Palace In the Pines



4040 McCartney Road, Lowellville, OH 44436


41.0904082, -80.5679558




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Palace In the Pines

  1. average Joe

    Went on Saturday surprised to see Jackie back dancing under the name Chase. She is even more beautiful now than she was last summer. I can’t wait until next weekend so I can get more dances with her.

  2. bob

    nothing worth the $3 cover in front or $15 cover in back

  3. bud

    1 decent looker se gave yuk dance

  4. BIg-C and the DOPE SMOKER

    This club is great, great dancers great overall atmosphere. Brittany and Summer are 2 of the sexies and kindest girls there. This place is a definitely must see club!

  5. Carl

    The owners and manager are jerks. The scream at the dancers constantly. The dancers in front are low quality. The dancers in back aren’t as bad usually and most gve a good private dance.

  6. W.h.i.s.

    The club is pretty good. Jessica made my night!

  7. Franklyn

    Great place to have a good time. The front is nice, with a $3 cover charge for drinks and you must be 21+ to get in. But there’s a back where 18+ can get in, with a $15 cover. It may seem expensive but it pays off. They have cheap lap dances (in back rooms), a stage and hot dancers. The back doesn’t sever alcohol, unlike the front which does and they both (front and back) have full nudity. In the back it costs $10 for a lap dance (1 song) and have “specials” in the back rooms. Can get as many drinks as you want from the cooler. The main stage (only one) is kind if nice. If a dance comes up and gives you a tease then you HAVE to tip them. But all and all a cool little place. I highly recommend this “palace in the pines”.

  8. Matt

    I love this place

  9. one4me

    Awesome Club Super Sharp Dancers Summer and Presious are hott Blondes that give good dances

  10. Not From Ohio

    This is a beautifully designed club that is immaculately clean. Unfortunately, I did not drive to the Palace for the architecture – on a Friday night I waited until 8:30 and NO GIRL DANCED… OR EVEN LEFT THE BACK ROOM..

    This club won’t ever do a lot of business with lazy stupid ” I won’t dance unless there are 10 people here dancers… (and its a shame because its a nice place…)

  11. SLK

    I’ve been going here for years. It has been good and bad over the years, but lately it has been very good

  12. Seymorebutts

    The Best Club in the Y’town area

  13. gp
  14. Roger

    Sometime in the last couple weeks they raised all the drink prices a dollar. It’s now $4.00 for a beer, $4.50 for a mixed drink, and $3.50 for a glass of Coke! I’m olser and live off SS and my pension. I can no longer afford to go here. They are insane! This clubs not in Vegas.

  15. chey crazy

    It is worth a shot in the back you can get a lot of bang

    for your buck enjoy it for what it is…

  16. eddyL

    The club is divided into two sections. The front end is a bar with a small $3 cover charge and drink prices range $3-5. The back end does not serve alcohol but it is fully nude entertainment. The back end has a cover charge of $15, which may seem steep but the cheap lap dance prices inside help make up for it. It can be hit or miss with the dancer quality and not too many dancers working usually less than 10.

  17. rjt

    the only attractive girls in the back left, the dances in the front are a waste of money

  18. drifterman

    The club was a little slow, i doubt the girls made a whole lot. The value was good and the dance was great. I’ll be going there more often.

  19. don

    not Worth the $3 cover in front or $15 in back

  20. explicitnature

    was there thursday night and there was only 3 girls up front and nobody hardly danced. this club has gone to shit. they play the same shitty music that they have for like the past 3 years. i used to love this place at one time the girls hardly talk to anyone and look like there wasted half the time

  21. Bill

    The club is ok. My private dance was rushed b/c the dancer was called to go dance on stage. Cover charge needs to be changed.

  22. bud

    front bikini ugly fat dancers, back topless with $15 dances 1 decent looking dancer in back but looks worn out

  23. just the pits

    what a dive – will never go back

  24. sly

    awesome and friendly fun girls. stick with the back room, unless want alcohol, then best bet is to pay cover for back 1st, then can get stamped to go to front bar that serves alcohol without paying additonal $3 cover charge.

