The Men’s Club of Raleigh



3210 Yonkers Road, Raleigh, NC 27604


35.7979433, -78.5890549




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Men’s Club of Raleigh

  1. Mike

    This is now the Men’s Club and I was very pleased with my entire experience. I will definitely go back soon. There were about 40 girls there tonight…great variety! The bouncers and waitstaff were eager to please too. What a way to start the weekend right!

  2. donkey

    Had alot of fun at this place saturday night

  3. joseph1k

    I would have given 4-5 stars if it wasn’t for all the little things this place sticks to you. The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen is the 10% fee they charge at the ATM. A couple bucks is one thing, but I took out money three times and was hit for a total of $70 in fees. Yes, that is correct. I had to pay $70 to this place, just to take out more money to pay this place.We also had dinner there which I thought the food was pretty good. The issue with our dinner was that it cost $68 , yet my card was charged $287.50. The receipt that I have shows the correct amount, so again, WTF? In situations like this it’s hard to believe it was an accident when the receipt I signed for, and the copy I took with me, both show the correct amount.*UPDATE* When we were leaving I tried to take cash out to pay a bar bill, and the ATM wasn’t working. One of the girls said no problem and took me to the front where they could run my card for something called “dance dollars”. Unknown to me is that they charge 15% for this transaction, so the $200 actually cost me $230, then they added the dinner to the total. 10% ATM fee’s and 15% front register fee’s, until these people take their heads out of their asses, we won’t be returning. I’ve changed my review to one star. I would have given them no stars if it were possible for being such scumbags.They also charge a $5 fee for running a tab. What marketing genius came up with this one? Where do you make more money, charging people $5 tabs, or letting them use a credit card for drinks, and cash for the ladies?They represent themselves as a classy joint, but here’s a couple recommendations to up your game. One, don’t charge anything for valet parking. Valet parking should be expected at an upscale club.Two, stop with all these ridiculous fees. Especially the ATM fee. Whoever came up with that should be beaten to death. The ATM should be no charge and if I have to explain why, you’re fired. Let people take money out and spend it on the girls, so these girls can make a living too. Three, On your website it says that you want people to dress nice when they come in. Now I get you want as broad an audience as possible, but if you want a fancy club, start emphasizing the dress code.Four, get rid of the tip jar at the entrance. We paid you $28 to get in the door, and the cashier says tips are welcome as she holds up this big plastic bin. Seriously? You want me to tip you for charging me a door fee? This place has a lot of potential, but they need new management.

  4. Justin

    Great club. Will definitely be back next time in town

  5. Libertino

    2 For Tuesdays is starting up. Two for one dances at the top of the hour on Tuesdays. For those time conscious customers with half hour lunch breaks, LOL

  6. Southern

    now that the club is going smoke free, I might consider going back to work there. My lungs simply COULD NOT handle the toxic fumes!

  7. tntiger

    This club has very hot dancers. It can get very pricy but what top level club isn’t?

  8. DH fan

    This club is the best! I will be back very soon for some more play with those beautiful ladies 😉

  9. clubber

    Best in Carolina!

  10. Breathe EZ

    too smoky, think I will spend my bucks elsewhere

  11. Keith

    I frequent this club when I am in Raleigh on Business. It’s a good time!

  12. Dos equis

    Anybody know if Britt (Brittany) still work here?

  13. PDid
  14. Nelson

    very smoky, lot of the hottest women have long since moved on

  15. Red loves Blue
  16. Johnny

    The best club in Raleigh area!!!

  17. J

    Brittany is SOO HOTTTT, love your website britt.

  18. alora
  19. To Fred

    Fred, strip clubs are a business. People go into business to make money to earn a living. Dancers work there to make money to earn a living. This is their job. It is not a charity to provide erotic fantasies for the downtrodden & underprivileged. Don’t you go to your job for the “almighty dollar?” Get a clue.

  20. Shalom

    went for lunch today with some coworkers and had a great time. The girls, staff, and food were awesome

  21. yellowspankmonkey

    Club is a bit dark but shot girls were hot and nice selection of asian females.

  22. Kim H.

    When in RTP this is the place to go. I was here for a guy’s golf trip and we stopped by. This place should be in LA, Vegas or NY. The exterior and interior are not what you expect off the middle of the highway in no man’s land. The quality of the gals was awesome and fit all variety types. Even though you might be hard pressed to find Asians you will find some but mainly you are looking at Southern gals with great attitudes.

  23. bj cards

    girs not worth the cost

  24. Regular customer

    this club is superb, particularly daytimes!

  25. Charlie

    Great time. Not that smoky as it’s a big place. Great variety of hot girls.

  26. dopeboy19

    Waitress not overly friendly. Lots of security which is worrisome. Won’t come back. Plus there was a girls boxing match that I found mortifying!

