don’t want to feel like I’m right on top of another…..dude! Lol. So would I come back? Sure, but probably only if #1, my girlfriend goes with me 🙂 or #2 someone needs their strip club cherry popped. Otherwise….I’ll pass!

  4. John Doe

    waste of time, dancers are rude staff isnt any better. lots of girls wanting to hang out with black guys. no thanks.

  5. Rob

    agree, it’s definetly going down hill. That’s what you get for treating your customer like shit.

  6. Leeno

    Once again jvanynk aka Dillon, NO man would use “winky” in reference to his manhood, really! Stop bashing our club, you worked here for years and we were good to you. It’s not the clubs fault you had a falling out with someone who was your friend! I do know it’s you, I googled your name and got your boyfriends email and info on his jeans!!! Really STOP! Other than that, we have a super fun club with a variety of entertainers! You guys and girls should check us out!!!

  7. tiko
  8. Vad
  9. SONNY

    Absolutly the worst strip club experience ever!! Bought a bottle of champagne for Carmen and Ivory, got one dance from both and they tried to charge me $1500 bucks each. Management wasn’t any help either they forced me to pay up. I will never go back to this place ever.

  10. B&K

    Great Club, couple friendly.

  11. Anthony E.

    3 stars because I felt the girls didn’t dance at all and it was Friday night at 11pm and 1 girl on a stage that can fit 3??? I came to NC to visit a friend we enjoyed Cigars across the street and then went across the street… We had free passes bouncer/Doorman was very polite and professional… We sat ourselves right up front of stage no girl on stage waitress came over to take order we had 4 Heinekens $27 tip made bill $37 not bad at all!!! My issue is I had $100 singles and nobody to give them too??? The main emphasis seems to be on lap dances $30 each or the deal was 3 dances for the price of 2 not bad… I didn’t do the lap dance since I wanted to get comfortable take the music in and enjoy my beer and see girls dance… Unfortunately no girls really danced and when one did show up it was cool but u just placed your $1 on the stage lol in reality I saw maybe $6 after she danced… It’s all about the lap dances but the girls take tops off and a lot of the woman look hot very nice selection and to watch the lap dances with those perky titties was worth it and cost me nothing… I saw a lot of fake beautiful titties I planned on going back on Saturday… I did give $20 in singles away on my way out to fake stripper name Elle but she was wholesome looking… You can go broke in this joint so be careful and be smart…

  12. ??????

    Went this past friday, it was dead as hell, and they only had 2 good looking girls. How is this place a top ten club, when they don’t have a crowd in there on a friday night.

  13. Koran

    Best club in Charlotte!!!!

  14. fritter17

    Worst strip club I’ve ever been to. Do NOT even think you could use coupons or think the manager will honor anything. Received a complementary free pass and was denied by the manager even though there was no restrictions. Worst service ever

  15. Brett


  16. Trey

    Oh goodness, the girls at Uptown are amazing!

  17. john the cuatomer

    spent way to much money, but me and my buds had the time of our lives. hot dancers that really had fun, and my waitress little asian girl was cute. we will b back

  18. Brad

    all the girls are hot!

