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0 reviews for “Nicola’s

  1. Johnson12

    This place is a mixed bag…some girls that are pretty decent, some that are okay, some that pretty much just smell up the place. The last couple of times I’ve been here the girls were pretty much just kicking back and basically eating. It was kind of funny…a few guys were basically by themselves hanging out looking for some attention, and about 5 girls were kicking back eating tacos I think or maybe they were having a potluck. The owner who’s basically a grumpy little troll of a man has got to start telling the girls to get out there and pay some attention to the men who frequent this establishment and to stop stuffing their faces and socializing with the other girls and put away the cellphones for a few hours. The girls can chow down, make their phone calls and set up their little cochinadas with the other girls on their own time. BTW…the waitresses are still basically pushy skonkas.

  2. strooer
  3. richard95

    okay, i use to be an attendee at nicolas years ago…in the 90’s, and the strippers were no super models, but i ain’t no brat pitt either… but they were okay…so i happen to take the day on a wensday last week and so did my friend..he asked if i new of a cool spot to have some brews , so i said yes, and suggested nicolas…i suggested that the girls were okay..since we were only going for the cold beer!!! wink!!wink!!..the first stripper probably weighed about to 250 lbs. or more, the second stripper probably weighed about 200 or more. i will probably be back for the cold beers..

  4. josh

    this club is weak

  5. mr lee

    mostly curvy hispanic girs, lap dances are good, however, waitresses a little arrogant…no play

  6. rogerrab2

    Love this place. I see a bunch of reviews about the girls just being about the money, um duh, I mean guys expect to see dancers for free. If you know how to manage your $$$$ then this place is great. Girls here are the friendliest from all the other places I have been to. See you guys soon!!!

  7. maxxy1

    I went yesterday with a group of friends around 11pm till 1pm I thought it was a bar until I saw them giving lap dances at tables for $1 make them holla lol The size is ok and the latin females are f able I guess…it’s $20 for a private dance I don’t know for how long but my friend said it wasn’t worth it. Whould I came back again or recommend this place to you?hmmmm nah half of the people there and stripper seem to know each other like a kick back spot you feel left out. I rather stay home with my girlfriend and make it rain lol.

  8. eddyL

    Well, this club has a lot of attractive Latinas which is good. The club is better in the daytime. Nighttime dancers are kind of boring but, if you can find the right dancer whose not busy you can have a good time. The night Manger is kind of a prick Russian/Armenian guy ,stay away from him. He actually would not let me in the club and i’m a regular.(was not drunk,nor violent or anything) Just a weird dude…..Good dancers are Josselyn, Eva,Sophia,…..And tell the night Manager that we come to drink beer and watch women we dont come for you BUSTER………..BTW LISSETTE where are you girl……………

  9. nickstrip

    A bitch named Diane took my drivers license and debit card and didn’t return it when I demanded it back she had security ask me to leave lol the ass hoe who touched me your lucky I didn’t know your ass out bitch lol don’t go here !

  10. joe blow

    bad ass

  11. a
  12. Ian C.

    Date of visit: October 3, 2014So after watching my beloved Dodgers drop game 1 of the NLDS, my buddy and I decided to drown our sorrows by going to this establishment. Disclaimer: I’ve only heard about this place through word of mouth, and it was not on a positive light. But I still wanted to check it out and make my own opinion about it. We drove south on the 5 and headed towards the establishment. When we got to the location, we saw a police car pulling in the parking lot and saw the bouncers with a couple of people outside. Stop the press….I told my buddy that maybe it’s a sign that we shouldn’t go in. But despite of the little incident involving the cops, we waited it out and bravely walked in. A couple of pat downs by the bouncers and a $10 cover charge later, we were finally in!!Once inside, I couldn’t help but notice that the place looked more like a dive bar rather than a strip club. A lot of heads, most were thuggish-looking, and a few girls working the floor. We ordered our drinks, grabbed a table and sat down. I noticed almost 99% of the girls working were Hispanics, which was ok with me. But what was more interesting was that the place felt “cliquish.” The girls were mostly just hanging out with who seemed like were regulars. I understand this, somewhat, but on a business standpoint, wouldn’t it be more profitable to walk around and see about asking guys for dances?Continuing on, about 10 minutes passed and we get our first girl come to our table. She didn’t even introduce herself. She just said, “Ok, let’s dance.” After a friendly “No thank you,” she just shrugged her shoulders and walkes off. She didn’t ask my buddy. In any case, the girls were attractive, most were 7’s to 8’s to a couple of 9’s. But despite that, they lacked the personality of other girls from other clubs.My buddy and I were disappointed with our first, and possibly last, visit to this establishment. The place was just ok, the inside was more of a dive bar, and the girls didn’t have any personality. After leaving the place, we didn’t get any dances from any of the girls there because they were with their “Papichulos” all night. But…. we were very happy that we didn’t get stabbed or shot! I don’t think I’ll come back to this place again, but don’t take my word for it. Thanks.