  27. Tom

    What a great club. I will definitely be back. I spent $ and did the half hour room. All I can say is WOW. Oh, and I did get to touch!

  28. SuperDave

    This is a great club with a wide variety of girls. There is truly a girl for every taste. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable. This is the best club in the Raleigh area.

  29. Joe is incorrect

    I’m a regular customer & I don’t know why they wouldn’t let Joe touch. Maybe he got the wrong girl or something. About 95% of the girls have absolutely no problem with touching. Been going here for years & it’s never been a problem for me.

  30. Gator

    Excellent club. Fun girls. Good bouncers. Highly recommended!

  31. Things are bad in Raleigh

    Went on a monday night and there were 8-10 dancers and they were 4-5 in quality. WTF happened to this place?

  32. J-what is the website?

    J, don’t leave us hanging, what its Brittany’s website address?

  33. Joe

    Good club. Great private dance rooms.

  34. al

    The new dancers added recently are very mature and a real joy to be entertained by. I really like the new age group and the apparant quality of these new people.

  35. don
  36. Victor

    Great value and nice dancers. Gotta have more in the private dance rooms.

  37. Nikolai M.

    You have to judge strip clubs relatively. Im not sure this place is a 4 star establishment in general, but it definitely is relative to other strip clubs. This place is actually clean, even the bathrooms. The girls are of a high quality generally as well as pretty friendly. Entry and dances are pretty cheap. I didn’t get any food but there is a pretty extensive menuBut the waitress..stripper..servers, whatever their title is, are pretty scarce. We would go pretty long stretches without seeing one that we could flag down. And the drinks are super expensive and there’s no way of knowing how much they cost before ordering them. They kinda blindside you like that. The DJ is also annoyingly loud and unintelligible. Regardless of those very-real cons, this was a good time overall for a group of friends.

  38. booyah
  39. fed up

    The fees they charge their girls are ridiculous now, and they have no respect for

    their girls. I won’t be back!

  40. Buzzer

    The girls are all very nice, personable, some more attractive than others. Great food for the money. I would try out…Copeland, Amanda, Gia and Tattianna.

  41. texeric

    Great looking girls on a tuesday night. Great looking club and I would definitely recommend it.

  42. James

    The Dollhouse SUCKS!

  43. dimebag

    this is a good place one of the best in raleigh/cary lapdance are two songs for 40$ beer is 4.50$ the lapdance i had was not bad the girls very good looking good music too a mix of rock and rap and top 40 this place is a must see!

  44. Carson

    This club sucks!

  45. phinster

    Had a great time with friends on saturday night. Ill be going there again soon

  46. rogerrab2

    Easily the worst gentleman’s club I’ve ever been too. Hands down, bar none I came here one night because the fact that they stay open until 5 was appealing, being that I work night shift. Big mistake. The customer service alone was enough to give this place a one star review, not one person there treated me with any sort of kindness. In particular there was one girl, blonde, older, who still thought she was hot stuff, walking around with a clipboard and a bottle of lubiderm, she was the absolute worst. I tried to ask her a simple question and I received the worst attitude imaginable. Also, it’s very cramped inside and very packed for whatever reason, so your chances of getting a dance from someone you have your eyes on are very slim. Avoid at all cost fellas!!!!

  47. Tim

    I had a great time at the club on Sunday. I am looking forward to bikini Sundays which should start soon! Sorry for the previous poster. Maybe he didn’t look like he wanted someone to sit and talk with him? Maybe he didn’t ask a floor guy/bouncer or his waitress to send a girl over? Maybe he didn’t tip a girl on stage and invite her over? I don’t spend a ton of money but I always get a ton of fun.

  48. Rooster

    Very upscale. Cleanest club I’ve ever seen. Can eat off the restroom floors (but don’t try it). You pay for the guys in suits and abundant staff when the house takes 33% of dance fees. But if you treat your visit as a business transaction, you can have a good time. Girls will try to make you spend the whole evening with them. Remember, YOU are the customer, sample all the items at the banquet!!!

  49. Randy

    Barry Rocks !!!

  50. Sherri

    Thee Dollhouse is now The Men’s Club.

    I took my boyfriend here last night and I have been in the club before when it was Thee Dollhouse and I would have to say it was way better before.There were more beautiful dancers and a variety of body types and looks that the girls had plus more exotic costumes.I also got better service from my waitress last time.I am a great tipper so there was no need for the girl to be unattentive,which she was.I think this club is way overpriced,and all of the girls look the same…white and too skinny.I only saw one very light skinned black lady who was beautiful but she was built the same way as the white girls (too thin-no curves).The Men’s Club also had some crummy hard rock music (not sensual)only 2 girls the whole night got up and spun on the pole!When I go to the strip club I wanna see somebody spinning on and hanging from the pole-that’s what it is all about.I would rather go to the Foxy Lady or a club in Selma NC that used to be called The Mustang Ranch because the tough little strippers in those 2 clubs can really dance and they know how to really get up on the pole.Oh yeah,the girls at this club looked like they were afraid to walk in their 5” platform shoes and none of them could dance all that well.They looked afraid and awkward.Save your money and go to another club because this one is way too expensive for what you get.