  19. John W.

    If the star rating could go into the negative, this place would get -1000. The good reviews you see on here most likely can be from employees and vendors. What happened to me and a buddy this past Saturday is something I am pursuing thru legal channels. Dont make a good night go horrific by going in here and getting scammed by the whole staff. They are all in on it and will take you for thousands or tens of thousands. IF YOU GO IN, take a roll of quarters, a exorcist , and not your credit cards. So far managment has agreed to reverse $3400.00 in charges. I am awaiting the other $800.00. They (staff and bouncer) were refusing to let me leave and all I wanted to do was settle a bar tab . A 35$ dance can end up being thousands or whatever number the dancers say , they can do what they want to put on it to scam you and skin you alive. The manager did say ” that’s not how we roll and I have reversed the $3400.00 in charges”. They roll people alright.Just because you go in there and have been drinking and they see that, they have a responsibility to make sure you are okay and cognizant. If you aren’t and I was not ;that does NOT give them the right to commit fraud and thievery . I have contacted my attorney and we are meeting with the District Attorney and Channel 9 is weighing in as well. What they are doing is not right and needs to stop immediately. Charlotte does not need to be represented that way to business travelers , much less their own citizens . The explanation I was given was that dancers are in business for themselves (independent contractors) . Well then, the staff there must be ” on the take” for we were told we could not leave and the bouncer and bartender were right there and I am sure they dont work independent of the club. Do yourself a favor and either throw yourself in front of oncoming traffic because you’ll pay less at a hospital. I can go on and on but it looks like Action 9 and the District Attorney’s office want to look seriously into this matter . This place is a skid mark on Charlotte’s underwear. Well, Mr. ” Shout it Out” is here to help clean this nasty stain. Charlotte Police said to call 911 if you ever have a dispute and don’t sign any receipts and call them immediately.

  20. Tony

    Hated it… Not a comfortable place to hang-out…

  21. Kelvin

    The Uptown is BY FAR the best club in Charlotte!

  22. kyle
  23. Garland

    This club has the hottest girls of any club in NC!

  24. Jason


  25. Italiano

    I cant stop thinking about one girl there Delilah…She is Gorgeous!

  26. UptownGQ

    This place is GREAT, the dancers are Hot and the management and staff are wondderful, anyone who says anything negative about the Uptown is simply a HATER!!! I come to Uptown whenever I am in town on business and this club compares to any other “Upscale” strip club nationwide. Keep up the great work.

  27. big dog

    UC rules!

  28. D

    Whatever……. it’s still the same boring shit every night.

  29. Rhadford C.

    Very classy and clean inside. They serve good food. The strippers are alright looking. I got one lap dance, from this HOT LATIN chick, upstairs. It was OK. Nothing to get a wet dream over. This is not the best stipclub in Charlotte. Personally, I give that tittle to Paper Dolls, but this one is OK. It has more of a restauraunt feel to it.

  30. Gene
  31. Larry

    good club and great dancers

  32. kroller
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  34. Malcolm

    Best club in Charlotte!!!!!!!!

  35. Stephen

    Lauren is the hottest dancer around!

  36. coilked
  37. Mrbusiness

    This club is AMAZING!

  38. Luke


  39. Calvin

    Same old boring club, the only thing different is the price of the girls.

  40. CJ

    I agree this place loves to rip customers off. That’s why I quit going. There’s plenty of other clubs that appreciates its customers. I can’t wait until they tear that place down to build condos.

  41. larry1

    It would serve these dancers well to get on diets, work out regiments, and lay off the cocaine… I mean really!!!??? Who wants to spend money on a lard a**! So turned off by this club. They have way too good of a location for it to be wasted on ugly trailer park trash! Some chick tried to take me upstairs and charge me 45 dollars per song! She looked like ET with a mop on her head. And this other chick looking like a fat ugly betty tried to charge 25 for a regular table dance. I have no problem with big women either, BUT UPTOWN GIRLs ARE JUST SLOPPY!!!! Stay away

  42. KR
  43. flozo
  44. Jimmy

    Another lame, wanna be club, get out of uptown Charlotte. You’re making downtown look trashy.

  45. Cal
  46. Yanni

    Much better than the MC, PDL or GC!

  47. Agreed

    I agree. This is an excellent club!

  48. Donnie

    The dancers at the UC are HOT!

  49. Brent

    Sucks, I sat in there for an hour waiting for a descent looking girl to acknowledge or even smile at me.

  50. Randy


  51. Irwin

    best club around

  52. Barbie

    These girls are gorgeous!

  53. Michael

    Uptown is great. The girls are friendly and HOT and the service is very good.

  54. Fidel
  55. Ryan

    There is no competition for UC in the Queen City!

  56. Sanford

    US is great. Best adult club in Charlotte!

  57. amazed

    these girls are the hottest around!!!!!

