Roxy’s Gentlemen’s Club



4036 Tallmadge Road, Rootstown, OH 44272


41.097239, -81.247576




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Roxy’s Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Atwater,Oh

    I’ve been comin to this club since the day I turned 18 JC gave me my frist dance and let me tell all you haters “she is still as good lookin’as then” this club is little but it offers the best time of any club “YOU WILL FIND”.To the Dj stop playin’ with the mic while the girls are dancing.

  2. dgsgdfbfg

    This is one of the worst clubs i have ever seen. its nasty along with 3/4 of the dancers poor management and to much drama. i’d rather go to the diamond.

  3. h.p.

    Well daisy, you are a moron. Guys go to strip clubs to see hot girls, not converse with ugly ones. Also, there are a few decent girls there, Daisy is not one of them. About 3/4 of the girls look good. You have a select few who are trash, same as any club. I like the beer policy but they need to look into remodeling the place. It’s an easy fix. Clean the mirrors and paint the walls. Fix the lights and vaccum and this place would have a much better reputation.

  4. freddie
  5. Dude

    Dude….you gotta tell me who your favorite dancer is.

  6. Alliance red

    I have gone to this club with my husband two times. the first time this one girl with black hair was lame, whenever i was sitting there at the stage with my husband she wouldn’t even come over or when she did come over she would just sit there and talk about her kid. This last time I went OMG, this one girl was amazing I didn’t get her name, but GOd was she F***ing hot as Hell. I wish I could of got her name and number she really turned me & my husband on. blonde hair nice tits, smoking hot body. can someone tell me here name.

  7. oebqilfh


  8. merp

    JC is my hero she is amazing and crystle rocks the hell out of my world and i love this place the chicks are off the hook and the best lap dances in all the land so far this place beats the hell out of the dimond mens club that is up the road JC rocks

  9. norman

    I really want to have my birthday party up there, because I saw the last one they did. and it was amazing.

  10. chad
  11. John

    I’ll be back soon

  12. t
  13. keith

    to say a stripper is your hero how sad. to say this club beats the lodge im sure all will laugh in your face. just from the two things i posted here id say you belong in chasers by far. i myself would much rather go to a white collar club, then a white trash club made out of a garage. but it depends on what you like. i like a nice ass to look at instead of a overweight, old hag. this club use to be somewhat decent back in the day before they chased all the decent ones out. now i wont step foot in here. but i must say i like stopping in on scl and see what others have to say. i also like putting others in their place, lol. have a great time and dont forget to stop at dairy mart to buy your beer, then have to buy it back when you need another one.

  14. looking for hos

    This club is full of old dancers who are sluts.

  15. Bobby

    Courtney and Jessie James are the best dancers there and the club is the

    best I ever been to

  16. monster
  17. DR
  18. theMAN

    totally worth it!!!

  19. Eric

    Had fun here the other night. Girls were very friendly and dance prices were reasonable. Talked to the owner Joe who was very cool as well. Lindsey and Danielle were holding it down behind the bar as well. Good place to hang out, drink, and get dances.

  20. paul

    i was there on friday with a wonderful talented woman named Santana she doesnt look like the rest but she likes it so definately showed me a GOOD TIME

  21. jessie

    its very very nice place to see hot naked girls

  22. To undercover

    Sounds like you were looking for some sex and got turned down. This isn’t that type of place, go to the massage parlors instead. I’ve been there many times and have never seen or heard of anything like that. Management is very aware of the laws and enforces them if necessary.

  23. Merp's friend

    I know Merp. He is a good friend of mine. A real good guy that drinks way too much before he goes. That’s for sure.

    The girls are horrendous. All but two are fat, and only one is good looking of those two. If you are spending the money and gas, go to Diamond, well worth it compared to this place. They won’t touch you like at Chaser’s but they are lookers, that’s for sure. Pleasure.

  24. dave

    This is the best club around period!!! I will never go to diamonds again.