  13. larry1

    This place is wack..everyone their is shady.. Their just trying to steal your money.. Drinks are expensive for a hole in the wall..

  14. Franklyn

    I like tits. I like ass. I just don’t like Nicol-Ass. Cover charge? $10? For what? This place is a grimey ass dump! $9 for a Corona served to me by a non hot bartender? No thanks. We we’re invited here by a friend whom I won’t name (Mike) and I was immediately turned off by the $10 charge. $10?! For what? It’s a fucking bar in the hood. My old man paid because it was too late to turn around and go elsewhere and our friend (Mike) had already been looking forward to seeing T&A. So in we went. As we approached the I was happy to see they had alcohol because the guys don’t drink beer. I personally wanted wine. All they had was some off brand Chardonnay and Moscato. I didn’t expect them to open the wine cellar, but c’mon, who the fuck drinks Moscato?! Corona it was. A $9 Corona. Really?We all get our overpriced drinks and look for a place to sit. All the booths were “Reserved”. I’m assuming this was their “VIP” section? We ended up sitting right in front of the “stage” and I preceeded to watch some wanna be dancer try to dance. She had knee high socks that read HUSTLER that were more than likely purchased at the local swap meet for .25 per pair. Face? No comment. I didn’t see one attractive female in this joint. There better be some eye candy for a $10 cover charge!!50 something year old curly haired waitress came by and asked “Queres Un Baile”? HUH?! Do I want a lap dance from YOU?! NO FUCKING THANK YOU!!! It was like looking at a friends grandma!! She should be offering me mas cheeps and not a fucking lap dance!!That was it. Sorry ass chicks. Over priced drinks. Grandma trying to make extra cash. Nasty skanks. Joke of a place. Total time spent? 25 minutes. Would I go back? Never.

  15. izzy

    lap dances are of the chain pretty much can do just about anything with the girls, but most of the girls are ugly, except for one or two girls and their bodies are nasty no shap at all to them.

  16. JOKER


  17. ryan123

    Overall, the dancers are better and more diverse than my previous visit about 6 years ago. Still lots of Latinas, but plenty of diversity of colors and sizes. I went on a Saturday night and found some free parking on the street. The club was pretty full. A good crowd but still places to sit and relax. Lots of dancers just going from table to table asking for private dances. Many were more aggressive than my first stop of the night, Alameda Strip, but at least they weren’t rude. A few dancers would start with a conversation. I ended up getting private dances from two different dancers. The private dance area is nice and dark with individual seats with high walls.

  18. avatar

    i slept wiht tyra….a dancer there

  19. Bella G.

    Guys went out for a bach party of 3 …end up wasting 215.00 I wonder how much the beer costed lol

  20. Anthony

    First time visit was terrible! Dancers on stage insisting on tips by coming to all tables with hand open saying “THANK YOU” even if your in the back of room and not paying attention to her stage dance because you’re speaking to another dancer seated at your table who had all your attention. Also, I was kind to a chunky dancer who gave me a couch dance that was really bad due her lack of sexy/dance/grind skills and due to very bad lower body smell. It was so bad that gaveher $40.00 to end my dance early just to have her get away from me. I love women’s muffies & a firm, big booty, but come-on it’s a turn-off if she REEKS of poop!

  21. fuckery12

    Stick to the strip stages, never heard to the back rooms unless you want to burn enough money to pay someones gas / light bill.It is okay, hey, no one is putting a pistol to your head, but then again do not expect too much. It is what it is.

  22. XhXeXy

    This place brought in the manager and four security guards and got me in a chockehold and dragged me out.The manager wanted to kick me out of my seat after I paid to get in.These people are evil.

  23. igor34

    Rip off. Strippers will lie to you. And try to take all your $. It’s a scam. Don’t do it. Stop warning. Warning warning warning. Don’t go

  24. g

    forget the previous ratings. this club might seem like a hole in the wall, but you can’t beat the $10 cover. the ladies (mostly hispanic) are lovely. well worth the visit.

  25. adamrod

    It is located in moderate industrial area, the dancers are pretty aggressive (meaning the grab your package fellas) and as well flirt with you. It was my first time here, the cover charge is pretty steep. The place is mediocre maintained, saw the owner argue with one of the girls as if he was telling her to leave (she was the best one too!). A lot of blue collard customers showed up in this place. If you go here be careful with “Cielo” she dance two songs for me and charged me for three as well she did not dance both of them fully. You can literally flirt, grab, and maybe get laid in the private area. This is a spot just to come out of work and catch a few drinks or cheer up a buddy that got off a relationship for a rebound.

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