  58. Adam

    best club in Charlotte!

  59. Patrick

    wow – had a great time there!

  60. TNT

    I got to the club about an hour before closing. Girls are very good looking. The “VIP” dance is 30. Its pretty high but worth the cost to be in a nice clean club. Girls are very nice. Not a skanky place and no skanky girls.

  61. Troy

    They should change the name from Uptown to Uptight Cabaret. They hustle you to the point you pay money to be left alone. The girls make shit up if you turn them down, and get some bouncer to throw you out the door. This club sucks when it comes to customer hospitality.

  62. XhXeXy

    Why did one beer + an angry orchard with fireball cost me $23?! I get it, it’s a strip club… but damn. You’ll get my money one way or another, why take it all at the bar? Unless you stick to the specials, don’t bother trying to get your drink on here without breaking the bank. The girls are mostly really nice and the talent isn’t bad, minus the few girls who look absolutely pissed off to even be at work that day. I get that you can’t be all smiles all the time but it’s awkward to watch people who look miserable dance on stage. The setup for the club isn’t bad, but it’s incredibly frustrating when large groups “claim” seats around the stage…we ended up standing awkwardly behind the railing near the buffet (which did smell amazing, but we didn’t eat). The ATMs were out of money by midnight, so that was also a downer. It seems like this place doesn’t 100% work in the favor of the girls (high drink prices, no access to more cash), which is sad because they definitely work their ass off. Overall, this place really is great if your expectations aren’t too high and you want a chill night to unwind. Next time we’ll save our money for the breakfast bar and bring more cash on our own. Contrary to other posts, though, the girl at the front door is super sweet! She’s only going to be a bitch if you’re acting a fool… which I’ve seen and it’s not pretty.

  63. Korey

    the girls are skanky and dirty, don’t waste your money!

  64. Harrison69

    This is the most expensive club in Charlotte, but the best quality girls. The girls here are above average to awesome in looks. There are very few tattoos here if any. There can be a long line on weekends and after sporting events.The girls are not really friendly here but they ask you if you want a dance before sitting at your table. They won’t spend time with you here if you aren’t willing to spend lots of money. These aren’t the fun type girls… they are obviously there for one thing and that’s to drain your pockets. When you stop spending money they are off to another table. FYI: No smoking in any bar or restaurant anywhere in North Carolina. If they have a drink special it has to last all day… no happy hours. Sorry but it’s NC law.

  65. Ed
  66. Cher

    This place is the best in town. Sonny, no one believes your story!

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  68. Joy S.

    So my experience with this place was as a perspective employee (not as a dancer, but as a hostess. It was a particularly dark moment in my employment history when I went in here to try to get a job.)I was immediately turned off. Everything was sticky…the bar where I sat down to fill out my employment application was covered in some kind of sticky funky ickiness. It was not sexy.The dancers were lovely, and they seemed friendly…I hear this is Charlotte’s best strip club, but I was just so skeeved out by the stickiness that I couldn’t appreciate the rest of the environment. Also, the cheesy sex hotel behind the place freaks me out as well.

  69. JK
  70. Quince

    great club! compares to those in Florida/Tampa

  71. dingdong
  72. Todd

    agree with Stephen! she’s the best

  73. kirby
  74. Tony M.

    The place sucks, and closes at 3 AM. It is always overcrowded with cheapos who go there for cheap breakfast. Also, the dudes who go there are just standing around not buying drinks or dances.. like WTF

  75. Lover boy

    I am in love with all the girls at UC.

  76. Jerry

    Excellent time!

  77. BeerDrinker

    go elsewhere!

  78. Vince

    Yes Guys, Lauren is the best dancer in town!!!

