ORA Ultra Cabaret



8199 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33411


26.6763581, -80.0708658




6PM- 5AM


6PM- 5AM


6PM- 5AM


6PM- 5AM


6PM- 5AM


6PM- 5AM


8PM- 5AM


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3 reviews for “ORA Ultra Cabaret

  1. Sucks

    It is terrible here. 2 HOURS after opening and still no strippers. There’s more security than strippers here. They should make the security guards strip because they clearly don’t have enough employees to do what this place is for. They make you pay to enter but don’t even provide what they promise. I will not be coming back here; I’ll stick to my usual place, Monroe’s is much better. Nothing here but hood rats and hoodlums. One lady customer just attempted to dance and strip on stage because the entertainment is so lacking. I wish I could give more negative review.

  2. Grace

    We were there a few nights ago and this place has gone downhill. They change staff often. Poor treatment towards their staff and dancers. Stephanie was our host every time we came in. She was amazing and super sweet always made sure we were taken care of from the moment we parked until we left so upsetting when we found out she was no longer there she worked that floor like a real host. My husband and I had a dancer cry to us because they told her she needed to loose weight if she wanted to come back. She did not look big at all!! We were also told they are very racist when it comes to crowd control. The food was cold and not appetizing after we waited over an hour for our meals. One of their managers Scott was extremely rude to us and our waitress was not very kind either she was very impatient while I was trying to figure out what to drink also My husband was given an attitude from their cage girl I guess because he interrupted her phone time. This place is a joke! We miss the beginning days when we would come in and have drinks and everyone was so kind and fun and excited to be there. This place has lost its magic. New staff it’s so unprofessional and a bunch of kids running it just doesn’t do it for us anymore. We will be heading back to our old stomping grounds Rachel’s.

  3. Adrian

    Went Friday for my first time because NYC DJ Boris was playing. Was blown away by the place, as well as the service. Zen took great care of us. Will definitely be back the next time a house music DJ is playing.

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