  25. Dick Ead

    Decent club on some nights. Sucks on others. It’s a cheaper

    club than the $10 to get in, $20 per dance club out in North

    Lima, and I have had a hell of a lot more fun in this club

    anyway. If you’re looking for artistic dances, you’re

    looking in the wrong spot. It is what it is, an inexpensive

    club with occasional enthusiastic dancers.

  26. ohioboy

    Recent remodel in the back, most of the girls are cute or better
    Hate the 15 cover, but thats the way it is anymore
    So much better than Akron……..

  27. cr

    1 decent looking dancer but she is goofy

  28. joe buck

    This club is trash.

  29. kc

    dancers should retire

  30. money bags

    just the pits – certainly not a palace at all

  31. Vince

    I was at The Palace a few weeks ago. It was alright, cover charge was too high. What’s the deal with the fat doorman? He was drunk and don’t seem like he could handle trouble. He should also pay more attention to his station and less to the entertainment and patrons outside of that. Some of the girls were my kind of hot. I just got some attention from one, a pushy blond who goes by “Dana.” She was not the cutest but she was persistent, so I figured “why not” and followed her to the private dance area. I got a couple of dances. For a reasonable extra tip, she gives a great mouth and tongue trick. That was a pleasant surprise. She was the best dancer so far but in fairness, my visit with “Dana” cost all the money and time I had. I originally planed to get a dance from more than one dancer. Alright guys, let me know how the other girls are before I shell out another $15 to just get in the door.

  32. cowboy

    went there once paid cover only 3 dancers none worth paying to see long breaks between dancers not worth the drive

  33. rj

    dancers didn’t look safe to get a dance without risking your health

  34. don p

    Get a rabies shot before you go there ugly and dirty

  35. untamed78

    Was there Saturday, the girls are very hot and the cover and private dances are pretty cheap. I was having a good time until the jerk behind the bar started degrading the girls and was always yelling at them. I’ve been there a few times in the past and all that seems to be all this guy does and get drinks and bitch and yell at the girls. I mean so what if they are dancers for a living, they still dont deserve that kind of treatment. I left shortly after that. No use going there if that’s what I’m going to hear all the time.

  36. Camron

    Girls here are beautiful!

  37. summer
  38. AL


  39. jb

    not worth the cover ugly dancers some even smell bad

  40. bud

    4 old fat dancers 1 skinny dancer all looked worn out and well past retirement age

  41. dj

    Marilyn-Sierra is a pain in the butt she came over to me and started dancing when I didn’t want a dance. I paid for the dance but the second time she came over I left when she started dancing.

  42. Palace Lover

    There is a good variety of girls in the back. They have a little of everything. White and black, tatooed and not, natural and fake, skanks and beauties, shaved and trimmed (too many shaved to suit me though).

    The $15 cover is more than reasonable considering that the dances are only $10.

    The stage shows are the best anywhere.

    The private dances are semi-private, but well worth the $10. You will want to have several!

    I think you can have a pretty damn good time for under 100. I always spend more and I am never disappointed.

    This club is as close to perfect as any I have ever seen anywhere. If they got rid of the no-talent skanks, I think it would be perfect!

  43. PGA Guy

    The guy on the floor directing the dancers is a huge DICK. I felt sorry for the girls. Private dances are very good. I visited on a tuesday nite I understand Thursday is the night to go.

  44. buckeye

    4 dancers, none worth looking at

  45. john

    The guy on the floor and the guy behind the counter are dicks to the girls. It’s hard to have a good time when they are constantly yelling at the girls. The girls are pretty but I doubt I will be back anytime soon.

  46. me
  47. cla


  48. Moto46

    New Girls Presious and Summer out there Well Worth your drive out there

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