  79. winston12

    Why yes, I am writing a review on a strip club. Go ahead and say it: best female community manager ever.Once again, Saturday was one of those nights where after a few shots (few is definitely the wrong word there… but we’ll go with that) someone says, “hey let’s go to Uptown.”I’ll be completely honest, I have zero idea how much it costs to get into this place. When we end up here we’re usually with a liquor rep, service industry person, etc.. someone who knows someone. Plus, I’m a girl.What’s not to like? There’s breakfast. If you’ve been boozing, you’ll probably think it’s heaven. I’m not really a huge lap dance fan. I don’t really get what I’m supposed to be doing when it’s going on. Where do I put my hands? Am I supposed to talk to them? What are appropriate questions? Now the girls on the stage, that’s a different story. I’ll throw monies (I love to say that word) down all night and get stripper hugs. My favorite girl here is the massage lady. I’ll take her over a lap dance any day. Cocktails. Yes, they’re pricey. You’re at a strip club. However, there are different drink specials each night. Sunday is SIN and amateur night. You’ll see familiar faces drinking there from bars across the city. I noticed some people complaining about free passes not being honored. Always make sure to read the cards. You usually can’t use them after a certain time or when special events are happening.

  80. Barton
  81. ACC Fan
  82. CDs
  83. RE:Consuela

    You’re obviously a punk (or a stripper that didn’t make money and she did)if you have to write a negative review and not confront her. She doesn’t hire/fire. You should take it up with management if you were not hired and judging by your post I see why they didn’t hire you. Anyway, UC is the best!

  84. Chris W

    I personally love sexy Asian women and this club has the absolute HOTTEST Asian / American mixed girl I have ever seen. WOW !!!! She could be in playboy right now, beautiful stunning face, perfect body, and huge amazing tits. Best of all she is super smart, funny and flirtatious like I love. I think her name was Jane or Jade or something, but trust me you will know her when you see her. OMG Amazing !!!!! I will be back !

  85. Anthony

    had a great time, like 45 girls to 30 guys

  86. Club Hopper

    This place sucks, if it’s so couple friendly. Why do they charge hot women to come in to this place to see hookers.

  87. Daniel A.

    Stay Away!!! My cousin and I went upstairs for a private dance and ended up paying $1300.00 each!! I will preface that with the fact we were hammered but still, that’s blatant fraud. We are continuing to fight these charges with our card companies, but no one from the club will return our calls to explain the charges (managers name is Ken). Total rip off and scam!

  88. Harry

    Hot babes everywhere!

  89. TJ

    Best club in Charlotte by far.

  90. Richard

    fantastic entertainment

  91. ripped

    went with a few friends and it was next to impossible to get an entertainer to do a dance. drink prices were rediculous, you shouldn’t have to spend a grand to get a buzz. how is this fun? Seriously??

  92. lappro

    I was in town for business and was suprised at what an awesome club this was. Talk about bang for your buck! The girls were friendly and incredible at their job. I felt like I knew Tessa for years. From the looks of the outside, you could easily fooled that this place was a dive. Far from it. I HIGHLY recommend this place and would revisit in a heartbeat!

  93. Johnson12

    What a charming gem of a club! Great atmosphere, nice layout and smoking hot girls. One of my biggest strip club pet peeves is “busted” girls and girls who don’t even try to dance. You could tell that these girls clearly have to go through some kind of audition process to work there because all of the girls looked great and were talented dancers. My fiance and I went on Valentines Day with friends who are married. The four of us has a great time and definitely enjoyed the show we were given. Unlike many clubs I’ve been to, these girls really seemed to enjoy have female patrons to play with. I had some very nice breasts shoved in my face and I was quite thrilled with that. Lap dances cost $30 which for a club of this caliber is more than reasonable. The girls also all seem to enjoy their jobs as well which is huge for me. I cannot stand dead behind the eyes girls who spend more time staring at the mirrors on the walls than at the crowd. Overall, I was incredibly pleased with Uptown Cabaret and will be looking to go back in the future!

  94. Joe Baucom

    all stuck up whores here.

  95. Sammy Boy
  96. Charles

    Uptown Cabaret rocks!

  97. Ray

    Sexiest girls I have seen anywhere!