  51. Joel

    This club still sucks!

  52. James K.

    I strongly agree with you guys. This is the nicest club in Raleigh area. Girls are beautiful. That “european dream team” DJ announces in the day time rocks! Amanda is absolutely beautiful and so is Daniella. This club should have better rating than 6.1, I give it 10 anyday!!!

  53. Fred

    You can’t really consider the dancers dancers. They don’t dance. There are quite a few girls who definatly bring the club down in the looks department. There are alot of beautiful girls but quite a few of them that I have spoken with, their atttitudes makes them hidious to me. I sat at the bar and the service was excellent the bartender kept the drinks flowing.

  54. I Love Gia,Justine & Cori

    I always have a great time at TDH. Rarely get the “attitude” that so many guys complain about. I admit there are a few with attitudes but most are fun & nice. Go a couple of times & figure out for yourself who you like & who is cool. I’ve learned that if you treat the girls with respect & not like a cheap corner hooker, they’ll do the same in return. Day shift girls tend to be nicer & more fun in the couch room. May be because there a fewer customers during the day & they have to work harder to make money. In the daytime, seek out Gia, Cori & Justine, all VERY nice & alot of FUN in the couch room. At night, the Czech girls are very nice, especially Kayla & Lucy. Macy, Keeley & Marley are very cool too.

  55. Fred wake up

    ALL clubs are about the almighty dollar. Do you think clubs exist to cater to broke idiots with free passes and no money? Pay per view, and Pay to play baby!

  56. Mike and Jodi

    We were fans of Thee Dollhouse, and we are happy that things haven’t changed since they changed ownership and the name to The Men’s Club. As usual, there are some new girls that come and go, but our favorites are still there. This includes the wait staff, bartenders and even the bouncers and management. I love going to an upscale, high class club where the entertainers are not crawling all over the floor and smelling like a metal pole when we have our private dances. Folks who like the acrobats can go to the circus instead.

    The two nighttime DJ’s are great and their tastes are different. So find out the schedule of the DJ’s if you care about what kind of music that is played. One plays about everything…the other may focus on top 40…We love going on couples night (Wed), but Fridays are super fun…we go twice a month and it really spices things up!!

  57. to maxx

    club is still the best around

  58. Raleigh Rendezvous

    kinda smoky

  59. TDH fan

    Beautiful girls, nice club, great atmosphere. Can’t wait till they open the new couch room.

  60. Adam
  61. Goose78

    Hello All:

    I have been a patron at The Mens Club/Thee Dollhouse for about 7 years, it is consistently the top club in the area. I find all the dancers to be above average in looks for the most part. A great place to hang out, while it may be a bit pricey. I feel it is worth the extra money.

  62. poor joe

    Saw the comment from Joe. He wanted a conversation before spending 40 bucks. What he didn’t know that the 40 bucks was for the hourly special/a feature presentation! That’s the only thing that cost 40 bucks! The girls there give great conversation…whether they speak or not!

  63. Visited

    Great Club Great Atmosphere… Will definately come back!

  64. Carl

    Awesome restaruant, with some awesome chicks, pick Peaches or Chrisitina during the day, and Lynn at night there all good kissers.

  65. Maxx

    gone way downhill lately!

  66. Daytime fan
  67. doc chino

    Was there tonight. Girls were okay. Not many of them at 830 on a Tuesday. Cover was $12 + parking $4. Not a great value in light of the quality of the girls.

  68. darkblue

    Sexy and hot girls. Girls are nice and polite in conversation

  69. strip club conneseur

    I have frequented dozens of clubs in the nation and will always come back to TDH as the finest all around club. I am there at least a couple of times a month and have several favorite dancers (Daniella, Gia, Destiny, Copeland, Amanda, Sole’) day shift, and BrandiLove & Kristina night shift.

  70. Jim

    I like this place especially on Sunday nights!

  71. WOOF


  72. info on britt

    Britt is NO longer working at this club, and Im not sure if she is still working as a dancer anywhere. reason being? SHE IS HUGE Now! No club would ever hire her in the physical condition that she is now in. 8)

  73. Joe S

    I was in this club for a short period of time tonight. This place is far too corporate for me. It was all about the dance. Getting a girl to sit and talk was impossible. Not sure about others but I like to talk for a bit before being asked to spend my $40.00. $12.00 cover This place is WAY over-rated.

  74. luvworkngirls
  75. John

    Some good looking girl but attitude sucks.They were all looking for the big fish.

  76. newintown

    WOW!! awesome is all I can say!!

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