  25. Daisey

    why hello haters .. this is daisey that works at roxys

    know… being a person who has worked at both the diamond

    and roxys yes the diamond is nicer anyone with eyeballs can

    see that but with nicer comes the really really bitchy

    snotty girls with no real personality there rude yeah they

    might be prettier than some of are girls so if u wanna see

    pretty with attitude and no conversation go there..if u want

    real girls that no how to dance and talk to

  26. aaron

    went there to see the days shift group and they were really hot and I had so much fun.

  27. gordan

    this is the bar to get busted…

  28. Geo
  29. hot for kelsey

    where did she go? I’ve visited this place on occasion over the past decade. It seems to have lost business and shortened it’s hours. However, the girls are AWESOME! This is not a “gentleman’s club”. The girls spread. They also give THE BEST lap dances I’ve found in Ohio, Florida, Mass, or Vegas. There’s usually 6 dancers (one hot, one dog, and the rest are attractive). This club tends to attract young dancers 18-25. If business is slow, it’s fun to just hang out with the girls. They’ll talk or challenge you at the games on the bar arcade. When slow, they will also put on some great one-on-one stage dances. The owner requires them to dance even if there are no patrons at the stage.

  30. bill

    the girls there give the best lap dances around

  31. j

    i was in this weekend and had an absolute blast myself and everyone with me thenm i read the review i dont think these ppl are talking about the same club.

  32. Jon

    the girls butiful and the club is fun and the girls are not only butiful their smart whitty and funny

  33. rick

    the dances are amazing I also save alot of money with byob policy. I brought a bottle of jack and they made me a deal to pay for the whole bottle it was cheaper than 4 shots at diamonds.

  34. nick

    DONT WASTE YOU MONEY HERE FELLAS!!! Okay so i thought this place would be tight…boy was i wrong… The dancers arent as good looking as the ones in some of the akron strip clubs…Plus the girls at roxys are kinda bitchy, and the VIP ARE RIPPPP OFFFFSSS…I always have more fun when i go out to akron because UNLIKE these girls the akron clubs they will grind you and grab you without secuirty or a little punk DJ telling on you…


  35. Charlie

    The club seemed to have some of the same faces. Would love to see new faces and better attitudes :o)

  36. Max McQ
  37. peanut
  38. Brian

    I celibrated my birthday at this club and I had a really great time the place was’nt crowded and the Ladies were very very nice and very beautiful JC and Michelle really made my day thank’s Ladies.

  39. Under Cover

    I attended this club as a low key because I had heard talk of illegal activity’s going on. I had heard talk of a girl or two giving extras in the club on stage. I set back and observed a young lady on stage letting a man lick her pussy if only for a few seconds but it did happen. Then she rolled to the next and it happened again. This kind of contact will most likely get this place shut down. I have nothing against eating pussy but when a girl goes from one guy to the next and talks like she is strung out on something,there is going to be diseases transferred because she most likely does not care about what she spreads. I seen the club manager (Joe)just sit back and watch this go on so he must be tapping most of these girls him self and don’t really give a shit what happens to his club. I believe that Ohio just had a law passed about this kind of personal contact. If you are selling a show then give them a show! If you are selling pussy or at least letting your costumers lick pussy then call it a brothel either way you are charging 5.00 at the door for it.It scares me to be in there when this is going on and being related to Law enforcement and knowing what can happen to a place like this??? I don’t think I will be back!

  40. happy cust
  41. felix
  42. frank

    place sucks

  43. Been there too!!

    I have seen this kind of activity go on here in the past…I have seen 2 girls finger bang them selves on stage!! I have had pussy lips in my face also. I to am waiting for this club to get busted! The one owner walks around with a gun on his side! Makes some nervous like it is a real bad place to be.

  44. ben

    natasha needs to go to the dentist but jenny jc jessie shannon and carrie are all gorguse

  45. mike

    Could find better in a trash can!

  46. Customer

    Not much good to say about the customer base either

  47. black

    had a great time this weekend!!

  48. Tom

    I thought the BYOB policy was to bring your own broad so you’d have something to look at

  49. duke

    I had the best birthday party there ever.

  50. Sean

    was in last week and again this week. would have liked to have seen more girls but still had a good time with the ones that were there. will definately be back.