  98. Big Al

    This place bills itself as a high quality club. And if they are talking about the building, they are right. Nice diggs! But, it is not “all that”. The club trys to flash this rep of being “up scale” when in reality they are just up town! Go for the party, not for the dances!

  99. C


  100. Frank

    Lauren is freakin HOT!

  101. Allen

    Wow, what a group of awesome ladies!

  102. Should of known better

    I saw that I am not the only one who was ripped off by Carmen and Ivory! I was too embarassed to post my scam but now I know I am not the only one! At least I would have got some hotter girls for the money. My wife has a flatter stomach than those two!

  103. Chris


  104. Danny
  105. Barry

    Thanks ladies! I had a great time!

  106. Wyatt

    The Uptown Cabaret Rocks

  107. Leslie

    My friends and I go hang out at Uptown (sometimes with our men and sometimes without)and NEVER been charged unless we go in during Friday lunch and everyone pays then. So, I think they are couple friendly. Haters…..

  108. Jim

    this place sucked, it was my first visit and everyone acted stuck-up.

  109. Jen
  110. Kevin

    This club is by far the best in Charlotte!!!!

  111. Siena
  112. Bruce

    This club is full of snooty bitches!

  113. Cole

    I see all of these post about how wonderful this club is

    compared to the others in clt. So I went by on my own and

    found it to be full of gangsters and thugs. Not very

    comfortable sorry I won’t be back.

  114. Mark

    easy walk from bars downtown and great time

  115. Jayzee

    Best club in Charlotte!!!

  116. Pat D.

    I really want to like this place . My girlfriend and I enjoy unwinding here every now and again. My complaint is , they don’t enforce their own dress code . It’s a classy looking place both in and out . But half the clientele look like slobs . Baseball caps , sports jerseys , tennis shoes, T-shirts. All the things they say they don’t allow . It’s a club , not a sports bar. I generally wear a sport coat , dress shirt/slacks , dress shoes when I go to a club . Girls are attractive . But avoid upstairs or prepare to open the floodgates of your wallet . We’ll be back for sure but guys and gals put some effort into dressing up for an evening out.

  117. amazingly

    disappointed, why did I listen to this review? The management isn’t friendly unless you’re wearing a business suit. Why should anyone be treated poorly because of what they wear?

  118. StripClub431

    Worst place ever!!! Went upstairs for a bottle then got my credit card run-up 3x the amount and my debit card run-up. Avoid this place at all costs!!! Bunch of thieves!!!!!

  119. nickstrip

    I’ve been here a few times and like many of the other reviews on here, I’ve been scammed before too. This young blonde chick told me dances were $50 and never asked if i wanted to keep getting dances, so i ended up spending ALOT. Most dancers will ask you if you want another dance before the next song starts, not this chick.I wish i could remember her stage name because i feel obligated to warn the world about her.Not my favorite strip club but not the worst one either.Most of the girls are terrible at giving lapdances. Probably the worst place to get a lapdance. This one chick had a little routine. She would do her thing then stand up, clap her hands, then step and spin, then will slam her ass on my lap repeatedly to the point where all i can feel is her ass bone on my lap. Then she would repeat the whole routine again and after the song ended she asked if i wanted another. I passed. It was kind of weird/awkward.They renovated/expanded the club which is nice. Very nice establishment but girls are just okay. Management def needs to be more selective with their dancers. If you decide to check it out, dont have high expectations because you’ll most likely leave in disappointment.

  120. Jamie


  121. Jack
  122. Matt

    Best Club around! Girls here are damn hott!!!!

  123. Terry


  124. Nick


  125. Hank

    Great place to have fun!

  126. justinlk

    Front door girls are bitches but the atmosphere is amazing!!! Great place to have a good time!!

  127. Dave
  128. Jesse

    Great time Saturday night!!

  129. sam
  130. iva


  131. consuela

    I am the biggest hater/dick sucking bitch in the club. I hope to die like that dumb bitch christina.

  132. Domique Veraci

    hey louie whats up

  133. Melissa

    Great place to take your hubby/boyfriend. We had a great time and were treated very kindly.

  134. David

    great time!

  135. Bill

    Uptown is the only club in Charlotte worth visiting. I always have a great time there and the girls are amazing!

  136. scm

    Pretty cool place but could be better. They should think about remodeling. With all the little tables it’s hard to get around and sit / tip girls on stage. Not enough room upstairs for lap dances. I had a good time with Summer and will go back next time in town.

  137. JJ

    Uptown is the BEST

  138. Eric

    As a transplant from NY, I had low expectations about the club scene in Charlotte but this club is great. The dancers here are awesome.

  139. TC

    I have been coming to Uptown Cabaret for 4+ years. I come in during my monthly Charlotte visits. Uptown IS the best club in Charlotte by FAR.

    I have never been ripped off, and I have been coming to Uptown for over four years. Great club.

  140. dab

    $10 membership (annual). She was so hot. I’ll go back.

  141. Walt

    great atmosphere for entertaining clients

  142. Trevor

    Uptown is a blast!

  143. Kimmy
  144. Tim

    This place rocks, it was my first visit and everyone is really nice and girls are hot!

  145. Medic43

    There is nobody better than Tessa.

  146. Robert
  147. Zander

    Best club in town; don’t waste your time anywhere else!

  148. Big Edward

    The best club i’ve been to.Attractive,friendly girls.Very upscale.

  149. Ollie

    this place is always packed with lots of great looking dancers!!!

  150. Justin

    This place is over-rated. It’s more of a hang-out place than a strip club. I thought this web site was for strip clubs.

  151. Ross

    I had a great time at UC last night. Thanks ladies!

  152. Vic

    Awesome party atmosphere!!!!

  153. Tyson

    I am in love with Kylie! She is a real hottie!

  154. George

    UC Rules!!!!!!!!

  155. joe
  156. Micheal

    Awesome! Such HOTTTTT ladies!

  157. Stevie

    This club rocks!!!!

  158. richard95

    This spot is well worth your time money well spent plenty of beautiful women better than some LA clubs

  159. you
  160. jvanmynk

    Again…….what is up with this place?? For 25 $$$$$$$ or, less, I can get my winky rubbed raw. Is that what the idea of a “DANC” is or, is ir because the poor quality of girls makes them have to work that much harder? What happened to the “table dance” again, I ask.

  161. ag
  162. Edgar

    gorgeous dancers!

  163. Xavier

    fantastic time!

  164. Karl

    excellent management at Uptown

  165. daren
  166. Paul


  167. harryharry

    So finally I was able to check these guys out. Ironically when discussing this place with other people, they don’t mention the girls, they all mention how good the food is, specifically breakfast. Anyway the bouncers at the door were friendly enough the night that I went, the woman at the counter once inside was consumed in conversation with another worker so we had to wait a few minutes for her to once again check ids to only tell us there was no cover. So from reading reviews I though the dress code for the men would’ve been strictly enforced but I still saw men with jeans, sneakers, hats, and sunglasses. They were strict however about picture taking, and no smoking inside the establishment. Not sure if I will go back, but the establishment itself is nice, I like the ambiance/decor. There was won dancer who was quite bothersome she made sure to mention to my girlfriend and I that “she was a lesbian and preferred to give dances to females instead of men” odd but ya know whatever. Otherwise there are some beautiful women here, non too ghetto. So if you’re into pretty girls check them out. If nothing else, it’s worth the experience.

  168. Colbys

    I’d go here just for the Cheeseburger. Staff is friendly. Not a bunch of crackheads running around like some of the other clubs in Charlotte. Tons of girls. I think I counted like 50 of them!! Anyways, I spent a good amount of money but had a kick ass time. Sucks they closed at like 4am. I wanted more of their breakfast buffet. Oh well until next time….

  169. Urland


  170. Baby

    Yeah baby!!!!!

  171. Jenni

    I took my boyfriend there for his birthday and we had such a blast! Dion was our favorite! She was soooo sweet and had ENORMOUS BEAUTIFUL breasts! Wish I could afford that place every weekend!