  51. lonnie

    i love this club

  52. Red

    Too many hatrz in this place

  53. new girl
  54. henry

    every thing sucked ripped off shit hole

  55. Harley

    very good. lots of hot hot girls

  56. Rounder

    Not impressed

  57. Justin Case

    I love this place! There’s always plenty of beautiful

    dancers and the staff are really cool. I didnt understand

    the B.Y.O.B. thing at first but after Raina (the beautiful

    bartender) explained everything to me it makes a lot of

    sense and is way cheaper then paying for drinks at a regular

    club. All in all I give this place two thumbs up.

  58. W
  59. mannie

    awesome club

  60. the man

    Best Club

  61. mr d
  62. joe

    Went to the club for the first time and boy was I happy. I had so much fun and look forward to coming back this week with my friends.

  63. GIRLS!!!!

    there were so many beautiful girls on saturday n lots of customers too believe it or not it was an absolute blast spent alot of money on a few girls and it was so worth it

  64. Eura

    Damn theres some hot women in here

  65. Jon Mac

    A great place with a great owner. The owner is one of the most laid back guys you will find. The girls are freindly and beautiful. You will fall in love with each and every one. Lap dancess are out of this world! If they were open rite now I would be there instead of telling you all about them. Love you Ryan!

  66. ksuchick08

    Last night was my first visit to this club. My boyfriend and I came out on the invitation of one of the girls, who ended up hardly paying any attention to us. However, we had loads of fun with a few of the other ladies there. Best private dances I have ever had in my life! These girls know what they’re doing and you can tell they enjoy themselves. I wish all clubs were like this.

  67. steve

    The girls are hot and nice but the need more customers

  68. Dale Hillen

    The last time I got my crank pulled so good I was in Tijuana.

  69. Annon
  70. doug

    Got my phone stoles while getting a private dance. one of the dancers stole it. These bitches even tried selling me coke. Never will go there again. Anything goes there, you can get extra’s without even getting private they do them on stage!

  71. 6.382
  72. Dale

    Too much drama

  73. stag

    the girls are hot

  74. hottie

    All I want to know is, Why is Shannon Walker still working at Chasers? How long has it been now? What a world class skank. When are you going to get a real job, and stop being a whore?

  75. Daisy

    I would just like to say that we do have a nice club and its not full of white trash, I happen to be one of the dancers and we are not sluts, and for the guy who claims he got a lil sumthin sumthin in the bathroom i find it very hard to believe, if you don’t like girls that are nice and will talk to you and try to make your experience rememberable, then don’t come. If your one of the guys who likes stuck up snobby bitches who think their shit don’t stink then go somewhere else. But for those who like to have a good nite out lookin at beautiful girls NAKED then come on out we look forward to seein you!

  76. Clyde

    All i n all a kick ass club. There aren’t a lot of ridiculuos girls, dances are up close and personal. Bar staff lacks a lot and don’t really pay attention like they should but dancers more than ,ake up for that. My faves are, Dani, Victoria, Faith, Courtney, Aleesha, Jay C, and Daisey.

  77. visitor

    The worst club I’ve ever been too. Drugs and crack whores.

  78. ted

    The girls are hot and nice. One bad thing is they dont have a lot of girls.

  79. 6.274
  80. jon jacob

    had a great time tonight ladies

  81. bob
  82. Dave Walker

    DJ if you can call him that was absolutly horrible no excitement whatsover, I was harrased all night by a tall long haired girl who thought she was perfect, had my dick grabbed by some fat chick named courtney which was totally unwanted (sure thats whose giving the blumpkins) Just overall its the Same thing everytime, Same people there watching the girls everynite, its totally chaotic, and only two girls are worth blinking at.. Much more of a brothel if you know what I mean then a Strip club. I wouldn’t even let my son go there for his 18th Birthday for fear he would catch something, Point being take the extra time go down 14 to Diamonds Classy not drunk hos, and you wont get unwanted sexual advances from 40 year olds. P.S. JC is your heroe ? Have you seen her belly , face ?, Or That horrible breast job?

  83. lee

    it is a wonderfull place beautiful girls that are very sweet and their naked everyman should go there

  84. jj
  85. Cauvin
  86. James

    This club goes hard. I think the best nights are wednesday and friday. If you like pussy in your face this is the club to check on.

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