  172. Mike

    UC Rocks!

  173. maxxy1

    Why do I always end up at strip clubs after a night out for breakfast? At this rate I’ll turn into Ke$ha.The place is super chill, we had some passes to get in free but they said they don’t do that after 1:30 weird. The breakfast here is banging though! Maybe even when I’m not totally drunk! I thought the biscuits and gravy were yummy, eggs great and not overcooked, and there was some other stuff but my memory is hazy.The dancers here are terribly nice. I mean I gave one a dollar because I thought she did a good job twerking it out and she was all like huggy hug hug before she went to get a top to put back on. Drinks here are expensive though! $16 for a desert martini? Ouch!All said don’t go here unless you’re pretty wasted beforehand or you’ll be paying a pretty big markup on those drinks! But if you’re hungry don’t be shy, it’s delicious here!

  174. James

    This club is great for entertaining clients!

  175. Busted

    I could bust a nut just looking at these girls. They are hot!

  176. Gino

    Beautiful girls all over this place!!!

  177. Ava

    Great club I love working here. The girls, staff and customers are awesome. The club is clean and the girls are beautiful. Always a blast to work and hang out here! See you there!!!

  178. Red

    Fantastic time!

  179. Officer

    See my comments on 4/27 and 4/28 (on the comments page) for a review of this club.

  180. al
  181. AllRoundNC

    My wife and I celebrated the New Year 2010 here. It was pretty cool, as usual. We got there around 8:30 PM, right before the crowd. The drinks were good and reasonably priced. The shots were weak. Maybe I’m expecting too much from the shots that were part of their feature. The girls were pretty, I’d say 6-9s. The dancers were cool with couples and groups of females. The VIP room was ok and the VIP dances we got were great. This club is typically crowded… we lost our table when we went up for VIP. I think that is stupid as it would deter me from getting VIP dances in the future. The staff should be more aware of these situations and prevent an uncomfortable situation. I wouldn’t expect such an issue in a upscale joint. It didn’t really bother us because we were leaving anyway but we did leaves drinks on the table so this shouldn’t have happened.. This is something I’ll keep in mind in the future. But……. we’d go back.

  182. AssnTits5

    I and girl friend went here…. Lack if girls , no ladies rest room, pricy dances … I am not recommending this shit to any one…

  183. Dennis

    This club is great, girls will go home with you for next to nothing. They’re really not paricular, they do it for everyone. Anything for a quick hundred.

  184. Greg

    always entertaining! other clubs in Charlotte don’t even come close!

  185. Agree

    And it has been the best club in Charlotte for many years.

  186. felixnada

    This is almost always the last stop I go to after a night out on the town on a Saturday night! 2 am breakfast buffet is ideal after a night of bar hopping. I get a pretty awesome breakfast and a show. Last weekend I even got the pleasure of seeing a stripper fight. Those girls are wild!

  187. Nate

    absolutely the hottest dancers anywhere

  188. John

    Dancers there are very sexy and agressive.

  189. Really,


  190. Aaron

    Uptown is always an enjoyable experience!

  191. Garrett G.

    I enjoy this club, because it is probably one of the fanciest strip clubs in Charlotte. You will have to pay quite a bit of money here to get entertained. I came here for Amateur night, because a good friend of mine was going to be in the competition. She was both nervous and excited, but she did a great job. That must be a huge rush to get in front of that many people and perform. She actually ended up winning seven-hundred dollars, so the night unfolded into a pretty grand party. I never visited VIP, but I heard that it is nice here as well.

  192. Steve
  193. ty
  194. justintowntonight

    First time customer-

    This is a great club. I enjoyed my stay in Charlotte very much, and will head back to uptown when I am in Charlotte again next month.

  195. Jon

    Claiming to be classy club, buy most of the employees are just trying to play the role. I think they are big headed because they work in uptown Charlotte, but in reality it’s the same as every other club in the US.

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